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  1. Would anyone know why some wall styles in my resource browser have a kind of gray film above them, while others are again according to the set characteristics. See image. for example the walls [MU] isolava 20 Thanks Pascal
  2. if you draw walls with components, you can later in your spreadsheet the quantities on the basis of this component. However, if you remove this wall from your drawing, you will no longer be able to select the component even if the wall is still in your resources. That way you can not make a template spreadsheet. It would be better if you could select all the components of the walls that are in your auxiliary sources instead of just the components that are drawn in your drawing. Or is there an other way to do this. Pascal
  3. tismacfan2

    Is this a bug in 2019

    yes indeed that is the same problem? Question is when will it be solved by Vectorworks, because in this way I can't use VW 2019. it is a bit regrettable, that you get a lot of new features in a new version of Vectorworks but the old things stop with working. Hope I get an answer when this bug will be fixed. Pascal
  4. tismacfan2

    Is this a bug in 2019

    Hello I have the following problem. I draw a building level 0.? Than I make a viewport from level 0 and put this on my level -1. By this way I can control the classes in the viewports and make my walls from level 0 visible with other attributes so I don't give a color to the wall and the linetype dashed. In this way when I make changes in my level 0, it will be updated in my level -1 But when I make a section on that building, I see all the walls from my level 0 in my level -1 even when I put the classes from my viewport from the level 0 on hidden? Is this an known problem, I didn't have this problem in VW 2018. and the drawing I talk about is convert from 2018 to 2019 I hope my question is clear for everyone Pascal
  5. tismacfan2


    Can anybody tell me how I make a space object style from scratch? Can I find somewhere a video to make this thanks Pascal
  6. tismacfan2

    Sheet border

    maybe they should make it possible to choose a class in the settings of the border. Pascal
  7. tismacfan2

    Sheet border

    When I place a sheet border it is always drawing in the active class. Is there a possibility to draw it in a pre choose class? thanks Pascal
  8. tismacfan2

    window settings in wall

    Hello In Belgian we have an own window tool, but there are problems with tis tool when I used it as a cornerwindow, specially when it is een inside corner See fig 1 & 2. In 2d is the presentation OK, but when I switch to a 3d view, is the wall disappeared en I only see the window. When I in the 3d view delete the window than I see te wall back. If I use the American version of the window is everything ok but is there a possibility to set the window behind the exterior wall as in fig 3 What should be the settings if I want this Thanks for the support Pascal
  9. tismacfan2

    How to render a slab with different texture on the sides

    Thanks for the answer, but that is just the problem. I can choose top, bottom en sides. So he always take the both size. But I need for example the leftside in red en the rightside in bleu. So should there be another sollution? Thanks Pascal
  10. Hello I have a drawn a slab wich I use as a covering stone. I can render these slab in the same texture, but that is not the effect I want. I'd like the top en one side in a texture, the other side must be a other texture because there must be a different between the inside and the outside of my slab; But can anyone give me a tip how to do this. Because when I look in the render settings I just can change te top and de Both sides of the slab. Thanks voor de tip Pascal
  11. tismacfan2

    Sheet list - Auto-generated - HELP

    Do you mean = CONCAT ('Title Block Project Data'. 'Bouwheer', ' ', 'Title Block Project Data'. 'Bouwheer adres') this? Pascal
  12. tismacfan2

    Sheet list - Auto-generated - HELP

    Nikolay, Thank you, I try if it will works by me. But a little other questions. how can I put two results in one cel i want ='Title Block Project Data'.'bouwheer' and ='Title Block Project Data'.'bouwheer adres' (text in bold) in the same cel thank You Pascal
  13. tismacfan2

    Sheet list - Auto-generated - HELP

    Hello Thank you for the support. Can you also tell me which formula I must used to get te "Nota" in to my sheet? And is it possible that he always gets automatically the last revision?
  14. tismacfan2

    worksheet and title block

    Hello I want to make a worksheet with give me a list of my plans. The problem I have is that i can not find how I get the information for my revisions in my sheet. The number is ok, but who can I put the date and description in my sheet? Thanks for the help Pascal
  15. tismacfan2

    Extrude rectangle

    Pat, I don't have any errors anymore in my script with your tips, but why don't I see the settings of the script in the info pallet? In the info pallet I only see Extrusie(extrusion) and not the name of my script " kopplaat linck" (pict 1) And I can't also not give the values in the info pallet of db, ab, kop (pict 2) here is the script without errors. Procedure kopplaat; var ab,db,kop,d,x,y,x1,y1,xo,yo:real; h,hl: handle; begin ab := Str2Num(Pab); db := Str2Num(Pdb); kop:=Str2Num(pkop); DSelectAll; BeginXtrd(0,pd); GetRect(x,y,x1,y1); Rect(x,y,x1,y1); EndXtrd; h:=LNewObj; hl:=MakePolyline(h); end; run(kopplaat); Thank you Pascal


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