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Wes Gardner

Custom Data Tags

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Spot Elevation for Slab


This tag gives you the ability to show a spot elevation for the top of slab.  It ONLY really works in plan as the actual tag is placed at "0" of the design layer that it's on.





Spot Elevation for Slab.jpg

Spot Elevation for Slab.vwx

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@Josh Schulman, here's a simple tag that you can attach to a symbol and then give it a name and color.  You can add additional fields to the Record, etc. as needed.   The tag is set up to look for the field in the record called "Name".  Edit the tag to see...The worksheet is set up to show the two fields called "Color" and "Name" from the Record



Symbol Name.vwx

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Simple numbered Data Tags


Add the BOQ record to your objects or symbols, add your names, sizes finishes, place BOQ Table on your drawing, add Data Tags with or without leader, simple but effective way to create a BOM/BOQ with everything named, quantities etc, and easily identified on your drawing, hth someone 👍

Screenshot 2020-01-03 at 19.24.25.png

Data Tags BOM Worksheet.vwx

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Cabinet Size tag


Here's a tag that will show the size of both base and upper cabinets (without the dimension "ticks").  There are several configurations and of course, you can easily change the font size, whether or not you want a box around the data, etc.  Check out the file...you'll need both the tag and the Record.  The record lets you change from "B" for base to maybe "SB" for sink base, etc. (you'll find that function in the "Edit Tag Data" button in the OIP)  Works on both design and sheet layers (in viewports in Annotation space)





Cabinet tags.png

Cabinet Tags.vwx

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