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  1. I bought a Samsung UHD monitor and it occasionally just goes black for a few seconds. It can also be difficult to wake up after the computer has gone to sleep. Nudges also don't always show immediately. There can be a slight delay.
  2. I'm doing just small to moderate size projects and it is coping well but there isn't a gee wow time improvement in rendering times. For bigger projects I think you are going to need a lot more cores than the current M1 chip has for there to be a substantial improvement in rendering times. Caveat - this is Rosetta and I'm hoping that the M1 coded version of Vw will see an improvement in rendering times.
  3. It needs to be more than a bigger monitor. If you want to future proof yourself it also needs to be a much better chip. The existing M1 chip is good, but you will need more grunt than it has for larger projects.
  4. I've had no problems with Vw 2020 on the Mac mini. Vw 2021 is a bit laggy on OIP maths, drag Wall moves and marquee Wall moves.
  5. Two observations with the M1 Mac mini's graphics: - Google Maps Globe View doesn't work well when zooming in and out. The image takes a surprisingly long time to regenerate in both 2D and 3D. Standard aerial view seems to take a little longer to regenerate as well. - black and white TIF images of drawings imported into Vectorworks briefly reverse themselves when you zoom in. ie. the background becomes black and the linework white. It then reverts.
  6. I have a file that is 284 Mb with Viewport cache on. It has: - 49 Design Layers - 202 Sheet Layes - 188 regular Sheet Layer View Ports - 157 section Sheet Layer Viewports and uses Custom Renderworks rendering. It took just on half an hour to update all of the viewports and did it without a glitch. My iMac would have stalled if I had tried to do that. Activity Monitor showed 1600 - 1650 CPU threads and approximately 400 CPU processes. When Renderworks was working the CPU time hovered around 98%. The system uses just 1.5% of the CPU time. That is Rosetta performance so pretty impressive. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes once it has Apple native code.
  7. Vectorworks 2021 has now installed and is up and running on my M1. A big thanks to Gunther at Vectorworks Inc. for his helpful advice. I'll post my experiences.
  8. I'm not having any monitor issues. I'm liking most how quickly the applications open, especially Vw.
  9. My 16GB + 1 TB M1 Mac mini finally turned up and I've been using it for two days now: - Vw 2021 won't install (Australian version) and it crashes the computer during the install. I have bug reported that. - Vw 2020 installs and works fine. I'm not doing very complex work at the moment - mostly drafting and some simple modelling. So not particularly taxing for the computer. I did have an issues with some 3D polygons for a DTM repeatedly bringing up the spinning beach ball of death. After I simplified the 3D polygons I didn't have that problem. I checked the more complex 3D polygons on my iMac and had the same spinning beach ball of death behaviour. Some positives are how quickly Vw starts up and quits on the M1. On my iMac with Catalina both are slow. Start up can be excruciatingly slow. The M1 also starts up in a fraction of the time it takes my iMac to start up.
  10. M5d, I'm looking forward to the transition and will report back on my experiences.
  11. Just had an email saying that the ETA is 2-3 weeks. Christmas and New Year shutdowns are likely to blow that timeframe out so I am guessing sometime in January. Early January if I am lucky.
  12. Rather than run the risk of being computerless I decided to jump and go with the M1 Mac Mini with 16 GB of unified memory. Hopefully it will turn up this side of Christmas.
  13. My oldish iMac is struggling with Vw 2021 and the graphics are starting to degrade so I need to buy a new computer very soon. I'm tempted to go with a 1 TB + 16 GB of unified memory M1 Mac Mini because for 40% of the price it looks like I can get the same performance as an i9 chip iMac with a good graphics card. I will be up for a monitor as well but the total cost will still be less than half the price of the iMac option. The proximity to Christmas means I need to order soon. Therefore further feedback on how your trials are going with the M1 Macs would be greatly appreciated.
  14. That movie has made me reconsider what my next computer buy might be. All of a sudden the humble Mac Mini looks like it might be a viable option. I hope it is an option that Vw Inc. are looking at and that they are able to give us quick feedback.
  15. Are they separate Plants? ie when selected do they have different names on the OIP?


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