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  1. It would be great to specify other than Story Above for stairs. Useful for split level buildings, or stairs from random grade elevations up to story heights.
  2. Thanks - I wound up doing Method 1. Still a lot of cleanup, but it got it done.
  3. Not the only building on the site ūüôā
  4. Hey folks, I'm trying to push a building around to fit within the height envelope on a sloping lot. Select-all and Move somehow fails. It will only move the roof, and delete a few 1st story walls. Not at all the behaviour one would expect. Any suggestions? PS, ive tried grouping and that does other weird stuff...
  5. techdef

    Function "IF" help please

    Boh, I played around for a few minutes and cannot help, sorry. I dont know why my trick isnt working on your file...
  6. techdef

    Projected copy of Site?

    Matt, perfect, thank you!
  7. techdef

    Projected copy of Site?

    Folks, Curious what your thoughts are re: matching the diagram below (from my zoning code). I've got the site modeled - is there a reasonable way to make an offset of the grade surface w/out duplicating info?
  8. techdef

    Randomly odd fascia

    On an otherwise good roof, this one bit of fascia shows 4.5' below everywhere else. Any thoughts?
  9. techdef

    Project Sharing and Dropbox

    We had the same issue, there is a simple workaround (at least with Dropbox). The problem is that VW seems to reference the full file path (unlike ACAD). Dropbox always wants to put the shared folders in your (personal) user folder. That puts your share as part of the path name & that's what breaks the references on the other computers. We've put all our Dropbox folders in the /Shared user folder (a mac default folder) instead. Its identical across all our machines. No reference issues anymore. /Computer/Users/Shared/Dropbox
  10. techdef

    Cant keep Workgroup on VW Cloud?

    Intersting, I'll certainly look into it on this end. Thanks!
  11. In the interests of office awesomeness we're trying to keep our VW Workgroup on the VW Cloud (so everyone shares it). It seems that the folders with - in the name do not sync. These folder names are default from VW. This is a problem.
  12. Set the sheets for low-rez for use doing previews & then over-ride to XXX DPI @ publish. For example, use 72 for day-to-day operations, but when you publish it'd re-render everything to 300dpi.
  13. Thanks Jim, I also found this in the help: By default, a viewport’s ambient light is set according to the ambient light settings of the first visible design layer in the viewport. If there are no visible layers, the ambient light is set to on, with a color of white and a brightness of 35% (similar to the default ambient lighting for a design layer). So for me, turning the Background off on all design layers except the ones with the sun I'm using in that particular viewport did the job too.
  14. Hi, somehow I'd assumed that the Lighting Options for a viewport affected only that viewport. It doesnt seem to be the case. I'd like to use HRDI White for elevations, and HRDI Mostly Cloudy for perspective views. I cant seem to get the different viewports to have alternate backgrounds. As seems the case in VW, i can see this setting in at least 3 places but none of them do what I'm looking for. Please advise! thanks, -j
  15. Design layer viewport referenced in some standard details - i'd like to just draw on them a bit & then show them on my detail sheets. Working great, except in the final detail viewport placed on the sheet, turning off NonPlot doesnt affect the non-plot in the reference? Is there any way to leave that on in the design layer but off in detail viewport?


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