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  1. Hi @Kevin Jones You will find in the resource manager under City Theatrical Accessories some safer sidearms.... Content are working on more, I have some doughty UK metric stuff. In most cases the Side Arms are attached to the lighting device and so therefore making them an accessory is a good solution. However, In the UK and Europe most of the Boom/De-rig arms travel with the lighting position and I would call them rigging accessory's or similar. So having the choice to do both would be good. With regards to schematic workflows have you seen this? https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/scorm/player.php?scoid=898&cm=1006&currentorg=articulate_rise
  2. Hi Vince, the Spotlight Preview render mode in the renderworks style drop down was created for this purpose. You could always create your own render style.
  3. Hi Max, I don't think this is possible at present, you would need to do this at the console end at the moment. We can look at an enhancement request for this...
  4. hmmm, So I was able to get this to work with the light object tool, have a look at the settings in this file, the only things I changed were the renderworks style and the edit light info of the lighting device. I removed realistic fall off, I would reccomend smooth, just remember this impacts output in a big way. I also unchecked caustic photons only and set caustics to low. As you can see it does not work from the Spotlight lighting device, we will need to investigate this further. I believe lit fog only emits from the light object so I am not sure if it would be visible in the reflected light. I achieved something similar to this recently by creating an extrude with a cloud like transparent texture. The light beam illuminated the texture alot like haze in the real world. Light off mirror error.vwx
  5. After you attached the record did you check the correct checkbox for the geometry in the data pane of the object info pallate?
  6. We have an enhancement request on this process, Pat's idea is a great solution for now, I have this area for worksheets in my design layers saved in a template file.
  7. What Pat said is the easiest option.
  8. That would definitely work, We will investigate that issue as it should go across in the MVR.
  9. Which mode is it? I will forward on internally. It may take some time to update the vision fixture so you would be best advised to invert the zoom value in ETC Nomad. In ETC Nomad create a copy of the fixture mode in the zoom field change the home value to 255 Patch your fixtures to the new type when switching to augment patch them to the old type. Best wishes
  10. Hey Michael can you DM me the file and i will take a look tomorrow.
  11. OK so I have done this using 2 seating sections, I will have take a look at the offset command within the seating section dialogue later. Please see attached file. Is that what you meant? All the bestOffset seating section x2.vwx Tom W
  12. Morning. I have done some digging this morning and I cannot see a way to do this. I see in the lighting Device plugin the default for 'turn on' is 100 so that when the instrument is placed it defaults to 'On' I kind of like this behaviour because after insertion I can then focus the light, see the results and hen turn it off, but I understand sometimes you want to quickly add lights without immediately focusing them. I will add this to the enhancement requests. Meanwhile the visualisation palate has a selected viewport check box but understand that the workflow could be more efficient.
  13. TomWhiteLight


    Hey Max, this is a workflow on the feature request list, I have emailed you a temporary solution but anyone else stumbling across this forum thread should also watch the Mark Doubleday Webinar on the Vectorworks University.
  14. @pgreen Use Spotlight Symbol Maintenance and the resource manager to look for errors.
  15. You can also change the Seating from standard to curved which might also be what you are after? This might help, https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/page/view.php?id=168


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