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    Thanks a million Pat! That's it sorted.
  2. Hi there, Is it possible to select objects within a range of certain parameters. For example, I'm using spotlight and would love to be able to select channels x through y so that I can edit them, rather than have to select them all individually which would be really tedious. Cheers! Rx
  3. Hello! Having trouble with fixtures. When I turn them on, they emit the beam and hit the objects as you would expect, but they aren't casting shadows, its just a continuous beam. The set is currently mesh and it won't convert to a generic solids. It was also originally a CAD File and I am only on a trial version of render works. Don't know if that makes any difference. Any ideas? Cheers for your help! Rx
  4. RobbieButler

    Plot and Model View - Definition Layers

    Hi Mark, Thanks for your wanting to help, but I'm afraid I don't have permission to share the set. Rx
  5. I am wondering if there is a better way for me to arrange the drawing of my lighting plan. It's an odd one because the entire rig is scattered all over a large set. Because of this your typical top/plan view is redundant as there are no bars, the lights are located at odd heights and depths on a mainly upright structure (although the set is in no way vertical; it is very very clunky with hundreds of nooks and crannies.) I have been asked to come up with a drawing which includes an easy-to-read 2d version and a full 3d model in which we can render to play about with and later upload into Ma3d. What I have done so far works but is extremely difficult to navigate: I have made a front viewport of the set on a separate design layer. I then rotated the viewport so it was visible in top/plan view. I then drew my 2d lighting plan onto of this. That's step one done. What I did then to create the 3d model was create a plot and model view of each fixture, this works fine as it gives me a working 3d model but it means that I end up with hundreds of definition layers as I can't just do 2 or 3 because the rig is so scattered. This means that when it comes to rendering, I spend ages jumping around trying to find the right definition layer in order to select a fixture to turn it on. Is there an easier way? Thanks for all your help!