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  1. I am sure in a previous iteration of VW there was a handy little tick box which allowed me to mass together the outline of plants on the drawing. This seems to have disappeared - is it still possible to do this without setting up en entire new style of planting? I can see the box for mass planting outline on the object info palette but not how to create them to mass in the first place. I'm looking for something quick and easy. Please point me in the right direction! thanks Helen VWX 2022 Landmark
  2. Is it possible to get the existing tree labels to show in a 3d view? I would like to create an analysis drawing with the tree information showing in a 3d view - is it possible? I have the labels showing in 2d but when I use a 3d view they don't appear
  3. This would be exceedingly helpful if we could modify the fields to follow the UK tree standards. It's a great tool, but so frustrating to have to manually amend everything after input.
  4. thank you that was very helpful. Do you also have any tips for the adjustment of hardscape using the hardscape profile tab, or the surface modifiers. I am trying to align two hardscape which are both aligned hardscape but I cannot get the edges to align vertically. I also need to add a slope but I end up with odd valleys and shapes if I use grades or stakes. I cannot find any useful tips or videos on service select other than the clips which say it is possible and isn't it amazing. (it would be if I could work it out).
  5. I have created a hardscape for a gravel surface. When I render using a standard stone finish only the border renders in this way, the main hardscape alters the render - maybe rotating it? Is there a way to change the way this renders to give the appearance I want? This render works perfectly on an extrude, just not on hardscape. Image below shows the extrude - which is how I want it to look - the area to the right is the hardscape with border. Vwx 21 Landmark
  6. Fantastic, that works perfectly, thank you.
  7. I have a model created from imported source data from a survey. The area includes a stream for which the levels are only given in transverse sections at wide intervals. This means the model is not creating the stream correctly. I need to modify the existing site contours - but when i enter the model to edit the contour level text obliterates the contours below so I can't actually see the contours to select, even using the b key. This text is locked in this editing mode and the levels are turned off in the site model settings. Any way to turn off this information? I have also tried entering stakes with levels to modify the model to try and reset this but it doesn't seem to work. The only other alternative I have is to manually enter extra stakes into the survey and re-create the model. any advice? thanks Helen VW21 Landmark
  8. Yes, that solved the problem, thanks very much. So many different options all over the place!
  9. Thanks but those images above were taken with render mode on high. I've set to very high and it makes no difference. I should say I'm running 2021 SP3 updated yesterday.
  10. I have created a model and have created a viewport on a sheet layer. When viewed in top/plan in the viewport, the curves are arranged perfectly but when viewed in top in any other render mode - openGL, final render works, render works style, the curves are not created as curved but as a series of short straight segments. I have increased the dpi of the viewport and no improvement. The problem occurs between hardscape and softscape areas. Screenshots attached. thanks for any advice
  11. This seems to be specific to VW2019 SP2. Everything works fine on my other computer which I haven't yet updated from SP1.
  12. I'm trying to set out a large drawing with circular and straight dimensions. The radial dimension is causing VW to crash - I've tried in an existing drawing and also in a new drawing which opens up automatically. I'm getting the whirling circle and have to force to close. Very frustrating - I have a LOT of work to do and this is not helping. I've repeatedly re-opened VW and am up to date with IOS and VW. Any ideas? Helen
  13. I have a site model and several existing trees - some of these will automatically send to the surface of the site model. Some will not. I've moved them all onto the site model layer (even though the site model is set to identify modifiers on all layers) and a few more trees send to surface. It seems very random. This is a vw2018 file imported into 2019 and there seems to be several bugs with the file (all the lines, either straight, or polygons) now appear to have have line end markers attached, despite the class default being no line marker. Very frustrating. Any ideas? Also does anyone know how to get rid of that odd level shown on the site model? Can't find the source data which is creating it and don't seem to be able to delete it. thanks Helen VW2019 landmark
  14. I know this has come up before but how do I modify the pitch roof in a massing model? I want a pitch but with gable ends, not hips. The help menu says I can edit this by using 'edit massing model' but all that is shown is a standard flat roof - how do I then create the pitch I want? VWX 19
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