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  1. @Benson Shaw So I was using multiple aligned hardscapes aligning to each other and, surprise, that didn't work to well. So I took your idea of aligning to a empty layer so I can put modifiers on if and now it works much better! So some hardscapes are aligning to the empty layer to be able to set modifiers, and then others align to those graded hardscapes. We'll see if it's a working solution in the long run. @Tom W. Not a perfect solution but I set the hardscape as a site modifier (top) and can then use the stake as a report for site proposed to get the point elevation of the hardscape. Not using the cut/fills in this project anyways so it doesn't matter to much.
  2. This might be off topic but I've given the choice of software a lot of thought. As I see it my options as a landscape architect are: AutoCAD - the standard for LAs everywhere in Sweden. A hybrid workflow allows us to use point grades in 3D, everything else in is 2D. Very old fashioned. Civil 3D - Still that annoying old fashioned AutoCAD suite. Good for 3D terrain work but not much else that I need. Complicated. Revit - the standard for building architects here in Sweden and wonderfully modern. No real functionality for landscape architects, however it can be used for LA with plenty of workarounds or plugins that are half decent. Novapoint/Quadri - still dependent on that old AutoCAD. VectorWorks - Well, my hopes were probably up to high but I still hope it will be the best option.
  3. I guess that's both reassuring and worrying 🙂 I'm so glad people take the time here to help out! Are you a landscape architect? Have you managed to produce real graded surfaces and drawings for contractors? I would love to see some examples of what's possible.
  4. Had a look at your snap settings and tried to replicate those as well. I attach both my larger model and the small elevation trial here. Vega.vwx Point elevation trial.vwx
  5. @Tom W. Really happy to see that it can work! But I'm trying to do the same and not getting your results. What am I doing wrong here? Settings for the stake? For the hardscape? Program settings? Skärminspelning 2021-09-16 kl. 07.14.15.mov
  6. @Tom W. Nope, I just get whatever elevation I've put in the "elevation" box.
  7. @hollister design Studio, thanks. I checked now and it's unchecked for every area. Maybe it could have something to do with the way one of the inner areas are graded? The thin line is made as separate area though and it's located between the graded and the problematic one. It didn't have any problems attaching to the big graded area either. What Mode of the stake object are you using then? I'm not getting results with any of them. I feel very much like I'm in need of some serious one to one education with a skilled VW landscape architect here. The questions just stack on top of each other. But I really appreciate you all taking time with this!
  8. @Wes Gardner oh, what a bummer. If I can't set point elevations on my hardscapes that kind of makes all hardscapes useless to me, as I can't create grading plans from them. Is it really that bad?
  9. Sorry to keep this thread going but I'm still having a really hard time finding a good workflow for grading. @Benson Shaw I really find the surface modifiers for the hardscapes being the tools best suited to do these gradings as I can define slopes, which is my preferred way of working. Unfortunately I run into problems when using multiple aligned hardscapes next to each other. They're rather unpredictable when aligning. Do you have any ideas about why this is happening or how to avoid the problem? @jeff prince Seems to me like the stake tool won't report back spot elevations from hardscapes (unless they're modifiers from within the hardscape) and I'm not finding any ways to get the Data tags to do that either. Would be much appreciated if you could point me in the right direction here?
  10. Hi @Wes Gardner! Would you be able to help out with a data tag that shows the spot elevation for any point on a sloping hardscape as pictured below? I would have used a stake but it seems they won't give me the elevation from a hardscape.
  11. I love the ability to create a report with no. of parking spaces within a design. But unfortunately accessible parking spaces are not drawn out for parallel parking, while they are still added to the report. So my wishes are: do not report parking spaces that are not drawn out. add the ability to add accessible spaces to parallel parking, with a custom length, as this is often required. (as a bonus wish it would be nice to be able to connect the numbering between parkings)
  12. On a more graphical topic, but still related to the grading. Can Vectorworks generate these slope symbols, like the ones the arrows point at below? C
  13. @jeff prince I really really appreciate you taking the time to express your view of these things in such a detailed way! I will look into the tools and classes you recommend. Being a one man business with no contacts to learn VW from this forum is where I'm hoping to pick up the skills/experience. It might be a crazy way to start out a business but in the long run I'm really hoping to be able to deliver much more than most LA's, at least here in Sweden where very few do 3D projects. @Benson Shaw Absolutely lovely! This is the way I was hoping to be able to work. I have been trying out the aligned slabs but got weird results but I'll give the method another go! And thanks for the lovely named model as well 🙂 Guess the NURBS's tie together with Jeff's proposal about the modelling tools.
  14. yes, found that one. Also found the one comparing VW to Civil 3D rather unfavourably, which had me rather worried.
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