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  1. Take a look on the corner details of the attached polyline. It is not represented accurately. Some vertices are skipped and some roundings are not shown. This did not occur until VW 2018 – now I get it all of the time on all polylines, that are slightly complex. Is it a known issue? Is there a setting, that I can change to fix it? Exported DWG's are OK – apparently it is only a redraw issue
  2. Not much response from VW employees... Just as well, I found the culprit myself. It was an image prop, where I had flipped the content of the image and the mask the from within the VectorWorks texture dialogue. I am surprised, that this could crash not just the app, but the entire computer. So don't do that.
  3. Thanks, Art V – I will try to get someone at VW to look at it first – there may be a confidentiality issue, if I ask you to do it.
  4. I am trying to render a scene with a somewhat heavy geometry. Something makes it crash – and not only VW but my Imac. It freezes and I have to restart. I have tried to remove elements from the scene, to purge objects and to reduce the complexity of some textures, but it stil crashes. I use 2018 SP1 to avoid the OIP bug, that I got more frequently with SP2. Any chance, you can take a look at the file?
  5. No law dictates, that the interface of a design applications must be dreary slabs of gray, black, grey and some more gray. It may be fashionable at the moment, but I prefer to be productive in a light and bright environment rather than hip and depressed in a fashionable bore. Do not listen to Thomas. I am not against change as such, but let it be dictated by rationality rather than fashion, and let it come seamlessly, so that I do not have to learn my most important tool all over again.
  6. While cleaning up a freehand path, i noticed something, that I have not seen before: What appears to be bezier control handles appeared while I was moving a corner vertex :-O I really wanted them to stay visible, but alas, they disappeared again once the move had been made. Is this the first sign, that a longheld wish is soon to come true? The 2D capabilities of VW really need an upgrade, and true bezier controls would be amaaaazing!
  7. I have used the shadow catcher texture for a few projects. It only catches the shadows of regular lights and not HDRI which is flaw. But a more serious issue is that the texture is black – and is reflected as such in the surrounding objects. Can you make it invisible?
  8. Thanks for the respons. It seems likely, that I probably hit the undo shortcut.
  9. Thanks. Perhaps you could also make a request for a useful set of metallic shaders? The metallic pulldown menu includes niobium, magnesium oxide, tantalum and several others, that I may have read about. Like most VW users, however, I tend to go for somewhat less exotic materials – like stainless steel, aluminum and brass – all of which are excluded. I wish someone sensible would shout that to the developers.
  10. Within the latest week, newly created geometry has disappeared 3 or 4 times – usually 3-10 minutes worth of work. It seems to follow some unfortunate accidental keystroke. Then there is a view change and whatever I have just been working on disappears from my drawing. Instinctively I hit the undo shortcut and the the redo, but none of them work. It seems as if the file has just reverted to the last saved copy. But I did not knowingly initiate that command, nor is there any known shortcut, that could result in that event. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Does anybody know, how this could happen? It does make me fear for the integrity of my file – especially since backup files are notoriously unreliable for objects with complex histories. I use VW2018 SP1
  11. The most basic textures – metals, glass, plastic, etc. have not been updated for a decade, and they do not take advantage of the many new features, that have been added since. There are a lot of nice Arroway textures for architectural surfaces, but the most basic of materials – like aluminum – really stink. It would be my guess that many VW users spend a great deal of of time tweaking bad textures and it does take a lot of effort to get them just right. Perhaps you could ask a talented intern to redo them?
  12. Today I had to decide to abandon Vectorworks to model a project – exclusively because of the ineptitude of the shell solid tool.
  13. I remember a time when the fillet tool was extremely fastidious. Then it was reworked and now it will fillet almost anything, which is great. I wish the same thing could happen to the shell tool. It doesn't work well with subdivisions at all, and for complex objects it will often only shell by a small amount. When VW choose to rework it, as I hope they will, I could also use a 'Center' option besides 'Inside' and 'Outside'.
  14. I wish, i could provide it, but it seems to occur at random. Change view and zoom in or out and the OIP data often come back until the next selection. Rebooting the computer fixes the problem for a while.
  15. Today I got the same problem with SP1. Has anyone successfully fixed this?