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  1. Also worth noting.. the references are set to "path relative to current document." "save referenced cache to disk" and "update class definitions for referenced symbols" are both unchecked. This keeps our file sizes down and classes manageable
  2. I am trying to export a DWG from a VW2015 master file that includes design layer viewport references to several files. There are several of us working on the project, so we can each work on a different element at the same time and then have the master file reference them all. Things worth noting: ***Both the referenced element files and the master files have viewports, but it is only important to share the master files's viewports and design layers in the dwg export. ***Also potentially confusing, the individual element files each reference a main venue file, so there is some cross referencing. ***Sometimes there are multiple layers with the same design layer viewport, each set with a different layer/class visibility. Apparently, when I export, each instance of referenced file shows up as an additional layer (or whatever AutoCad calls them), resulting in many duplicates of the same thing, and extremely large file sizes. ***What is the best way to handle exporting vwx files with referenced files? ***Is there a simple way to imbed all the references prior to export? ***Are there any preferences the person opening the dwg should select? Then there is the issue of exporting 2d/3d symbols... but that's another issue. This sharing system is working very well with all of the vectorworks users, but our autocad user is extremely frustrated and upset with the amount of work it takes him to clean up the files he receives from us. any insight?


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