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  1. Trevor there's an old thread with work arounds on the LW forum. https://lightwright.boards.net/thread/106/data-exchange-project-management
  2. Picking this back up. I started the process. Wow talk about painful and time consuming. Good thing I don't bill by the hour. But before I get too deep. Oh wait I can't upload a jpeg still so no visual aids Please fix this. Am I the only person that can't upload files to the message board? Here's a link to the jpeg https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjZcVRFAOa0nhOcTjqHuqslM4zVyNA?e=hzNM9g (expires June 1st) So in the jpeg you can't see. There's a "Type" "Name" and "connectable with" fields. I changed the name, but not type yet. If I changed type to for example "TC1212" to "TC1212B", and change the connectable with "TC1212B" and I right to assume that it now won't connect with "TC1212" Can the Connect with field have multiple vallues? It seems like it should since the black truss can bolt to the silver truss. Not to mention that the Tomcat has the same bolt pattern as Thomas, XSF etc ... So now I'm back to the "I want to swap between a black truss and silver truss" I just re read this thread from the start. So if I understand this correctly if I want to be able to swap between these trusses I need to create a file that has them. Let's call it Tomcat 12" Download the symbols from the library insert each individual symbol on the design layer right click on each symbol and "Customize Data" Then save that file into the application folder And somehow the file I'm currently working in will know to look at the the newly named file I've saved in the application folder? First before I spend any more time on this did I correctly list the line of actions? Second THIS IS BLINDINGLY ABSURD I just want to swap a truss. We can do it with light fixtures. There's a nifty little button "Replace Lighting Device" Give me that please. Braceworks is a disaster. I'd like to see it spun off as a separate module that people can upgrade to, and give the rest of us simple truss tools so we can design systems. Let the riggers have the advanced weight calcs.
  3. Yes-ish To try and reduce the issues I imported the whole file of Tomcat 12" straight. I renamed all the symbols to something less annoying. I then duplicated all of those symbols and added "black" to the end of the name. I edited the symbols giving them all a dark fill so they sort of render correctly. I use worksheets to count my symbols, and this allows me to count silver from black. Could you post a picture of where you changed the type name so I know how to do this?
  4. Why did this need to change? Is this another example of NNA making "updates" to justify the expense of a subscription? At least someone had the same problem and I was able to find a quick fix.
  5. AAAGGGHHH Not only is this process stupid I can't even upload a photo of what I'm trying to describe. Until it gets fixed here's a link to a photo https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjZcVRFAOa0nhOF3lF-qd6r6AR5ouw So I went into the inventory and entered 50 of each piece so now there's a fictional amount. I want to swap between a black tomcat, and a silver. But when I do I see 3 different entries for 10' No names, just 10' How do I know which one is the black, and silver? Further In the inventory I see all the names of the stock Tomcat with ALL of their increments. How many of you are using the Tomcat 11'6" pieces? I want to get rid of all of that, everything, and just have what I'm using for this show as inventory. I've tried exporting, editing in excel, and reimporting. That didn't work. What a waste of my time.
  6. Thank You Andrew for making my point Although I have often thought of myself as "Low-Life" I've never been "Low-Level" 🙂 But I do play around with truss shapes a lot, and what used to be a simple process is now so bloated and frustrating I find myself not using the Insert Truss tool, and just using symbols. Right now I've got a bunch of truss towers that are more complex than straight sticks. I need to switch them out for black truss instead of silver. Oh how sad am I that I can't just click the OIP and replace symbol. No instead I have to go through this inventory stupidity. Why do I care about an inventory? I'm not in a venue, or a rental shop? I just want to be able to run a report and count all my pieces. But Braceworks has made that almost impossible. I'm going to try what Jesse has proposed, but I will likely give up once I'm frothing at the mouth in anger. again
  7. This is one of my "I hate Braceworks" moments. I'm trying to learn to live it, but it keeps making my life worse not better. So maybe someone can help a couple of items I keep running into. Scenario #1 I have drawn some trusses using Tomcat. In this case a bunch of plated 12". The vendor chosen owns XSF so I want to change the symbols in the configuration to XSF so I can see where beams and things line up. If I were using the weight calculation tools this would matter as well, but currently not. When I open the Replace Truss Configuration tool I'm presented with a lot of options and it shows me all kinds of lengths, but no mention of symbol. See attached. - Or actually not because I keep getting a server error with upload failed. Scenario #2 Very similar to above but not symbol specific. I have drawn some truss with 12" and want to replace it with 20". Again I can see options in the change configuration. In the case of the photo you can't see there are 2 2'. Is one of those 20" and one 12" ? Where did this 2'6" truss come from? In the old days I could simply "replace symbol" but there's no option for that. I respect what Braceworks is trying to do, but it is not making my life better instead it makes it much worse. Thanks for any help.
  8. This stupid dialog has come back to bite me again. Using 12" truss instead of 20" this time, and getting the same ridiculous truss cross pop up. I hate braceworks so much it makes me sick to my stomach. It's infuriating how much harder it has made using the truss tools.
  9. I just got burned by these in 12" truss. I had done something to my symbols in 20" to make them go away. I F&(K!NG HATE BRACEWORKS
  10. It's a folder on my hard drive, and it's only this file. I have lots of files I work out of on the same hard drive, same folder hierarchy within the one drive folder. To me it's not a onedrive thing. It's a VW thing related to this specific file.
  11. I have a file, and it seems to be specific to this file, that occasionally when I save I get some kind of failed error message. See attached. If I Save As, and select the file I'm working on it saves over it no problem. There's plenty of room on the drive. I save a new version almost every day. This is saving to my local hard drive in my One Drive folder specific to this project. Again it's only this file. I have other files for this project in the same folder, or sub folders that do not have this issue. This 21 I have not switched to 22 yet.
  12. First does lightwright data exchange work with student versions? Second does lightwright data exchange work with a watermarked version? I'm trying to help someone with a show, and the file was created in a student version which creates a watermarked file. It has a light plot already drawn. I tried connecting the file to lightwright, but it doesn't import anything into said lightwright. Before I start chasing my tail I want to know if it is supposed to work.
  13. Please see below images for how this new "feature" ruins my workflow. Image 1 Edited the object you can see the different fields as "#Linked Text" The white letter format is larger than the symbol. In this case the text field will be filled in as a 3 digit number which is this booths number. Image 2 are 2 different symbols selected, and even thought there is no value assigned hence no visible number the selection box is larger than the symbol because the invisible "linked text" field is larger than the symbol. Image 3 both symbols aligned left, and it aligns the invisible linked text field, and not the actual edge of the symbol. This is not a feature, this is someone creating value by changing things that weren't broken, and breaking them. The law of unintended consequences? Please fix this. It's really making my work unhappy. I'm going to submit this as a bug. linked text.vwx
  14. Does anyone have this issue or is it just me?
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