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  1. @Vlado beat me to it. He helped us with this a while ago. I should have posted the update @samgbickel @Vlado...any chance this will become a more forward facing option? Perhaps in the Irrigation Settings dialog? Thanks.
  2. I also have noticed this and it is frustrating. It does have to do with active layers...sometimes, but not always.
  3. @rowbear97 In my experience there are so many bugs related to Rotated Top Plan. I tell everyone in our office to avoid it unless absolutely necessary. I wish I could provide specific examples, but honestly there are too many to mention. Then you add the general buggy-ness of hardscape objects...as I have railed on for years...let's just say I am not surprised by your issue. For a truly rectangular application like this, I would start from a perfect Rectangle and notate it's rotation angle. Then, once converted to a hardscape, you should be able to use that same rotation angle to control the angles of the scoring?
  4. @tekbench Thanks for confirming...I kinda gave up too. I'm not surprised that VW hasn't figured this one out. My experience is that they rush tools to the market just to say that they can manage Point Clouds and then wait years to provide them the full functionality needed to make them practical and useful to users. This is just one of many examples of this.
  5. I love this as a general basis for a rule of which pipes jump which. +1
  6. Hi @jeff prince...thanks for promoting the pipe jump concepts. As for your workflow question about drip emitters...the short answer...no. This is also a huge missed opportunity IMO. Vectorworks has the capability now to marry Plant Objects with Irrigation Tools, but hasn't taken it that far. As far as I'm aware, they really have ignored the irrigation tools since they were originally developed. I do have a workaround that helps...a little. You can Save the Emitter you want to use as a plug-in style select all of the plants you want to assign individual drip emitters duplicate them, ideally into a temporary separate design layer or your irrigation design layer Then, change the plant grouping so that they are all INDIVIDUAL PLANTS Finally, you can use the command Modify>Convert>Replace with Symbol to replace the plants with the desired Emitter plug-in style. The problem with this is that you still have to hook them all up to pipes, which is time consuming in itself. This is the main problem I currently have with the irrigation tools. While replacing old-school workflows with digital calculations and BIM functionality the logical next direction...at least for now the workflows often come at a significant efficiency and time loss for the designer. We spend hours hooking up pipes, when previously we could fly with "dumb" pipes and emitters, and then do the calcs necessary in a relatively quick fashion. Granted, if the design changed, it was a huge pain in the ass, but design changes with the irrigation tools are still cumbersome. @Bryan G. is the irrigation go-to, so I'm hoping that collectively we can push some of these ideas through to make the irrigation tools better, but I have to admit, my success rate on getting wishlist stuff incorporated into new versions is abysmal.
  7. When we save and commit on a project sharing file, many of us are experiencing a visual thing where multiple viewports ghost in. It seems to be a memory issue but it is strange that it seems to be tied to project sharing and saving and committing.
  8. I was wondering if there is a way to add Sizes or Series to the Structural Shapes tools already present in the Detailing toolset within vectorworks. Our issue is that the Angle shapes don't include many of the smaller sizes that are common. It only goes down to 1.5x1.5.0.125 and we would love to be able to use it to quickly model shapes as small as 0.5X0.5X0.125. The chart of standard ASTM A36 steel angle sizes below shows where VW standard sizes start and what we are missing on the small size end.
  9. Thanks @KIvanov. Does this also explain the random shifting of locations that also occurs?
  10. I didn't even know that check box existed....but unfortunately, yes it is checked. That would have been simple. This is a new problem and I think it is somehow tied to Project Sharing...we don't experience it in other files.
  11. We are experiencing a considerable problem where certain worksheets in a file, placed on a sheet layer, are showing up invisible upon file open. Only after recalculating do they reappear. This is happening every time I open the file.
  12. Hi @KIvanov. I have noticed the issue in VW2020 SP2, I just upgraded to SP3 yesterday and haven't been able to confirm, but my guess is that the problem still persists since it originated in SP1 or SP2. I also haven't been able to test it in any beta versions due to lack of time.
  13. We are running into an issue where data tags placed in viewport annotations continually lose their connection to the data and sometimes even shift locations to way outside of the original viewport bounds. Obviously this is a problem if we are trying to use them to annotate viewports in complex construction document sets because we shouldn't have to constantly re-spend the time associating the data tags with their objects or move them around. This is likely similar to the issue stated under this thread.


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