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  1. milezee

    3D Wheelchair

    @michael john williams try the below file Michael, seems ok here on my machine. Wheelchair (1).skp
  2. milezee

    3D Wheelchair

    @michael john williams you won't find much VW formats on there, you can download obj, step, iges etc and import into VW 👍
  3. @khumenny I use a 3d connexion space navigator with Rhino, it's great, new to VW and it seems to work ok too, I think I need more time to master it in VW 👍
  4. milezee

    3D Wheelchair

    @michael john williams try on GrabCad, lots of free useful 3d models on there, https://grabcad.com/library/tag/wheelchair
  5. milezee

    Speed Modeling Enhancements?

    @ThreeDot yeh the command line is great, both in Autocad & Rhino3d, simple yet really effective way to model 👍
  6. milezee

    Speed Modeling Enhancements?

    @mjm a gumball would be such a great yet simple addition, @jmanganelli just added VW to our software in the office, long time Rhino user though, I get what you're asking for 👍
  7. @Jim Wilson hi Jim, yes it would be an invaluable little addition to the VW workflow for sure, and I hope it's on the radar 😁
  8. @Andy Broomell hi Andy, yes you can just click/drag with the Gumball, you can select a control point and manipulate that too, you can also re-align the Gumball to c-plane, world, or object, and as a Brucie Bonus you can drag, hold alt, and this creates a copy too, 👍 Rhinoceros 6 Commercial 18_12_2018 10_18_46.mp4
  9. milezee

    Gumball Style Manipulation

    @Jim Smith hi Jim, yes bumped it and added my vote, new to the VW forums so I have no idea what percentage of your 'wish lists' make it into the software, Gumball would be a great addition in my mind, I added a short video on the other thread, added below here too, thanks for chipping in, 👍 Gumball.mov
  10. Gumball in Rhino3d (and many other applications) is a really great little tool, within about 2 months of this being implemented a few years back my thoughts were, 'how on earth did we manage before this little fella arrived' 😝👍 (it can be turned on and off as desired) Gumball.mov
  11. @Kevin McAllister this really needs to be implemented in VW, a gumball is such a simple, efficient way to simply move, scale, and rotate an object 👍
  12. milezee

    Gumball Style Manipulation

    @rDesign hahaha, that's like over 2 years back, thanks for the link though. I guess it's deemed not an important feature request, really surprising though tbh 🤔
  13. milezee

    Gumball Style Manipulation

    @Jim Smith @Kevin McAllister wow I'm surprised there isn't a gumball style manipulator in VW, such a simple thing that really improves user efficiency and experience 😑
  14. Hi forum, is there a way to move, scale, rotate objects with a 'Gumball' style widget. At the moment I'm stumbling my way round moving, rotating objects. tia 😊
  15. milezee

    Renderworks or Artlantis Advice

    @Phil hunt Phil, thanks for that info, much appreciated, cheers 👍🍻


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