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  2. Hello there! Tried to create a network that places shapes on input Curve. Shapes have to be perpendicular (placed along curve's normal vector). But somehow I can't see any result. Debugging shows, that last node (Rotate) generate geometry, but it does not show up on screen. Any ideas? Offtopic Is there any progress in finding normal vector to 3D curve/NURBS curve? ShapesOnCurve.vwx
  3. Currently, modifying sheets layers (renaming them, or to delete, or create new sheet) take very long. We need this operation to be snappy. No one should be sitting in front of a computer watching a spinning beach ball. See video enclosed. My main concern with speed pertains to deleting sheets, which took 45 seconds in the video ( 0:01- 0:46 ) I am perhaps going to get the answer 'you will begin to see this if your document is exceeds xxx sheets'. But projects inevitably comes in big and small sizes- and it is on big projects that we particularly need the efficiency of speed. faster_sheet_layer_operations.mp4
  4. Today
  5. Got to work this morning and we're finding we can't do anything with any of our Project Sharing files. If we try to edit a Working File we're getting the attached message. Same message in v2019 or v2020, macOS 10.14 or 10.15, which makes me think it's a Dropbox issue. Is anybody else experiencing this? We've had to convert them to standard vwx files to continue working on them for now.
  6. It would be so wondering if Push-Pull operations can occur on floors (and even walls and slabs), but the object still retains the PIO status after the push-pull operation.
  7. Hi, I have small tiny residential house project migrated form VW2019 that cause me memory issues. Every time I update any of HL viewports in file new amount of memory is added to demand (looking at activity monitor app). While OpenGL is really fast and cause no memory issues, HL render for me is quite slow (looking at size of project model) and very much memory demanding. When I open this file memory is from hundreds of MB up to few GB. But when I rerender HL viewports it is going up quickly to 50GB and still up even 100GB!!! File size was around 360MB(was 430 in VW 2019), but after I rerendered all my viewports (OpenGL + HL viewports) it jumped to almost 1GB. I have set up 7 sheet layers with A3 size pages with 80 viewports (26 in Hidden Line rest OpenGL ) Is there a way to release ever growing memory demand? Is there a way to stay in 'safe zone' with memory without restating file? When I restart the file everything is ok until i start to render again...memory demand builds up. In fact I am missing button to globally (after high quality rendering is performed and drawings are published) decrease viewports quality...Changing dpi back to 72 on sheet layers will not take effect... Thanks for help.
  8. Thanks very much Pat - this has made things a lot simpler. I didn't know about either Snap Loupe or Coincident Object Selection. I think the underlying problem I have is that I have been thrown in at the deep end without any training in VW. As a 30 year veteran of AutoCAD it's not surprising I'm trying to do things the AC way. Your help, along with Mike's, is very much appreciated.
  9. RussU

    Buying New Laptop...Need Recommendations

    Although I've not seen it first hand, from what I hear repeatedly, the Intel i9 inside the macbook pro does not have a good enough cooling solution. When under pressure, the i9 gets far too hot and throttles back very severely, meaning it performs worse than the i7 version. It's ok for short sharp bursts, but anything lengthy like rendering (video or 3d) will overheat it. I took the leap from mac to pc about 10 years ago, and I have to admit I now feel I get a lot more bang for my buck. With regard to the Nvidia vs Radeon Intel vs AMD.... keep an eye out for up coming Radeons and AMD processors, they're about to go insane with core counts and value for money. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkknclAeUZ8 Maybe wait 6 months and see what happens to the market. I've always been Nvidia+Intel, but I think that's all about to change....
  10. dhughes3

    Using Spaces Makes PDF Massive!

    We have started using spaces in our models as they substantially speed up our workflow, however they are making our published PDFs massive... a typical 3 bed house project has gone from ~1.5MB to 0ver 27MB! Only deleting the spaces allows the file to be published normally, not including the spaces in the viewport classes has no effect. Can anyone give me any pointers to get around this as I'd really like to keep using spaces as they are really useful but are making it impossible for us to share PDFs sensibly.
  11. vtwin

    2019 keeps crashing

    Thanks for the detailed answer, The laptop is old, and it probably does not meet all the requirements. We solved this the easy way and I went and bought a new laptop with a dedicated graphics card. For now, all looks much better. Regards, marko
  12. andreas Ø

    Model disalignment

    Hi ASagatov I did not see your reply till now. I have re attached the photo. Do you need anything else from me? Kind regards Andreas
  13. Amorphous - Julian

    3d Tiling please!

    @Antonio Landsberger Thank you for reaching out about the issue. I asked one of our members to recreate the issue, but cannot replicate the issue. We now only get the Symbol converting into a Group, and then nothing happens after that (tiling doesn't take place).
  14. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    2019 Titleblock added fields

    Thanks @Andy Broomell, and thank you for updating the status of these threads in the forum. Always happy to hear feedback from the users with an assessment of the tasks! 🙂
  15. Amorphous - Julian

    Hidden-Line-Render SLOW with surface hatch ON

    Hidden line rendering time can vary by 30 times (10 seconds vs 300 seconds) between rendering 'WITH' or 'WITHOUT' 'surface hatch' in background. Note the progress bar at bottom right of video clip. I believe this issue is only replicable on large file using project sharing, and not in isolation. (NB to vectorworks similar issue already discussed with Jim Wilson via email on 6th March, 2019). 5 seconds without surface hatch_ (1).mp4 5_minutes_with_surface_hatch_.mp4
  16. Amorphous - Julian

    VW2020 Hidden Line - Speedy Speed

    (deleted post as I will post a separate troubleshoot)
  17. Jeremy Best

    Help! Are we over-taxing our Mac Video Cards?

