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Site Model: Proposed + Existing Contours

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Hi All,


Tell me if I'm going crazy. I believe that in 2017 and previous versions, when I would set the 2D Display of the site model to be: "Proposed + Existing," VW would display existing contours with proposed contours overlaid. Importantly,  proposed contours would only show where the contours were actually changed by site modifiers. In other words, all existing contours that were not changing would be fully visible with the graphic style for existing contours.  See the 2017 example. Proposed Contours are in solid heavy black lines. Existing contours in dashed gray lines. This is what I want the software to do. 


This feature was buggy in 2017 and before. But usually with fiddling, switching back and forth with the 2D and 3D display settings I could usually get it to display correctly. 


In 2018, the site model shows all contours in the proposed graphic style underlain below all contours with the existing graphic style. In other words, you can't tell exactly where the site transitions from existing contours to proposed contours. See the screenshot. (Note: also in Proposed+Existing display mode the contours start making very odd connections (contours crossing contours) that do not show in Proposed display mode. That's another issue). 


I've made a test file that displays this behavior. 


Is this how VW is "supposed" to work? Did anyone else notice the change from previous versions to 2018?





2017 contours.png

2018 contours.png

test contours exst prop.vwx

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