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  1. Mickey

    current plot date updating

    Was there any resolution to this? I have the same problem and would love to use "current plot date" I've got a project with over 80 sheets. I have finally gotten smart and started using the Title Block manager, and reduced the number of title blocks to a few, but still it's really annoying to have to manually update. At least it's only in a couple of places
  2. Thanks Boh, I did some similar searches, and indeed just killed those classes. For this particular file it's not a big deal, but I have had some issues in the past with mystery classes, and didn't have the time to figure it out. Since this file was so simple I thought it would be interesting to delve deeper.
  3. This has annoyed me before, but never enough to post, but now I have a clear example I can talk about. Please see attached file for reference. This became apparent when I copied a symbol from a drawing I was working in, into a new blank file and a grey out class appeared. For sure I thought that one of the sub objects that made up my symbol had this class, and I needed to find it, and update the original symbol to prevent any future issues. And down the rabbit hole I went. What you see here is a Table symbol pulled from a VW stock symbol file from banquet tables. It normally only had 1 class associated with it: Table-Cloth 1 When you open file you can see there's another set of classes, and these are part of a file I'm working on. If you delete the offending class it asks if you want to reassign the objects, or delete them. If you delete said object nothing obvious happens. To go deeper down the hole I broke the symbol apart. It's only made up a 3 pieces. a 3D generic solid, a 2d circle, and a 2d polygon, all of which have the Table-Cloth1 class. If you import or copy, and paste these individual objects into a new drawing the new offending class does not appear. If you import, or copy and paste the symbol the offending class does. So! I'm sure this has something to do with the record associated with the symbol, but I can't find anything I can click on that would have a class associated with it. What hidden object has the offending class? How do you find an object that has a class hidden in it? This would be useful to know for future projects, and this one is a handy file since it's so simple. Anyone have a clue? Thanks -mickey class test.vwx
  4. Mickey

    People/Band Symbols

  5. Mickey

    Vectorworks Viewer hardware specs

    The files are all types. VW viewer should have a standard hardware spec the same way Vectoworks does. Somewhere there should be a minimum, and performance spec for viewer, and I can't find anything.
  6. Mickey

    19 years!

    An interesting anniversary I had to share. Today is April 19th in 2019. I joined the VW message forum or whatever it was back then on April 19th in 2000. So it's the 19th anniversary on 19th of 19. Hahaha. -may your software crash less than mine -Mickey
  7. I gave you a thumbs up for your post, but i really want a thumbs down option for the information. Thanks
  8. That doesn't solve the problem. That would require me knowing what I want it to look like before I draw something in my design layer. I want the 2 sets of elements to be able to viewed together. This works when there is no crop so in order for me to work at all I have to delete the crops to view the objects in 3D.
  9. Reference a file with 3D geometry and create a viewport on a layer. Rotate the view, and everything is visible, both objects in my other design layer, and objects in my viewport reference. Now crop that viewport so that only objects you want are visible. Rotate the view, and what you get is a fixed window from the viewport crop, not your 3D objects rotating. Why because the crop is locked into Screen Plane. Is this a new 2019 feature? I don't remember VW doing this. Generally I don't crop viewports, but sometimes I don't want to see an entire property but just a small portion, and the viewport kills all of the 3D ability. I tired switching the crop object, in this case a square, to layer plane, but it won't take. It's screen plane only. I hate screen plane. I never use it, and now it's screwing me. Is there a way around this?
  10. It's always done this, but maybe nobody else cared. This should be a simple thing to add. Hellooooo.... Anyone out there?
  11. This is my biggest gripe with Project Sharing. How about we add a button next to OK that gives us the option to "Save and Commit" when we exit a file. It's so frustrating to have to reopen the file just to do this action. I get that some people have commitment issues and maybe aren't ready to fully commit at this particular moment, but some of us are more sure of our actions and are fully ready. Please
  12. There is a Data Stamp tool that I don't believe is in any palletes. I added it to my Dims/Notes tools. Edit you work space, and go to the Tools Tab, and expand all tools. It's just after Data Cable. See image attached. To the right is what it looks like on the drawing
  13. Vectorworks Viewer of VV is a handy tool https://www.vectorworks.net/support/downloads/vectorworks-file-viewer I'm looking at putting together s tablet PC (Surface Pro) for meetings. Since moving last summer I find I have to ride my motorcycle into the city often for meetings, and I bring my whole mobile CAD rig. It's a bit tiresome dragging all the hardware around with me. Most of the time I don't make changes in the active file, but we just look at things, and take notes. In my mind I can use a Surface pro as a mini PC for viewing VW files I have stored on a cloud drive, and reduce the weight on my back. However: There's no specs' on the website. I'd hate to think I've got this great solution only to find my tablet PC is a sorry slab like my Samsung phone. Anyone?
  14. Mickey

    Auto Numbering Fields

    Is it possible to limit, or modify the Auto Numbering fields to see only what I want to use? The way we can limit the fields in the OIP by editing the the Lighting Device Parameters in the Spotlight Preferences? Maybe you guys need to auto number your cost, shutter depth, time, voltage, wattage, and XYZ position. Me I tend to only use Unit #, Channel, Address, circuit number a a couple of others. It'd be great to drop those others out. Now I now some people are going to say "you know you save settings" And you're not wrong, but I just had a terrible waste of time using my saved "Unit#" setting where no matter what I changed in the Options it would only number the units starting at the number saved in the Saved Settings. I had to delete the saved one and restart the program, and now I can auto number starting from any number. So I'm not so keen on saved settings.


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