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  1. So It s over my capabilities ... ... attached 2 file , the viewport style named" don't work" , don't work in file "section viewportA" but work in file "section viewportB" section viewportA.vwx section viewportB.vwx
  2. Edit : I'm not totally nuts If I open first my file and then open a blank file and section create section viewport, it doesn't work But it work If I apply the viewport Style I've saved if I start from crash it works , I think, (one more time) I ve settings from 2023 somewhere in my file, I ve to redo my start template because it si from 2023 but I need time :) But it is strange that the settings apply on a blank file ...
  3. Hello @line-weight, Thank you !! You give me the way I'm going crazy ... I did the test in good way ( i think) be cause i wasn't able to do what I want in my file I open a blank one, but with the same result I was at phone and teamviewer with french hotline , who has to investigate And now I 'm back from lunch have a look to the forum , test your answer, on a fresh new file and, it works ... What have change is that I close vectorworks during lunch ... I 'm no able to do the same in my file but when saving style (with class and layer by instance) and apply to the other file it works... So I'm wrong somewhere But I don't no where . Thank you !!! :)
  4. I think the answer is somewhere here https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2024/eng/VW2024_Guide/Viewports1/Creating_section_viewports.htm but I can't find :(
  5. You mean that setup? The color arent the same in what i understand (and see) the color setting for preselection object is just for when your cursor is over an object just before you click on it to select it . What I need is when you have more than 1 object selected, and want to navigate inside your selection, have a different color for active object selected and inactive object selected (like on a lighting desk ;) ) 20240103-0608-24.4450594.mp4 What is write in the manual is but it will be nice to have a color settings 20240103-0623-47.2344679.mp4 Thanks
  6. Something new in 2024 the section lien viewport don't keep the class color The last time I use it , I found the the way , but today I can't I think I simply have to mask the new section style class , but no ... I just want the same color in wireframe and in hidden line
  7. Hello when using mirror tool with lighting instrument I often have that "error" the Z coordinate isn't good (sometime the fixture are at kilometers ...) 20240102-1050-49.8083585.mp4
  8. in Light mode it's easier to understand and also to read the coordinate May it will be nice to change the text color of the screen coordinate , in light mode global and screen coordinate are black, but in dark mode glabal are wight and screen are grey who it is not easy to read ;)
  9. I'm so sorry , shame on me ! In vectorworks 2023 help I've found the OIP utility menu https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2023/eng/VW2023_Guide/Objects_edit1/The_Object_Info_palette_Shape_tab.htm?agt=index AND my biggest mistake is because of the new dark mode of VWX 2024 : coordinate looks in grey but I CAN edit it (Because I see them grey i don't try to edit it ...)
  10. Hello I work in rotated plan , I see the global coordinate and can edit it, I see in grey the rotated coordinate, and can't edit it , is a way to unlock it ? In the manual I find : https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2024/eng/VW2024_Guide/Views/Rotating_the_plan.htm?rhhlterm=rotating rotate rotated rotation rotates plan&rhsearch=rotate plan But I can't find that preference setting . thanks
  11. Hello when Editing multiple objects , all object use the selected color, when I switch from one to other, it flash . Is a way to change the color of "preselected object " in multiple selection ? https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2024/eng/VW2024_Guide/Objects_edit1/The_Object_Info_palette.htm?rhmapfs=true#CSH_842 here is test with color changed in vectorworks pref https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2024/eng/VW2024_Guide/Preferences/Interactive_appearance_settings.htm?rhmapfs=true 1 object selected in green 2 objects selected , but only one in the multiple edition... The only way to know witch one is selected is (the ID when the object use it and if edited) is the flash when click on arrow ... it will be nice if there is a field for color in multiple selection (or may there is ) but I can't find ...
  12. Hello I've same problem but in the other way... Chosen font isn't apply in vector but it is on pdf as you can see below
  13. Hello I have a seating section with round tabe and chair I would a graphic legend who reports the symbol used by seating section ... I can't find the good setting in criteria in define custom source ... the only way I've found is to set criteria by symbol with contains table, with plug'in checked ) but If the symbol doesn't contains table it will not work and if I ve another symbol with table it will appear ... (ok ok can filter by layer and by viewport ...) At the beginning I tried by Type is seating section I seek for symbol used in that seating section but I don't found it ... is it a good way or I'm wrong ? What is the way for the graphic legend report to the symbol used in seating section style ? Thanks!
  14. Hello I was customized my tables and found some problem with data records. my table is a symbol with symbol in it So I edit table and chair, without forgot to update records but the records from that symbol wasn't updated in the "global" symbol : table+chair Is it normal ? I think that if I did it in other order: edit table and chair before edit the global one may there is no problem ... But I discover the problem when checking my symbol with the worksheet ... below 4 video when I discover problem and understood it seating tables_000_Couper.mp4 seating tables_001_Couper.mp4 seating tables_chairs.mp4 seating tables_chairs_solution.mp4
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