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  1. Multiple data visualisation could be triggered via a saved view which might help?
  2. You would need to try it, Apparently Mosiac Designer does output ArtNET so in theory yes.
  3. I would recommend some of our essentials sessions which are currently free and would cover all you need to get started in a few hours. https://www.vectorworks.net/events/training
  4. In the OIP select system objects will update the weight displayed in the OIP. Or you can make your truss objects a single hanging position if you wish.
  5. Just tagging in @Lightwright for this.
  6. I find this method easiest.... Notice how the rotation values apply to the orientation of the fixtures. Rotate Truss.mp4
  7. You could use the lighting pipe tool to act as a rigging object?
  8. Hi Ron I am not sure if Educational users can download previous versions in the portal, If you contact tech support they may be able to help. The A3d plugin was developed by ETC, Have you contacted ETC for help? Have you tried importing the patch data as CSV or ASCI? Best wishes Tom W
  9. Hi Anttti If you are coming at this from a scenic perspective you should look at twin motion as you can move and rotate objects add lighting and have characters moving along paths and routes. Getting a model into twin motion is easy and looks great. Is the previsualisation to create visuals to pitch and communicate ideas? Or is the Previsualisation purely technical and for you and the technical team to work things out? If the latter then Vision would be your ideal tool. Blender is free and is a great modeling tool but I would not recommend pre-vis with Blender. The answer is you will need to use Vision in conjunction with a lighting console if you wish to move Scenery. You cannot animate or drive scenery without a console telling a DMX address over ArtNet or SACN giving it values. You might be able to export cues and timings to the automated flying system as a text file (possibly ASCII if it is supported by the console but CSV would likely be more successful). Most consoles also support CSV export again this workflow is outside of Vision and would pertain to what console you were using.
  10. So you need to select the geometry and define a DMX transform Address (X Y Z), You will likely find the answers within this forum. You probably want to make the scenery's home position (when exported) at the location in should exist on the stage then use the DMX transform mode to fly or truck the scenery out of the way, You can Revolve objects also. In Vision there is very little in terms of interface as you need a console to 'drive' the lighting and the DMX transforms over Artnet/Sacn Most of the Automated flying technology out there such as Nomad and Kinesys use their own unique control interface which is not compatible with Vision. You can use Vision to work out speeds and Trim/Dead heights but that information will need to be reprogrammed into the flying system.
  11. I would recommend repairing your user folder, resetting your plug ins and in the resource manager refresh all libraries. See if that clears it.
  12. OK so a wishlist for my design work would be.... 1. Ability to choose what view is shown within the legend (Front,Right,2D). 2. Ability to display any instrument data from the light info record into the legend (I am thinking about DMX footprint) 3. Greater freedom of text layouts (Would be great if it could be more like the edit title block layout dialogue) 4. Data Visualisation integration. It would be good to start to put together a wishlist of what you also think it should do?
  13. Thanks Sam, I think we agree the instrument summary tool should be more flexible in its appearance.It would certainly be good to avoid the 'copied by hand' part.
  14. This came up in tech support recently. the culprit was inadequate light info record data from the users own symbol collection. Some symbols had dropped the light info record or it had been inadvertently removed. so please contact tech support. interestingly @Sam Jones We have a number of users using the instrument summary tool to create the legend then they convert to group to then edit it to show the appearance they want. a good workaround if you don’t like what the instrument summary creates, you do unfortunately loose the connection with the inventory at the point. all the best tom w
  15. I recently bug reported this, In document settings uncheck Save VGM Cache then restart Vectorworks and keep me posted. All the best Tom W


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