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  1. Along the lines of editing 3D symbols... When editing the 3D component of a hybrid symbol, I've recently noticed that I can not select a 3D view from the drop down. Flyover works fine but the 3D view drop down is grayed out. Any ideas? What am I missing here?
  2. @Conrad Preen I'm considering cleaning up my classes and placing the ConnectCad classes all under a ConnectCad class group. (see below) Do you foresee any issues if I move the default ConnectCad classes around?
  3. In the new 2020 DMX patch window, is there any way to define a secondary sort? In my example below I'm sorted by position. But when sorted this way, the channels have no logical order. I would love for there to be a way to define a primary sort and then a secondary (which in this case would be by channel). Anyone have any tips?
  4. Thanks guys, I must have been blind earlier... I found the Replace with Symbol function and that did the trick.
  5. I was hoping for a somewhat more automated process as this still sounds pretty click intensive to locate each group and manually place my new symbol and delete the group instance. But it is what it is. Thanks for the response.
  6. I have a DWG from an outside vendor that I have imported. There are a number of devices that came in as groups and not symbols. Is there a function in spotlight where I can select a group and then replace with a symbol? Looking at the online VW manual, it seems that this function exists for Landmark and Architect. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FSymbols%2FReplacing_objects_with_symbols.htm&rhsearch=Replace Objects&rhhlterm=Replace Objects&rhsyns= Is there a similar workflow for Spotlight users?
  7. Could you just duplicate the circuit line from J1-J2 to K1-K2? Since its already its already formatted the way you want, you should just be able to duplicate it and drag onto the K1-K2 circuit.
  8. @PVA - Jim Has anything like this been implemented into VW yet?
  9. I edited the VW version as I don't have autoplot. I realized the issue was that I renamed the "connector" parameter to "cable type". VW did not like that and all of my jumper cables disappeared. Once I changed the naming back, everything is back and working as expected. But just for my knowledge, is there an easy way to restore a built-in plugin back to defaults if needed?
  10. I've been playing around with adding custom connectors to my jumper plugin and I must have broken something. Is there an easy way to reset a plugin back to default?
  11. In the rack elevation view, make sure your 2D racks are located in the correct rooms. Looking at your test file, a lot of the devices that were created by the "update rack elevation" function are set as "non-rack" devices. Make sure these are set to either full or half-rack devices and also make sure the RU height is set correctly. With all of that said, I'm also having an issue in your file though. When I set devices to "full-rack" and set an RU height, the width of the devices are changing to 0". I suspect this might have to with your file having units set to feet/inches. As a test I copied all of your schematic devices to a new blank ConnectCad file using the ConnectCad.sta template (which is metric by default). I then used the "update rack elevation" function and created a new room and rack. I was then able to add equipment to a rack as expected. @Conrad Preen Any thoughts?
  12. Something as simple as that would be great to have included with ConnectCAD so users can hop right into either template that works for their project.
  13. Along the lines of Metric vs Imperial units.... Are there any plans to create an imperial ConnectCAD template that could accompany the metric template?
  14. Hey Mark, How do you do this? I'm currently working on a file with all my lighting fixtures in 3D. But for the 2D instances of the hybrid symbols, I'm trying to find a way where I can move them at bit to clean up some overlaps, but don't want to mess with the 3D positioning. Currently when I move the lighting device in 2D plan, it is also moving the 3D. (and vice versa)
  15. I just downloaded your test file and got the locations to populate by just selecting all the gear in a particular room and then moving them just slightly. That seemed to refresh the location information and then the appropriate room name populated in the schematic view devices.


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