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  1. mike m oz

    Open VW2019 drawing with older version

    There is no way to open a Vw 2019 file in an earlier version. Vw 2019 can export to a Vw 2015 file version. Some object capabilities will not be retained.
  2. mike m oz

    Vectorworks User Interface Overhaul

    For me the colours are a visual cue and a monochrome look does not appeal to me at all.
  3. mike m oz

    Vectorworks User Interface Overhaul

    Architects and designers are graphic oriented people and and the interface needs to reflect that. UI improvements that make the program easier to understand and use will improve the appeal of the program to them and make it easier for new users to learn and understand the program. That will benefit all of us.
  4. mike m oz

    Vectorworks User Interface Overhaul

    This part of the Keynote left me wanting more. More information on these interface improvements and please include them in the next version.
  5. Try hitting the Return Key on your keyboard.
  6. mike m oz

    Loft Surface Rejection

    Good lateral thinking Kevin.
  7. mike m oz

    Bicycle Entourage

    Rob, both are needed in 2D and 3D Bicycles are a higher priority than motorcycles though.
  8. mike m oz

    Loft Surface Rejection

    I tried a quarter sweep but the bend wouldn't convert to a subdivision object. I also tried lofting with a rail from two objects that had the same shape and it also wouldn't work. ie. from one with two very short vertical straight line segments (1 mm) to one with longer vertical straight line segments (100 mm). There must be a way to do it. Hopefully the Vw Inc. experts can explain how to do that. Also from a rectangle to a duct shape of that type.
  9. mike m oz

    Loft Surface Rejection

    I tried that Kevin and a simple loft does work. That doesn't gve the swept result that Lee is after though. To do that you need a rail and I can't get the loft to work with a rail curve. I suspect the problem is because of the two extra segments in the second curve. In my experience lofts are problematic when you have curves with different numbers of segments. Lee may have to look at doing this with a Subdivision object.
  10. mike m oz

    Loft Surface Rejection

    Can you please post a file with your two nurbs objects in it.
  11. mike m oz

    Vectorworks User Interface Overhaul

    I like the mock up generally. I prefer the colourful icons for resource types though rather than grey subdued.
  12. mike m oz

    Roof with different eave heights - how to?

    Diego, a Roof has to be a planar surface. When I plot what you have drawn with those dimensions with 3D loci and then draw a nurbs surface using those points I don't come up with a planar surface.
  13. mike m oz

    Orthogonal drawing lock tool

    Make sure the Snap to Angle constraint is on.
  14. The 2D components for Hybrid Objects feature movie should clarify it for you: https://www.vectorworks.net/en/architect/features Also have a look at Help: Concept: 2D Components for Symbol Definitions and Plug-in Objects
  15. mike m oz

    convert vectorworks to sketchup

    Try exporting each 3D layer separately so they can import them one by one and assemble the model manually.


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