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  1. mike m oz

    Shutters different color than window?

    You need to edit the Rustic Shutter symbol in your file and change the Class of its 3D components to the Class created for the rustic shutters.
  2. mike m oz

    Shutters different color than window?

    Edit the 3D component of the Rustic Shutter symbol and change its Class from None to the Class you have created for the shutter. Window with Rustic Shutters..vwx
  3. mike m oz

    Shutters different color than window?

    If you want different textures for different components of the Window object you need to define the Texture as part of the Class for each Component and then on the OIP set the Texture to Class Texture. I know that seems a little obtuse but that is the way Vectorworks does it.
  4. mike m oz

    Shutters different color than window?

    Are the existing windows Vectorworks Window objects or are they Symbols? If they are Vectorworks Window objects use the command Update Plug-in objects in the Utilities sub menu menu in the Tools menu. If they are Symbols edit the Symbol to see if they are Vectorworks Window objects. If they are then update them. If they are Symbols that are not Vectorworks Window objects then you should be able to Class the individual 3D component parts. Also check to see if the shutters have been modelled separately.
  5. mike m oz

    Shutters different color than window?

    You control the appearance of the different components of the Window object by Classes. Create a unique Class for the external or internal shutters, choose the colour you want (or the texture you want) and set the Class properties to Use at creation. Then assign that Class to the external or internal shutters in the Window Settings dialog box.
  6. mike m oz

    VWX 2020 - Bug - Saving dimension settings

    Tamsin, the weird unit expression is definitely a bug. The non appearance of the set units in a new file is not a bug though. Some users assume that units are a global preference. ie all they have to do is choose Imperial or metric. Unfortunately it isn't.
  7. mike m oz

    VWX 2020 - Bug - Saving dimension settings

    It is not a bug. It is working as designed (WAD). Dimensions are not a global preference. They are a file preference. When you set Dimension preferences you are only doing it for the active file. If you want those preferences to become a default for your work you can only do it by saving those settings as part of a Template file. To 'recall' them you then need to use that template file as the 'base' for the new file you are creating. Or you can create a unique 'Dimension Style' and then import that. Easier to incorporate it as part of your 'template file'.
  8. mike m oz

    VWX 2020 - Bug - Saving dimension settings

    I'd only worry about it if it persists.
  9. mike m oz

    VWX 2020 - Bug - Saving dimension settings

    After making the changes you want to set you need to save a Default Template file and then select that as the base for your new files when you create a new file. The Template file doesn't need to be named Default. It can be named anything of your choosing. The important thing is that you set it in the pop-up list when you create a new file so that it is the one that is used.
  10. mike m oz

    Class list confusion...

    Lee, I've never seen that issue. What OS, how much RAM does your computer have and what graphics card does your computer have? Also which version of Vectorworks and series?
  11. mike m oz

    PDF only visible in active layer!

    You need to set your Layer visibility options to Show Others or Show Snap Others. Your two layers also need to be the same scale and both in Top/Plan View.
  12. mike m oz

    Vectorworks User Interface Overhaul

    Zoomer, Texture seems to be a more common generic term in usage. I've always understood a shader to be a machine generated texture pattern and a texture map to be an image based texture pattern. Materials as a concept makes sense but only if you start talking about components of objects and defining their appearance in plan view, 3D views and sections in both linework views and rendered views. Also their properties in terms of energy analysis, weight, strength, etc. In Vw. Isn't that what we tend to do with Classes? Classes are the what in Vw with materials being one of the what classification systems.
  13. mike m oz

    Vectorworks User Interface Overhaul

    Top/Plan = PLAN
  14. mike m oz

    Oject in 2 different classes

    The Classes you are using for your objects become Container Classes when there are objects that are complex and have different Classes used for their components. The None Class needs to be visible at all times and in all Viewports. Your visibility problem exists because you are trying to use the None Class to control visibility of objects or object parts.
  15. mike m oz

    Oject in 2 different classes

    The None Class is a default Class for objects and should never be made invisible, If you have objects that you want to have the ability to be seen or not seen then create a Class for them.


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