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  1. Cool, I will add that, Also in Spotlight Preferences - Rigging you can modify truss colour. All the best Tom W
  2. Hi Max I will make sure this is added as a feature request, It's the 2nd time its been requested. You can assign a colour fill through the format menu.
  3. Above is a video on one way you could do this, you won't need different symbols. Breaking the seating section like this will mean you can no longer tag the section to display counts but you can put a worksheet on the drawing that just displays totals of that new record field.
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7wt6sksgx076wds/Seating Data Vis.mov?dl=0
  5. Your best way to do this would be to ungroup the seating section and fill in the record on the chairs then you could use data visualisation to do the hard work.
  6. So the drop sown bars need to be separate positions where you can create a schematic view. Spotlight - Visualisation - Create Schematic View Also for isolated section views of specific positions you should use the clip cube tool to create a section viewport. Basically right click on the clip cube face and select create section viewport.
  7. Any chance you can post the file and I can take a look? I think the workaround for now might be custom geometry with a truss record attached but I will need to do some tests. All the best Tom W
  8. Hi Max, This should help.Data Tag Example.vwx
  9. It should work with hoists. In terms of changing the colour of hoists, yes.
  10. Hi Martin, Do you need to display differant colour in 2d or 3d or both? If both - Duplicate the existing symbol the right click edit 2d change colours edit 3d and do the same. Then select the seating sections you wish to change and chose new symbol in the settings dialogue. If it is just 2d.... https://www.dropbox.com/s/3mlachbe1isfdut/Seating Colours.mov?dl=0
  11. This is very helpful to us Martin. Thank you!
  12. Mark pipped me to the post! You only need to do this once. Have you created seating sections or placed individual seats? If you have individual seats you just need to select the seats and use 'replace with symbol in the object info pallatte. If you have seating sections then select the section you need and click settings, then choose a new symbol. If you have too many seating sections and this is taking too long! Create a new blank file with your new desired seat in it. Make a note of the name of the symbol that is being used by the seating section. Rename your desired seat with the same name as the old incorrect seating symbol, then copy the desired seat from your new blank file and paste it into your old seating file... When prompted tell Vectorworks to replace the seating symbol in the current document. Voila!
  13. Hi Zoe Firstly your file is watermarked as an education user. Are you an education user? If not please get in touch and we can discuss un watermarking the file for you. Also would you be able to post your system specifications on here as your file is incredibly responsive on my machine and I cannot recreate the same issues. Some of your layers have different scales (is this deliberate?) This might cause scaling issues with the model. Additionally there is a large amount of 2d information that exists on the screen plane. I am not sure why this is the case as it appears to be a random selection of geometry text and screen grabs. Please email in to UKTech@vectorworks.net and we can take a look at your file and your workflow. Best wishes Tom W
  14. Hi Preston You will find the safer sidearms in the city theatrical library.
  15. Hi Preston, Alot of the sidearms you mention are in the libraries but under accessories. Now I don't think they should be accessories but rigging items. More on that longer conversation later. I will notify the content team of these. Also there is a new webinar coming out which will cover this workflow in great detail, look out for a Vectorworks webinar by Mark Doubleday. I would recommend you check it out. Best wishes Tom W


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