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  1. Hey VW team, Where can we find a comprehensive list of new features and improvements for ConnectCAD 2021?
  2. In the image below, I have a data cable created from the "Make Data Chain" function. As you can see the cable is 7'2" long but VW is breaking it into two 5' cables instead of one 10'. Is this expected behavior?
  3. Thanks @markdd! I finally have this working. The part that I was not understanding was that I needed to convert to hanging position in plan view with the ladder flat on the ground prior to rotating into place. I now realize that, that this particular detail was what started this entire thread from the beginning. But for some reason even after reading all of these posts for the last couple months, I just could not comprehend drawing 3D geometry in this way. Thank you everyone for all of your help in this thread.
  4. When you edit your sheet layer, what is the DPI set to? Also what render mode are you using? OpenGL?
  5. Conrad, is there any reason the start number couldn't be input by the user into a text field as opposed to a dropdown with limited options?
  6. Hmm I was able to attach the truss record but when i try to create a schematic view it still says the object must be a rigging object.
  7. It seems that when using the ConnectCad "Renumber Devices" function, your staring number can't be higher than 256. You could always select all of the devices and then renumber starting at 1. I just tested this and it worked with 600 devices. Another option, which in my opinion gives the user much more flexibility is to use the Spotlight numbering tool. Check out this post for a tutorial.
  8. @TomWhiteLight Since schematic views do not like hanging positions and schematic views require rigging objects... How do you turn custom 3D geometry into rigging objects? I have a 3D symbol for a custom ladder but see no functions in Spotlights to turn this into a "rigging object"..... besides the convert to hang position function.
  9. Along the lines of editing 3D symbols... When editing the 3D component of a hybrid symbol, I've recently noticed that I can not select a 3D view from the drop down. Flyover works fine but the 3D view drop down is grayed out. Any ideas? What am I missing here?
  10. @Conrad Preen I'm considering cleaning up my classes and placing the ConnectCad classes all under a ConnectCad class group. (see below) Do you foresee any issues if I move the default ConnectCad classes around?
  11. In the new 2020 DMX patch window, is there any way to define a secondary sort? In my example below I'm sorted by position. But when sorted this way, the channels have no logical order. I would love for there to be a way to define a primary sort and then a secondary (which in this case would be by channel). Anyone have any tips?
  12. Thanks guys, I must have been blind earlier... I found the Replace with Symbol function and that did the trick.
  13. I was hoping for a somewhat more automated process as this still sounds pretty click intensive to locate each group and manually place my new symbol and delete the group instance. But it is what it is. Thanks for the response.
  14. I have a DWG from an outside vendor that I have imported. There are a number of devices that came in as groups and not symbols. Is there a function in spotlight where I can select a group and then replace with a symbol? Looking at the online VW manual, it seems that this function exists for Landmark and Architect. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FSymbols%2FReplacing_objects_with_symbols.htm&rhsearch=Replace Objects&rhhlterm=Replace Objects&rhsyns= Is there a similar workflow for Spotlight users?


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