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  1. Hello, I am currently working in VW Architect 2021, and I am designing a two story residence. I would like to capture the space/room/dimensions and have that data reflected/incorporated into a VW worksheet so I can produce accurate estimations and material take offs. Any assistance that you can provide in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ryan Russell
  2. I am presently working on a model and I am seeing lines that are displaying at the edge of where the floors intersect. I cannot get them to go away when the model is rendered. Hoping that this is an easy fix, thanks in advance.
  3. All, I am trying to learn the best approach to creating property lines / tagging arcs for a "Site Plan". When developing a simple site model, using bearings, I have encountered no issues. However, I am currently working on a plan that is more challenging and requires property lines that have arcs. I have attached what I am working on, and would welcome any support on the project. Thanks, Ryan Russell p.s. - I have a working document that was exported from Revit, and imported into Vectorworks. The problem I am encountering is that it won't scale well when I try to drop in another model created in VW2022. So, naturally, I am trying to see if I cannot just build this out entirely within VW. Property Lines and Tagging Arcs.vwx
  4. Also, as I am continuing to attempt to solve this, maybe the latest .pdf attachment can lend more information as to what I am trying to solve. Prpoerty_Line.pdf
  5. All, I am trying desperately to reconstruct a survey in which no CAD file exists. The issue I am encountering is that the lot itself is a triangle, and the Northern and Southern property lines both have a slight radius that meet an actual radius on the Eastern side. Can anyone suggest a 'best practice' or straightforward approach to building the Northern and Southern property lines? * I have attached "Line_Example.pdf" for reference on the Surveyor drawing with the actual datum. Your assistance is greatly appreciated, as I am stumped on how best to move forward. - Ryan Russell Line_Example.pdf
  6. All, I am curious as to "best practice / how-to" in regards to continuous line drawings. I am presently working on recreating a Survey for an upcoming project, and I need to know what steps one takes to make continuous lines within the workspace. I place lines that have an exact start/stop point. I have attempted to make use of the "join" tool and I am still not having much success. Any wisdom you can part with is greatly appreciated. I still feel very green in this application, and naturally still learning. Thanks in advance for your time and contributions.
  7. I sort of understand this tool. As it stands, I am able to see the project location from by using the “Geolocate” tool. I am stuck at how do I then make a snap of the imagery, or proceed to the next steps. I have a paper document that a former survey was completed upon. And I can then add that data on top of an image. Can someone please point me in the best method going forward, or give me the best practices?
  8. Can anyone speak to whether or not the latest BETA version has been tested and works with VW 2021?
  9. UPDATE: Please see this thread "Export Unreal Datasmith". I do believe that this thread does answer most questions posed above. Although, can anyone please add any relevant information as to why there are two different workspaces for Architect? One basic and one for BIM?
  10. So upon further hunting, you do in fact have to to change the WORKSPACE. If you are in VW2021 > Architect, the EXPORT > Unreal DataSmith is not available. However, if you change to VW2021 > Architect-BIM workspace, the Unreal DataSmith option will now be listed in the EXPORT listing. Can someone from Vectorworks please explain why this difference exists between these two workspaces?
  11. Can someone please explain the process to export to TwinMotion on a Mac? Also, why is the development of a good rendering option, outside of RenderWorks, not readily available within this software? It is 2021, and, in my opinion, Vectorworks really needs to begin to focus on improving the Macintosh side of the house. There has to be a large segment of their user base that is presently being under represented here. One could always export the data out, then switch to a VM or PC based system. But that is a cumbersome and somewhat lengthy process to achieve a much needed result. Furthermore, if I recall, the development roadmap had promised TwinMotion direct integration by the release of SP3. Is there anyone out there who can shed light as to what road blocks were encountered that made this not happen? Lastly, the video produced on the DataSmith export is apparently only a Windows option. Why is this? And zero information is made available to the viewer that is to be the case. How about giving the Mac users the same ability on export functions? Sincerely, Confused VW 2021(SP3) User
  12. All, It's March 1st. Can anyone from VM or in the know indicate what to expect this month? I am curious if we should anticipate a Service Pack or a new version release. - Curious
  13. I was playing around with this tool yesterday for the first time. What I am curious about is... "how do you add the sheetrock back to the wall for adding textures?" Does the tool itself override the previous modifications to the wall? Is there a specific process that one should follow when using this tool?
  14. That didn't help. But thanks for the suggestion.
  15. I installed 12.5 yesterday and now my dimensions do not show up on screen when I use the dimensioning tool. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Please help!
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