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  1. Follow up - this happens in all Renderworks modes. Not in Shaded.
  2. Please see below - gray bar that appears when door thresholds are turned on. It extends up 2 stories and happens on all my sliding doors.
  3. That's exactly what I was trying. It fails with walls of different heights, leaves the upper portion uncapped. I ended up duplicating the taller of the parapet walls and making one the same height as the lower, and one just the upper portion. Was able to join the lower 2 walls in an L and then cap the upper. Its pretty close.
  4. Folks, having a wall component join issue. Walls dont meet at 90 degrees and are not the same height. They're roof parapets. Also different colors of stucco. I havent been able to get the wall join, nor component join tools to work well in this situation as you cant cap the higher wall successfully. Alternately, some way to use the end-cap tool but choose an angle? Any thoughts?
  5. @Katarina Ollikainen I've attached file from another project, similar issue (actually the one that caused the request in the first place). I cannot get this file to behave as well using your tips. Can you please advise? -jamie DTM Issues.vwx
  6. Hey folks, table chairs tool. Client wants a straight table for 30. Pull down maxes out at 20. Any way to over-ride?
  7. Hey folks - I'm not getting anywhere trying to find the 2022 docs for this so here's the question: Can I use the Roundup function within a data tag? =Roundup(#AREA##sq ft_1_0#/150*0.67,1) is what I'm trying to do, and it just shows that text in the tag. The math works without the Roundup call. thanks
  8. Ah, just had a longwinded follow up, but finally got @Katarina Ollikainen tip to work, thank you all!
  9. Tom, that's what I was afraid of. I think "story aware" is not quite the right term for this. Am I the only one who would use this?
  10. Folks, I may be way off base here, but am failing miserably, so this is either a request for help, or a feature request... Working on a core for a 10-12 story building. Preferably the core is a symbol, so its the same all the way up. Symbol is "Story aware". Walls drawn in the symbol are completely arbitrary on height as far as I can tell, with most being 0" tall. I'm trying almost everything I can think of to make these walls make sense, but ideally, the walls would be truly story aware and respect the layer heights of the story the symbol is placed into. For super extra credit, the stair tool would work in this same fashion, for obvious reasons. So, how come my walls are 0 height? It appears the only way to set a wall's height is to set the component's top offset relative to the layer level? That's crazy.
  11. Hey folks, I'm having some floor slab generation issues. Trying to fill a long winding balcony/roof deck and it just wont go. Ive tried clicking everywhere within the slab zone (including the point of this red arrow), and somehow it only filled the bottom right corner (shown with the tile texture). Same result when I manually select the walls.
  12. That is exactly the case. I was hoping for some way to keep everything else in the class w/ shadows without having to brute force them.
  13. VW 2021, SP1.1 We like to use Schematics Classes on correct Story Layers for early sketch designs. I'm moving Spaces to those classes too. The Class has Drop Shadow turned on. Most objects you can turn the shadows back off on the Attributes palette. Somehow its grayed out for Spaces. How can I turn these shadows off (other than a different class). thanks, -jamie
  14. MIchealk, thanks for the response. The Custom doesnt seem to handle 3 parts gracefully, ie: two rows, with two columns above one wider. Mine keeps freaking out and growing and growing. Also, assuming WinDoor isn't on Mac? but that may be a bad assumption.
  15. I know its not a transom anymore, but same idea. We have to have glazing to 42" above finish floor here to keep kids from falling out. I'd like an easy way to make solid glazing below, then mixed design above.
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