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  1. This article on the revamp of the Sydney Opera House might be of interest to Spotlight users. The movie showing what they have done includes footage of the ceiling space. The sub linked article 'Concert Hall Transformation' has 23 images of the work that was done over the last two and a half years. https://www.smh.com.au/culture/art-and-design/no-longer-hideous-opera-house-unveils-150m-upgrade-of-concert-space-20220506-p5aj3u.html
  2. The gist of this request appears to be to have 'non plot' like classes, eg. Guides, visible while you are working but not visible when you print. The simple way to get that is to use Sheet Layer Viewports for your output. In those you can make any class you want not appear in your printed output by making it non visible in the Class Properties for the Viewport. the only thing you need to be mindful of is that setting a 'Container Class' of an object to invisible will make the whole object invisible. Non plotting Classes v2021.vwx
  3. Josh, one problem still remains. In any non orthogonal 3D view, including isometric, you can no longer draw a 2D shape to define a Viewport crop for that 3D view on a Sheet Layer. You have to create an overall Sheet Layer Viewport and then crop it on the Sheet Layer.
  4. Valid point as Groups can already contain objects that are on different planes. Having a Group plane option could lead to unintended consequences so probably not desirable.
  5. The issue with Groups is that they can contain 2D, 3D and hybrid objects. That makes it nigh on impossible to have a plane option for Groups. I wonder though whether a plane option for Groups could be added when they only contain 2D Planar objects.
  6. Pete, try this and see if it gives you a way around your problem. Copy the 2D objects you have drawn in say plan view. Switch to an Elevation view and paste them. With the 2D objects still selected change their Plane from 3D to Working Plane on the OIP. I would probably then Group them so you can move them as a single entity to where you want them.
  7. I get a different problem in the March 13, 2021 file. With the Push Pull tool active I can hilight all of both wall faces that can be seen. If I pull on the left visible wall face it moves. Afterwards though I can't hilight the right visible wall face and the left wall remains active even though I have deselected it. I can't prevent the Push Pull tool from hi lighting its various faces and moving them. Very weird. Edit: I'm intrigued as to why you need to Push Pull a whole wall face.
  8. Line-weight, I'm running Vw2022 on an M1 Mac Mini and I don't have any problem selecting any of the faces of the white object in your view.
  9. Landartma, the subtlety with this operation is that once you have drawn the 2D object on the object face you have to start the Push Pull operation while the 2D object is 'red' hilighted and then press the Windows Alt key or Mac Option key. If you press that before you start Pushing or Pulling it won't work. If you pull the 2D shape away from the object you will get a solid addition. If you push the 2D shape into the object you will get a solid subtraction. I find it best to have the auto selection plane on.
  10. I switched to an M1 Mac mini early this year and I haven't had any significant issues.
  11. I'd like a way to lock down docked pallets as well. I regularly accidentally undock the Basic tool palette and I wish there was a way of stopping that happening.
  12. First thing to note is this replaces the old plan view only component wrapping functionality. To enable the new Functionality: Right click on the Door or Window object and and select Plug-in Object Options. Then check mark the Use wall closure option. This will enable the Wall Closure option on the OIP. (Note that there is a Wall Closure Profile Offsets button in this dialog as well.) You will now be able to access the Wall Closure functionality on the OIP. The Wall Closure functionality can be defined by the Object or by the Wall Style. There are separate tabs for Profile and Wrapping. Defining them by the Wall Style is very similar.
  13. Have you checked that your Windows OS version is compatible with Vw 2018? https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq?version=2018 Also check that you have the latest graphics driver for your graphics card.
  14. I bought a Samsung UHD monitor and it occasionally just goes black for a few seconds. It can also be difficult to wake up after the computer has gone to sleep. Nudges also don't always show immediately. There can be a slight delay.
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