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  1. TomWhiteLight

    Static System Not Supported

    Thanks for clearing this up Jesse! Most helpful!
  2. TomWhiteLight

    Free Vision for Students?

    Thanks Jim!
  3. TomWhiteLight

    Free Vision for Students?

    Hi Jim, Would you happen to know how UK students can get hold of a copy of vision by any chance. Been asked a couple of times recently. Many thanks! Tom W
  4. TomWhiteLight

    Static System Not Supported

    Hello, New to Braceworks, My Suspended hanging positions are behaving nicely but the truss they are suspended from is giving me an error message saying the static system is not supported. I am not sure how to hang this position as insert drop doesn't want to connect to an inserted house position? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  5. TomWhiteLight

    Just getting started

    Hi Scot, is this available as a webinar? I would be really interested in seeing it! Thanks.


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