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  1. Hi Pat! Is the above still true; There are no calls to change palette positions? (I've used the 'Find text' function on the Function Reference page of the development wiki but I don't know if this is where I should be looking or if it is described using other terms. I tried, 'workspace' and 'palette' with nothing promising turning up. I'd like to create a script that automates the re-positioning of all palettes after a fresh installation [without using saved workspace or settings files].
  2. Hey @michaelk, You could achieve this by creating a custom keyboard shortcut in macOS System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts [section], then click the '+' button to add the Vectorworks application. From there type in the name of the menu command found in Tools > Workspaces that activates the workspace you want.
  3. Hey @FunkyBass, I've just started a research process, trying to determine the viability of automating the recreation of my palette layout after a fresh installation. I reinstall the software very often in my role and would love to write a script that automates this on both Mac and Windows. Using saved settings and Workspace files is not acceptable, because much of my testing must rule them out as causes of issues. At very least, if AppleScript is still compatible, I could do it on Mac, but if this procedure can be done using VectorScript then that would be preferable. Did you ever resolve the problem in your above post? Have you since found another way of doing it? With gratitude, Jeremy
  4. If you have a third-party/aftermarket antivirus program installed and did not disable it before you installed Vectorworks, then: If none of these other suggestions resolve this for you, then uninstall then reinstall Vectorworks with your antivirus off. Check that your computer meets the System Requirements. Given that crashes occur during startup, ensure your operating system is supported and that your graphics card driver is no less than 6 months old. Also worth checking for software conflicts. See the following article for info on conditions/software that are known to cause Vectorworks 2022 to crash.
  5. Sorry for the delayed reply @BSD, (the primary tasks of my role warrant first attention). One of my users had this symptom in other software as well. The solution should (in theory) be the same for each, but you'd have to identify which .plist file contained that data. (I just browsed the Vectorworks ones and looked for labels that made sense). This is not confirmed, but I believe the issue is due to software not being 100% adapted to macOS Monterey, corrupting its own .plist files when it updates them. This explains why getting rid of the Vectorworks .plist file fixes the issue but also, why it can come back. Just keep applying the above instructions/fix until all applicable software developers have updated their software to prevent it.
  6. One proven fix: I've encountered two users with this same problem, but only one was using Vectorworks 2021 (SP4), the other user was using Vectorworks 2022 SP2. The confirmed solution for both of them was to delete a particular 'property list file (.plist) used by Vectorworks software; 'net.nemetschek.vectorworks.plist' which is found in ~/Library/Preferences. How: In Finder, open the 'Go' menu and choose 'Go to Folder…', then type or copy/paste this in: ~/Library/Preferences and click 'Go.' Locate file net.nemetschek.vectorworks.plist and delete it. Be sure to differentiate this file from other similarly-named .plist files. There's no need to delete any others to fix this condition. More: The following more specific info could be important to be aware of: Both users were on macOS 12 (Monterey). Both experienced this issue after upgrading to macOS 12 / Monterey. One of the users said some of their other applications had the same symptom, so in his case at least it seems more likely that these files were corrupted or became incompatible as a result of the operating system upgrade process. The other user had no such issue with other applications.
  7. I provide Tech Support for Vectorworks users in New Zealand. I suggest you use the advice in the following comment to rule out the following (in this order): Corrupt objects in your file The file itself being corrupt Vectorworks system file corruption Far out objects https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/59891-service-pack-2-for-vectorworks-2019-released/&do=findComment&comment=299983
  8. I've just been troubleshooting this problem with another Mac user today and determined the solution for this particular symptom in Vectorworks. - If you're experiencing this with other applications, they will likely be affected by their own .plist files. Quit Vectorworks. In Finder, choose 'Go to Folder…' Paste in ~Library/Preferences/ Delete file net.nemetschek.vectorworks.plist - Note: It does not have any year / version number in the name. Carefully distinguish this file from the others like it. Empty the Bin / Trash. Restart your Mac.
