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Custom Data Tags

Guest Wes Gardner

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Select one of the Number Tag styles as suggested by @BillV above and place an instance in your drawing.


Select the object and in the Style pulldown in the OIP select Convert to Unstyled. That way you will not be changing the original Style.


Click the Settings button in the OIP and from the Display tab, click the Edit Tag Layout button.


Add a place holder text block where you want your prefix to be. It should say Text in Tag Layout in the OIP.


Go to the bottom of the OIP and click the Use Dynamic Text box. Then click the Define Tag Field button.


Click the Radio button at the top to be User-Entered Field instead of Calculated Field. Set the Field Type and Default Value.


Click OK. Exit the Tag Layout Editor. Click OK on the Data Tag Settings button.


In the Style pull down on the OIP, choose New Plug-in Style from Unstyled Plug-in.


You will now have a Data Tag Style that will let you change the prefix by clicking the Edit Tag Data... button at the bottom of the OIP


You could also just duplicate the Style in the Resource Manager and then Edit Style to do all the above also.


Ask again if this is not clear enough.  HTH



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