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  1. Hi again @AMB, I've been testing the other issue I'm investigating and have encountered what I suspect you're experiencing, however it only occurs when the view is 'Rotated Top/Plan.' I've confirmed this issue in both; Vectorworks 2017 SP5 and Vectorworks 2018 SP5; It occurs; When two or more plant objects created in a Rotated Top/Plan view are selected and the 'Change Plant Grouping' command is used. The result; Each plant object gets replaced by a polyline that matches the combined paths the objects were originally drawn with, but it is repositioned such that the starting point of the polyline is at 0,0. I suspect your plants appear to disappear because the polyline/path they get turned into appears at 0,0 and your view is probably elsewhere. This issue does not occur in Vectorworks 2019 SP2. Vectorworks 2017 won't receive any more updates and this is unlikely to make it on the list for Vectorworks 2018 SP6 if it's not already on there because it's probably passed the submission stage by now.
  2. Hi @AMB, Q: Does the Object Info Palette indicate they have actually been eliminated (i.e. the object was selected but now the OIP now says ''No Selection' OR are they still there but are just invisible? I encountered visibility issues while verifying a different issue. The plants were still there but weren't rendering on-screen. They reappeared when I changed the Vectorworks preference Navigation Graphics to 'Good Performance and Compatibility.' See if that works for you. Other standard things to check include: If you're on Windows; Are your graphics card drivers up-to-date? Is Vectorworks on the latest Service Pack? Does restarting Vectorworks rectify this? Also, when posting an issue, please include at least what Vectorworks version and Service Pack you're on.
  3. Okay, so I've now had confirmation from two users that the following process gets around this issue: Vectorworks engineers prescribed the following sequence to me, but I've expanded it to suit multiple scenarios. NOTE If you only have the default Windows extraction capability you may have to download an aftermarket extraction program such as 7-Zip or WinRAR. This process will differ slightly depending on what extraction program you have but the main idea is to extract the 'internals' of the 'Vectorworks 20XX Installer' application to reveal the prior/alternative installer program inside. It seems at least wise (and might actually be necessary) to extract these internal pieces into it's own folder, preferably of the same name and in the same location as the 'Vectorworks 20XX Installer' application (see second image below). If you’ve already got the Vectorworks Installer zip file and unzipped/decompressed it you can start at step 3. STEPS Download the Vectorworks installer .zip file (if you haven't already). Extract the downloaded .zip. - Don't double-click it. Right-click and extract it to avoid potential issues. Inside of the extracted information locate the ‘Vectorworks 20XX Installer’ application (that you'd normally open to begin the installation). Right click on the ‘Vectorworks 20XX Installer’ program and choose to extract it. - This process will be different depending on which extraction program you have installed. The idea is to extract the contents of the ‘Vectorworks 2019 Installer’ program into a folder of the same name, in the same location (as pictured below) so depending on which extraction program you have, you might need to open the full program to see all options. Just in case it matters, DO NOT use any option called ‘Extract Here’ as it will vomit all the internals into the current folder. If using 7-Zip choose, ‘Extract to Vectorworks 2019 Installer\’ as pictured below which creates the namesake folder for you into which it will put the extracted internals. If you have WinRAR installed its equivalent option might not be in your contextual menu, in which case open the WinRAR program to access this option or to add it to your contextual menu options. Once extracted you might end up with either of these file paths. Open these folders to access the prior/alternative installer: \win-unpacked\resources\installer, OR \Vectorworks 2019 Installer\resources\installer (See this result pictured below). Launch the “Install Vectorworks20XX.exe” found in the folder named ‘installer.’ It will launch with the old installer interface and go through without the ‘not enough space’ error. If you encounter any issues or circumstances that reveal issues with the above instructions please reply with those here for the benefit of all and I'll seek to address them.
  4. Jeremy Best

    Trapezoidal Staircase

    For clarity; The Simple Stair tool is not legacy. Unless you have used Migration Manager and omitted new additions since the version it was first featured in, you can find it in the Building Shell toolset when using the following Workspaces; Fundamentals, Landmark and Spotlight. It seems the Simple Stair tool is intended for users in industries where use its use is infrequent and complexity unwarranted, hence users of Vectorworks Architect have to manually add it if needed.
  5. Jeremy Best

    Autosave & AI Machine learning

    I was of the impression it did wait until an operation had completed. I recall testing the following scenario… Start drawing a square or a polyline Keep the object in a partially drawn state i.e. don't do the final click Wait for the autosave period to lapse and note whether or not autosave interrupts the formation of the square/polyline In which I didn't get any interruption and (if I recall correctly) as soon as I did the last click the autosave prompt did come up. I've just repeated this test and confirmed Vectorworks performs this way in Vectorworks 2019 SP2. @Patrick Fritsch, what operation types are you doing that autosave can interrupt? And what are each of your Autosave settings?
  6. I've just verified this feature has not yet been added to Vectorworks. (As at Vectorworks 2019 SP2)
  7. Jeremy Best

