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  1. techdef


    Friends, I'm just writing in now to report that thus far, I'm THRILLED by vectoworks. We're still in the changeover process from ACAD on old projects, but I've got a 5-story over 2 basements apartment building through SDs in VW and its been a joy so far. SD drawings are really coming out legible and elegant! As new users in 2019 we've jumped right in w/ BIM in 3D. Today marked our biggest victory and payback. Client came in, after some discussion about grading, we changed all the floor-to-floor heights. I updated them in the Story settings. Walls, slabs, sections, elevations, even story elevation markers all updated. F'ing brilliant. That would have been a few days of work in dumb CAD. Going home happy!
  2. Folks, somehow stair origins are offset from the stair by the amount above 0' that their Story is. For example, B2 is 424' above 0'. Stair Insertion point is at 848'. Not a major thing, but inconvenient for zooming and for making sections/elevations. Any guidance? I cant figure out how to move 'em.
  3. techdef


    Hey - is this "working" still for 2019 version? I'm failing at the install instructions in the Edit Workspace portion... I cant find it on the 'left'.
  4. techdef

    Graphic Oddities ++

    Behaviour exactly as you'd described. Turned off the circle marker & new stipple works fine. Thanks
  5. techdef

    Graphic Oddities ++

    "SHOULD" indeed!
  6. techdef

    Graphic Oddities ++

    Thanks Jim, Nothing in blank file resources at all. Scale is matched. Copy/paste back and still has circles. Its definitly coming from the Class - I changed class & the circles can be changed to arrows. How do you turn that off? There's no "none" setting in the class Marker pulldown?
  7. techdef

    Graphic Oddities ++

    Jim, they do NOT appear when copy/pasted into a blank file.
  8. techdef

    Graphic Oddities ++

    Art, Thanks for the reply - I think you may be right. The linetype is not available for my stipple however? Those little boxes arent in the Attributes palette.
  9. techdef

    Graphic Oddities ++

    Folks - I think i have 2 related issues, please see images attached. One is a section-elevation marker placed into annotation layer of a viewport - the "link" icon is bubbly & unusable. Second is a stipple pattern, also all bubbly. Its supposed to be just lines. Even the PDF shows this way. Stipple pattern is annoying, the section marker is unlinkable - cant click the icon.
  10. Seems the "image" field uses whatever class color is set for Window &/or Door. I'd certainly like to be able to have those black on schedule, but not in all plans. Anyone know where that setting is? thanks
  11. nevermind - just inputing pitch works. Cant find the delete button on this wishlist post though?
  12. Ah - answered: make a titleblock with nothing in it!
  13. Hi - I'm trying to have a few sheets without titleblocks but access the data in the title-block manager... For example - several letter size sheets with PDFs of the building dept. application forms. I like to print these, and as the manager already knows the address and much other info I'd like it to autofill. Thoughts?
  14. Folks, Feel like I'm close here but still too new to VW to push it home... Slab of zero thickness works fine for a grid datum. That's included. Story marker symbol, needs some help (as do I!): Made a symbol that works fine in design layers. In hidden-line elevations not so much, the filled green areas of the elevation symbol dont fill as expected. I'm sure I"m doing something wrong with classes but for the love of computers I cant make any solid color appear in hidden line (for elevations). Alternately - using the symbol with data-tag tool works brilliantly in a viewport as it throws them all in a nice neat column. However, its somehow tagging the same symbol that was placed in design layer, not tagging the floor slabs!? Need your wisdom here too. cheers, -j StoryMarkers.vwx
  15. techdef

    Save on Dropbox, Publish in Cloud = FAIL

    of course. I spent about an hour with Tech support taking over the computer. They seem aware of the issue (WesR and I arent alone). HOpefully an answer soon.


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