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  1. How did I not know about this short cut!!!! Life changing!
  2. I had this same issue the other day with Vectorworks on PC. I reinstalled the v2.6 plugin from the MA website and the issue was resolved.
  3. I've run into a similar issue where I needed unique names and still wanted to repeat numbering in certain locations. My fix has been to add a location identifier into the device name. So your device names could look something like... '"Room1 - AVoIP 1" "Room1 - AVoIP 2" "Room1 - AVoIP 3" "Room2 - AVoIP 1" "Room2 - AVoIP 2" "Room2 - AVoIP 3"
  4. @joneztria I'm not sure how Jim was doing this, but I was able to accomplish this by creating a Text Style in the resource manager. Set the text size to .01 and then drag the text style from the resource manger on to the equipment item in your rack elevation.
  5. Sounds great Conrad! The only thing I would mention, is that we should still have the ability to place these cabinets inside of rooms.
  6. Yes just talking about 2D racks. Looking to have tags, just like we do on the schematic layer.
  7. Is there anyway to add a tag to an Equipment Item in a rack elevation? I'm finding some of my device names are long and would like to use a tag for a more concise text on the elevation.
  8. Hey Conrad, Another connector arrow questions for ya. I've noticed that If I add a signal type to an arrow circuit, that the direction of the arrow flips. See below.. Why does adding a signal type change the arrow?
  9. Yes that's it! Excited to see where you head with this!
  10. In the instance of devices inside an enclosure, I think I'm less concerned with where it is inside. Just that fact that it IS inside. But it is an interesting thought regarding designing an enclosure layout. It would be cool to design their layout similar to how we do CTP panels with a front view. As far as the Location hierarchy goes, Buildings would be at the top level... Inside Buildings are Rooms.....and Inside rooms are Racks or Enclosures.
  11. Hey friends, I'm working on a show where we have a number of devices in Hoffman style enclosures. Is there way where instead of placing gear inside a rack, I could define another location? (In this case an enclosure. Also along these lines, in addition to room/rack/enclosure I'd like to define a building where specific rooms are located. How would I go about this? I imagine I could just use custom parameters to define some of these locations, but it would be cool to have other versions layout room tool for buildings or enclosures. Thoughts?
  12. Speaking of Arrow Connections.... I've been working on drawing up lots and lots of fiber cable and associated OTPs. I'm curious, is there a way for me to use 1 arrow connection for multiple circuit lines? For example lets say I have a 24 strand fiber cable, in ConnectCAD I would like to show each strand landing at it's respective port on an OTP but for clarity I am bussing the circuits together to better indicate that this is indeed just 1 cable. Here is an example of what I'm thinking (this is mocked up). My thinking is that I would like the ability to have 1 arrow connection for all strands in that cable, and the arrow text would indicate what OTP it is landing at and the associated ports. Currently using arrow connections looks like this. At first glance this could be mistaken for 24 different cables. Any tips for using arrow connections on multi-circuit cables?
  13. Here is the combined Spotlight-ConnectCAD workspace if anyone would like to use it. Spotlight+CC.vww
  14. That did the trick! So what exactly is happening there that allows 1 menu item in the workspace editor to then appear as 8 different menu items in the actual menu? Thanks Conrad!
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