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  1. There are several tasks, that simply cannot be done reliably without the so-called legacy 2D features. It is the screen plane only setting, that remains indispensable. I guess programmers would not know this because they are so focused on the building/architecture aspects of VW. But I know, because I use it for product design. (don't ask, I've used it forever). Can we perhaps agree to not call them legacy, when they are essential to a few users like myself? And please, kindly put the unified view menu items back in that menu. I change it several times every day - except now it has become really tiresome.
  2. When I try out the redshift renderstyle – even on very simple geometry – I get the teapot symbol for an inordinate long time with no feedback whatsoever and no end in sight. The one time i let it run out, the result was less than dazzling. If it requires some special hardware, am I likely to get it anytime soon? My Imac has a few years to go, before I get a new one. So it does smell like vaporware. Do anyone have positive experiences with the new rendermode?
  3. When I try to tune a perspective in VW 2022 using the translate view tool in wireframe, my geometry disappears until I let the mouse button go. This renders the translate view (and the flyover) tool rather useless. So I try to use the tool in shaded mode, but then my backdrop disappears. Some new gimmick, that has not been coded properly, I guess. So I try to make a Renderworks background from the backdrop, but backgrounds are screwed up in VW2022 and do not display properly. So now what? Back to VW 2021? There used to be a responsiveness setting somewhere, that allowed a setting, whereby I could press and hold the mouse button and wait for a while, until I got a live preview of the scene as I rotated and translated it. Has this setting been removed with no legacy concerns? Please advice.
  4. HDRI Backgrounds do not crop properly in shaded views, and image backgrounds loose their proportions and become stretched. This is serious stuff, so please fix it.
  5. When two or more viewports are present on a sheet, And when background render is set to opengl/shaded And when foreground render is set to hidden line And when two or more viewports are updated simultaneously Only one of the viewports renders correctly with the hidden lines. The rest show the background render, but not the hidden lines. I can get the hidden lines back by rendering the viewports one by one. When I use the publish function, I usually get all the hidden lines correct on all viewports, but I have seen it go wrong on one occasion here as well. This is a bug.
  6. 99 % of all image props in my workflows have the same settings when it comes to masks. If there is an alpha channel present in the image, that is what I use. But it takes a frustratingly high number of clicks to get there: Click use mask, click create mask, click reuse an image from another source, click alpha channel, click ok, click ok again. If there is an alpha channel present in the imported file, I wish VW would just select that by default, so that I can just click OK once, unless i need something out of the ordinary.
  7. I can do a lot of formatting on callouts, but I cannot pre-assign a different class than the active one. Dimensions do this automatically - they use the dimension class. I want the same with callouts - I want their class to be 'Dimensions', or I want them to be in a class of their own. i wish VW would add this little feature to the Callout Preferences.
  8. Thanks for the answers, Zoomer. Sorry for the rant, there are two preferences menu item, and I was looking in the wrong one.
  9. The menu item is greyed out and I need to turn it on. How do i do that? Where is the 'legacy tab' - and why is it legacy, when it is absolutely essential? Not much help in the help section...
  10. By default all new objects, that I make, have their texture assigned by class. I think most users work this way. So when I change the class of an object, I change its textures. Preferably all of them (always!). I may assign an override on purpose after that, but never before.
  11. Cool? Sure in a novelty kind of way. Useful? Not really.
  12. When I use an existing textured object to create a new object - by shelling or using boolean operations – and then give the new object textures by changing its class – I get unwanted texture overrides. Leftovers from its earlier incarnations so to say, that I then have to delete. This is a bug.
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