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  1. Gotcha - thank you for the clarification.
  2. I opened that PDF file with PDF Studio 2021, and there aren't any layers in the PDF. I believe that vector-based PDFs typically do have both a raster version and the vector linework version. (As a test to confirm, I made a PDF with Vw 2022 using File > Export PDF, drag & dropped the PDF back into Vw, ungrouped it and there are both a raster and vector version).
  3. If by chance you’re running Vw 2022 (and not 2018 as per your signature), in 2022 OpenGL was renamed to Shaded.
  4. @MHBrown I believe that all licensed Vw Users have a Vw Customer Portal page, whether or not you have a Service Select subscription. Click the link towards the bottom of this Twinmotion | Vectorworks promotion page, under the section labeled ‘Get your Free License Today’. There are instructions on how to get your TM license there. HTH. https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/twinmotion/vectorworks
  5. Here you go -- it's in a folder inside a ZIP archive. Thorpe Road COU-dwg.zip
  6. One of the features that I used most often in Bluebeam Revu for Mac is the ability to Flatten the document, which is what I do right before I send out the PDF. That way the comments & annotations all appear exactly as I want them and you do not have the problem that you described. There is also an Unflatten command. It looks like PDF Studio also has this Flatten / Unflatten functionality, perhaps other PDF applications have this functionality as well.
  7. I have both PDF Expert and PDFPen Pro, and neither of them allows you to measure and/or dimension objects / drawings.
  8. Yes, I am, but with one big caveat. The last version release available, Bluebeam Revu for Mac version 2.1, does NOT run on MacOS 11 Big Sur or newer — it crashes immediately on trying to open the app. But the previous older version 1.9.3 does work on MacOS 11 Big Sur. Note that you can no longer purchase a new seat purchase of Bluebeam Revu for Mac. I have tried other PDF applications on the Mac, but I have not found one which can take measurements the way that Bluebeam Revu can.
  9. Back in 2017 @Wes Gardner posted the following in another thread about Framing Tool -vs- Structural Member Tools. I don’t know if what he posted back then still applies today in 2021.
  10. You can apply a Sketch Style to a 2D Viewport: Applying Sketch Styles to Viewports
  11. I just wanted to update this thread for other macOS users using Bluebeam: It appears that the most recent version of Bluebeam Revu for Mac 2.1 no longer works under macOS 11 Big Sur and newer. As Vw 2022 requires macOS 11 Big Sur or newer, I updated so that I can run Vw 2022, but now Bluebeam Revu for Mac crashes immediately after the start up splash screen. It really stinks, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised as this Bluebeam support page says that macOS 10.15 Catalina is the last version supported. I had hoped it would continue working since I checked that Bluebeam was 64-bit ready (which it is), prior to installing Big Sur; I should have taken them at their word when they said that it will not run on macOS 11 Big Sur. I guess that the Vectorworks <-> Bluebeam integration announced several years ago won't extend to Vw 2022 and beyond until something changes. UPDATE: While Bluebeam Revu for Mac 2.1 does not work on Big Sur, it seems that the old Revu version 1.93 does work on Big Sur. Go figure! 😥 I'm sure there's lost functionality with the old version, but it's better than nothing.
  12. I haven't used Image Effects on SLVPs very much, but I am having trouble on a file in Vw 2021 where I get an error pop-up saying 'One or more operations were aborted due to lack of memory' when I try to update a SLVP with Image Effects. After giving me the error, looking at the OIP for the SLVP, it has gone ahead and unchecked the 'Apply image effects' checkbox; If I click Update on the SLVP viewport without the Image Effects, it renders and completes just fine without error; I can successfully apply the Image Effects after the SLVP has been updated - BUT - if I need to update the SLVP, I have to uncheck the Image Effects first in order to avoid getting the error. The Vw file in question is 114MB, so not terribly large. The first time this happened to me, I shut down Vw and restarted my Mac. Then I reopened Vw 2021, opened the subject file, and repeated the process only to get the same 'Aborted due to Lack of Memory' error. Screen recording showing the error in progress: vw2021-slvp-memory-error.mp4 Thanks in advance.
  13. In Vw2022, on the 'Help > Install Partner Products' it does not show my installed Partner Products -- which is how I ended up with WinDoor being installed twice, along with two 'Tools > Partner Products' menus. I'm running the current Vw2022 SP1.1. Thank you. Bug reported.
  14. I usually find that using Google is more effective at finding things on the Vw Forum than using the Forum’s built-in Search bar. A Google image search for “Vectorworks landscape plan” brought up a bunch of nice illustrative landscape plan images, some of the results linked below: https://land8.com/a-different-way-of-thinking-pacific-coast-land-design-and-vectorworks-landmark/ https://www.nicholasdexter.com/CAD-landscape-design-vectorworks.html https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/customer-showcase/how-a-bim-for-landscape-process-was-successfully-implemented https://blog.vectorworks.net/how-fpcr-finds-efficiency-in-vectorworks-for-multidisciplinary-design
  15. @Anders Blomberg - I found this thread of VW users sharing some images of their landscape drawing sheets. HTH.
  16. No — the Plant tool is not included with Architect: It is included with Landmark and the Design Suite. in this Commands and Tools PDF available in the Vw 2022 Help File, you can see which commands / tools are included with which Vw product. HTH
  17. In order to get the ‘Use Distribution File’ option on the Light source OIP, you first have to change your Light mode to ‘Custom Light’. Then you can load the correct IES light distribution file for your luminaire. Refer to THIS thread for some additional information on IES lighting files. Also refer to the following page from the VW 2022 Help File: Light Source Properties
  18. Over 30 years for me as well, but Vw WS do have an arc tangent function: atan(number) … which if I recall my Trig class is the same as the inverse tan function?
  19. I think you’ll find the list of new 2022 worksheet functions on the following page: https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/WS:Vectorworks_2022_Worksheets
  20. Quoted from THIS Twinmotion page, which makes clear that it is a perpetual license, but it needs to be redeemed by March 31, 2022:
  21. @Bruce Kieffer I haven’t tried this to see how on-drawing worksheets function with multiple drawing views, but maybe you could have the open worksheet in a 2D Top / Plan View pane and another view pane is a 3D view? Just a thought.
  22. Thanks @Tom W., I missed that link in @JuanP’s post. Strange that searching for ‘windoor’ on the Vw University site does not bring up that as a result.
  23. Searching ‘windoor’ on the Vw University does not bring up any results — but this link posted by @JuanP is of a training course for WinDoor: https://university.vectorworks.net/local/programview/index.php?id=17 Additionally, OzCAD (WinDoor’s deveopler) still has an extensive bunch of older WinDoor training videos on their website and YouTube channel. https://youtube.com/user/OzCADVideos http://www.ozcad.com.au/training/training-videos-windoor.php
  24. I believe that Vw Architect is one of the Design Series products (along with Spotlight and Landmark) — so Windoor would be available to anyone with one of those 2022 Vw products (or the Design Suite which has all of the Design Series packages). Design Series -vs- Design Suite.
  25. Attached is a v2019 version of the file @Wes Gardner previously posted. HTH. Door Dims on Leaf v2019.vwx
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