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  1. for the floor use Sweep or as Rick suggested Lofting and then Shelling to give it a thickness. If you use Fit Walls to Geometry the Walls should follow the floor you have modelled.
  2. There are some simple 2D and 3D outline people at Vector Depot: http://www.vectordepot.com/symbols/
  3. It is working for me David. Can you post a file with just the stair you are having a problem with in it.
  4. Can the path be closed, as it would be with a cornice to a room's perimeter?
  5. Grant, have you tried using the Bitmap Render tool. Set the Preferences to what you want and then cut and paste the result to a Sheet Layer. You can then resize it if needed.
  6. Landmark has quite a lot of the Landscape Forms content in its libraries these days. Unfortunately though these are just imported DWGs. They are not very clean and they are often very faceted. Given that Landmark is the best Landscaping program available it would be nice to see Vectorworks Inc. work with Landscape Forms so the content provided in the Vw Libraries are Vw solid objects and that the Vectorworks version of them is also on the Landscape Forms website. At the moment they have the content in Revit, Autocad and Sketchup formats. Vectorworks needs to be there as well. Lights with the correct Vw light objects in them would be especially useful.
  7. You can draw a 2D shape over the top of the existing hole and use Add Surface to delete it. Then draw the required new 2D shape and use Clip Surface to create a new hole.
  8. You could also publish to PDF and then use your older Mac to print the PDF using the old printer.
  9. Its there in mine. Top of the fourth group. Did you migrate a Workspace from an earlier version? If so that may be the source of the problem. Try switching to the Architect Workspace that ships with Vw 2017: Tools/Workspaces... and see if it is then there.
  10. If your old program doesn't have an export to DWG capability then if you can find someone who has Autosketch it seems you can use that to export them to DWG. You can't buy Autosketch now so you will need to find an existing Autosketch user.
  11. Do you still have an operating version of the program that created the file and does it have an export to DWG capability?
  12. Best practice with all BIM programs is to keep projects that have been started in a version in that version. ie not to convert them. I have converted a smallish project to 2018 and I haven't come across any problems yet. It isn't a Teamwork project though and it is still in the Design Development phase.
  13. Types would make much more sense. When training people one of the things I do is explain to people that Wall Styles are wall types, etc.
  14. Check out the Layer Plane section in Help. it will probably have links to videos.
  15. You can now access resources in files that are in all earlier versions of Vectorworks. You don't have to convert the files first to be able to get to that useful wall style, symbol, hatch, texture, report, etc. that you used in a previous project. All you have to do is locate the file through the Resource Browser, select the resource you want and then import it into your current file. That is convenient and a real time saver.