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  1. Mac, thanks. Should be in my signature
  2. Huh, well that's something. Thresholds definitely having issues (well, doors in general). My doors are all referenced from another library FWIW since I reuse 99% of them between projects.
  3. techdef


    Getting mouse-cursor tracers on-screen. This 2024 seems not fully baked.
  4. Yeah, stupid amount of wasted pixel by default in this new layout. Boo hiss.
  5. To be more specific: the Hardware no longer flips in plan when you flip the door. It does in 3D view but not plan
  6. @E|FA that didnt work, but thanks for the idea
  7. I've just posted 2 door tool issues too. Same as you on this one.
  8. Take a look at below screenshot - open & update 2023 file to 2024. All door thresholds have blown way up. Remove and re-insert fixes it but suboptimal.
  9. Something has changed - door hardware no longer "flips" with the door in plan. I have all my ADA door clearances drawn as hardware so they show up in plan, now they don't flip with the doors. Please advise. BrokenDoor.vwx
  10. this should be easy? Take a look at the attached screenshot - tell me which edge is highlighted? You can't can you... Make the active one Green, or Blue or anything other than a very subtle highlight...
  11. Latest SP, Redshift renderings no longer update for publish. In fact I can't even update more than one at a time - have to wait for each one to finish, then click Update on the next.
  12. Steven, Thanks, a few new ideas there to test out. Hadn't thought of VPs or worksheets...
  13. Got an 8-story apartment building over 2 basements. Will be 3 stories concrete with wood frame above. Critical that the columns align between the concrete levels... My preference is to move columns once, rather than on each floor. Kind of wish there was a baked-in way to make multi-story elements like this... Some options: Make a Column Design Layer and put them there, that layer stays on a lot. It has very high walls. Annoying if floor to floor heights change, which they will. Put column on Struct Column Classes, from FF to underside of slab above, make a symbol and plop the symbol on each floor layer? Probably less annoying. ??
  14. Thanks Pat - I'm assuming this is like trying to turn layers on/off on Referenced materials within viewports, in that it's a hard nope. But... the Reference is on a layer, and a class, and both are called out to be dashed line over-ride in Visualization. Nope. Everything in Grey in the viewport should be dashed. I'm guessing that the fact that it's currently on class XREF-Units is completely ignored in favor of whatever class the stuff is really on (in the other file). That's something I can understand, but it'd be a mighty nice over-ride checkbox.
  15. Trying to use Visualizations to dash out some floor-plan-above for parking column layouts. No luck getting the Visualization to override the unit layouts which are referenced into the floor layers. Anyone else got love?
  16. How is this still on the list? Please oh please
  17. awkwardly I think I made the last purchase before they went out of business. Had some follow up tech support since I couldn't get things working reliably and then they stopped answering. Weak sauce.
  18. Doe anyone know how to control the line spacing for issue notes & revisions? I can't figure out how to stack them closer together and would like to fit more in without re-doing the whole titleblock...
  19. Feel like I recall a thread on this some time ago, but no amount of searching can find it... Looking for a simple way to do recessed / flush while open fire protection doors for elevator shafts; ie: outside of the wall. Ideally something like the below image, where there's a wall recess for the door leaf, but inserting the door wrecks the recess. Tried using the Exterior Wall Detail splay option, but that's not going to do quite what we need. anyone got a hot tip?
  20. Wes, I've done this, but cannot find the edited hardware symbols from within the Manage Door Hardware dialogs. Any guidance there?
  21. Please add an Active Titleblocks option for what to publish, that way I don't have to double-check that my index and generated files align.
  22. Well, to confound matters, when I reference the site model into a new, blank Vectorworks document it shows up and works fine. I tried deleting it from my working file, and even ran "purge" to no avail.
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