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  1. The advice to ‘convert these objects to 3D polygons’ should only be followed if you are working on a copy of your working file, as doing this will destroy all history of your object and essentially make it uneditable in Vw. What was a parametric hybrid 2D / 3D object (wall, door, window, etc) will become a bunch of 3D polygons; This may be useful / helpful for the target 3D application, but it is not very useful for typical VW BIM workflows.
  2. Alternatively you could include the RW style in your template file(s). But I could see that having direct access to RW styles in your Favorites would be a welcome improvement. What you describe in No. 2 sounds like a bug. As you said, when you import a RW style into a file which already has the same named RW style, it should ask to replace / rename it. That is the expected behavior with any other Vw resources having the same name. @Dave Donley - does this behavior sound like a bug?
  3. Take a look at this course available at Vw University: Vw Univ : Data Tag Tool If you are Service Select member there is another one in the Coffee Break series on Custom Data Tags. Or take a look at the Help File page on Data Tags: Vw 2024 Help File : Adding Data Tags and Labels
  4. I agree 100% with this ^^. This thread is so far off-topic — there may be interesting things being discussed, but it is no longer about the original wishlist request. Both Revit and ArchiCAD already have Rhino.Inside functionality, and this wishlist request is asking that functionality also be provided in Vw. Many architectural graduates in the U.S. already know Rhino — as that is one of the applications that many of them are taught / use in their studies. Providing Rhino.Inside for Vw would open up this application to those practitioners who might be drawn to Revit or ArchiCAD because of their Rhino.Inside functionality. VW may have resisted developing Rhino.Inside for Vw because they may argue that since we already have Marionette, why do we need Rhino.Inside? As @xxubiqts noted, you would be hard-pressed to try and duplicate the functionality of Rhino add-on packages like — Grasshopper (algorithmic / generative design), Ladybug (environmental design), Honeybee (daylight and radiation simulation) — using only Vw’s Marionette, if it were even possible.
  5. If you look at that current file in the Resource Manager, if there is a Symbol Folder named ‘Cabinets’ try renaming it to something other than ‘Cabinets’. As you learned, VW does not like having anything with the same name.
  6. @jmhanby What OS are you using and what are the specifications of your laptop (and desktop)? (It makes it easier for forum users to assist you add this information to your signature). Since you are seeing different behavior on your laptop -vs- desktop computer (assuming you are using the same Vw files and Vw version installation), it could be that the hardware specifications of your laptop are be below what is recommended.
  7. @Chris Wang if it is reversed faces like Bart suggests, and you are unsure what that means or how to fix it in SketchUp, see the following YouTube video. Note that it is MUCH easier to fix reversed faces in SketchUp than in Vw.
  8. @JuanP - there’s a typo in the updated chart for MacOS compatibility as it has two columns for Vw2023; I assume the left-most column is for Vw2024.
  9. Unless you used Vw Cloud Services to save your Vw files and backup files, it’s doubtful that Vw would have them. Sorry.
  10. Vw2024 only supports importing Revit 2023 versions or older (back to Revit 2011). Vw2024 Help File: Importing Revit
  11. No, not that I know of — I think you have to edit them all individually. But once you create a custom Workspace the way you want it, then you can share that Workspace with any other users using that same version of VW.
  12. If you edit your Workspace, you can set Command and Menu keyboard shortcuts to be whatever you like.
  13. No - I didn't. I didn't know that you could extract 3d Loci from a point cloud.
  14. If you want to use an Artistic Lines and Shadow Render style in the Background, see this thread for info on recommended settings to get rid of unwanted lines created by the default Artistic Lines & Shadow settings:
  15. This functionality should also apply to Keynotes on Sheet Layers (not just Design Layers). Very rarely do I want a copied Keynote to remain associated with the Sheet / Design Layer Keynote Legend that I am copying it from.
  16. See this related thread, it should answer your question about the current limitations when inserting skylights.
  17. I posted a similar question about Vw Light objects (not lighting instruments) appearing outside the Clip Cube in Vw2023. Never got a satisfactory answer about whether it was working as designed.
  18. Google “condensed monospace font” and you’ll find a bunch of options.
  19. Bumping and cross-linking related wishlist requests for posterity.
  20. This has been wishlist requested for a very long time. I posted one wishlist request for it back in 2015 (linked below); it currently has 41 upvotes. In that request I noted that this has been requested since at least 2009; going on 14 years now. Perhaps someday it will be implemented… but based on comments made by @Matt Panzer in THIS thread, it appears that with the introduction of Viewport Styles in Vw2024 — the thinking may be that this functionality is no longer necessary.
  21. I agree. It seems like poor UI / UX design that an important part — the ‘yellow ball’ — is mostly or completely hidden by the other selection highlights. @Senthil Prabu How are users to know about the 3D dragger’s enhanced functionality in Vw2024 if part of it is completely hidden?
  22. See the answer to this question from another thread:
  23. See this related thread for an explanation of the reasoning:
  24. I’m not sure if this was the original poster’s intent with their question, but I have thought it would be ‘helpful’ if there were a direct link to the online Vw Help file directly from the user Forums. Much like it would be useful if there were a direct link to Vectorworks.net from the user forums.
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