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  1. rowbear97

    Creating schedules

    @DanT Trying to bring together several different database queries has always been a limitation in worksheets. I have addressed this in the past by using one database worksheet to extract the data then another to compile and perform calculations. Perhaps this might be an approach you can use.
  2. rowbear97

    Mac Pro release date Fall 2019

    I'm very concerned about this development. I have the "Trash Can" late 2013 and with recent developments with Livesync Lumion I'm considering, very reluctantly (I can't believe I'm going to say this) switching to a windows machine?!
  3. rowbear97

    Is there something like dynamic blocks in Vectorworks

    @mvandercruyssen I will concur that it seems a little daunting at first but with the great support here in the forum from @Pat Stanford and @Robert Anderson, no relation, (in my humble opinion) you are headed in the right direction. I've never worked on wiring diagrams but have had 30 years of experience and 10 of those are with Autocad and VW each. I provide consulting services and training support. If you need further assistance please direct message me.
  4. rowbear97

    Showing plant tags and outlines

    @Roger Webster With the advent of "Data Tag Tool" you may want to consider not adding the tags on the Design Layer but instead "Data Tag" in the annotation space on your sheet layers. I have recommended this to all my clients as this eliminates the issues with design layer tags being rotated or even working to coordinate and prevent overlapping tags. I wouldn't be surprised if tags on many items on design layer is removed entirely with the development of the "Data Tag Tool"! Welcome to exciting future!
  5. My client has an office in China and evidently use a different project or at least one offset from WGS-84. Would it be possible to get some guidance or an update that will add China to the list under Plate Carree, Ellipsoid GCJ-02 coordinate system?
    This is less of a review but more of a question. I've tried this script and I continue to get an error as shown. Would the fact that the test file is in metrics be the issue?
  6. rowbear97

    Database CAPITALS

    @ericjhberg Really. Just because that's the way it has been doesn't mean that it should always be! ;-)!
  7. rowbear97

    Slab Style Worksheet

    Working on building a worksheet where clients and users will see the composition of the slab styles that will be used in Hardscapes. I've managed to create in the attached just such a thing but have run into a little difficulty. When using a function to get the thickness of a component it is adding all of the components regardless of which slab they are a part. The attached file has our slabs and the worksheet with the cells in question. My vulnerability is Worksheets and I'm learning more every day but I really could use some help on this one. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated! Have a great weekend! Slab Styles.vwx
  8. rowbear97

    Existing Tree Tool

    One of our users runs into this issue from time to time where after placing an existing tree and editing several of them the tool locks up as shown below. In the tool itself all options are missing. and the object info palette is missing other things. The only way out of this to close the file and exit VW. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  9. rowbear97

    Drainage networks

    Totally agree as well!
  10. @Wesley Burrows One of the options is to set ranges and assign colors for that. How to make that appear in a schedule or key for that particular view could be handled a couple of ways. One that comes to right off the top of my head would be simple fills of the matching colors. To be automated you could rely on the old trick of making a viewport at a really large scale to have the color from the visualization to show up. Hope this helps.
  11. rowbear97

    Worksheet Automation

    @Pat Stanford Thanks. I will give this a go.
  12. rowbear97

    Worksheet Automation

    I'm working on a worksheet that has to pull data from existing parametric objects and various records attached to smart objects like borders and site models. I've been able to create a cells that pull information such as project name and project address from the Titleblock Manager yet I can't seem to crack the code on pulling the "Site Model" Cut, Fill, Net C&F Volumes. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!
  13. Coming to this very late @VvierA but I have used this to demonstrate to clients, meaning the other design firms that I train and support, how they can use it for creating different displays for various data embedded in imported shape files to illustrate land use, density etc. I for one have loved using it.
  14. @Kerschbaumer Depending on the type of work you do and how complex your jobs are you may want to spring for some training on using the 3D tools. They can be intimidating and at times frustrating and the last thing you want to do is become frustrated and give up. My experience is that you may experience a steep learning curve at first but things come quickly after. Also don't expect your sections and details to have all things directly from the Wall, Slab and all other styles. You may need to "draft" in the annotation space other materials and fasteners to get the exact look you are going for. I think VW Architect is ideally suited to your very type of work. It's been my experience that, with Landscape Architecture, that going into commercial design we are really pushing the envelope on the softwares capabilities. I strong encourage you make the move!


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