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  1. Mike Wright

    Strange projector behaviour

    Thanks! That was my next step
  2. Mike Wright

    Strange projector behaviour

    I'm using the symbols provided for two epson projectors we have in our fleet. One of the symbols (1755) inserts fine with the projection screen tool. The other (1505) pings a warning that it is not a valid projector symbol and that a load of the measurements are not readable. The thing is the VS_mod data for each is identical except for the names, weights and wattage. I'm stumped! File attached with both models and a standard VW model for reference (VW2018) Epson Projectors.vwx
  3. Mike Wright

    2019 Insert truss tool broken

    HI The problem does not occur if I duplicate first The ctrl+drag problem persists after SP1 update
  4. Mike Wright

    Vectorworks 2019 SP1 Updater Not Working

    Still not working for me, have excluded VW2019 folder from windows defender Have launched updater independently of VWX Bit dull really
  5. Mike Wright

    Vectorworks 2019 SP1 Updater Not Working

    that does not look good, certainly doesn't inspire me with confidence that turning off firewalls is a good idea......
  6. Mike Wright

    Vectorworks 2019 SP1 Updater Not Working

    not working for me either, ticket in progress with Tech support
  7. Mike Wright

    2019 Insert truss tool broken

    When inserting trusses, if I insert the truss symbol and connect normally, it works fine. If I ctrl+drag the previous truss section on to the end, it flips the truss. See images.
  8. Mike Wright

    2019 Hoist Tools/Braceworks improvements

    Struggling to connect a hoist to a house point. Have a truss directly below a house point but cannot get a hoist to snap to both. Anything I should be doing. Maybe I got my hopes up too soon!
  9. Not a braceworks user (yet) but it's nice to see some of the issues that were raised when it was first released being addressed. Maybe it's finally moved out of beta 🙂 Couple of things: Love the house points tool, even without braceworks it's a great part of the hoist tools BUT the labelling needs cleaning up, it would be nice to set preferences as to what labels show rather than all off or all on by class assignment. Also the default class for house point geometry is 'hoist-label-dimension' which doesn't seem right. In a bridle, if you replace the down leg with a hoist or if you connect the down leg to a hoist, changing either the down leg length or the high hook height breaks the system. I'm sure there will be more niggles but things seem to be moving in the right direction, perhaps soon I shall be able to convince myself that i can present a good case to y seniors to part with some money......
  10. Given the complexity of many modern screen setups and the fact that content is often produced for them on a total pixel area canvas, it would be great if you could choose the H/V start pixel for a screen image rather than a percentage. I frequently produce content for multi screen rigs in Illustrator and rather than having to chuck out an artboard for each screen, being able to pick a position within a larger image would be great, percentage is not accurate enough for multiple screens especially when they are close together or have accurate mullions. For instance, this is the content for a relatively simple LED screen comprised of 15 different 'sections'. It requires 15 artboards and therefor 15 different RW textures to get it working in VW. Imagine then that your client wants to change the background........ a single 8576x512 pixel RW texture given that i know the start pixel of each screen would be far easier and less time consuming Of course it could just be me that comes across this 🙂
  11. Mike Wright

    Symbole request - Robe pickle patt

    Thanks I've not seen the OnePatt yet, don't think there are any in the rental market around here
  12. Mike Wright

    Symbole request - Robe pickle patt

    I did it anyway as I'd been meaning to get round to it un-tested etc Set the lamp to RGB 255, 214, 170 for a nice tungsten effect Robe PicklePatt 2017.vwx
  13. Mike Wright

    Symbole request - Robe pickle patt

    I have a Pickle Patt which is just a symbol just now, I'll happily share if you want to convert it to a Fixtrure? Shown here with sunstrips
  14. Mike Wright

    Export web view - missing geometry

    No idea if it is related but here is a capture from sketchup showing the same model exported to FBX
  15. Mike Wright

    Export web view - missing geometry

    Hi Dave. File is attached Thanks Mike Start_Gantry.vwx


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