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  1. milezee

    Strange VP's on Sheet Page

    @Wes Gardner @Tamsin Slatter out of interest, when would page based symbols be used, what scenario ?
  2. milezee

    Strange VP's on Sheet Page

    @Tamsin Slatter @Wes Gardner many thanks for the input and diagnosis, much appreciated 👍, will rectify and hopefully not make the same mistake again, still slowly learning and stumbling my way around the VW universe 😁
  3. milezee

    Strange VP's on Sheet Page

    @Wes Gardner file attached (have removed title block from sheet page, doesn't affect strange behaviour) , all these custom symbols are in a seperate 'master file' which produces the same strange results 🤔 thanks for taking a look 👍 Eclipse Kitchen Test.vwx
  4. Hello Forum, I'm putting some viewports on my sheet page, I'm getting strange things happening, they look a mess. I seem to be able to get some elevations to look ok, but any kind of 3d perspective is producing bizarre results, any ideas ? tia screenshots attached of how a view in the model space, and then on the sheet page after creating a viewport
  5. milezee

    Select Similar Tool - symbol name?

    @Light Guy Calvin experienced this today, wanted to select a bunch of handles I had custom made, modified to a symbol, then tried to select them all without success 😞
  6. milezee

    VW not Using GPU

    yes it seems that is the way it works, thanks for clearing this up, cheers 🍻
  7. milezee

    VW not Using GPU

    @Nicolas Goutte thanks for the input. It seems Rendering in VW uses the CPU, and the GPU is fully used when rotating, panning, zooming etc, is this correct ??
  8. milezee

    VW not Using GPU

    Hello Forum, my PC doesn't seem to be using the GPU at all when rendering, the task manager shows the CPU being maxed out, around 99% and the GPU usage is about 1%. Is there something we need to change on our PC's ?? tia
  9. milezee

    Linking Multiple Files

    @Benson Shaw thanks for the input. Yes it's just names of objects, and quantities throughout the project. I'll look into some of these suggestions, cheers 👍
  10. milezee

    Linking Multiple Files

    @Boh thanks for the input 👍, we design furniture & interior packages, usually large projects (i.e. 15 floors, 300 rooms) and work from architects drawings of room sizes. Each room type has its own drawing, so hence having multiple drawings for each project. We never have a model or single file with all floors, all rooms etc.
  11. milezee

    Linking Multiple Files

    Is it possible to link multiple files so that I can create a worksheet which counts all the objects from the files linked to that project ? Scenario as follows 1- I create a master file with all my custom made symbols, attach records etc 2- I then have multiple files, different rooms, spaces etc which are part of the same project, and have symbols from the masterfile within them 3- I create a worksheet on each sheet page on each drawing with a Bill of Quantities for that specific file 4- Can I have a worksheet that will count all the objects across the multiple project files ??? So I have a complete list of all items required for the project as a whole 😊 tia
  12. milezee

    Identify Object From Worksheet

    @Boh thanks 👍
  13. Hello Forum, I have a small issue. I have a worksheet which gathers information from custom made symbols which have a record attached to them. When I put my worksheet on the drawing I'm getting a 'rogue' row of information, which just has a number in one of the columns. I must of somehow attached the record twice. My question is, can I identify which symbol this is attached too ? Can I highlight the row or cell and somehow see which object this is getting its data from ? tia
  14. milezee

    What mouse do you recommend?

    @Christiaan got myself one last week, really nice 👍
  15. milezee

    Nomad App PDF android issue

    @inikolova excellent 👍


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