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  1. milezee

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD Hi Jonathan, our PC's run VW ok most of the time, get the occasional hang or rare crash, our models aren't huge, interior/furniture etc, never more than 100mb, most I would guess are half that. Hidden Dashed Line can take a few minutes (this so needs improving), we do some basic OpenGL perspective views in viewports on our sheet pages which are fine. As for Twinmotion that runs good on our machines, fast jpeg output, and impressive short animation speeds. We just find the workflow between VW and Twinmotion to be a bit clunky, hopefully they will link much better soon 👍
  2. milezee

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    Vectorworks absolutely needs to be working in sync with Twinmotion, at the moment it kind of works, but 'kind of works' won't keep people interested for long, they will just move onto a workflow 'that works efficiently '
  3. absolutely needs improvement, anything that keeps me from moving over to a sterile and large corporate software such as Autodesk Revit is most welcomed 😝 @Amorphous - Julian I'm with you on this one, lets hope for some big steps forward 👍
  4. milezee

    Reshape Tool with Rectangles

    @mac@stairworks yeh it's ok for some things, 👍
  5. milezee

    Reshape Tool with Rectangles

    @halfcouple yeh fillet tool works too, rectangles and squares must be 'special' 🤣, its one those 1st world problems that make you scratch your head 🤔😂
  6. milezee

    Reshape Tool with Rectangles

    @TKA yeh that works too 👍, definitely a step you shouldn't have to take though, should just work like any other shape 🤔
  7. milezee

    Reshape Tool with Rectangles

    @RussU thanks for confirming Russ, thought it was me being basic for a while there. I guess it's a bug that for some reason won't be fixed
  8. Hello Forum, using the Reshape tool on various shapes to put radii on corners, doesn't work on rectangles or squares, no handles appear like they do with other shapes, screenshot attached of shapes that work and rectangle that doesn't. Works fine with other shapes, just not rectangles!! Is this intended, a bug ??
  9. @Greg Miller yep agreed, would be good to know if a plugin between VW & Twinmotion is going to released ??
  10. milezee

    Repeat Last Command Shortcut?

    yep, definitely needed 👍
  11. @Kevin McAllister @Andy Broomell @Wes Gardner Not sure about you guys, but I'm still scratching my head why Vectorworks 2020 still doesn't have a Gumball style widget for some basic move, rescale, rotate, resize options , such a simple thing that aids efficient workflow massively in any CAD software, am I/we just hoping for something that is not even on the radar ?? Links below to other discussions and one from another software developer who are really utilising this tool (just a basic Gumball in VW would be a start) https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/60427-gumball-style-manipulation/&tab=comments#comment-301963
  12. There is a Rhino (.3dm files) import & export option in Vectorworks, it's more the import option I have a problem with. It only imports Rhino V5 files. Rhino V6 has been available for around 2 years now. It wasn't working in VW 2019, and now the new VW 2020 still doesn't import Rhino V6 files. Surely needs addressing ??? Link below to forum discussion from last year. Please can we get this sorted, cheers https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/60072-import-rhino-v6-3dm-file-fails/&tab=comments#comment-299885
  13. milezee

    Keyshot and Vectorworks

    @EAlexander I don't use it where I work now, I wish we did, I got to really like Keyshot for standalone furniture and some interior renders
  14. milezee

    Keyshot and Vectorworks

    @MHBrown I personally think if you're going to hire someone what software they use shouldn't be top of the list, if you really want someone on your workforce you would offer them some kind of training period, although I do understand we live in a fast paced world, and employers want results yesterday. Have you looked at Twinmotion ? free to download until early November 👍
  15. milezee

    Keyshot and Vectorworks

    Keyshot has evolved over the years from a mainly product and furniture render package to something that you can do full interiors these days. It's a really nice standalone render software, one of its best points is that the learning curve is far simpler than say 3ds max, yet still achieving great results 👍


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