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  1. Just updated to Catalina on my mac mini. I minimized the Resource palette and cant make it stay open anymore? Clicking the - sign no longer makes a + thoughts?
  2. Since 2020 - graphic attributes of spaces arent deploying. I have symbol/Plug-in Objects for spaces w/ 2d fill & 3d fill colors. These settings are ignored at creation, and at Replace Style. What gives?
  3. Pat, Sorry if I wasnt more clear. The OIP "height" is not the height of the door, its the Z distance from Level. Somehow my doors are inserting not at 0. They seem to be insertinge at bottom of wall, which is not quite helpful for me as many of my wall styles drop below the FF level (like shaft walls etc...). Any further thoughts?
  4. My doors are inserting with height -2". Where is this setting?
  5. Friends - what're you guys doing at areas like these wall intersections where the automatic floor slab somehow errors? These are intersections between full-height & partial height (parapet) walls. For some reason, the floor slab follows the 45 of the wall joint and makes a weird triangle. If you DONT join the walls, the slab tool doesnt work, if you DO join the walls, well, the slab tool doesnt work...
  6. Art, yeah that's easy if you have objects. I used that tool daily in Acad for schematic level stuff, and for getting room sizes right
  7. I do too, but sometimes you just want a quick measurement during schematics - like how big is half of a room?
  8. like the tape measure, but for area. Polygon, fill etc...
  9. We interchange these on drawings all day long. Annoying to have to check the box and go back & forth. Can it be 2 separate tools please?
  10. Anyone else having this? When I add a new callout in VP, the page-display radically increases in size and all dimensions change. Using the eye-dropper to put them back doesnt fully do it either. WTF?
  11. Parking space tool no longer works right in 2020. This space was drawn in 2019 and behavior is duplicated for me in 2020 across files. Accessible space has its Aisle width added to the space width, then the aisle shows on end.
  12. In theory. I've been trying to get it to work for a year without much luck.
  13. attached below @Marissa Farrell WallTest.vwx
  14. Playing around with Data Visualization a bit more, for some reason even with boxes unchecked it appears to be overriding pen colors? The two walls shown should have identical pens. One has a 2-HR rating w/ visualisation shown. I have not checked boxes for pen over-rides yet theyve changed from red to black? thanks


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