    Trapezoidal Staircase

    In the Building Shell Toolset: See Vectorworks Help for more info on this tool.
  8. Thanks for the update @AJ Roslevich. So far this has only occurred on computers that have hard drives with multiple partitions/volumes. Do you have multiple partitions/volumes on your hard drive? if you're not sure you can use the Windows utility called 'Disk Management' to determine: How many 'Disk 0' items are listed. (On Windows 7, 8.1 & 10 use Run and type 'diskmgmt.msc' and click OK). The 'Type' of every volume for 'Disk 0' and 'Windows 8' I'm requesting what type just in case it is a factor in your case, although I've been informed Vectorworks installers should be compatible with 'dynamic' partitions. (See prior post for more info).
  9. Jeremy Best

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Hi MSLD, Does this occur every time you edit a callout, or sporadically? Can you incur this issue using a File > New... > 'New blank document'… …while your aforementioned file is open? …after restarting Vectorworks and when your aforementioned file is closed?
  10. Jeremy Best

    How to : Create a Workgroup Folder

    Whoops! I overlooked that one can avoid all subsequent clicks if the Option/Alt key is held down on the first click. But I still think the other benefits make using a single resource file easier and more efficient - unless perhaps you're in a large team with curated content.
  11. Jeremy Best

    How to : Create a Workgroup Folder

    Hi Alex, you can use 'Batch Covert' in the File menu to automatically convert the entire Workgroup Folder from a previous version of Vectorworks (including all sub-folders and files). You'll need to select the applicable settings. See the definition/blurb box at the bottom of the dialogue which defines each option as you mouse over them.
  12. Tech Support in the USA has advised this has been fixed by one of a few different things for different users. They have also confirmed that Vectorworks installers should be compatible with 'dynamic' volumes/partitions, so ignore my prior comment. Previously successful remedies have included: Trying the same installer again Re-downloading the installer. (The same one or a newer Service Pack if available) Extracting the installer using an alternative decompression program. (I've encountered trouble with WinRar in the past where it presented a [different type of] error while extracting a Vectorworks installer, but extracting the same zip with 7-Zip didn't present any issue). Alternatives include: Windows Explorer extraction (Windows default) 7-Zip Please update this thread with what remedy works for you. Thanks!
  13. Hi @bcarrigg90 and @AJ Roslevich, I provide Tech Support for Vectorworks users in New Zealand. Currently I have a Windows 10 user experiencing this issue with Vectorworks 2018 which is highly unusual. We need to know what resolved this matter for you. Can you please tell us what worked for you? Here's what I've confirmed on my user's computer: The installation program doesn't load the default location automatically, but does permit it to be manually selected C drive permissions are the same as mine / should work Program Folder permissions are the same as mine / should work There is 50GB of space available on C drive Antivirus seemingly not interfering (although I won't rule it out. MalwareBytes) Latest, freshly-downloaded SP5 installer still affected Can you please advise what worked for you? @MMajor124 and @Jim Wilson, based on this discussion I suspect this the storage type of the disk/partition might be a factor. See basic vs dynamic storage types. To determine a disk type, open 'Disk Management' and look at the 'Type' column for the applicable volume. I expect the solution will be to format the volume/partition back to the 'basic' type.
  14. Jeremy Best

    Rendering issues

    Firstly, @Seth Thomas: That was some fantastic sleuthing. I take my hat off to you sir. Really, well done. I've just finished assisting two of our users with this issue. Changing the default compression worked for 'User 1' but 'User 2's experience was a bit different, - for whom: (I avoided running the updater at first (like I did for User 1) so as to determine if updating was a factor) her compression was already on PNG changing it to JPEG then back to PNG didn't work Resetting Vectorworks Preferences didn't work I was going to prescribe updating next but they did a complete uninstall/reinstall before I could and this did work - so it looks like using at least SP1.1 and using PNG as the default compression are both required for the Default Compression setting to have the desired effect.
  15. Jeremy Best

    Renders Turning Black Once Updated

    I'm currently searching my historical Tech Support records for affected users and will attempt to verify if they are still afflicted today/ASAP.
  16. Jeremy Best

    Mojave when?

    While I've not yet seen any explicit 'green light' on the official discussion dedicated to this topic, the Vectorworks 2019 System Requirements now lists Mojave. One could consider that a 'blessing'… If I needed up upgrade to Mojave, I would first ensure I had a computer TimeMachine backup to restore from should any remaining issues affect my use of Vectorworks.
  17. Jeremy Best

    Marquee select not optional in 2019

    I would suspect that one of your Option keys is stuck down. Either that or your Vectorworks and/or your computer requires a restart. To test: Go into Finder and click-drag any document. If it gets a green '+' icon next to the cursor then your Option key is stuck down. If so, give each one a flick! I've had a few weird UI behaviours since setting up my new MacBook Pro 2018 and restarting was [all that was] necessary to remedy them.
  18. Jeremy Best

    Service Pack 2 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    If the issues you're experiencing are not addressed in the SP2 release notes then it won't make affect your situation. Perhaps they can be addressed regardless of the update. Could you please specify the nature of the issues you're experiencing?
  19. Jeremy Best

