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  1. Mike Wright

    Export web view - missing geometry

    No idea if it is related but here is a capture from sketchup showing the same model exported to FBX
  2. Mike Wright

    Export web view - missing geometry

    Hi Dave. File is attached Thanks Mike Start_Gantry.vwx
  3. When I export to web view I'm missing a whole stack of geometry. The amount missing varies with each export and is not affected by quality setting etc. The same problem is evident when exporting to FBX so the issue must be something to do with the translation from render engine into whatever export format is in use. Here's the web view (white model to keep the size down) Link and here is a capture of the model Image
  4. Mike Wright

    Truss Corner blocks with a vertical leg

    indeed. You just have to fight the auto-connect function.
  5. Mike Wright

    Truss Corner blocks with a vertical leg

    Thanks Rob, as i feared the solution is indeed to have a suite of rotated symbols ready! I'll stick to manually connecting the legs for now. I look forward to seeing if there is a fix in a later release, having just put the effort in to draw all these up as PIOs it would be nice to have full functionality.
  6. I'm in the process of drawing up several common configurations of (now discontinued) Prolyte 30D Triangular Box Corners. I've managed to create flat corners fine but found I cannot create verticals that join in the correct rotation. I'm aware that braceworks doesn't do vertical anything hence the post in this section of the forum. The problem arises because there is no value in a truss symbol for the horizontal rotation of truss (ie apex up/down). As a result when a vertical joint takes place there is no way for the symbol to know what the rotation of the corner block face is. Example below using an existing welded corner block symbol: Has anyone got a workaround for this or is it a limitation of the software. Short of creating a complete set of apex in/apex out/apex in-lineL/apex in-lineR symbols I'm stumped! VWX example attached Corner_Block_Problem.vwx
  7. Mike Wright

    PC supplier/ UK

    Mi Mark. I can highly recommend Scan computers in Horwich. I am now on my third custom system from their '3XS' range. Great customer service and rock solid performance from their overclocking so far.
  8. Mike Wright

    VW2018 Truss tool - Prolyte Truss Circles

    Attached file contains Prolyte H30V circle sections in 1/2/3/4/5/6/7m radius They all have the correct cross section and Truss Record but do not have weights as this information is not available to me. I can't vouch for their accuracy! hope they are useful to some folks H30V_-_Circles.vwx
  9. Mike Wright

    VW2018 Truss tool - Prolyte Truss Circles

    So even after a lot of fiddling around I could not get it to work UNLESS I set up the PIO as 'Insertion point is centre point'. With this checked they line up almost perfectly. Original DWG attached X30D-CIRKEL.dwg
  10. Mike Wright

    VW2018 Truss tool - Prolyte Truss Circles

    Hi Rob. thanks for having a look. That's what I figured was the case but it wasn't obvious why, draw a square from point to point and the seem to be within a mm of the corners The 3D geometry in the symbols is a straight copy and paste from the Prolyte DWGs if that is any help. I can also send you the files tomorrow
  11. Mike Wright

    VW2018 Truss tool - Prolyte Truss Circles

    Thanks Rob I don't have weights for the units yet unfortunately and there is no VW cross section profile for Prolyte X30 truss so they won't be fully Braceworks compatible I am having trouble with a couple of them and wonder if anyone can help. In the attached file the sections do not quite join up properly and for the life of me I cannot work out why! The rest of them seem to be ok X30D_R200_Test.vwx
  12. Mike Wright

    Stage Skirting

    @Andy Broomell That's an excellent texture. Would you mind sharing? I can see with a little bit of work in photoshop how that could be worked in to a b/alpha shader that with the addition of a colour could be used to make various colour skirts
  13. We've just bought a load of Prolyte truss circles and I am beginning the process of converting the DWGs into truss PIOs. Before I go the whole hog and share the results up here for the greater good.....could anyone take a look at the attached and see if there are any obvious mistake? Prolyte_Test_Circle.vwx
  14. Mike Wright

    Spotlight/Braceworks - Video Screen/Projection Load Attachment

    Video screen PIO and braceworks compatibility is coming in SP2 apparently
  15. Mike Wright

    VW 2018 seating tool

    In the new seating tool (a great improvement on the last), the dimensions of the chair symbol no longer seem to appear? Previously you'd get a W x D x H indication of the selected symbol which was extremely useful when working via seating densities. It meant you could work out your row/seat spacing to hit 2 per SqM which I found to be a brilliant method. Am i missing it or has it gone? If so please please please can we have it back