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  1. TomWhiteLight

    Rendering Times on Design Layer vs Sheet Layer

    Its included with VSS
  2. TomWhiteLight

    Rendering Times on Design Layer vs Sheet Layer

    You could render on the cloud?
  3. TomWhiteLight

    Lighting Paperwork

    Does anyone remember LPS pro? I had it before Lightwright and you could email the hire shop your order from within the application. To be honest I think I used that functionality twice. Anyone else use it?
  4. TomWhiteLight

    Error database was not accessible

    The fourth screen grab depicts a file path referencing a Vectorworks file location?! please explain?
  5. TomWhiteLight

    Error database was not accessible

    Hi Floriane, You should email tech support, the issue you are portraying could be to that your login account doesn't have write access to the folders that the Vectorworks Application need to write the content to. You could also try reinstalling the application. Best Tom
  6. TomWhiteLight

    Vision 2019 lecos have no barrel rotation

    Thanks Jake, I think I will pursue feature requesting lens/barrel rotation. The recommended workflow is to focus instruments in Spotlight First and then export MVR. You can focus in vision but I am worried that focuses may get trashed when you next export MVR. Apologies for the delay. Best wishes Tom W
  7. TomWhiteLight

    Vision 2019 lecos have no barrel rotation

    Can you upload a screenshot of what you are trying to achieve jake? either rotating the lens tube would be one option or having independently unlimited movements on shutters like the adb warp fixtures. would be an interesting feature request if you are currently unable to achieve the cuts you want to achieve
  8. TomWhiteLight

    Problems with insert connection tool

    Hi, Have you tried posting this in Braceworks. You could try using insert drop in the Braceworks menu.
  9. Thats worth Noting 'screen aligned'. I shall remember that. Thanks Kareen!
  10. You could just copy the 3d attributes of the symbol into the workspace and convert them to polygons and then paste them into the 2d attribute of the symbol. Fix the symbol rather than the legend. Avoid using top view as you have limited graphic control of the appearance of your plot.
  11. OK, so you need to specify by fixture upon which view you would like the 3d lable legend displayed. I will attach a screen grab.... Bad news... Top isn't an option. Why do you need a 3d lable legend in a 2d top view?
  12. Ah with you, hang on, I will take another look
  13. Hi Kareen, Your viewport is not in top/plan. It needs to be in top plan to function! Your viewport is currently in top... 2D Lable Legend fields will only display in Top/Plan not top. best Tom


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