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  1. Hi Peter, Some good advice there, also you can re-shape a seating section which might help your workflow. Then you can convert that seating section to a group. PDF'S Depends on the PDF, I large PDF can significantly slow your file down. I personally view pdf's and groups as a temporary workflow. In terms of PDF's I import the pdf, ungroup the lines if possible and then build my model. If it is rasterised then I still ungroup the bitmap. If I need the PDF as context and the rasterized bitmap is fuzzy I return the PDF but keep its layer turned off everywhere except the vieport. I try not to use a PDF for context.
  2. I am pretty sure this is has been renamed to 'Add to current selection'.
  3. Hi Wood. So for ease of selection they really should be classifying objects well and then using the select similar tool for neat selecting of objects. Converting to hanging positions is fine, however you want to streamline and simplify the geometry before you do this, composing lines, add surface, convert to polygons etc. Also if your truss spans/hanging positions are identical you could select create symbol instead of use geometry. Editing Video Panels If these are symbols then I would assign their geometry to low, med, high, If you no longer need them to be symbols you can convert to group and then ungroup and then select the 'Tiles' and add solids, However I appreciate that you might want them to be symbols. Are these symbols? Viewport bitmap, Render viewport (best quality) Copy Paste as bimap Set viewport to wireframe (Send to Back behind Bitmap) or delete if you no longer need it.
  4. Sounds like a good place to start a thread.... Origin - Is Crucial and by that I don't mean user Origin but Internal Origin. It should ideally be located in the centre of your geometry. 2d line geometry needs to be efficient, Purge coincident duplicate objects, compose lines into single polylines, Edit - Connect Selected Objects can help with this. repetitive geometry should be a symbol, any more than one instance required then any repetitions should be symbols. Groups are a useful temporary workflow but not sure why people continue to leave large numbers of groups in a file. If geometry is not to be moved or moveable then do not group it but 'Lock' it by using the right click command. Any complex geometry in symbols should utilise the detail level workflow and be assigned low, medium, high accordingly. Your shaded render settings can then be set to low or medium whichever suits. The Viewport can be set to high if you still want to see everything! Avoid heavy mesh objects, if you cannot avoid mesh objects can the mesh be simplified? Try simplify mesh. In an ideal world your file would only contain solids. Meshes can be converted into 3d polys - can be then converted into 3d solids. Avoid high resolution textures, Make textures from bitmaps where possible. Avoid leaving PDF's in an active file, Convert the PDF to a Bitmap. Document Preferences. Use VGM Cache. Save Viewport Cache will reduce need to re-render but will also increase file size and performance when navigating sheet layers. Viewports I often copy finished viewports and paste them as bitmaps when ready to present. You can always leave the wireframe viewport hiding under the bitmap. Lighting and visualisation Do you need all of those lights to be turned on? Any lights that are on do you really need them to cast a shadow? Anyone think of any others?
  5. It can be added and placed as a bitmap, I used to export the Gobo Wheel from either Lightwright or MLA and mount it on the sheet. This information can be currently reported in a worksheet, although I don't believe you will see an image of the gobo load or color wheel. I think this is something that ideally graphic legends should be able to display. As this is not yet supported I will make a feature request.
  6. Hi Cookie, I don't believe this field is editable. Unless anyone else knows otherwise. I always thought that worksheets can currently be used to edit the data associated with a device but to make objects move via XYZ co-ordinates was not allowed. But food for thought.
  7. I can see that the truss contains no 2d geometry. Has it been made into a Hanging Position?
  8. Option 2 1. duplicate the stand and remove the accessory record. 2. Insert the stand as a hybrid object, Make it a hanging position and insert the lighting device. 3. (Optional) Create a Schematic View of the HP 4. Select all objects and create a symbol with convert to group enabled. You have now mad a light on a stand with a schematic view that you can click to insert into your document and simply replace lighting device for a different fixture.
  9. OK, So I have tried this a number of ways using your content and also Vectorworks Stock Content. It looks to be a case of works as designed. What we are seeing are expected outcomes. So a couple of things... I will make an enhancement request to enable stacking order within edit accessories, For now your options are... Option 1 - Customise the 2d components to 'Clip Surface' the middle of the stand (Screenshot attached).
  10. Hi @Bri Yep this will only work by making the boom arm part of the boom. We are still perfecting this workflow. In the UK a Sidearm travels as an accessory to the light but we don't have too many of those. Most of the time we use doughty de-rig arms which travel with the hanging position, hence they are included within the hanging position. here is the link for those that need it, its very out of date and not good as Mark D's in depth webinar
  11. Thanks Jesse! Sorry I missed this.
  12. Graphic Legends are new and we will continue to add new features to this. I can feature request Data Vis to be applicable in a Graphic Legend, I will add that to the list. Any other wishes and requests for this workflow please add them here.
  13. Can you post the file? It could be that a connection has been missed.
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