    How to : Create a Workgroup Folder

    It sounds like you're mixing up Workspaces with Workgroup Folders. Also, assuming you are trying to create a Workgroup folder and have it show up in your Resource Manager: You need to add the location of your Workgroup folder in the bottom section of the 'User Folders' tab in Vectorworks Preferences, not overwrite the path to the User Folder. Some content of your Workgroup folders must mimic the folder names and hierarchy found in your User Folder for Vectorworks to be able to locate applicable resources, e.g. Template files. (See the comment by Jonathan Pickup above for a quick way to create them). Of course you only need to include folders for the resources you intend to put there. Does that help?
  20. Jeremy Best

    Service Pack 2 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    I've had one user report the following relating to Undo, but this was on SP1. I couldn't reproduce it on Mac or Windows in SP1 so I'm expecting it was just a random hiccup that a computer restart would remedy. Still, I'm posting it here in case anyone else has experienced it. The user said, "moved a section viewport on a design layer, did a convert copy to polygons, and then tried to undo it – the viewport moved back to its previous position, but the polygon copy wasn’t un-created" Has anyone else experienced this? Please state version, Service Pack and operating system.
  21. Jeremy Best

    Vectorworks 2018 Hogs Application Memory

    Any computer file or parts of the data it is made of - say one or more objects in a Vectorworks document - can become corrupt. In this situation corrupt means the computer code that defines an object has an error in it. One could liken it to the way a typo in a word makes it technically incorrect and dysfunctional. They're not usually caused by user actions, they're seemingly just random and probably caused by hardware hiccups or programming conflicts. Sometimes certain actions on a corrupt object cause it to be 'recreated' and/or 're-written.' In Vectorworks this can be just editing a [corrupt] symbol, or adjusting a [corrupt] wall's parameters, but often importing it into another document is a more likely solution, - if it can be fixed at all that is. This is partly why: Vectorworks recommends autosave is set to: Keep the 5 most recent backups - at minimum. - The more frequently your autosaves occur the higher this figure should be, so you have healthy versions of your objects you can retrieve if they subsequently become corrupt.
  22. Jeremy Best

    Service Pack 2 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    You're welcome @mjm! I've demonstrated this process through remote/online support many times before and only just thought of it recently myself! I think I was too busy putting out fires with buckets to think of getting the hose…
  23. Jeremy Best

    Vectorworks 2018 Hogs Application Memory

    That sounds telling. Perhaps one or more corrupt objects. I think you missed this part of Method 2, Step 3: …check the 'Import Layer Objects' radio button
  24. Jeremy Best

    Vectorworks 2018 Hogs Application Memory

    'Method 1' would. 'Method 2' would not.
  25. Jeremy Best

    Service Pack 2 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    I provide Tech Support for users in New Zealand. In my experience frequent crashing is not typical and I expect there is something particular to your circumstances affecting Vectorworks performance. When I encounter users experiencing frequent crashing it is usually due to one of the following - in rough order of cause: Cause: Far-Out-Objects Solution: If one or more objects (or your entire drawing/model) are too far from the Internal Origin (distinct from the User Origin) it can cause a wide variety of issues. Crashes can be more prone in some versions of Vectorworks evidently due to changes in how the software handles [hardware] resources which are pushed exponentially harder the further away objects are in any (X, Y or Z) direction. See the attached guided process (a draft) I wrote to address this scenario. Cause: Graphics card drivers are out of date. (Windows users only). Solution: Update graphics card drivers Cause: Graphics card drivers are corrupt (Windows users only). Solution: Perform a 'clean' installation of graphics card drivers Cause: A Vectorworks system file has lost its mind Solution: Reset Vectorworks Preferences (The process, not the button in Vectorworks Preferences) Cause: Under-powered hardware / Too much demand on hardware Solution: This is very particular to the individual circumstances. Eg. Reduce number of monitors / total number of pixels being powered by your graphics card. Reduce the quantity or complexity of geometry in your file. Cause: Corrupt object Solution: A process of elimination to isolate and delete said object. Rule out Design Layers by deleting them 50% at a time, re-test for issue. Repeat. Submit your file to Tech Support if you need assistance. Cause: Corrupt file Solution: Export it to prior version then reopen in current version. OR Create 'New blank document.' Import all Design Layers including objects (Not copy/paste). Test. Failing this, resort to a backup file. Cause: Anti-virus software has interfered with an installation or update Solution: Uninstall. Download latest installer. Turn off antivirus 'real-time monitoring' or similarly named service. Reinstall Cause: Software conflict Solution: Close all other programs and restart Vectorworks. Test. No better? Then reboot in Safe Mode. Test. Better? Suspect extensions or seemingly 'small' or 'background' apps such as Seagate Dashboard which pretty conclusively caused heaps of crashing for one of my users. Problems GONE once removed. Tech Support Tutorial; Rectifying 'far out objects' - Written Guide.pdf


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