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  1. milezee

    Add Data Tag or Label to Custom Symbol

    @KIvanov thanks Kostadin, yes it does what I need, 👍
  2. milezee

    Add Data Tag or Label to Custom Symbol

    @KIvanov find attached test file, if you follow the link below and view around 2mins in I want to be able to tag my custom made symbols with a number, tia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=256kpjnaEOU test (milezee).vwx
  3. milezee

    Add Data Tag or Label to Custom Symbol

    @KIvanov hello Kostadin, thanks for the reply. What I want to do is to be a able to go to all the objects on my sheet pages and label them with a number tag which corresponds to my worksheet list. How do I send you a test file ? thanks
  4. in need of some help if possible. I've been slowly learning VW and nearly ready (I think) to start using it in anger for project work. Now comfortable with creating all my own custom symbols, attaching a record, creating worksheets, nice looking sheet pages etc. One thing I just can't master is adding a Data Tag to each custom symbol. I want to be able to add a simple number in a circle to each object so it corresponds with the bill of quantities items in my worksheet and the viewer can see which number tag is which item in my list, any help appreciated 😁(screenshot attached of example I'm trying to achieve)
  5. milezee

    Searching in the resource browser

    @Pat Stanford yeh looks that way, something to get my head round when searching for stuff, room for improvement in this functionality imho 😁
  6. milezee

    Searching in the resource browser

    @Pat Stanford uhmmm, doesn't make sense that you put a search in for Cabinet Handles, (and you know there is a folder named Cabinet Handles) and the search comes up with nothing, suppose I'll just have to work with it, thanks for the tips Pat 👍
  7. milezee

    Searching in the resource browser

    @Pat Stanford thanks for chipping in Pat, yes if I type just Pull I seem to get the full library as expected, and for Handle a mix of handles and taps, and for Handles I get a few taps ?? I'd of expected the search function to be a bit more intuitive than that, is this normal ? I search a few different items and often get a return of nothing found 🤔
  8. When I search for items in the resource browser I'm getting nothing showing in the results, I'm sure I have things set to search all libraries example, if I search for cabinet handles or pulls nothing is found, yet I know they are there in the libraries ??
  9. milezee

    Strange Sheet Results

    Hi, having problems with how my sheets are viewing and the PDF output I get. I'm hoping it's my newbie skills and this is easily fixable ☺️ See attached screenshots, one is how lines are viewing in my sheet page, the other is the saved PDF viewed in adobe acrobat viewer. Also to note, when I zoom in and out on my sheet page lines are flickering on and off ?? any help appreciated, tia edit, it seems to be an issue with the dashed hidden line display mode ???
  10. milezee

    Create Wall from Objects

    @Jim Smith thanks for the tip Jim, slowly finding different ways to get to what I need 👍
  11. @SaraAU I'm getting this error message too, anyone know a solution ? (pretty sure I'm doing something wrong)
  12. milezee

    Create Wall from Objects

    @EJW thanks for chipping in Ed, yes I can import dwg & PDF fine, change to correct scale etc. it's more the getting the walls to the correct thickness, as mentioned I can have 4 walls in room type that all have a different thickness. To be honest, I don't even need to indicate what type of wall they are, I'll try the editing wall styles, cheers for the tip 👍
  13. milezee

    Create Wall from Objects

    any tips out there ? tia 🙂
  14. Hello Forum, newbie to VW so hopefully a simple solution :☺️ I often receive architects drawings (both DWG & PDF) where I only need the perimter of the room as my starting point. So I;m drawing over using the polyline tool and rectangle tool. A lot of the walls are different thicknesses etc. I was trying the Create Objects From Shapes command, but it is offsetting the polysurfaces I'm choosing. Is there a way to efficiently trace over the architects drawings and convert/modify to walls ?
  15. milezee

    Need to draw a Boat

    @Jan-Burger TROOST I'm a VW newbie, so I wouldn't have a clue 🤣, good luck with your surface modelling 👍


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