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  1. Hi Bjoerka, I definitely waited for minutes on end multiple times without luck. didnt try to paste to a new file though. I have already tried to simplified the object quite a bit. in your experience how simple do it have to be? do you have a sample? thanks 😃
  2. Hi all, I am remodelling some LED panel as the STP imports were too heavy to work with. I have modelled the important bits(mounting points) and ignore the rest. The last bit of this remodelling process was to create auto hybrids for all these objects My VW 23 and VW 22 is crashing when creating some of the auto hybrids in my file. Somome of the solid addition auto hybrid is created without any issues. The attached file has 5 auto hybrids and 5 that crashes. Hope there is someone kind enough to take a look and let me know whats wrong. URMIII Model.vwx
  3. Hi, i was trying to use sling in my bridle and had issue adding it in. Does any one know what i did wrong?
  4. Hi guys, is the number of recent hangs, CPU % and virtual memory size all normal?
  5. Hi Nikolay, Thanks for the help and explanation 😁
  6. Hi Nikolay, Thank you so much. It does work! I notice that it is 'Power Requirement'.'Wattage' instead of #Power Requirement#.#Wattage#. May I know whats the rule for this syntax?
  7. Hi guys, I was trying to use a custom record format field(wattage) and do a simple math operation to get the current to appear in a data tag. #Power Requirement#.#Wattage#/230 This works and i end up with lots of decimal space. I am able to get #WS_ROUNDUP(numerical_value,0) working if i put a number. Anyone can point me how to put the math operation in?
  8. Hi all, is PSD a supported format? I am getting this error when i am trying to do so
  9. Hi, on my drawing, i have a symbol comprising of autohybrid symbol in it lined up against another object when i create a viewport and scale it after. the alignment goes a fair bit off. any idea what is wrong? first photo is the aligned object. 2nd is the object in the viewport
  10. Thanks Joshua. This helps!
  11. Hi Joshua, Thank you. The 2nd option worked for me. seems like the workflow has to be tilt of the truss object after converting. Flipping the order around will mess it up, is that so?
  12. Hi Mark, I supposed you are talking about the simplified truss class. Did that but still look the same though.
  13. Hi all, I was exploring the schematic view and there is something i couldn't figure out. I had a truss that was at a 45 degree tilt, converted to a hanging position and had 3 fixtures on it. i created a schematic view and had the impression that it will remove the tilt and make it show the full length. However, it is the same length. Am i mistaken about it? the two attached image shows top/plan view and also iso view to show the tilt.
  14. Hi Markdd, thanks for pointing out Annotations on sheet layer. That will definitely help.
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