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  1. @jeff prince This is exactly what we're looking for, even if I did hijack the post...apologies. Thanks.
  2. @Pat Stanford I think this could work okay, but I'm not sure if it works as a long-term repository of the WUCOLS data. The WUCOLS data is static, per plant, for each region. It just makes more sense to me if this could be added to the Plant Database for long-term storage of that particular data. We could do the additional record strategy if we're storing the Plants, pre-created, in a Library file (which we do already), but it seems secondary to the Plant Database.
  3. @bob cleaver I would like a way to add/reassign/classify custom fields in the Plant Database for each of the 6 different WUCOLS regions. An example would be Quercus agrifolia WUCOLS Region 1 - North-Central Coastal = LOW WUCOLS Region 2 - Central Valley = LOW WUCOLS Region 3- South Coastal = LOW WUCOLS Region 4 - South Inland = LOW WUCOLS Region 5 - High and Intermediate Desert = INAPPROPRIATE WUCOLS Region 6 - Low Desert = MODERATE With this data entered in the plant database, theoretically you could then set up a worksheet to just query the correct WUCOLS Region field and all the plants in the project would then display their WUCOLS rating for that region. Our current workflow is similar to yours where we use COMMENT to adjust the WUCOLS given the current project's location. But if we then use that same plant in another project/region, we have to change the WUCOLS information to suit the project for each plant. The suggested workflow would simply be changing the field query to the correct region, all plants would update. For WUCOLS research, this type of database customization would also be extremely effective for searching for compliant plants in the database/VW as well, generating a "potential" list depending on WUCOLS and other criteria.
  4. Agreed. Additionally, in WUCOLS a plant can have up to 6 different WUCOLS classifications depending on the designated climate zone, so ideally I would like to be able to reproduce all 6 designations in 6 different fields and then just have a worksheet query the one specific to the given project. We currently work across 3-4 of the different climate zones within WUCOLS, but also want to store ready-to-use plants. Without this, we are constantly changing the WUCOLS information for every project depending on the climate zone.
  5. Please, please bring back the changing colors. We now operate across (3) versions of the software depending on the project...and with 2021 release, they are ALL black. It is TERRIBLE.
  6. @Tony Kostreski...There should be a way, within the plant database, to Add Custom Fields. Since this is controlled through FileMaker, it may be possible, but I have no clue how to do it. This would be extremely useful in mapping local customizable features (i.e. WUCOLS data) here in California or wherever.
  7. We ran across an error in the Irrigation Catalog for one specific, albeit very commonly used, irrigation component. Under Outlets, Sprays, Rainbird, R-VAN Series Nozzles, the R-VAN24-360 nozzle does not have the correct Performance data tied to it. Instead of the radius ranging from 19 ft - 24 ft based on varying pressure input (see Screenshot 2 attached), the Vectorworks catalog only displays a range from 16 ft - 18 ft (see Screenshot 1 attached). This is an important fix because this is a common standard manufacturer product within the shipped VW library and cannot be easily edited by users. By not allowing for the full radius, this is disincentivizing this particular, solid performing product. I am completely capable of creating an alternative custom outlet type to correct the issue, but this shouldn't be confused for a permanent fix to this error.
  8. Unfortunately, as @Boh mentioned, storing additional data with a callout in the Database is not currently possible. We end up doing a lot of copying and pasting. Fortunately, if you design your callouts correctly and attach the extra record, manipulating the extra data from a Worksheet is actually pretty quick and effective. Sure it would be great to have that data already populated, but it isn't a dramatic extension to add it from the worksheet, using it to populate the drawing after placing callouts. This is enticing. I haven't tried a Callout Plug-in Symbol before, but I like the possibility here. We are in the process of switching over to Data Tags. No we cannot store info in a database, but for symbols, we can store favorites with a saved custom record data attached that can be saved in Favorites and easily added to projects and tagged. This process, using data tags to callout objects with particular records attached, has another huge benefit. When querying in a worksheet, you can actually pull information about the objects themselves (i.e. qty, area, volume, etc.) and not the callouts pointing to them.
  9. This is exactly what we do. We have created a Custom Record Format that we attach to all of our callouts, then, in addition to the Keynote Number and Keynote Text fields that are part of the Callout Plug-In, we can also report in worksheets all of the custom information we also need.
  10. @AlanW...thanks for posting this, 2+ years ago. I must have missed it. How would I adapt this to work for symbols or other object types that I need to send to surface?
  11. @Vlado beat me to it. He helped us with this a while ago. I should have posted the update @samgbickel @Vlado...any chance this will become a more forward facing option? Perhaps in the Irrigation Settings dialog? Thanks.
  12. I also have noticed this and it is frustrating. It does have to do with active layers...sometimes, but not always.


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