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  1. Thanks for the tip. I have a Braceworks demo (with the fantastic JimW i believe) booked next week so hope to get some answers
  2. Windows 10 When I select an object, the OIP does not change to reflect the selection until the view is changed. EG: In picture 1 a truss object is selected but the OIP i blank In picture 2 all I have done is changed the view using a hot key and the OIP is populated In picture 3 without changing view I have selected a a hoist object and the OIP shows detail of the previous selection
  3. UPDATE - you need to check 'use' as well as 'Show in 3D'. It's not that obvious if you are just used to clicking through as part of your workflow. Also the 'See in 3D' column is sized so that it just says 'See in...' by default so it doesn't jump out at you.
  4. I've also observed this. Follow normal workflow, assign label legend and BAM nothing. Though it was class visibility but no.
  5. I'm interested to see if there is a resolution to this, it looks like another limitation of the truss tool which seems to be poorly implemented at best
  6. So the insert truss tool is just poorly implemented then which has been exacerbated by forcing the libraries to be compatible with an optional and expensive plugin. I despair!
  7. nope - the 2016 symbols also have the same tags. I can use the symbol insertion too but it removes the 'double click & drop' functionality. Unless there is a way to prevent the truss tag selecting the insert truss tool automatically. I think an email to vectorworks is in order, whilst braceworks is a fantastic tool, to half build the functionality into a full S/W release is just strange. Vectorworks should either HAVE braceworks in it's entirety or NOT HAVE it in it's entirety rather than some crazy half way house. In effect you are being penalised for not spending an extra £5000.
  8. So I should be able to get an older prolyte symbol library from the VSS portal and use them
  9. Hmmm, so no vertical truss loading, no bridle calcs. Sounds like a product it's worth giving a few years to mature. Is there a way to remove the braceworks functionality altogether so I don't get connection points i don't need making a mess of truss plots?
  10. I'm on windows. I'll see how the demo goes. So far VW 2018 has a truss tool that doesn't seem to work and has inherited a legacy rendering bug from 2017, It's not looking good unless you are building M.C. Escher trusses and rendering black rectangles!
  11. And here showing a different corner with horizontal symbol inserted onto vertical face. The truss is the correct height but the wrong rotation. Is this a problem with the Prolyte symbols? I have a demo of braceworks booked but to be honest it's already looking very much like a $5000 white elephant
  12. If insert a horizontal truss symbol onto the vertical face of a corner block, the truss is correctly oriented in the vertical position but it inserts at the wrong height (see below with inserted horizontal symbol selected)
  13. Restarting makes no difference Inserting a vertical truss symbol attached to a corner brings up the Truss Properties dialogue rather than just dropping the symbol in place
  14. Shown below selected to indicate the position of the loci in the correct place
  15. I'm currently demoing VW 2018 When using the Insert truss tool, horizontal trusses are fine. If I insert a vertical truss (symbol - Truss Vert Prolyte H30D) the truss inserts as horizontal despite the cross showing the loci at the end of the truss being in the right place. I can connect further vertical trusses using the truss tool but they all show as horizontal. Am I doing something really stupid or is this another tool that is perhaps not up to scratch yet (seating layout anyone?) Picture attached