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  1. Please see the dumb mockup below. I'm guessing this would be cake for you guys, and would be a really nice little add for us users.
  2. Editing a Data Tag in 2022 and there's something new in the Classes pulldown. Doesnt seem to do anything or be useful, but it sure hints at the Something Weve Been Asking For [being Active Class] Fingers crossed
  3. Thanks for the reply - I've done a quick sketch below. Its more visible at the top of the cut, where one would expect a nice smooth line, directly above the modifier at base of wall. Instead its flared out (ok, fine, but not helpful at lot-line developments), but certainly there is some triangulation happening. Double-checked those two things, mesh smooth is at 80, and OpenGL is set to Very High. When using Grid for terrain the effect is almost nonexistent, though that brings its own other set of undesirable behaviours (like losing contour lines!)
  4. Hey folks, wondering if I'm missing something - getting stair-stepped results when applying modifiers (pad w/ retaining shown below). Wondering if there's a setting someplace to up the resolution on this that I cannot find?
  5. Trying to make an asymmetrical window, but would like a vertical mullion on the fixed glass portion, but not on the casement. Impossible?
  6. Pat, since I'm just in shematics, there arent really any viewports yet worth saving. Not having to set rotation on all the new ones would outweigh... I'm already georeferenced, so perhaps this isnt possible, but it seems like there should be a way to set a user grid of some sort
  7. Sadly this did nothing. I'm already Georeferenced FWIW.
  8. Hi all - been doing SDs for a 7 sided flag lot. Finally have a preferred orientation for the main part of the design. Is there a way to 'flatten' or 'codify' the plan rotation? Ive saved several views for things, and now would like one of them to be the new normal. thanks
  9. Picking this back up - I'd like to filter Parking Spaces by size, ie: to separate out Standard from Compact (and possibly also by story). Looking at the above, and tried: =COUNT(IF((B3>=18), 1, 0)) which somehow yielded 9409. Perhaps the If function doesnt like feet and inches? Long story short, the first pass would be a cell which displays Number of Spaces >= 18' x 8'-6" and a cell for Number of Spaces < 18' x 8'-6" thanks
  10. Nice, thanks for this. Now we need a tag for Compact Spaces...
  11. Looking to make an expanding hex for window & door tags, concept similar to the Drawing Label tool constraints. With 2 characters, it would be a symmetrical hex, with 3 -4 it would stretch...
  12. Hey friends, looking for some ideas on what I've screwed up: trying to plot some GPS way points from a nautical map. We have known coordinates for several (12+) waypoints in Lat/Long format. I've set my file up to use Nautical Miles as the base unit (though this is likely where I've gone wrong?). Using georeferencing. I'm getting a discrepancy of about 25% scale. Waypoints should be 2 miles and 1 mile apart respectively. When measured, theyre showing as 2.5 an 1.25 miles apart. This is consistent over all my points. Have I screwed it up with the units, or my georeferencing somehow? thanks
  13. Is there a place to change the Lat/Long coordinates format? I have reams of input data in Degrees & Decimal minutes, would prefer not to convert them all to decimal degrees if possible
  14. Has this been changed in the past 19 years?
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