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  1. Hi, That looks odd! So just to confirm you have one reference not two? As the symbols aren't selectable I wonder if this could be a redraw issue, I am wondering if you could try restarting Vectorworks? Is this reference far from the internal origin? Or more importantly is the referenced files internal origin far from the objects within the file. If the symbols are part of the viewport then they wouldn't normally be selectable but you should be able to select the viewport by clicking on the symbols.
  2. OK, thanks! I am going to report this, we will start working on a fix.
  3. Hi Kate. You need to try a repair first.. in your applications folder you will find the Vectorworks 2024 folder, inside here is an app called Vectorworks Updater, open this app and click on advanced options, click repair. Once finished, click launch. The current silicon macbook air M1 or M2 will run Vectorworks, they are at the small to medium end of our tech specs, providing you are working on small/medium projects this should work. The M2 should be fine, M1 will be slow. The previous Intel Macbook Air whilst its ram meets the minimum system requirements the integrated graphics cards do not and Vectorworks is not supported. You may be able to run the app by keeping the settings to low and just working in wire frame but I would not reccomend running Vectorworks on this machine. Let us know which machine you have, All the best.
  4. You should be able to delete the viewport. If you cannot select, check your class settings or right click/force select on the viewport. Alternatively if you know what you viewports are called you should be able to delete any viewport you dont recognise from the tools - Organisation dialogue or Navigation Pallatte.
  5. Hello, Save is a single core process, Can you DM me the file to see if there could be any other anomalies that might be causing issues?
  6. If you have correctly assigned a fixture mode to the conventional then this does work in terms of lens size. If you have manually edited the beam and spread value of a device there is no way to ship this into Vision.
  7. Right Click - Edit Path. Select Path (Copy) Exit Path Edit 'Paste in Place' Right Click on newly created polyline 'Create Objects from Shapes' 'Softgoods' Click OK Done! A few clicks but not impossible!
  8. I cannot speak as to how many cores are used in the save process but I will ask my colleagues to comment. Your specs are 'OK' and should run the program well. is your RTX3060 the 12gb model?
  9. Would be very interested if this is just internal or which other companies you are collaborating with on this, You'l have to dm me.
  10. Thats good that you have a workaround. If it is a project sharing file I would recommend not X-refing files into that. If other prople need to add and take away stuff then they should have access to the VWXP file to create their own vwxw file. In terms of referencing a vwxp file into a vwx file, I have never done this (did not know it was possible) and would be concerned that with multiple users updating the file that it would always be out of date.
  11. Hi Kevin, Anything data dependent or connections dependant should ideal be in the same file, just geometry can be xreferenced in. is it all Vectorworks? Any of the XRef's Acad? Do multiple users need access to the same drawing?
  12. Hi DK5. This mostly depends on the model and your hardware, so to rule out your hardware, would you mind posting your specs?
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