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    Buying New Laptop...Need Recommendations

    Outside of Vw & Catalina issues — you might already be aware of this, but since you mentioned using ‘Adobe Suite’, know that the Adobe Creative Suite does not work on MacOS Catalina. You’ll have to upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud (subscription only) if you want to use MacOS Catalina.
  2. Sadly, I wonder if Vw will ever provide correct ‘real world’ texture mapping on PIOs like this... As an experiment, if you do the incorrect texture mapping inside the symbol (by rotating the textures all 90 degrees from where you want them to end up), can you force Vw to make it look correct on exiting the symbol? Just a thought.
  3. rDesign

    Mac OS 10.15 Catlina

    I asked Tech support the same question a few weeks ago (also based on what I saw with Go64) and received the following reply:
  4. I know it is a long-standing wishlist item, but I thought I would submit a new request to improve the poor texture mapping in Vw, partially due to lacking support for UV Texure Mapping. A perfect example of the result of this missing functionality is demonstrated by the way that a Subdivision object has to be converted to a Generic Solid before it can be properly textured with an image-based texture. Of course, you lose all Subdivison functionality once you convert it to a Generic Solid. A select list of objects that are currently hamstrung by the lack of proper texture (UV) mapping, I'm sure there are others: Subdivison Objects [slightly improved in 2017 for small-scale image texture materials] Cabinet PIO Door PIO 3D plants with textures can't be scaled Framing Objects Meshes NURBS Surfaces Links to related threads regarding texturing limitations & UV mapping: Subdivision Objects Different colors on different surfaces of objects Textures that scale automatically- Image Props do, 3D models don't, why? Free XFrog Plants Too Big Textures with grains UV Mapping for Coolux Venue Site Texture Mapping on Stretched NURBS Surfaces Render Issues Model UVW Mapping Question Edge-banding Tool Tip For Texture Mapping on Non-rectangular Object Please Make Cabinets So That They Take Wood Textures Properly [I was doing some further reading on mapping techniques for Pixar's OpenSubdiv (basis of Vw's Subdivison objects), and I came across Disney's Ptex open-source API as an easier mapping alternative to UV mapping.]
  5. No improvement to texture mapping in Vw2020, so hopefully this request is still in their sights.
  6. rDesign

    Framing Member correct texture alignment

    Unfortunately, the inability to properly texture plug-in objects has been around so long that I don’t believe that Vw considers it a ‘bug’, but instead they probably consider it as ‘Working As Designed’. If you care about proper texturing of framing members, extrusions, cabinets, subdivision objects, etc please go over to this wishlist thread and upvote it: In that first post, I listed many (but probably not all) of the objects in Vw which cannot be properly textured; Framing Members being one of those listed. There is also a separate wishlist for proper Texturing of Objects With Wood Grain. Please go upvote both wishlist items, and hopefully soon Vw will finally correct this long-standing shortcoming.
  7. While I had Vw2020 open, I used the macOS Finder to change the name of one file in my User Favorites folder and Vw did not like this, although I didn't know until I tried to quit Vw (eventually I had to Force-Quit). Apparently Vw had been putting dozens of error messages in the background unbeknownst to me, as there were no error sounds and the error messages were all happening behind the VW application so I had no idea. Other than Vw acting very strangely, as I could select objects and nothing would show as selected on the OIP, I couldn't move objects, etc. These dozens of error messages were all stacked one on top of the other. I pulled them apart to see the sheer depth of the non-notifications. An error message like this should never be sent to the background. VSS-92498
  8. In previous versions of Vw, I could set all attributes to be 'By Class' on the Attributes Palette by selecting the palette's Utility Menu and selecting 'Make All Attributes by Class'. This no longer seems to work Vw2020, as when I select 'Make All Attributes by Class' none of the attributes change until I draw an object -- then the palette changes to the Class attributes. Then if I switch to a new Class, the attributes palette doesn't update to show the attributes of the now current Class. Something seems seriously broken. EDIT: it seems to be working correctly now, so I think it was directly caused by what I reported in this other thread:
  9. rDesign

    AEC Wall Framer and Curved Walls

    As I noted previously in this thread over three years ago, the error message should tell you it doesn't work on curved walls. Additionally, the Vw Help File page on Framing a Wall does not make any mention that the tool only works on straight Walls, not Curved Walls. I think that Help page should be updated to tell you it will not work with Curved Walls.
  10. rDesign

