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  1. ericjhberg

    B&W 2D Plant Symbols

    @jg@swcm We have created our own custom plant symbols and libraries over the years. We don't particularly care for the ones VW "provides out of the box". That said, this is your chance to streamline your workflow. We have built a system of standardized classes that help us control the visibility of the symbol in both color and in black and white. We have generally found it most useful to create classes that control the following: Tree Outline (lineweight control) Tree Canopy (color) Tree Shadow - Special trick can allow you to control shadow visibility (on/off) by class Shrub outline (lineweight control) Shrub fill (color) Interior Linework
  2. ericjhberg

    Linking Multiple Text Boxes

    Agreed. Unless the callout is a keynote, there is no central place to affect a change in all instances of a callout from the database. When it is a keynote, that universal change can original from the Keynote Legend. ....there is another way, but I wouldn't recommend it for this purpose. You can actually control the Text of a callout object from a database worksheet designed to pull the field ('Callout'.'Text'). We have made symbols of repeated paragraphs, notes, or other text that appears multiple times, but unfortunately there isn't a great way to keep a phrase or portion of text consistent.
  3. ericjhberg

    Linking Multiple Text Boxes

    NO, but there should be! Text objects need dramatic improvement. It has been my #1 wishlist item for years, but they haven't done anything.
  4. ericjhberg

    Super slow file opening!

    @Jim Wilson Just an FYI...I am still experiencing repeated crashes in the VW2018 file that I provided you. Sadly I am used to the crashes, and there are too many to report each. Additionally, the 10-15 minute file opening time compounds my day when you have to reopen the file 3-4 times a day. That's almost an hour of lost time per day. If I report each crash and research diligently, that would take up an additional hour each day.
  5. ericjhberg

    Automated Layout

    YES! I have slowly been working on something like this using @DomC's nodes, but would know where to start with the Detail Callout Marker. Make so much sense.
  6. ericjhberg

    The Vectorworks Twitch

    AND YES AND YES! Since when was it acceptable for users, purchasing the software, to become unwilling Beta testers? If I wanted to be a Beta tester, I would be. I want/need software that I know is going to work when I need it to work.
  7. ericjhberg

    Super slow file opening!

    THANK YOU JIM! That is the best explanation of our issues I have received in months/years. We feel like we are pushing the software and right now, it feels like it is definitely pushing back. Sometimes it feels like a lonely little island out here in the landscape architecture world of CA, but that is why this forum (and you specifically) are so important. From my interchanges and experiences, we are one of the only landscape architecture firms using VW to do almost everything (we left the rendering capabilities behind a couple of years ago) from conceptual through construction on projects of the scale as the one we have been discussing. My hope for both VW and for us is that the software's capabilities and design start to recognize this need and adjust/expand. There is a huge market there waiting for you if you figure it out.
  8. ericjhberg

    Super slow file opening!

    @Jim Wilson I'll just send you a link to a dropbox folder.
  9. ericjhberg

    Super slow file opening!

    There have been suggestions as to why there might be problems, including the origin issue, but no conclusions. I reiterate my above concern about origins...if you're asking us to change the way we do things, then please offer a best practice that accounts for all of the intricacies of the coordination issues we face. Don't just tell me that the origin is the problem, fix it. We are working on Windows. Where should I upload the files?
  10. @Aspect_Design YES!!!!! 1000% Yes! Revision clouds should come with data that can be used to propagate not only titleblock borders, but also worksheets. We are constantly asked to list out the revisions made in our plans. This would be extremely easy if the data was already there in the revision cloud. They should also somehow be linked with the Revision Marker Tool. Imagine if the Redline Tool, Revision Cloud Tool, Titleblock Revisions, and Revision Marker were all integrated into one magical tool. That would be the day!
  11. ericjhberg

    Super slow file opening!

    This was a different file...different problem in VW2019 than the problems we are experiencing with the 18-005_L-Project file. Unfortunately we have relied on this methodology to correctly coordinate with consultants who are using the X, Y coordinates (minus the georeferencing) for awhile now. Our problem has been with user origin control and how to manage that across a multiple reference file workflow. In the past we have had problems with origins aligning in different files across the project, essentially moving the project to dramatically different locations. At the time, our best practice was to forget about setting up an independent user origin and just always align it with the internal origin. I have been told repeatedly that working this far away from 0,0 is a problem in VW; however, I have to date, never been offered a best practice or adequate workflow that accounts for the need to correctly georeference files, work with consultants using real world coordinates, This represents one of the largest frustrations I have with VW. The software isn't developed to be compatible with real-world, large project workflows. It is heavily marketed as such, but in application, it poses problem after problem, and often no adequate solutions are provided. It's usually, "broken as designed" or "user error". I too was met with delay you speak of. I was never able to purge the file on my system in VW2019. When I converted everything back to VW2018 yesterday, it purged in 2 minutes. I can still send you all of the files, but now I have a conundrum...which version do I send. I have several in VW2019, but re-patching together all of the references will likely take me a half a day. The one I currently am running in VW2018 seems much more stable...still slow, but stable. Additionally, the multiple files represent over 5 gb of data. Where do you want me to upload those? Thanks for your time. I am glad to hear that bugs have been filed and that maybe, just maybe, someday VW2019 might be stable enough to give it another try. Sadly, I don't think it's there yet.
  12. ericjhberg

    Super slow file opening!

    18-005_L-Project Thanks.
  13. ericjhberg

    Super slow file opening!

    @Jim Wilson Thanks for chiming in. I understand the directive. I hope that VW sees that perhaps the reason “it’s just started to get a little out of hand recently” is that many users are very frustrated with the current state of things (ie VW2019) and not just a failing social protocol. I will send the file, but it is huge and contains multiple file references, so I’m afraid the one file won’t paint a full picture. This particular file has been shared with no fewer than 5 VW tech and staff and to date no one can point me to why it is particularly cumbersome. We had it in 2019 but just yesterday saved everything back to 2018 because of a myriad of problems encountered with no solutions offered. I will send you the file later this morning.
  14. ericjhberg

    Point Cloud Scaling

    @Fahad Zafar This is not correct. The data isn't off by a factor of 1000, it is off by a factor of 3.28084 which is the decimal conversion from meter to feet. Data that is imported as mm is being read by the software as feet, regardless of the unit the document starts in. Any reports on this issue getting fixed?
  15. ericjhberg

    The Vectorworks Twitch

    @bcd We would love that!


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