  9. Not directly, but maybe this can be achieved using a Vectorscript script. Maybe post this question in the dedicated Vectorscript forum. Custom menu commands and tools can be created using Vectorscript.
  10. The symptoms described can be caused by a corrupt Workspace file or a Vectorworks Settings file in the Vectorworks User Folder. Try backing up (copying elsewhere) your Vectorworks User Folder, then deleting it. Might have to go as far as a full Resetting Vectorworks Preferences process. Less likely, but could definitely be yet another symptom of having 'far out objects.'
  11. On the concise Mac keyboards; Hold down the Option key then use the Up and Down arrows for beginning and end of paragraph, respectively. Hold down the Fn key then use the Up and Down arrows for Page Up and Page Down, respectively. Include the Shift key in either of these commands and the text in-between your text cursor and where you go using the above commands will select. Just like Shift+[arrow keys].
  12. I would try having your Vectorworks Preferences saved in the default location for a while to see if that helps. It might be that OneDrive locks or is otherwise 'busy' with the folder at a time when Vectorworks is trying to read or write to it, resulting in that message. Do this test to find out. If the issue persists after this, I would do a clean installation of Vectorworks (use the dedicated Vectorworks, 'Uninstall' app found in the Vectorworks Program Folder) then install it again but be sure to following best practices, all of which are mentioned here, and do not introduce anything in the Settings or Workspaces subfolders until you're satisfied the issue has stopped.
  13. I provide Tech Support for the New Zealand distributor of Vectorworks. These are serious symptoms and if you cannot correct them by way of the standard processes (below) you submit directly to your distributor (if outside the US) or Vectorworks Inc if in the US. Given the severity of the disruption to your work and the nature of the symptom, skip the lesser possible fixes - like removing your current Vectorworks User Folder or the resetting Vectorworks preferences process - and go straight to a clean installation of Vectorworks: Close all apps. Make a copy or backup of your Vectorworks User Folder. Uninstall Vectorworks using the dedicated Uninstall app found in the Vectorworks application folder. ❗️ When prompted, allow Vectorworks to remove your User Folder / 'user preferences' because you've made a copy/backup of it. Restart your computer for good measure. Disable antivirus (if you have it). Reinstall Vectorworks.
  14. @spdygnzls, as you indicate this symptom only happens with this file, it might be just a function of a now-corrupt file or object and not due to the software. There are some processes that can correct corrupt data, such as: Cut the suspect object (or use Copy, then delete it), then use Edit > Paste In Place. OR Cut the suspect object (or use Copy, then delete it), open a new blank document, then use Edit > Paste In Place. Copy it again, then paste it 'in place' back into the original file. OR Export the file to a prior Vectorworks file version: File > Export > Vectorworks 20XX, then reopen it in the current version. OR Import the objects into a new blank document: Go: File > New… > Create blank document Open the Organisation dialogue. In the Design Layer tab, choose 'New…' Select the 'Import Design Layers' radio button. Check the 'Import Layer Objects' checkbox. Click the 'Choose…' button and select your file, then the Design Layers concerned. Note: This process won't import Sheet Layers or their content but you might just use this process as a way to correct the corrupt data, then copy or import it back into your original file. There is a way to do this manually, but it's not officially supported and you'll have to search the Forum for the technique.
  15. Hi @Dendecko, while it's possible that the tools or workflow you use may just happen to incur legitimate bugs in Vectorworks, given the frequency of crashing you're experiencing and how many years you've been affected, it sounds more like you're affected by some other longstanding condition/s. Based on what you've described - and how much time it sucks - I think ruling out potential data corruption in all areas is worthwhile: Operating system, software installation and user data too. If only to mitigate issues, many CAD managers in large firms install everything fresh, every year. The operating system and software are wiped and installed fresh, and all Vectorworks settings, templates and workspaces are all recreated yearly too. Keep in mind that (as you might expect) any files created while corrupt data was at play may continue to factor in performance and stability issues. And any files derived from them (as in the case of a template or a duplicated file) will carry any corruptions forward.