    AEC Wall Framer and Curved Walls

    Nope. I just tried in Vw2020 and you still cannot use the Wall Framer tool on Curved Walls. It still just gives you this relatively unhelpful error message when you try to run the Wall Framer tool on a DL which does have a Wall, it just happens to be a Curved Wall:
  11. rDesign

    Creating Custom Parts with Marionette

    I would start by taking a look at the custom Marionette cabinet that @Alan Woodwell created to see if it does what you’re looking for. If it doesn’t, you can take a look at how he wired together that Marionette network to give you an idea of how to create your own. I don’t have much experience (at all) with Marionette, but I think possibly the best way to learn about it is to look at the Marionette networks created by others. Good luck!
  12. rDesign

    Vw2020 not 100% 64-bit on macOS

    Here’s the reply with the good news that I got back from Tech Support:
  13. With macOS 10.15 Catalina due to be released next month (and the long-known fact that 32-bit apps will no longer work after 10.15), I used Go64 to check and see if all parts of Vw2020 report as being 64-bit, and there are still two applications inside the Vw package which report as being 32-bit: python 3.5-32 libxerces-c-3.0.dylib Are either of these 32-bit applications going to prevent Vw2020 from running properly under macOS 10.15 Catalina? Thanks. [Tech Support Ref. No. VSS-92289]
  14. [EDIT - Please Ignore this thread. If possible, the VW Forum Admin can feel free to delete it.] Never mind. I had started my own RAL Color Palette in Vw2016, and when I imported my User Preferences to Vw2020 - I had forgotten that they were in there.
  15. rDesign

    Vw2020 'RAL Classic Colors' = User Error

    I did migrate over my 2016 User Preferences (during which Vw2020 crashed in the middle of migration), so my confusion was been caused by bringing that old RAL palette forward from 2016. It was definitely my User Error. My apologies. The RAL color palettes in Vw2020 are great! Thank you!
  16. I just installed Vw2020, and the Message Center (up by my logged-in User Account Name) says that I have 4 messages. (At least I *think* it's a 4, it's such a small font size it's almost impossible to read. Update: It's definitely a '4', when I started Vw2020 this morning I paid attention to the Message Center icon and noticed that it was flashing *4* repeatedly at me.). I click on the icon and it says 'No News to Display', including a scroll bar for no reason since there's nothing to display. Am I missing something in Vw2020? [UPDATE: I thought it might have been my DNS Ad-blocker that was getting in the way of Messages getting through, so I turned that off: Nope, still no messages in Vw2020. So I opened up Vw2018 and Vw2019 to see how the Message Center works there, and it works fine in both of them -- I even see messages about Vw2020.] VSS-92287
  17. rDesign

    Open Beta Program

    Bumping this again for issues found in the Vw2020 release...
  18. rDesign

    Update Library Catalog

    *Bump* This wishlist request still not addressed in Vw2020; the 'Update Libraries' dialogue box blocks you from doing anything else in Vw and the Updates cannot be scheduled for background or off-peak updating.
  19. rDesign

    Vectorworks 2008

    Assuming that you are reinstalling 10.6.8, and not a newer macOS version which may be incompatible with Vw2008, I would contact tech support directly (link available at the lower right side of this page under ‘Community’).
  20. rDesign

    adjusting panoramas 2

    What are the “Maxon requirements” for panoramas? Are they described in the Vw2019 & 2020 Help file somewhere? Thanks.
  21. rDesign

    Spot Levels to 3d loci for site model

    I found a very old thread on this topic which includes a VectorScript which might be able to help you. I have no experience with the script included (nor any idea how to troubleshoot it), but at least one user posted that they were able to make it work as recently as 2013. Good luck.
  22. As long as you’re not using 2019 Fundamentals, the Visibility tool on the Basic tool palette will do what you’re asking: There are several modes to control Visible / Invisible / Grey for either Classes or Layers. Vw 2019 Help File: The Visibility Tool
  23. rDesign

    2021 Architecture Wishlist

    Yeah - 2022 might be a more realistic title for this thread since I recall that Vw has an 18-month engineering cycle. Many of the wishlist items listed in this thread already have existing wishlist topics. Here are several links to existing individual wishlist items included in this thread that everyone should go up-vote, if they haven’t already. Stair tool rehab for 2050 Stair Tool Stair Tool Viewport “Styles” Vectorworks User Interface Overhaul Window and Door Tool Maturity Bi-Folding Sliding Doors for Door Tool Custom Cabinet Setting - No Top
  24. rDesign

    v.2020 now available

    Matt - thank you for finding that section, I clearly missed it. Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of most of the collapsible sections in the Help file. I’m always having to click them open because that’s where almost all of the important info lives.


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