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  1. Please add an Active Titleblocks option for what to publish, that way I don't have to double-check that my index and generated files align.
  2. Well, to confound matters, when I reference the site model into a new, blank Vectorworks document it shows up and works fine. I tried deleting it from my working file, and even ran "purge" to no avail.
  3. Yes. Good question. That’s a rather annoying ‘feature’ to deal with every year.
  4. PS: Pat, thanks for helping, kind of apropos given the model in question is like half of 90024 zip code
  5. For whatever reason this xRef'd file is just giving me fits. One screenshot below is my viewport for rendering - the x-ref site model is just missing altogether since updating to 2023. Double-click on the VP and go into the layer the model is on and boom, there it is. Hit Return to Viewport and its gone again. Has this behavior changed intentionally in 2023?
  6. Pat, sadly I am in rendered 3d views... they're just gone from the VP reference (don't even show in model 3d views) I'll try auto-hybrid-ing them and report back.
  7. I have a large site model that I share between a few different files. Many of the neighboring buildings are massed out as Massing Models, and the rest are Solid Additions. As of 2023, the Solid Additions don't appear when the model is referenced into a 2nd file anymore thought the Massing Models do. Anyone else?
  8. Trying to make a skin from other's lines. 15 of the 16 parts = 1 NURBS surface. Add in the 16th one and it makes a group of 6 NURBS that won't join/combine for love or money. Any hot tips?
  9. Hey folks, the rendering options in the new Window & Door Legend are _almost_ complete. They're missing the lighting options, ie: no ambient occlusion (which looks great on window/door icons). Any chance of adding that to 2024? Or someone point me to where I didn't see it?
  10. Per the guidance here, I just picked up a Mac Studio & two of the LG 27" UltraFines. Everything looks amazing, and is thus far working smashingly well.
  11. OK, this has been almost a decade! While the plugin can do all these things, its silly to have to rebuild everything including all the default legends & worksheets to use WinDoor.
  12. Cell Visibility and Sorting seems to suffer from the same unexpectedly poor behavior as Viewport Visibility: ie; sorting by first digit rather than integer. 2 is after 1, not 10. 4 is after 3, not 32.
  13. I just splurged for a pair of 27" LG Ultrafine displays that have zero issues on thunderbolt. They look almost exactly like the old iMac 27" retina they replaced.
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