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  1. Mike Wright

    Vectorworks 2019 SP1 Updater Not Working

    SP3 and updater still does not work
  2. Thanks Marissa that's great
  3. I know it's going to be a simple answer but I can't work out why the attached does not work. I'm expecting an extruded rectangle centred at 0,0 with a BotZ of 0. The extrude and rectangle parts work but once I add in the maths to make the centre 0,0 it all goes wrong, the debug tool doesn't seem to do anything. Help! screen marrionette.vwx
  4. Mike Wright

    Hole in a Stage plug

    I think you will have to un-group the stage plug (it will no longer appear in reports etc) and then you can use a solid subtraction. (you must be in a 3D view when you un-group otherwise it will only give you the 2D components)
  5. Mike Wright

    Rotate Lighting Device Like a 3D Symbol

    you can also group the lighting fixtures to rotate them but this will not work for the truss
  6. Mike Wright

    Rotate Lighting Device Like a 3D Symbol

    Is is not possible to rotate hybrid symbols like lighting devices in this way. Do a quick forum search for 'create plot and model view'. There are plenty of threads on this in the entertainment section of the forum This tutorial is a good place to start.
  7. Mike Wright

    Single house rigging points

    THIS! Link to your request and I will support. It's such a common scenario. Hoist top hook snaps to house point and low hook to truss would be great
  8. Mike Wright


    Your Glow should be contained, it should not wash out your scene like this. Here is a simple glow texture (at 300%) in a channel, is this the effect you are trying to achieve?
  9. Mike Wright

    Audio array tool

    I'm still assessing whether braceworks is worth the investment and whilst playing around have found the following problem. If you have an array utilising more than one bumper, only the top bumper is included as a load. See here where I have selected the whole system, the second bumper is ignored. In the OIP there is no option to 'include in calculations' or name it as a load.
  10. Mike Wright

    Problems importing large DWG files

    HI Nina I can send you a dwg that I had problems with. It could well just be a problem caused by sloppy production on the other end of the process, I've had wildly varying success with dwgs from clients. I will message you with a file link.
  11. Mike Wright

    Problems importing large DWG files

    I've also had problems with large DWG imports (like large urban plans in 2D). 100% CPU usage on one core for 45min + until the import is complete. Generally this is in the last few numbers of the progress counter. I've also had to go back to 2018 to avoid some strange scaling issues when importing the same file.
  12. Mike Wright

    Speaker Tools

    @C. Andrew Dunning As Haydenovative I've had weights keep defaulting back to 90kg. I've not created any new speakers or bumpers for a while but will shout if I can replicate it
  13. Mike Wright

    VW2019/ Switching between drawing windows/ tabs - a VW bug?

    I am unable to re-create it consistently, I will report here if it happens again. To be honest it was pretty infrequent so it may have been fixed and I just haven't noticed
  14. Mike Wright

    VW2019/ Switching between drawing windows/ tabs - a VW bug?

    I have experienced the same with two tabs open. The tab is selected but you are in fact editing the other document, seems to happen particularly when swapping in and out of the resource manager. Only solution is to close the original document. Windows 10, VW2019 SP2
  15. Mike Wright

    Speaker Tools

    On my machine it is: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2019\Libraries\Defaults\Audio Tools I've taken to just editing the XML file contained there as I've had a few issues with 'save type to library'


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