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  1. TomWhiteLight

    List of Lighting Positions?

    Create a custom report - Spotlight Reports - create report Objects with the record Hanging Position. Select fields and click OK
  2. TomWhiteLight

    New to Vision

    OK, That's odd, worked for me, What service pack are you on? If you are on the current then you will need to contact tech support.
  3. TomWhiteLight

    New to Vision

    Just to confirm you are using export ESC?
  4. TomWhiteLight

    New to Vision

    Hi Greg, so you can make multiple selections using find and modify or shift and click then you can doubleclick a fixture edit the colour slot and click apply to all.
  5. TomWhiteLight

    New to Vision

    Specify colour for slot 1
  6. TomWhiteLight

    New to Vision

  7. TomWhiteLight

    New to Vision

    hold on! link did not paste!
  8. TomWhiteLight

    New to Vision

    I understand and can empathise that this is a less than ideal process at this moment in time. Obviously it only affects generics as regular LED and colour mixing sources are fine. A lot of the designs I do now are mostly LED fixtures so I find that I have to do this process for only up to 24 fixtures. watch this space!
  9. TomWhiteLight

    New to Vision

    Hi Greg At the moment (I cannot say more), You will need to enter the colour info in vision or it can be done in vectorworks through this video
  10. TomWhiteLight

    New to Vision

    Focus points should go across via send to vision.
  11. TomWhiteLight

    New to Vision

    Hi Greg, colour info will go across via the colour wheels page. this functionality is being solved soon!
  12. TomWhiteLight

    Venue With Multiple Setups

    Referenced could work. providing people are evangelical with filing. I think a layout within the same file is easier to edit Or you could also duplicate a layer and rearrange in the event of a slightly more unique version of your standard setup. The other idea I had was to make the whole layout a symbol?
  13. TomWhiteLight

    Venue With Multiple Setups

    Layers, Classes and Saved Views, Classes for different options and saved views to toggle their visibilities. File save as template. Then once project signed off, delete classes (check delete objects) completely. All the best Tom W
  14. I am working on a UK Spotlight template, However I am concerned... I have set up a class mapping to prefix classes brought in embedded in symbols. I am wondering does the class mapping save within the document? Would the Spotlight user require The Class/Layer mapping tool function in their workspace in order for their file to work? Would imported symbols begin polluting their organization structure?
  15. TomWhiteLight

    Default 3D Legend View

    Thanks Mark, This is great, I might also try to add it as a feature in the label legend manager dialogue.


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