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  1. Vectorworks Viewer of VV is a handy tool https://www.vectorworks.net/support/downloads/vectorworks-file-viewer I'm looking at putting together s tablet PC (Surface Pro) for meetings. Since moving last summer I find I have to ride my motorcycle into the city often for meetings, and I bring my whole mobile CAD rig. It's a bit tiresome dragging all the hardware around with me. Most of the time I don't make changes in the active file, but we just look at things, and take notes. In my mind I can use a Surface pro as a mini PC for viewing VW files I have stored on a cloud drive, and reduce the weight on my back. However: There's no specs' on the website. I'd hate to think I've got this great solution only to find my tablet PC is a sorry slab like my Samsung phone. Anyone?
  2. Mickey

    Note book LAPTOP

    I'm going to back this up and add look for "gaming" laptops. I was at a jobsite recently and in the conference room it looked like a bunch of old dudes have a LAN party! Everyone had a PC gaming laptop with some kind of glowing thing on the cover. I should have taken a picture. Personally I've had success with MSI. My laptop is now 3 years old, and is stumbling a little for lack of RAM but otherwise still going strong enough to not justify a full replacement. You can get them not so heavy but you sacrifice battery. Mine is relatively light, but the battery is only good for 45 minutes at full tilt. I always have to drag my power brick around with me which is kind of a drag.
  3. Mickey

    Auto Numbering Fields

    Is it possible to limit, or modify the Auto Numbering fields to see only what I want to use? The way we can limit the fields in the OIP by editing the the Lighting Device Parameters in the Spotlight Preferences? Maybe you guys need to auto number your cost, shutter depth, time, voltage, wattage, and XYZ position. Me I tend to only use Unit #, Channel, Address, circuit number a a couple of others. It'd be great to drop those others out. Now I now some people are going to say "you know you save settings" And you're not wrong, but I just had a terrible waste of time using my saved "Unit#" setting where no matter what I changed in the Options it would only number the units starting at the number saved in the Saved Settings. I had to delete the saved one and restart the program, and now I can auto number starting from any number. So I'm not so keen on saved settings.
  4. See these threads Have an option for OpenGL rendering to ignore theatrical lighting instruments so that adding fixtures doesn't turn off default OpenGL lighting
  5. Mickey

    Lighting Instrument Removes Global Lighting

    This. Can't we just toggle it off / on? How hard would that be to add? It's no different than turning the layer off and on? I'm going to submit a wishlist request. I suggest others do the same to get this in front of the developers Wihslist thread here
  6. That is so incredibly annoying, and of course doesn't say that anywhere Wouldn't it be so simple for VW to make that a checkbox? What's even more annoying is that the lighting options in each viewport have "Ambient Info" on, but you say it's off. Am I missing another default lighting option somewhere? How do I recreate the default lighting just in the viewports that have lighting instruments?
  7. This has got to be something easy I just can't figure out. I work a lot with others in project sharing so I often come into a project long after the VW file has been created. I check out my layer, and add my lights all over the place etc ... However when we go to render our models everything looks super dark unless you make the my "lighting" layer invisible. Check out these 2 pdfs sheet layer-2.pdf Sheet Layer-1-.pdf You can see one has the lighting fixtures and one does not. This is all using the fairly generic OpenGL settings. This happens even if you add 1 instrument. No the instruments are not "turned on" You can sort of fix the way it looks by turning up the ambient lighting, but that starts to wash everything out. There's got to be a check box I'm missing to prevent this. Since the instruments aren't turned on why are they changing the overall lighting look?
  8. Oh Nemetschek, Why do we go though this every time there's a new release. You break something that used to work fine. 2019 SP1 Spotlight Undo is not working correctly with lighting instruments. I've seen a few different errors so far. When at the very start of a design I often spread fixtures around looking at different options. Maybe duplicate array, or duplicate, and move, or click- control - drag and duplicate, or just click to insert. If I don't like what I see CTRL-Z! Oh, but now that doesn't work. Undo either doesn't undo at all, or it leaves a little rectangle where the instrument used to be, but still has all of the instrument information. I've tried with several different fixture types, and they all have issues. The rest of undo works fine regarding non lighting instruments. Sad. I'll submit a bug as I can recreate this on an existing file, or a new file.
  9. I don't usually use borders so maybe this is normal behavior I have a new title block that I set up the border to look the way I want. When I edit said title block I can see the border data is set correct. When I drop the title block on the sheet, with the correct style selected, it inserts the correct title but has the terrible stock border with sections, and everything, not the custom settings I picked. I've tried on several different documents including a blank file that only has this one title block style. Again I don't use borders so maybe this is a "feature" I'm not familiar with?
  10. So do I. But what do you do when you inherit a drawing from someone else that has imported a DWG, and didn't give it a prefix? Now you have 1000 classes that start with A-XXTTT%....
  11. How many of us Spotlight users have to deal DWG files that pollute the class structure? I've asked for years for a tool that would allow us to mass rename these irritating classes, and in 2016 I discovered that VW did indeed have a tool that would do that, but it was only for Architect, and Landscape. Why not Spotlight? http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2018/eng/index.htm#t=VW2018_Guide%2FSetup%2FMapping_Classes_and_Layers.htm&rhsearch=class layer mappings&rhhlterm=class layer mappings&rhsyns= Do the CAD overlords assume us lowly entertainment types don't interface with the almighty AutoCAD? Yeah we do. Every time a building engineer sends us a venue which is fairly often. I don't have a need to own the full "Designer" series, and don't want to pay for features I'll never use, but this one tool would make my life, and so many other lives better, but I can't get access to it. Does anyone else in the Spotlight community care about this, or am I a lone voice?
  12. Here it is 2019, and we still don't have this basic function in Spotlight.
  13. Mickey

    MA2 PLUG-IN VW 2018 W/ MA

    So VW2018 SP3 is out, and it still doesn't work. I'm curious to know what Vectoworks broke in 2018 that makes the plugin not work. It does work fine in 2017. Sadly I have to keep my 2017 copy on my computer just to be able to use this one plug-in.
  14. I thought I'd follow up with a post about a year later. This is still a problem even with 2018 sp3. I was reading through this response, and have a hard time buying into it. If a cloud service was locking the files we wouldn't be able to write to any of them from any program. I'm going to try putting the exchange file on my desktop to see if that does anything. Considering how stupid my work flow is with VW2018, project sharing, LW, and MA export adding this extra step isn't that big of deal.


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