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  1. I am having issues with ConnectCAD numbering recognizing device names. I have the destination device name set as my condition but it doesn't see any of them. Have y'all had any luck with the numbering tools? At this point it's almost more trouble than its worth in my opinion. The end goal is to label cables based on plate names. IE: LAN on plate LPP01-116A would have a label of 116A-LN01. (LN = Lighting Network) ETH DMX on plate LPP01-116A would have a label of 116A-LX01 (LX Lighting DMX)
  2. Is it possible to patch single channel fixtures in Vision? I am trying to patch ETC Source 4 lekos and some single channel house lights for a venue we are doing some pre-programming for in the next week. Technically the lekos on-site are controlled by an ETC Sensor 3 dimming system, same with the house lights, not that it should matter for Vision / Vectorworks. How can I overcome my programming problem with these fixtures? Thanks!
  3. Right, but the time it takes to do that is increasing my drawing times by quite a bit. Having a button to open the dialog box would save me, at this point, hours. Surely there is a script or something that I could run that would make the box open.
  4. Wen using certain tools, there is an option to open a preferences window. Its a pencil and wrench in the top left center of the tool bar under the layer selection drop down. How can I create a hotkey button for this dialog box? It may need to be script that's linked to a hotkey. I would like to hit a key combo and open this preferences dialog box for any tool that uses it. I am linking my hotkeys to a Streamdeck and would like to map the keystroke to one of the keys, so the key combination itself can be as complicated as need to not step on any other key stroke combinations. I have no scripting experience for Vector either so this may become an adventure quickly. Any ideas on how to get this accomplished?
  5. Yes, That's exactly correct. I am using vision for testing purposes. However, the problem lies with the modes and fields. I am very familiar with Instruments like vipers, quantum profiles, and color force fixtures. The fixture i am using for this particular install is a track light fixture made by ETC. It would be great to assign a standard dimmer channel control to this fixture. It essentially acts as a leko or leko Jr. I think I should have worded my question better. I am working with the following instrument in Spotlight: ETC Irideon FPZ - Mid Zoom TL:DR is there a way to assign an instrument properties from another instrument? Liko (dimmer) > current fixture.
  6. I am working on a project and need to be able to focus these fixtures and render the beam in either Vetorworks or Vision. There is not a "dimmer" field or a "DMX Address" I can give the fixture in the properties window. How do I get the beam / Head to render and focus on what I have it focus on? Thanks
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