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  1. I've an update: with previous version it works!
  2. Hello everybody! I've the same problem: fixture in a place and beam in another... Exported mvr from vw with gdtf mode. If I sent to vision all works well but I don't have the correct mode to set, this is why I choose mvr. see attached
  3. yes, going to test installation on clean boot and other things. I'll keep you updated
  4. here what I'm using Processors ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of sockets 1 Number of threads 12 Socket 1 ID = 0 Number of cores 6 (max 6) Number of threads 12 (max 12) Name Intel Core i7 8750H Codename Coffee Lake Specification Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz Memory Type DDR4 Memory Size 32 GBytes Channels Dual Memory Frequency 1330.5 MHz (1:20) Graphics card NVIDIA Gforce GTX 1060, 6gb memory
  5. yes is the last version sp3. I also tried to remove everything in detail and reinstal but doesn't work. Is there a log somewhere to check?
  6. hi to everyone! anyone of you has problems updating library in vision? When I press "update library", the screen stays on "downoading update" for hours and doesn't download anything. See attached image. Thanks for your support!
  7. Could be usefull to have a tool that allow to build a strip LED with some parameters like brand of LED, kind of LED (white, multichip etc...), size of the strip, distance between LEDs and soo on
  8. Hi to all, I've a similar problem with Vision 2020. When I press "Update Library" it show "Downloading Update" but nothing happen. I set the windows 10 firewall correctly, run as admin, but nothing change
  9. Could be usefull to allow the editing of focus position without the use of Focus Position Tool. Just setting the pan/tilt value of one or more fixture. For example could be usefull when I select 50 fixtures in a row and put all pan=90°, tlt 20°. Now 've to create 50 focus point and....
  10. Thanks a lot Rob! I have just sent some requests 😉 I can also provide additional documentations about the fixtures (3d cad files, specification of external power/DMX units, email address of the factory product specialists, etc...) Just tell me how to do it (on the form I can upload only one file). Thanks a lot! Walter
  11. There's an error on the request fixture form page. https://serviceselect.vectorworks.net/support/fixturerequestform Need two fixtures asap... 😉 I s
  12. ok, I just wanted to test it in a real situation. I'll wait ;-)
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