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  1. No the report is not on a sheet layer. I just tried a new export without the use of my template. Now the everything is sharp. Is there a general DPI setting?
  2. Hi, When I create a braceworks calculation report the text is low quality. I can't find any settings to improve the quality.
  3. Hi, When using Braceworks, I get accuracy errors on my corner trusses. The problem seems to be that there is no data in P1. How can I correctly determine this value? The schematic is not entirely clear about the axis and points corners. Maybe, this problem is already solved, but I cannot find anything in the form. kind regards, Mathijs van Ommen
  4. So the roll angle is what caused the hinge color to change? Because when rotating, the color changed from black to white.
  5. Hi, I've created a hinge for prolyte S40T. When I attach a truss to the hinge, it snaps correctly. But when I attach the hinge to a truss, the magnets move as you can see on the picture below. How can i resolve this problem? kind regards, Mathijs van Ommen
  6. Hi, Recently, I started noticing that trusses were not snapping correctly. This is not always the case and occurs with different types. The trusses seem to snap at the midpoint. Is anyone having this problem?
  7. Hi, Is it possible to have a vertical truss connected to another truss structure with one hoist? When I use the braceworks check the message 'The static system is not properly supported' shows. Or can I make a custom truss part to make this work?
  8. Hi I have the D&B Delta plat in vectorworks and want to connect weights and hoists. Can I create a symbol to make this work and calculate in braceworks? I tried the speaker tool but also here it is not possible. All the speakers are imported from D&B arrycalc.
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