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  1. Interesting that I cant get a crash on my mac, if you contact tech support tell them this might be windows specific.
  2. (Edit) Just seen, Jesse's message, A repair might fix the cable path tool.
  3. Hi Jake, I have downloaded the file and created many cables as per your instruction and I cannot replicate the crash. 1. What graphics card do you have? There may be a number of things causing the issue, you mentioned an old file and whilst you have new objects it might be worth updating the plugins in the file, tools - utilities - update plugin objects. Also are you running 2022 SP3? We fixed a bunch of stuff with cable tools in this service pack. When you installed 2022 did you instal into a new folder or did you overwrite/merge? It might be worth repairing your user folder which is an advanced option inside the Vectorworks Updater program/application which you will find inside your program files in the Vectorworks folder. If this doesn't resolve it please contact tech support.
  4. Have you tried replacing with a completely new hoist? I am having the same issue, once you select a symbol I can't find a way to go back without re-inserting the hoist.
  5. Step one, open the Vectorworks updater application, select advanced options, click repair. Still crashing? Try the reset plugins command in the tools menu. Still crashing? It could be a corrupt record or a hardware issue, contact tech support.
  6. Hi phil you could always obtain a subscription license for 30 days? The straight truss tool in Spotlight will probably work well for you. Or your truss object can probably just be simplified. Edit the symbol (3D) and run an add solids command to simplify geometry, you could also set curved geometry to med or low in the render style. the Spotlight workspace would be useful if you wanted to connect other pieces of truss and add lights etc.
  7. You can pull in the VW-Auto generated classes by creating a new class in organisation and choosing the relevant file from the list. Interestingly you can save your own file in this list for pulling in your own classes as and when you need them.
  8. @hollister design Studio Just FYI your vectorworks settings are backed up in your user folder. I switch between machines so having a shared user folder means that even when opening a new install I have all of my prefs/settings everything as I like them. I think saved settings is also a good enhancement request. best wishes Tom W
  9. Hi Charlie, can you post or DM the file please? thanks.
  10. I Agree Russ, I will add this to the feature request.
  11. You could make them a hanging position? As far as I am aware only connecting truss items can have the same truss system name. The other thing to bear in mind is you can always ungroup a hanging position and then make it again if you find that workflow restrictive.
  12. Why have you got the sockets in the rack 3d layout? The sockets/devices should be on a separate layer? If you want to show 3d racks on top of devices and schematics combined somehow then i would use 2 separate viewports one on top of the other.
  13. I spotted this in a training session the other day. It has been reported as a bug. For now copy and then rejoin, apologies for the extra step required, a fix is being worked on.
  14. hmmmmm the only way I have been able to do this is to attach a relevant record to the symbol and then insert it with an appropriate plug in tool. Then I can 'Tag' it with the Equipment Item Tool. Not very elegant but it does work. Further conversations to be had internally about this. Many thanks. Tom W
  15. Yes, The equipment item itself can have 'Use symbol' checked and then a symbol can be selected from the resource manager. Did that answer your question?
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