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  1. Construction details - Drawing and reuse

    @Christian Fekete This is the question of the day/month/year/decade/millenia of BIM...where do you stop? In my experience, the answer completely depends on the project/client/deliverable/contractor/etc. We generally stop at fasteners/level of detail needed for rendering purposes, but again, if I'm working on a very small project and modeling fasteners can make my life easier down the road, I do it. Sorry I can't offer a more definitive answer, but maybe someone else has this all figured out. I'd love to meet him/her.
  2. Set Fill to None

    Yet again...awesome. Thank you all so much. The Fill Pattern set to 0 works like a charm. I would have never figured this one out.
  3. Set Fill to None

    I can't seem to figure out how to set an objects fill to none using any of the nodes present in the default library. Is there a Fill Style set of nodes I am missing? I've been able to figure out how to set fills, but not adjust the fill style to none. Any ideas?
  4. Orienting Hardscape Textures

    How do you orient directional textures of Hardscape objects, or can this even be done? The Render Tab completely disappears on Hardscape objects, eliminating traditional render setting options like Auto-Align Plane/Follow Longest edge. This is one of the remaining headaches we have with Hardscapes.
  5. Offset Poly - Close Open Curves Option

    That works...thanks Marissa.
  6. Offset Poly - Close Open Curves Option

    So @Alan Woodwell... I plugged in this node and it doesn't seam to accept the input offset value? I am trying to offset a closed poly from a centerline starting point for roadway striping variations. Marionette - Road Striping Upload Test.vwx
  7. Offset Poly - Close Open Curves Option

    Thanks @Alan Woodwell...you're my hero! This is awesome...big time/network saver. ...and thanks for the Send to Surface node also!
  8. I was wondering if there is a modification to the Offset Poly node that would allow it to Close Open Curves in a similar manner to the way the offset tool can work when this option is selected?
  9. Send to Surface Node?

    I am trying to figure out if there is a node or if it is possible to code a custom node to "Send To Surface" where input objects can be sent to a Site Model?
  10. I submitted a similar request a few years ago...hopefully this one sticks! Perseverance will prevail.
  11. I may have heard from a little birdie that a broad overhaul of labeling capabilities/tools may be in the works in coming versions. As I have become recently aware, the solution may already be hidden in the irrigation tool suite and it might not need much tweaking to become the full scale labeling tool we need. The Tag/Label Tool within the irrigation tool suite not only has the ability to label irrigation objects with inherent data in a variety of customizable label styles; thanks to @Bryan G. I just learned that the tool can actually represent ANY data attached to objects in plug-in parameters or custom record fields. This is HUGE. In order for this tool to become the tool we need however, there are still a couple of tweaks that would inform an ideal workflow. The Tag/Label, when placed on an object, needs to lock relative to that object. This means that if the tagged object moves, the tag/label moves relative to it. Note that not all labels need to point directly to the object, but in the general direction and this functionality needs to still exist, but in this case, if the tagged object moves, so too should the tag/label move. Ability to save styles and remember most current - When tagging/labeling different objects the style or data labelled might change. There needs to be a way to store these different styles and the ability to choose from them, but also remember the last one used so that it doesn't revert to a default setting each time a label is placed. Act Like Keynotes Placed as Keynote Callouts - Auto-numbering and organization are the primary benefits of using keynote callouts currently and we use them almost excessively considering the difficulties with managing the callout database. This tool has the potential to offer the benefits of that tool without the fuss. If the tag/label chosen has the ability to be represented by a Keynote Callout that puts the label in a Keynote Legend and auto-numbers/letters similar to callouts currently, we could then build extensive keynote legends/worksheets based on objects' inherent data that auto-numbers. Place in Annotations - I imagine that this is perhaps the hardest ask, but it is potentially the most influential...we need the ability to somehow use these Tags/Labels in the Viewport Annotations space while still linking to the objects present in the design layer. It is far easier to organize labels for legibility when placed in the annotations and it removes design layer clutter. Additionally, when placing callouts in Viewport Annotations you can take advantage of the viewports margins and white space to aid in legibility and organization. This isn't something you can do when placing on design layers. Finally rotation...many viewports are rotated and in order to represent labels on these viewports when placing in design layers, you must rotate them to read horizontally...often in very extreme angles which just adds to the clutter, confusion, and chance for error. All in all, this tool is very close to what we need and I am excited to find ways of working it into our workflow. My hope is that VW takes this into consideration when working on any new Tag/Label tool.
  12. Basic Tool Pallet and Tool Set Bar always resizing

    I too have had this problem since installing 2018. I was hoping it would be fixed in SP3, but I guess next time?
  13. Titleblock Autocad Export

    So we figured it out...I think. It turns out that you have to explode the titleblock BLOCK in AutoCAD once to get to the level where the attributes are editable. Strange...
  14. Titleblock Autocad Export

    I just noticed the same problem with exporting VW 2018 Titleblocks to DWG. They do not export with editable field data in AutoCAD. Just another reason I am not very happy with the implementation of titleblocks in VW2018 and the complete abandonment of the legacy sheet borders. Stuff like this is happening with way too may features.


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