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  1. ericjhberg

    Database CAPITALS

    Fair enough. I don't disagree. However, you fail to convince me that it, at the very least, shouldn't be an option.
  2. ericjhberg

    Database CAPITALS

    @John Meunier Not that I am aware of...but this is something, along with general Text handling, that VW desperately needs. ALL CAPS is industry standard for construction documents and has been forever. Needs to be implemented ASAP!
  3. ericjhberg

    Does Landmark have any Architectural abilities?

    @DonnaS Yes it does, though it is a somewhat limited suite. That said, I only own landmark and was able to design a complete (albeit basic detailed concept) structure with it. The walls, windows, doors, and the roof tool all work in Landmark. I just hope it stays that way.
  4. We do, but mostly they sit off to the side in the background and are used solely for organizing callouts. Occasionally we will use them for basic callout functions, but we primarily use worksheets to organize and build our legends.
  5. @Boh We use this system extensively and it works fairly well with very few snags. If you alter the 'Callout'.'Text' field from the worksheet for a callout with text that was defined from the database, it will break that reference to the database. This hasn't really been a problem since the database doesn't affect the callouts after they are created...rather the database becomes useful for populating callouts, but not necessarily for maintaining them. When using callouts as keynotes, there is another way to pull in the Keynote ID# that you may not be aware of. You can add a column, pulling in the field 'Callout'.'__Keynote Number'). Note that you cannot change this field from a worksheet, only by reodering the keynote legend. That said it is a useful tool. We actually use this system to build all of our legends in our documents. They are all based on the callouts, not on the objects in the drawing. It has been a great way to streamline our document creation. It should be noted that this workflow will likely become null and void once we get comfortable with data tags, but for the past few years it has worked pretty well.
  6. ericjhberg


    Done! Congrats @Jim Wilson
  7. ericjhberg

    Keynote Legend Number With prefix

    I don't disagree, but we have found that worksheets have been profoundly beneficial for other reasons too. They allow you to control massive amounts of data in one location and can be turned into legends and other reporting tools if need be.
  8. ericjhberg

    Keynote Legend Number With prefix

    @Jens Marr You can create a database header in a worksheet that will pull in all of your callouts. From there you can add columns for the Prefix ('Callout'.'Keynote Prefix') and Suffix ('Callout'.'Keynote Suffix') and adjust them from one centralized location. You can re-add or adjust the keynote prefix as you need. The tricky one is how to return the ID#. Thanks to @Pat Stanford, he put me on to the field ('Callout'.'__KeynoteNumber') to pull that in. Note you cannot change the number of a callout from the worksheet, that has to be done in the associated Keynote Legend by re-ordering the callouts.
  9. This one has been bothering me for a very long time! Since VW2018 was released, my saved workspace will not save entirely. Essentially I have a double stacked group of tools on the left side of the screen that I prefer. In VW2018, every time I open the software, it reverts back to a collapsed version of this sidebar configuration. This only happens in VW2018. It has never happened in prior versions, and it appears to be fixed in VW2019. If VW2019 wasn't riddled with bugs and we weren't pulling back from implementing it in our office, I wouldn't mind this persistent issue, but since it looks like 2018 will be my mainstay for quite some time, I am finally adding this bug to the list. I know this is a minor thing that doesn't really affect anything, but damn it is annoying. Annoying Workspace Collapse in VW2018.mp4
  10. ericjhberg

    B&W 2D Plant Symbols

    @jg@swcm We have created our own custom plant symbols and libraries over the years. We don't particularly care for the ones VW "provides out of the box". That said, this is your chance to streamline your workflow. We have built a system of standardized classes that help us control the visibility of the symbol in both color and in black and white. We have generally found it most useful to create classes that control the following: Tree Outline (lineweight control) Tree Canopy (color) Tree Shadow - Special trick can allow you to control shadow visibility (on/off) by class Shrub outline (lineweight control) Shrub fill (color) Interior Linework
  11. ericjhberg

    Linking Multiple Text Boxes

    Agreed. Unless the callout is a keynote, there is no central place to affect a change in all instances of a callout from the database. When it is a keynote, that universal change can original from the Keynote Legend. ....there is another way, but I wouldn't recommend it for this purpose. You can actually control the Text of a callout object from a database worksheet designed to pull the field ('Callout'.'Text'). We have made symbols of repeated paragraphs, notes, or other text that appears multiple times, but unfortunately there isn't a great way to keep a phrase or portion of text consistent.
  12. ericjhberg

    Linking Multiple Text Boxes

    NO, but there should be! Text objects need dramatic improvement. It has been my #1 wishlist item for years, but they haven't done anything.
  13. ericjhberg

    Super slow file opening!

    @Jim Wilson Just an FYI...I am still experiencing repeated crashes in the VW2018 file that I provided you. Sadly I am used to the crashes, and there are too many to report each. Additionally, the 10-15 minute file opening time compounds my day when you have to reopen the file 3-4 times a day. That's almost an hour of lost time per day. If I report each crash and research diligently, that would take up an additional hour each day.
  14. ericjhberg

    Automated Layout

    YES! I have slowly been working on something like this using @DomC's nodes, but would know where to start with the Detail Callout Marker. Make so much sense.
  15. ericjhberg

    The Vectorworks Twitch

    AND YES AND YES! Since when was it acceptable for users, purchasing the software, to become unwilling Beta testers? If I wanted to be a Beta tester, I would be. I want/need software that I know is going to work when I need it to work.


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