  16. Hi @Ryan Gann and @Sam Williams, Uninstalling Alienware Control Center Suite resolved my crashes. Disabling it in the 'Startup' column in Task Manager did not stop it from launching on startup and it would insist on restarting after using 'End Task' in Task Manager, so I had to uninstall it.
  17. Disabling suspect Startup apps did not prevent Vectorworks 2022 SP0 from crashing, but… Uninstalling Alienware Control Center Suite resolved my crashes. Disabling it in the 'Startup' column in Task Manager didn't stop it from launching on startup and it would restart even after using 'End Task' in Task Manager, so I uninstalled it. I can confirm the streaming and screen recording app, 'OBS' also includes the .dll, 'graphics-hook64.dll,' but I've not had any issues with Vectorworks 2022 SP0 while this app is running and recording.
  18. One probable cause is detailed in the following post, which currently affects Windows users with certain software installed.
  19. As mentioned above, I applied the latest Windows update and the issue still persists for me. About the error you're getting: It's not particular to Vectorworks. That error can occur with any program. (Just google that error code). This error code suggests there's something wrong/broken/degraded/corrupt/missing on your hard drive. The affected area might be where parts of the Vectorworks program are written. I'm not endorsing or prescribing the following article, but it might be relevant and useful, given the error you've got: https://www.auslogics.com/en/articles/fix-breakpoint-error-0x80000003/
  20. My most recent Windows update was successfully installed on 4th October 2021, 'KB4023057' however my Dell Alienware laptop still crashes when docked palettes are resized.
  21. Hi @Ride, And for anyone else who comes across this post in future: In the attempt you’ve provided a screenshot for, the option to migrate any workspaces was off. - Was this intentional? In fact all other options are off. Libraries, Templates, Preferences, Favourites. Also, the migration of ConnectCAD plugin data always always fails but doesn’t normally result in a crash and isn’t consequential (except for users of ConnectCAD tools). Although perhaps it does cause it to crash when all other data types are switched off as is shown in the example posted.
  22. Hi @Steve White, Zoomer is correct. If I may add to his contribution: To make processing easier, less error-prone and faster on your computer, your model should be centred over the Internal Origin. (Use: Tools > Origin > Locate Internal Origin (etc)). Before moving your model, be certain you're aware or and understand what implications there may be if your Design Layer or whole document is set up for georeferencing. Even when a drawing/model is centred around the Internal Origin, if one or more objects are far enough away from the Internal Origin, the same problems will occur. If you need a guide on locating stray / far out objects, see this post:
  23. I've not received any reports of this from users in our market, which makes me wonder - as you are a longterm user - if your Vectorworks preference files or workspace has become corrupt. A clean installation excluding your Vectorworks User Folder would be an appropriate step. If these issues are not common to most users, but affect you after a clean installation of Vectorworks (that excludes any of your customised data/settings) then the other variable to consider is the operating system. Many CAD administrators reinstall not just Vectorworks but the operating system annually to minimise the incidence of data corruption that can cause or contribute to oddities or problems.
  24. It sounds like you may have already looked into this aspect, but to be sure; As the mouse has its own software and macOS controls what one piece of software is permitted to do to/with another, I suggest you go through every tab in System Preference pane, 'Security & Privacy' and make sure that very section that features 'Vectorworks 2020' also features Vectorworks 2021.
  25. @James McNeal, When? Earlier this week? In a prior version of Vectorworks? Or earlier in this version of Vectorworks? In the current Service Pack or a prior one? Better put: What version and Service Pack of Vectorworks were you using when it printed fine? What Service Pack are you using now in 2021? If you have any 'Far Out Objects' they might be responsible for this. Although I've not had this as a symptom of far out objects before, they cause such a wide variety symptoms it's worth checking. See this post for instructions of diagnosing and correcting them:
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