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  1. Just chipping in here to say that this is exactly what I've been missing and asking for since I started using VW. There has been great additions to the software since I picked it up 2 years ago but this would beat them all by a mile if implemented properly. And as an extra input, we would need this to work for any graded surface, not just a horizontal flat surface/pad. Exact/configurable slopes above and below ground are vital to landscape modeling/design to a lot of us and is a major reason to why we still use other software unfortunately. @Eric Gilbey, PLA as mentioned by Åke, the Grade Limit from Pad creates some unexpected/hard to predict results so I would suggest the tool gets pulled from the software. Just my thought 🙂
  2. Thanks for the input, watched the video a while back but forgot about it. I might try the stitching next time. It's valuable to get data on surrounding ground and I believe the Lidar does a good enough job there for simple jobs as long as drifting isn't becoming to much of an issue. Traditional measuring with yardstick etc. is a pain outdoors as nothing is flat/vertical/parallel asf. so some kind model is a big win there.
  3. Hi! Thought I might as well jump one of the old threads on this topic. I recently visited a site and did 2 captures to evaluate different methods. I did a Lidar scan with Scaniverse and also did a "photos to 3D model" in Nomad, both via an iPhone. Ended up with ≈200 photos for the latter method. The nomad scan is way better in most ways but seems to drift considerably while scanning which becomes obvious when walking around an object (a house in this case). Guess this is due to the linear nature of the capture. The Photos to 3D doesn't suffer from this but rather has a molten metal kind of style to all surfaces, so they are considerably less accurate than the Lidar scan. Has anyone got any recommendations for how to achieve better results for a project like this without calling the surveyor? A far fetched idea that came to mind would be to get an Apple Watch Ultra and hope that the higher accuracy multiband GPS would sync to connected devices and improve upon things but I guess it's unlikely? I've also got a little drone, a DJI mini 3 pro, but haven't really been able to utilize as I hoped for in these cases. Scaniverse Lidar scan: Nomad "molten metal", Photos to 3D:
  4. Thanks, BOX was my main potential option at the moment as it seems to be a professional solution with good version handling among other things. Interesting to hear that you've had some bad experience with it. I'm really happy with cloud storage in general so owning hardware would definitely be a step backwards in my mind. VPN's I've used in the past have been underwhelming. My main potential worry about the cloud solutions is that some customers have higher security requirements and won't accept server locations in certain countries/regions, US-based servers are surprisingly a major problem. I think our Sharepoint is currently set to the very unclear "Europe" setting. So far I haven't run into any issues as mentioned though but I don't want to get stuck in a solution that turns out to be a problem down the road. Would be very interesting to see a presentation on the subject with reports and experiences from the current options.
  5. @shorter Out of curiosity, do you use another service for cloud storage and/or as file server? We're currently using Sharepoint as the sole solution for all file storage needs for my little company of 2 people. I'm currently the only VW user as my colleague uses Autodesk products. So far we haven't had any issues but I'm trying to prepare for the future and using Project sharing more extensively.
  6. I too used to work in a windows environment for many years. Now I'm raised with a Mac as a child so I'm very familiar with the system, not so much with windows. That being said I really didn't have too many issues using the windows machines and was rather pleasantly surprised with the OS nowadays. There was an IT department managing the computers though so I didn't have to care about that. Since starting my own business I decided to go back to a Mac as I'm more comfortable with that and enjoy it more. The ecosystem also makes it super simple to switch between devices. When hiring my first employee ( a civil engineer) in January we decided on getting a windows machine for him as he's heavily dependent on Civil 3D and Novapoint. It might not be ideal but has so far worked very well without to much hassles. We run Sharepoint as a file server. I'd say being able to use a Mac at work is making my job more enjoyable but there are som downsides I see: I'm missing out on software that is pretty much ubiquitous here, namely Revit, Civil3D, Novapoint and Bluebeam. I also miss out on path tracing in Twinmotion, but believe I can use a virtual machine for that if needed. When hiring almost everyone is familiar with Windows, that makes a switch to Mac for them an expense I might not be interested in taking. I might switch to a PC for work in the future because of the above but things are working well enough at the moment so I'm currently staying put.
  7. I bought a Spacemouse wireless last year, been working flawlessly ever since. Used on M1 and M2 in VW -22 and -23. Not a heavy user though.
  8. @AcetoLA Did you find it? It's under Site modifier. Agreeing on the fact that it's a great feature! I just hope we can get some better grading tools now! I have some issues draping larger areas, anyone else seeing the same thing?
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Stairs according to the standards of the Swedish city of Gothenburg. Swedish 2D drawing of the principles attached. Not so sure of the English terms for some of the parameters. 6590-P_Trappor-principer-for-racken-och-kontrastmarkering.pdf
  10. I tend to stick to the latest, in this case 2023 SP4 (Build 693289).
  11. Actually, it's worse, as I investigated further. If I connect my Obj node to Get 3D Info it returns the error below. It's an infinite loop so when I click Close or Select Node it comes straight back up until I force quit the software. If I first double click and OK the Get 3D Info node and then debug the network everything freezes and I have to force quit VW again.
  12. Thanks! Would love it if this was possible, please let me know if you figure it out.
  13. I'm seeing the exact same issue and solution.
  14. I'm looking to display the total height (actually preferably distance from Z=0 to maximum Z) of my marionette object in the OIP. Is that possible?
  15. Oh, and also, I never understood how to construct these formulas when they're not available by clicking. How do you find these mystical pieces of text?
  16. Found it! Pasted your (working) text into my dynamic text and found the issue. Changed "," to ";" and now it works. Not blaming anyone but that initial "," came from copying Pat's string of text above. Don't know of this might differ between regional versions of the software? I'm in Sweden, if that matters.
  17. Still nothing. I added the Description formula in both the original Description, in Pat's syntax as well as in a new dynamic text field. Nothing anywhere.
  18. Strange things! That is how I expected it to look but I just won't get the Mark to appear. Just updated to SP4 and still have the same issue.
  19. Sure thing, posted it privately earlier, but here it is in all its glory 🙂 1357465350_MaterialGL.vwx
  20. What a weird thing, I added text to only a few of the material marks to try it out but my legend doesn't return anything in any of the cells in the legend, whether they have something in the mark field or not. Looks as below. But you get the mark field for the materials where the mark is present?
  21. @inikolova @Dave Donley just a question out of curiosity; is there a reason why minor bug-fixes like this can’t be released between the larger SPs at set dates? Just as soon as they are discovered and fixed? Even a month or two can be a very long time to wait when project deadlines are set.
  22. @Tim C. I love this new graphic legend tool, saves me so much time. But I'm struggling with the alignment between objects. I attach an example below. The images varies in size so I use auto align as I want some relations to be more constant. But I can't get the alignments to align as I want them. Is there a way to control what aligns to what? Currently the alignments seems unpredictable when having a couple of different objects in the cell. Resulting cell where text and image overlap:
  23. Thanks @Pat Stanford. No luck for me with this one though. I use the exact phrase in your screenshot but get nothing at all out of it. Am I supposed to modify the text somehow? This one works for both attributes and objects? On a side note, I find this type of workflow a little to much coding-esque for my knowledge. Is it possible to get the same result in more of a clicking on stuff-workflow?
  24. I'm very much interested in the same! I noticed in a short presentation of the tool that they had a legend with some additional properties added to cells so I guess it's possible?
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