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  1. I am renovating an existing wood deck and want to inventory my existing materials. I thought a report would be good for this, but am having trouble understanding how to create one. Must all elements in the report be symbols (i.e., must every component (board, post, etc.) be a separate symbol)? Would a spreadsheet (worksheet) be better for this purpose? I have research this to the point that I am now thoroughly confused. Is there a concise, simple, step-by-step resource I can use to follow instructions? I have referenced both Jonathan's and Tamsin's books (which I love and have used successfully for many issues) but can't find a simple process to achieve what I need... Appreciate any suggestions. Love the forum and community! Thx in advance, Ned PC, Windows 7 Ultimate, VW2016 Designer Deck Plan (e).vwx
  2. When I import .png, .jpg., .pdf, etc. image files they still have background, even though I check the radio button to bring in as a .png (as opposed to a .jpg). How can I import with a transparent background? Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. Thank you gents, both approaches worked very well, although the subdivision will take a little playing around with to become fluent. I certainly appreciate the entire VW community and all of you that are passionate and dedicated to the product, users and 'VW philosophy.' Cheers!
  4. I'm relatively new 3D aspects of VW. I'm trying to create a curved surface, using straight lines. The finished shape will be a hyperbolic paraboloid (curved, but made up of straight lines). I've drawn the straight lines and have the shape that I want, but I can't see how to make this series of intersecting lines in to a uniform, 'solid' (curving) surface. I suspect there is a relatively simple way to do this, but I'm not familiar enough with all the commands to know how to do so. A detailed, step by step would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Using a PC with Windows 7 Ultimate, and VW 2016
  5. I'm fairly new to vw. I've run in to a couple of problems that I have tried to solve, but now need help from the more experienced community. Both issues have to do with exporting a pdf. a) When exporting a vw drawing file that has an imported pdf that has been cropped, the resultant image shows up in the new jpg file rotated upside down. For example, if I import a pdf of an aerial photograph in to vw, then crop it (on a drawing that has a title block) and try to export it as a jpg, the new jpg has the title block in correct orientation, but the original cropped pdf image is rotated 180 degrees. Very odd. b) When I export a vw drawing file to a pdf, I get a message saying I don't have appropriate security, and it won't let me do anything with the file. Any help is most appreciated, Thanks OS: Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit, 16G ram VW 2016 Educational Version Nedly


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