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  1. Picking this back up - I'd like to filter Parking Spaces by size, ie: to separate out Standard from Compact (and possibly also by story). Looking at the above, and tried: =COUNT(IF((B3>=18), 1, 0)) which somehow yielded 9409. Perhaps the If function doesnt like feet and inches? Long story short, the first pass would be a cell which displays Number of Spaces >= 18' x 8'-6" and a cell for Number of Spaces < 18' x 8'-6" thanks
  2. Nice, thanks for this. Now we need a tag for Compact Spaces...
  3. Looking to make an expanding hex for window & door tags, concept similar to the Drawing Label tool constraints. With 2 characters, it would be a symmetrical hex, with 3 -4 it would stretch...
  4. Hey friends, looking for some ideas on what I've screwed up: trying to plot some GPS way points from a nautical map. We have known coordinates for several (12+) waypoints in Lat/Long format. I've set my file up to use Nautical Miles as the base unit (though this is likely where I've gone wrong?). Using georeferencing. I'm getting a discrepancy of about 25% scale. Waypoints should be 2 miles and 1 mile apart respectively. When measured, theyre showing as 2.5 an 1.25 miles apart. This is consistent over all my points. Have I screwed it up with the units, or my georeferencing somehow? thanks
  5. Is there a place to change the Lat/Long coordinates format? I have reams of input data in Degrees & Decimal minutes, would prefer not to convert them all to decimal degrees if possible
  6. Has this been changed in the past 19 years?
  7. Hey folks, I'm new to this dialog box, not seeing much guidance on conversion of 'units'. Any guidance on using Nautical Miles in Vectorworks? FYI, its 6076.12 feet, or 72913.440001417 inches
  8. How odd, but thank you. FYI, I havent changed anything on this since 2020-2021 update so I'm not sure what happened. Also very curious that only the Plot Date failed with this.
  9. Nikolay, sending you the file - yes its an Auto one
  10. I have a plot date in my titleblock, lately it has not been showing up on sheets however, and the Refresh Plot Date button is gray in OIP. Has this broken with a recent SP?
  11. Pat, thanks for that. I did have that option on. Digging in a bit more, the issue is more related to things drawn on one Plan Rotation, then trying to adjust them on the other. Move Edges Parallel adjustment does not snap parallel if I rotate an object to the new grid! It still snaps parallel to the grid it was drawn on, not actually the edge selected. See my image above again - the edge will move parallel, but the dimensioning/offset will be wrong. Its not actually moving that edge 3' parallel, but 3' on the wrong grid.
  12. Hey folks - I've got a zig-zag shaped lot. Using rotated plan for one side of it to keep things orthogonal on screen. However, when I use the Rotated Plan view, the coordinate system / axes dont rotate, making things very difficult. How do I rotate those to match view or view grid?
  13. Current Vectorworks, 2021 SP3: Create 3d viewport, double click to Annotations, draw dimensions. They're all showing as 50% the correct value? What did I screw up!
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