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  1. To expand on Step 3 of @Pat Stanford’s recommendation to Reset (rename) your User Preferences. See VwKB article link below:
  2. @fran - take a look at the following old thread on adding Decal Textures to Walls; There is a link to a YouTube video which describes the workflow.
  3. @Andy Broomell - here’s a LINK to an old wishlist thread requesting improved texture mapping functionality: I’ll be happily surprised if / when Vw addresses this problem, as that wishlist thread is almost 5 years old (as of today). In that thread, @PVA - Jim posted THAT: “I think we need to replace the current one completely, it's so far from being able to do the detail needed for advanced product modeling and interior design that I'm firmly in the Start Over camp.”
  4. Reading THIS May 8, 2020 LiveDesignOnline interview with Vectorworks CEO, Dr. Biplab Sarkar, I read the following: I just received an email from VW with my Service Select renewal (with price increase) and there was no mention of the above being an option. So I was wondering if the offer to waive the reinstatement penalty fee for 2021 is in fact the current stated policy. Thanks.
  5. A search of the forums for “mirror ball” pulled up a few old threads, many of which no longer have working attachments. This one linked below still has .VWX files of several mirror ball symbols. HTH.
    Great set of geometry nodes, perfect for creating a circle tangent to three other circles. Thanks!
  6. There is a Marionette network created by @DomC which does exactly what you're asking, available at THIS LINK. Download and open the file named 'Geometry Nodes and PCC CCC.vwx; Look for the network at the far right side with the 'Apollonious PCC CCC v1' node. Click on that 'Apollonious' node, and then on the OIP under the 'Solution' pull-down select "- - -". Then click Run. You'll have to modify the circles in the group to whatever size and configuration you want. HTH.
  7. Personally, I find it helpful to know what feedback others have about the VWU portal — so I was glad to read @trashcan’s comments about the VWU site. I never would have known that someone else had the same criticism that I did if it were only submitted through the VWU Feedback link. So I think it’s helpful to be posted on both the VW User Forum as well as directly through the VWU Feedback link.
  8. ^^^^ I agree with this completely. ^^^^ @trashcan - my one comment / editorial suggestion to you is that what you’re calling ‘Classes’, are refereed to as ‘Courses’ on the VWU Site. [At first I was confused by your posts asking for more ‘classes’ on the VWU site, thinking that you meant Layers / Classes].
  9. @Wes Gardner - is there any hope that these wall surface hatch / alignment issues (as reported in this current thread and others for years) will be addressed in Vw2021? Thanks.
  10. You can not reduce the resolution of the PDF inside of Vw, but you can compress the PDF prior to importing it into Vw using a third-party website or application like Smallpdf.com or Lightweight PDF. BlueBeam and Acrobat Pro also have options for compressing PDFs.
  11. It looks like the granite tile floor texture has a reflection map and it is just reflecting the wall / stage beyond. Edit the RW Texture of the floor to remove the image map in the Reflectivity shader and or reduce the amount of reflection.
  12. Metal was confirmed for Vw2021 in the 2020 Design Summit virtual keynote (around 12:20 in the Welcome presentation).
  13. rDesign

    PDF of Nodes

    There is also this ‘Under Construction’ page over at the dev wiki. Marionette Node Reference
  14. rDesign

    PDF of Nodes

    Take a look at this thread: Marionette Node List It has a sample PDF of the nodes, along with a .VWX file containing the script used to print the list.
  15. @trashcan — There is a Vw KB Tech Bulletin titled User Success - Hardware Benchmark Results. It discusses a lot of what you’re asking about, using Cinebench R15 for the benchmark. Unfortunately the results list on that page hasn’t been updated for several years.
  16. From THIS other thread @JuanP said that Vw is "working with Epic Games to connect Vectorworks with Unreal Studio, Twinmotion, and any other Unreal-based applications. Ready for the 2021 cycle."
  17. Unfortunately, no - there is no way to fix this other than putting a white masking polygon object over the offending line in DLVP annotations. This is a long standing bug that has been reported for years; See thread linked below for reference. Curved Walls in Hidden Line
  18. I do not have any personal experience with using Vw on a Mac Mini, but I found a handful of threads on the topic which may be helpful (links below). I can say that starting with Vw2019, Vectorworks relies more and more on having a powerful / fast dedicated video GPU. So the Mac Mini might be underpowered with its integrated graphics processor (especially when compared with the iMac) and you may need to consider adding an external GPU (eGPU) to the Mini. eGPU and Vectorworks Testing So Is the 2018 Mac Mini a Viable Vw Machine? Problems Using 2020 With an External GPU Mac Mini for Vectorworks or Upgrade Mac Pro On the following page you can find GPU ratings for different hardware configurations, and there are several versions of the Mac Mini listed, coupled with using eGPUs. [Unfortunately, the list hasn’t been updated by Vw for several years now, but it should still offer some insight]. User Success Hardware Benchmark Results
  19. Below is a link to a wishlist request I made for this (now over 5 years ago). Please follow the link and upvote it. Thanks. Include Retaining Wall Site modifier & Hardscape Object with Architect
  20. It would be great if site modifiers worked the way you describe, it would result in a much easier (and more accurate) workflow than what is currently required. You should create a wishlist request for what you describe / envision for how it *should* work.
  21. As a partial response, below are links to several older threads I found on RW Texture / Surface Hatch alignment issues — they mention that the easiest workaround to this reported bug is to create a surface hatch in the VP Annotation. Hopefully Vw will fix this at some point. HTH.
  22. No, you need Vw Architect to get the Space Tool. It was not included as part of Vw Fundamentals 2015. Vw2015 Help — Creating Spaces with the Space Tool


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