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  1. mike m oz

    Hatches for Humans

    Will, you can do this with Tile fills. For more information look at Help. There is a sub-section in Basic Techniques titled Using Tile Fills. I would still like to see a more visual way to define hatches though as per your Wish.
  2. mike m oz

    sketchup import plugin

    No and it is unlikely that there is one.
  3. mike m oz

    sketchup import plugin

    The Industry versions of Vectorworks: Architect, Landmark, Spotlight and Designer can import Sketchup files. Fundamentals doesn't have that capability.
  4. mike m oz

    Symbols & layer scale

    Pammv, use page based symbols for electrical. They will then be the same size no matter what the scale of the Viewport is or the scale of the Design Layer. It is an option within the Symbol Options edit choices in the Resource Browser. If you are going to change the option for existing Symbols make sure you are in a 1:1 scale Layer when you do it.
  5. mike m oz

    Stair data text attributes.

    Graphic Attributes pane of the Stair Settings dialog box.
  6. Apologies M5D. I missed the gist of your original post by not reading it carefully enough. Hopefully the Vw Inc people will be able to give you an answer.
  7. Rather than building the slab from three components try making it a single component slab and subtract the bottom recesses.
  8. Do you get the same result if you use the Subtract 3D Object From Slab command instead of using Solid Subtraction?
  9. mike m oz

    VWX won't load

    Try trashing the Vectorworks User folder first. If that doesn't work then try reinstalling. Delete the 'clean my mac' program from your Mac and never be tempted to use it again.
  10. mike m oz

    Slab Object As a Site Modifier

    - Full height single component slab (in this instance 172 thick) - Create a tapered extrude of portion(s) to be removed (in this instance 72 high with taper at 45°) - Align bottom of slab and tapered extrude(s). - Select slab and tapered extrudes(s) and use Subtract 3D Object From Slab command (AEC menu).
  11. mike m oz

    Slab Object As a Site Modifier

    How would you deal with these scenarios though where the slab bottom varies and there are footings?
  12. mike m oz

    Spitting up window elements

    In the Classes pane of the Window Settings dialog box you will find listings for the different parts of the window, including the jambs and sashes. Define different Classes for them with the Class fill colour being the colour you want. Window with different coloured parts.vwx
  13. mike m oz

    plant and landscape feature image library

    Workgroup folders can be stored wherever is convenient and there is no risk of the file being accidentally deleted by an update.
  14. mike m oz

    plant and landscape feature image library

    Copy and paste them into dedicated Library file(s). Then turn each one of them into a Symbol. Create a Workgroup Folder and place them into appropriate locations.
  15. mike m oz

    Toggle - Colour to Line Drawing

    Viewports have a Black and White option in Advanced Properties. A Better option though is to use the Color option when you Publish the drawings. Set it to black and white.