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  1. @tavbut I'm looking at using a lookup as well and I was wondering if you had made any progress on this. My intent is to use this to look up rainfall intensity from an imported worksheet, similar challenge different applications.
  2. @jeff prince I've been trying to get my clients to embrace a different kind of workflow. STOP thinking I'll start in 2D and then migrate to 3D. Having said that if you have polygon's or polylines that are your hardscapes and landscapes you can easily convert these to Hardscapes and Landscape Objects. The beauty of the hardscape tool, particularly in 2019 is that it is now a style, much like a slab for Architecture, and can contain all the elements of your pavement cross section. Also that Hardscape can also be a site modifier object thereby eliminating the need for multiple objects to grade the site and illustrate your design in 2D and 3D. As for your hypothetical of working between a known elevation and a proposed elevation I'm not familiar with a way to lock one in versus the other having said that I can tell you that assigning the existing elevation to one end of a hardscape or site modifier and trying out multiple variations in slope on the other end is easily enough done. Now I know I said above that a hardscape can also be a site modifier. There is one limitation to this. If you are dealing with a long sweeping driveway or path and want to use a hardscape rather than the road tool the slope is calculated in a straight line. This would then give you the chord or an arc and would not accurately reflect what you would want to do on a site. To get around this I have broken my hardscapes into multiple sections or done the copied an object along a path and converted the lines to contours and edited the site model that way. In your scenario where you are have two buildings with a walk connecting you are going to want to have multiple slopes like ¼" per foot away from entrance then a general slope to the other building the a ¼" per foot away from that entrance. Best of luck with your endeavors and have a great weekend.
  3. rowbear97

    Font Mapping - Re Mapping

    @ericjhberg Have you considered that it's not VW but its Windows ;-)?
  4. rowbear97

    Add support for Surface Dial

    Any update on this?
  5. rowbear97


    @beanus I have a 2017 MacBook Pro 15" and it has been great. I used it with a CalDigit TS3+ and had great success with it while working on an extended assignment in Australia! Can't speak to the Surface devices but my wife goes through a laptop a year because of hardware failures. Mac's are expensive but dependable and reliable.
  6. rowbear97

    Plant Tag Text Scale

    I don't know if this a 2019 issue or I haven't been paying attention but there is something clearly wrong with text sizes and labels with the planting tool. As you can see in the attached images I have plant tags that show as 10 pt on the design layer but when one goes to the sheet layer the text shows as larger than that. I only just now noticed it because the drawing label tool is set to 10 pt and it is scaled correctly. I've tried different fonts as well just to verify and each time the plant tag is bigger than it should be. Any help on resolving this will be greatly appreciated!
  7. rowbear97

    Plant tag circle not scaling with text

    @Danielle C What version of VW are you using including which service patch and what OS? If your text is set to points when you view it through a viewport on a sheet layer regardless of scale it should come out the same point size. I will be posting on a separate new string a much different issue I'm having with plant labels. While the label shows that it is 10 pt when I switch to the sheet layer the viewport shows it larger than it should be regardless of font. This is a problem that I need fixed since the labels are not to scale they are eating up too much real estate.
  8. rowbear97

    Plug-ins for Site modeling?

    @Nakyma Not that I'm aware of. Is your desire to have a road grading tool that can create parabolic vertical curves that can respond to horizontal curved alignments. Would you also want to apply a road profile that essentially extrudes along your road centerline in such a way that it can super elevate or simply a crowned profile with 1:50 or similar slope and curb and gutter then sufficient width to provide for sidewalks and lastly a set variable for the cut and fill slopes to return to grade? I imagine you bought the software for other reasons than the site modeling tool, if so what were your reasons for purchasing?
  9. rowbear97

    Possibly the most frustrating workflow in Vectorworks

    @Christiaan I'm curious about your use of the workgroup reference rather than project sharing? Have you tried or have experience that you would be willing to share. I have worked with other clients and we historically done projects that reference our modeling into what I call sheet files but with the advent we have switched to project sharing. Now, project sharing has its issues as well and can be frustrating but it does limit the number times you have to go back and forth between files. Best of luck and thanks in advance for your opinion.
  10. @EJW Sorry I should have asked or clarified this. It might be worth upgrading to designer.
  11. rowbear97

    Custom Plant Database

    @Patrik Gren If you are intending to use this as a shared resource for other users you can save the standard plant database to DropBox or on your server. I use DropBox so I can access the same database when I'm traveling and working with my laptop. Once that is done delete as many entries you want or mark them as favorites or add project names so you can recall these from time to time.
  12. rowbear97

    Grade Objects - Great Idea...Poor Execution

    @ericjhberg I agree totally. As you know we are both pushing beyond that perception as are others like @mcgregorcoxall with there global team!
  13. rowbear97

    Grade Objects - Great Idea...Poor Execution

    @ericjhberg I read your post on irrigation and wow that is annoying!
  14. rowbear97

    Site Model: Proposed + Existing Contours

    @Dillon I'm very late to this but I have the same issue and it is terrible that we have stepped back just for the ability to modify contours in the model, which didn't really work that well! Please fix this!
  15. rowbear97

    Export Site Model IFC ?? Crashing, freezing...

    @Tamsin Slatter I was working on assignment in Australia at the time and no longer have access to the Vectorworks file. I will look into this and try with a different file. Thanks for following up.


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