    Hi again @exhibita, I note in your video when you closed the file in question, there was a file beneath, but if that's not typical ignore my comment about multiple files combining to overwork your computer resources. BTW, file size is rarely an accurate indication of how much geometry is within, because geometry uses teensy data when written to file compared to textures, images and other resources). I also note that after reloading the file it loads rendered in OpenGL and takes a LONG time to load. This particular effect will be due to one or both: Heaps of geometry. (Objects you know about and imported objects you might not appreciate the complexity of). OpenGL render settings (which are per-file settings). To determine the latter, go: View > Rendering > OpenGL Settings… and lower the 'Detail' setting down to 'Medium.' - The 'Very High' setting is (IMO) unnecessary and makes no detectable visual difference, but most importantly, it commands an astronomical increase in computer resources. Drop it down and I think you'll find your problem solved.
  18. I have an educational license and I didn't upload proof of enrollment the first 30 days. I just did today (after the 30 days) and the serial number is not updating on my profile. Due to this I can't put in a valid serial number into Vectorworks. I would appreciate help as fast as possible.
  19. ericjhberg

    Buying New Laptop...Need Recommendations

    Most definitely, either directly through VW or others. We’re using Lumion in the office which I know won’t work on the Mac, so maybe Twinmotion or another competitive product. How does the Mac Radeon graphics card offering stack up against the NVidia options on PCs? Thanks for letting me know. I have a subscription so I should be good then? My current machine has performed so well that I am hoping to get another 8-year turnaround in my investment. I’m afraid that’s wishful thinking though?
  20. dixonator810

    VW 2020 Download-License issue

    Hello, I am having an issues downloading VW 2020 on my laptop. The download starts and then quits after 5 minutes showing no progress. When double clicked, I receive an error that the file is not a recognizable disk image. I am using Mac OS 10.14.6. I have an E License and it is already installed on my desktop. I feel like it is an authorization of the license issue. Can you please help.
  21. rDesign

    Buying New Laptop...Need Recommendations

    Outside of Vw & Catalina issues — you might already be aware of this, but since you mentioned using ‘Adobe Suite’, know that the Adobe Creative Suite does not work on MacOS Catalina. You’ll have to upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud (subscription only) if you want to use MacOS Catalina.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Jonathan Pickup

    Buying New Laptop...Need Recommendations

    are you going to be rendering?
  24. grant_PD

    3d Tiling please!

    I won't use a hatch in VW because it's so difficult to modify/create one. I love tiles but they are just a 2d trick. I would love a "flooring" or "wall tile" tool that you can easily create a pattern with, show up in 2d/3d, and be able to extract some kind of information from (sq footage, item count etc).
  25. I consider myself to be a software geek, but when it comes to hardware...I am a complete novice. I am in the market for a new laptop and I need recommendations. I have been a Macbook Pro guy for years and am currently squeaking by with my mid-2010 model. Honestly it has been a great machine, but it's time has finally come. My quandry is that the new Macbook Pro's just don't seem to offer as much bang for the buck as the earlier models...especially when compared to the rise of other competitors. Apple doesn't seem to care as much about this line as they once did and I am not very impressed with the current lineup. I feel like I have been waiting for years for "the one" to be released and for Apple to get back on the ball, but I'm not sure if that day has come. That said, I have invested into the Apple ecosystem for years, and I don't know if the sacrifice in power, quality, etc. is completely worth entertaining a new PC. My usage is varied. I would love to support Vectorworks as efficiently as possible, but I also do a lot with the Adobe Suite, video editing, and audio editing. If I go Apple, what are the problems with Vectorworks and the Catalina OS release? Curious if anyone has any recommendations/suggestions? I would love to hear.
  26. michaelk

    convert vwx to dwg

    Sorry, that file sets of the piracy alarm and won't open. It's been a long time since one of these has come through. If I'm reading the file header correctly (big if 😁) it looks like it was a very old pirated version. You'll have to go back to whoever supplied that drawing and see if they can help.
  27. Eric Mousse

    2020 Windows in top/plan vue : Bug ?

    It works perfectly now. Thanks for your help !
  28. Antonio Landsberger

    3d Tiling please!

    @Amorphous - Julian Hi Julian, thank you for your feedback. Being responsible for the Marionette tool "Tiles", I will take your suggestions into consideration going forward. Please send me a message with all necessary information of your setup, so I can try and replicate the behavior you are experiencing. I did a quick test just now on my laptop using a square of 20 * 20 meters and the pattern "English Bond". It took about 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
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