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  1. mike m oz

    Custom Surface Hatch

    It would be useful to be able to draw a 2D pattern and then invoke a command to create a hatch from that 2D linework.
  2. mike m oz

    Polygons with Hatches are un-selectable

    Selecting hatched objects has always been problematic in Vw. Sometimes you can select them by clicking on a hatches linework and sometimes you can't.
  3. mike m oz

    pure white background

    Michael, try doing it on a Sheet Layer rather than a Design Layer.
  4. mike m oz

    Need to draw a Boat

    It might be worth contacting Claes and asking if he can do the unfolding for you and provide those surfaces in an appropriate format for a fee. You would need to be sure though that your model is accurate.
  5. I'd like to see a plane solution where we can define them as grids and have a toggle so they can be made to show up in any view as required. The grid label location would need to be flexible and have a user definable distance from the building part in a view. The difficulty would be ensuring that only grids applicable to that building part are in a view.
  6. mike m oz

    VWX 2013 SP5 and Mac OS Mojave

    Vectorworks 2013 is unlikely to be compatible with Mac OS Mojave. Apple's OS is a constant moving target for software developers that is difficult to keep up with and Apple's history is littered with software and hardware issues that are usually only solvable by upgrading your software or hardware.
  7. mike m oz

    Need to draw a Boat

    Jan it is TouchCAD. http://www.touchcad.com There is a review on it here: http://www.mcgowanmarinedesign.com/TouchCAD_Review.html
  8. mike m oz

    Angled Stair

    Stair Settings / Geometry pane. Click on the red square in the Plan Preview window to access the the Stair Landing Corners sub-dialog window.
  9. mike m oz

    Sloping Floors

    CORRECTION - You need to use Connect Drains. Simple sloping slab 2 v2019.vwx Simple sloping slab 2 v2018.vwx
  10. mike m oz

    Sloping Floors

    You can create a simple sloping slab with the Slab Drainage Tool. It only works with two drainage points and the slope will be at right angles to the valley you draw between them. Simple sloping slab v2019.vwx Simple sloping slab v2018.vwx
  11. mike m oz

    How to make One Way Mirror/Glass

    Could you do it with light levels like they do in real life. ie. very low light levels in the viewing room and much higher light levels in the observation room.
  12. mike m oz

    How to make One Way Mirror/Glass

    If you are only going to be doing static views then the easiest way would be to use normal glass in the window with a mirror on the room side that has its own class. From the viewing room have the mirror's class invisible and from the interview room side have the mirror class visible.
  13. mike m oz

    Newbie - My file is not editable

    A DWG will import into its own layer. The rest of your drawing will be on other Layers. They will be grayed because the Layer Options will be set to Gray Others or Gray/Snap Others. You should always import DWGs into a blank file. Once you are comfortable that what you have imported is okay you can then copy it and paste it into the working file in the Layer that you want it on.
  14. mike m oz

    Not the right size

    It will be a units problem For example it might be out by a factor of 1000 because the units were metre and they were imported as millimetres because that is the way you have it set. Another common occurrence is to be out by a factor of 25.4 because the units were inches and they have been imported as millimetres. What you need to do is find out what factor you are out by by measuring the size of a known component from the import you have already done. Then redo the import into a new file that contains nothing else adjusting for that with the unit settings in the import dialog. OR Import the DWG into a new file that contains nothing else and rescale the whole drawing using Rescale Objects. (if you do it this way you must do it in a file of its own because it literally rescales all of the contents of a file including all other objects in the drawing.
  15. mike m oz

    rotate a design layer

    Create a Design Layer Viewport of the layer you want on the layer you want it on. You can then crop it, rotate it and change its visibilities as needed. When you no longer need it delete it.


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