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  1. mike m oz

    Exporting for AutoCAD

    Export each Sheet Layer as a separate DWG file. Uncheck the 3D options.
  2. mike m oz

    Exporting for AutoCAD

    Are you exporting from Sheet Layers and using the option to Export Viewports as 2D graphics in Model Space?
  3. mike m oz

    Square Tubing Tool length

    The 2D version is the default. Nested underneath it is the 3D version. Click on the object icon and hold the mouse button down. That will then allow you to select the 3D version.
  4. mike m oz


    Edit your Dimension Class so it has no fill and the Graphic Attributes are set to Use at Creation (check mark box at top left).
  5. mike m oz

    Window in round wall

    Having to create a hybrid symbol to do this is time consuming and hopefully this will be remedied in the near future. STEP 1. Create your own 3D geometry. STEP 2. Create your own 2D geometry. STEP 3. Create 2D wall patches at each end. STEP 4. Work out your insertion point so the symbol inserts in the wall at the correct location and orientation (the not fun part and you will probably need to do it by trial and error). STEP 4. Select all the 2D and 3D and create a symbol from it using the insertion point. STEP 5. Create a custom Wall Hole Component so you can get the 3D hole in the wall correct. Hybrid Window symbol in Round Wall v2018.vwx
  6. mike m oz

    Window in round wall

    Tine, the only way you can do this is by crating your own hybrid symbols. If you can say what version you are on I can post a file with an example in a curved wall.
  7. mike m oz

    Until Next Time

    Jim, your presence on the techboard and audio voice overs in many of the feature and training videos will be missed. For many of us you have been the public face of Vectorworks for years and you leave big shoes to fill.
  8. mike m oz

    Help with sloped slab

    Dormer, can you please post a 2D image of what you want and also tell us what version of Vw you are using.
  9. mike m oz

    Line between two windows

    See if you can make sense of this. METHOD - to create DW4: - Assemble the units as you want them. - In Top/Plan View add 2D linework to get the required plan view (wall lines and the like). - Select all of the components and create a hybrid symbol. Make sure you use an insertion point that will centre it on the Wall. - Edit the Wall Hole component of the symbol and create an extrude to cut the wall as required. Wall Hybrid Symbols v2019.vwx Wall Hybrid Symbols v2018.vwx
  10. mike m oz

    Line between two windows

    Years back I did a Wish for the ability to gang windows and doors together without the wall break lines between adjacent units in plan views. It was suggested that the solution was to create a custom symbol so there are only the Wall break lines at each end. Yes that does work but there aren't many users who know how to do that and you won't find instructions on how to do it in Help. I agree with you HMichael that the program should be able to do it. The 3D isn't a problem. It is only the 2D Plan View that is a problem and it seems that all that is needed is a choice of options to have both Wall break lines, Left Wall break line only, Right Wall break line only and No Wall break lines.
  11. mike m oz

    Vectorworks User Interface Overhaul

    I agree Matt. Provide a no color option for those that want it but don't impose it on the rest of us. Personally I'd prefer the effort went into improving functionality instead of the latest fad appearance. An appearance that is likely to date very quickly.
  12. mike m oz

    Roof Construction

    Create Roof Face objects for each roof plane (AEC menu).
  13. mike m oz

    Flippin' Flipped Doors

    The only flipping in the wall should be to define which side of the wall is the outside face of the door. Whether the door opens in or out and whether it is left hand or right hand should be parameters. Windows should have similar parameters so flipping within the wall is not necessary. When a door or window is selected there needs to be a marker that identifies which is the outside face.
  14. mike m oz

    Flippin' Flipped Doors

    That is a solution that won't be obvious to many users. Surely it would be better to not have work arounds or flipping. Have the real word options for: - left and right hand doors. - doors opening in and out.
  15. mike m oz

    Flippin' Flipped Doors

    It could be fixed by adding the ability to have doors open in or open out.


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