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  1. 10+ years back our state Archicad distributor produced a tool like this that would automatically adjust to height changes and it had an option to display the result in brick coursing (with the brick coursing height being user definable). At the time I recall being envious and wishing that Vw was that nimble.
  2. I came across it afterwards and voted for it. You should post a link to it in this topic to make it easy for others to find it and vote for it.
  3. kyo_ny that needs to be a separate tool. You should Wish List it. There used to be a Vectorbits tool like that but it is no longer on their website. You can create your own using a symbol and a record. The file below has a Page Based Symbol with an attached Record to give you what you want. You enter the Height through the Data Tab of the OIP. The symbol is page based so it is the same visual size on layers irrespective of scale. If you need to edit the symbol do it while you are in a 1:1 scale Layer (a Sheet Layer for example) so you can use real size units and text pts. Jim, there are several variations that need to be added to the Elevation Benchmark tool. You should also wish list that . Height Marker Symbol v2017.vwx
  4. The Elevation Benchmark tool has a US mode and an ISO mode (see the image below for the latter). There are also controls for the arrow orientation and where the level and text are located Some more marker modes would be useful though.
  5. I think Vw needs to cover all BIM requirements by having a structural version and a services version.
  6. Christian, the Stair tool should be able to do your stair. It is not an unusual configuration and you should Wishlist for the Stair tool to do that form and for it to be added as a standard configuration.
  7. Do you still see them when you make None the active class?
  8. These are 2D loci which control where the wall gets cut in Plan View. They are in the NonPlot Class and if you can see them that is either the active Class or you have that Class visible. The NonPlot Class should always be set to not visible. It is the Class that is used for drawing elements that are not meant to be seen.
  9. There are couple of terracotta roof tile hatches in the hatch drawing by Katerina Panagiotakis posted at Vector Depot. http://www.vectordepot.com/hatches/
  10. Are you a long way from the internal origin? Before you reinstall Vectorworks try resetting the Preferences. Button in bottom LH corner of the Vectorworks Preferences dialog box.
  11. I don't think it is documented Kevin. I worked it out from my own experiments after I discovered that a portion of reshaped wall that was above the cut plane was showing as being cut by the Cut Plane. Walls and Wall parts that are above the Cut Plane should show dotted. The fact that they don't is unfortunate. I suspect that the different behaviour by Curtain Walls is because their cut view is generated by the auto hybrid capability.
  12. Cut Plane only hides the components of standard walls that are below the Cut Plane. Standard walls that are entirely above the Cut Plane still show as if they are being cut by the Cut Plane. Cut Plane shows the top of curtain walls that are below the Cut Plane. Curtain walls that are entirely above the Cut Plane do not show at all. You should Wish List the changes that you would like to see to this behaviour. Walls and Cut Plane v2017.vwx
  13. Have you tried quitting Vectorworks and restarting your computer? Does the file have lots of hatching or lots of imported images in it? Does the file have imported PDFs in it?
  14. Use Bluebeam. http://planet.vectorworks.net/press-release/vectorworks-inc-introduces-enhanced-collaboration-workflows-bluebeam-inc-s-revu-software/
  15. Menu Tools / Workspaces then choose from the list.