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  1. Hi All, We pumped up the opacity and thickness of the Smart Edge but for some reason it does not display when cycling through edges in manual slab edge edit mode. We tried reseting Interactive Appearance Settings to factory default and setting Animation to On under "Enabling Selection Highlighting" toggling to no avail. Below are relevant specs and settings.
  2. Juan, Our office workstations (IMAC 2020) are equipped with AMD Radeon Pro 5500 XT 8 GB Graphics cards. As our files become more complex we have experienced slower response times and were wondering how to dedicate more VRAM to Vectorworks? Is there a guide you can provide us to optimize our experience? Thank you, Marcello
  3. Have there been any improvements along these lines with the new 2021 release? Our office catalogs only seems to have one or two windows per manufacturer so it seems a step backwards. Please advise. Thanks
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