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  1. You are a brave man. Personally I stay away from the "upgrade" until February of the named year. So I won't bother with VWX24 for another few months. It's like the old days when we wouldn't upgrade until the x.5 came out.
  2. I haven't gotten that far yet. 😜
  3. Kevin when I click on the link I just get a "sorry can't find ..." error. 😞
  4. I'm on '23 and when I searched for one I couldn't find anything in the resource browser
  5. Kind of shocked that with all the symbols now in VW there's no pool table. The libraries are deep and even useful, but no pool table. ???
  6. I was just looking for this information, but sad me the answer is no. A static rendered image of the iMag is what I was looking for. I've dropped a camera from the event tools into a drawing, I've got 2 screens next to the stage. I've zoomed my camera to be roughly a waist shot, and I sure would like to put that waste shot onto the screens, and show the client the damn screens are too small for iMag and to cut the camera entirely. 🙂 So the way to do that would be to render the camera as an image file, save that, import that image as a texture, and map it to the screen which requires centering, and scaling. It sure would be nice just to link the image to the screen.
  7. I saw the part about replacing a run of truss with a not just a different brand but a different type. Yeah that could be a thing, but maybe out of bounds. One my main goals would be to replace a same length with a different brand. Essentially I want to replace a Tomcat with a Thomas, or XSF and they have the same bolt pattern. Or a black with a silver. Replacing a 10' with 2 5'. OK that's a feature I'd like. There has to be a way to do this. Back in the day I used to draw all my truss with the "Truss tool" Drag a line, get a 40' truss. good for a quick rough drawing. Then when the design would settle I's used "Spotlight/Object Conversion / Replace with Stock symbols" That worked pretty well.
  8. I had a long exchange with tech support about this. First a phone call where I explained the problem, and shared the files with the tech support and finally got a point where they said " oh, that's not supposed to happen" A thread I had going about this topic with a different person got a vague response about this kind of supposed to happen, but then gave me something about cropping might break this. It ruined my renderings for this particular project. I did submit as a bug.
  9. For a bit VW23 seemed to be better. I was getting a little better results with 5 way corners, but still ran into the limitations of BW but then the truss turds came back. I couldn't remember how I got rid of them and came back to this thread to find the script. I see your solution, and that must be an addition to 23 which is great. But I think they should have followed @stayathomedad and called them "Truss Cross Turds" because that's what they are.
  10. Do you mean Design Layer Viewport? I think that's what it is. Create Viewport / Select Source / External / Select File / Choose Layers and Classes visible / OK
  11. I found a whole new way to hate Braceworks. I have my lighting file. In that file I draw trusses, and lights. In order to see the event layout I do layer with a viewport reference to the Master file that has the event layouts, set, venue, etc ... on it. One of the points of this is so I don't mess up the master file with lights, and classes, and I can have my own drawing blah blah blah. The referenced information is a viewport. You can't modify a viewport. You can only turn classes, and layers on, off, and grey. But in this new version of VW the video wall in the viewport has snapped to my truss, and is no longer on the stage floor. I called the TD and asked why he'd moved the video wall, and what they were going to put under it. And in his drawing it's on the stage floor. In mine it's floating. Because in the viewport it moved, and snapped to the bottom of my truss. WTF >>>??? That's not supposed to be possible. Or is this a new "feature" that no one asked for. Anyone else seen this? And of course I can't show you the pictures I screen shotted because the forum still won't let me upload jpgs. Thanks Nemetchek.
  12. Ahh Braceworks. How I hate you. Request: Allow truss of a same bolt pattern to auto connect. Current: Only trusses of the same manufacturer, or ID can auto connect. So even though a Tomcat can attach to an XSF in real life it can't in VW without some serious editing tomfoolery.
  13. This has been a request for years but I'll ask again because I love beating my head against a wall
  14. I found this thread to try to once again teach myself how to make a strip light look correct, and after reading through the thread all I get is facepalm ugh So back to putting multiple emitters in the light. Of course when I tried that it didn't work. more facepalm.
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