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  1. @sergiocdet hth New Folder With Items.zip
  2. @rDesign cheers, I'll take a look 👍
  3. hello Forum, what is the best method to create interior glazed walls like what you see in modern office spaces, are there any tools in VW what will achieve these (VW 2020 Architect), images attached of the kind of thing I'm after, tia
  4. @Josh Loy Josh, I like the way you manage customer expectations 🤣, I look forward to the fix 👍
  5. @Josh Loy hi Josh, I haven't got a clue what 32bit floats & 64bits floats are 🤣, but I believe you 😊 and hopefully you guys can find some kind of fix in the next SP release 👍
  6. @Geoff McBeath hi Geoff, thanks for chipping in, how do you explain if I create a cube, of a reasonable size, 300 x 400 x 500mm , then zoom in and the tearing still happens ? Yet if you switch to an orthogonal perspective the problem goes away ? Either way hopefully the software engineers can fix 👍
  7. @PeterYip I think i may have just solved the tilt & spin issue, in the configure window I just had the default Vectorworks set, I added VW 2020 from applications, and it now seems to work, still not as slick as in Rhino, but it works, cheers for the assistance 👍
  8. @digitalcarbon this is how i want my Space Mouse to work, can't even get my 3D Connexion Space Mouse to work fully in VW
  9. @PeterYip no spin here, anything at the bottom of the list in green just doesn't work
  10. @PeterYip thanks for chipping in, think my settings are pretty much the same, i just can't get the tilt or spin to work, kind of defeats the object of having a space mouse, works beautiful in Rhino, its a dream to use, but in Vectorworks it sucks yet they have it as supported software 🙄🤔
  11. Trying to set up my 3D Connexion wireless space mouse on my MBP using VW2020. The pan tools are fine, right, left, up down, zoom in/out are working ok. Its the spin & tilt when in a 3d perspective view that just don't work at all ?? Any ideas 🤔 I have the same device set up to work fantastic in Rhino 3d Screenshot attached, its the Green icons which are just not working, tia
  12. @zoomer that's it, that's the problem, I always use 3d perspectives in 'normal', if I switch to 'orthagonal' the tearing doesn't happen when I zoom in. @JuanP is that a display bug ?
  13. @zoomer pretty sure my template tolerances are set to 1mm, I can draw a rectangle 1mm x 1mm, I have just created a cube, approx 300 x 400 x 400mm, the same happens if I zoom into that, it starts to tear away as you get really close , hopefully @JuanP may have discovered what the issue is
  14. @JuanP @zoomer yes I never checked the scale , here is another test file, the chair in this file is a stock chair from within the VW library, if I zoom into the feet or any other part of the model the geometry starts tearing away when you get very close ??🤔 Chair Zoom Test 2.vwx
  15. @EAlexander yeh still same issue 🤔, @JuanP I'm getting a similar issue when I use a chair from the stock VW library within the software, its not as bad, but still clips the 3d geometry if I zoom right in


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