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  1. The mapping fields in the OIP are either greyed out or unresponsive. Is it a bug, or am i missing something?
  2. I understand, that PDF and SVG define geometry in af different way than VW, so an exact translation may not be possible. But if I use the import PDF menu item (not drag and drop) – then check the 'snap to geometry' and then ungroup the resulting item, somewhere in the resulting stack I get a fairly good native VW vector geometry based on the content of that PDF. Good enough for most uses. Can we please get separate import functions for PDF and SVG's that only import vector geometry? + drag and drop for SVG's, if possible. Put a warning label on them, that states, that inaccuracies may occur, if necessary.
  3. From time immemorial, I have started drawing all new geometry using the 'Screen Plane' mode. And it is a continuous source of frustration when the program automatically jumps into the 'Screen Aligned' mode, where nothing works reliably, as far as I can tell. Now, apparently, I have become a legacy. My way of drawing outdated. Do anyone actually feel comfortable creating geometry in the 'Screen Aligned' mode – and should I make an effort to change my ways? Or is the 'Screen Aligned' mode in fact an abortion, as I suspect?
  4. Thanks, Dave I do not know, what node-based means Is there a good source for C4D textures of the right kind, that you can refer to? Regards, Kaare
  5. Trying to import a C4D texture (galvanized steel), I just get an empty resource folder. So I try a few other textures and get the same result Am I missing something?
  6. I am trying to make a custom staircase guardrail using an Extrude along Path. But I cannot control the orientation of the profile, and it looses its orientation through the corner. I am sure, that I will find a workaround, but it would be nice, if I could lock the up-down orientation of the profile in relation to the world.
  7. I use class to texture objects, and this is at the core of the issue. I also reuse objects from earlier projects whenever I can. As a result, I model using elements, that may or may not already have an assigned texture. When I am done modelling, I assign a class to give it a surface. This is supposed to be really smart. This is supposed to be all the rave. But some programmer apparently thinks he knows better? I don't think so. This was never a feature, please do not try to make it into one. This is an error.
  8. Oh – I forgot to mention: These SOB's are sprinkled all over the construction tree of every single complex object. Remove all unwanted texture overrides from an add-solid'ed object. Enter into that solid object – and there they are are again. Perhaps in only one of the objects, perhaps in all of them. Remove the unwanted texture overrides from any of those constituent objects. Add a fillet to that object - and there they are again. The only way to avoid them is to only ever use virgin objects with no c.. – nah, I am bullsh**ing – If you use solid operations, there is really no way to avoid them...
  9. I am finishing a project and I am ready to publish. Except i am not. First I have to select every single piece of geometry in the file and painstakingly remove every unwanted texture override. 132 uncalled-for texture overrides from a single file just this morning, and I had to enter and exit 14 symbols to get to all of them. Except - did I really get all of them? I might only find out, when I am presenting the renderings to the client... With VW 2022 this has become the single most annoying aspect of my workflow. I have complained about this before, but the only feedback from anyone at VW is that this might somehow be a cool feature. ???? Please fix this.
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