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  1. Here you go. Don't forget that Height would be an object function.
  2. Difficult to know what could be the problem. Is everyone on the same Vectorworks update/version? Also what's his broadband upload speed?
  3. We've double-checked that the problematic user is saving the file correctly. Where are they storing their working file? Can they Guarantee that they only have one working file? Get them to search their machine for .vwxw file extension and remove any erroneous working files.
  4. I agree, this can be added to the enhancements list.
  5. Force is always going to be measured in KN and brace works will always display force in KN. To get the point loadings (mass/weight) you can create a worksheet and convert the values. Remember you can do math in VW worksheets so you might be able to automate that process with some spreadsheet formula.
  6. You should be able to edit the criteria of the worksheet to exclude items that symbol name contains _3d.
  7. When I do this I always duplicate the symbol and then rotate the 3d components within the symbol. "There is a rotate field in the truss cross that says 0" I wonder if this is a bug. I will let Scott answer that one. The user shouldn't really have to alter the symbol contents and the rotate field should work. I was told years ago that rotating the connection would break the connection.
  8. Hi Chris, Its not in progress yet but it has been assigned to a team. That's all I know for now.
  9. Hi! It was regarding the filtering list. If criteria has already been specified of a Plug In Object chosen then the list should only show applicable items rather than every item that is in the file.
  10. Redshift will render lights in a very different way. I just played with this... Try increasing the lit fog percentage in the render-works background. In my experience render works is better than redshift for Spotlight Lighting Devices. Although there will be a new alternative for Spotlight coming in 2025.
  11. I would use schematic views or section viewports with 3d label legends assigned. The only other alternative is to draw everything twice. The time it would take you to draw the plot twice would likely be the same as learning either of the two alternatives above.
  12. You could make it a symbol and convert to truss?
  13. Can the record pull the lengths of 3d objects, like nurbs curves? The record can't, you might be able to map the length field to a record field using the data manager but I am not sure how to set this up.
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