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  1. rowbear97

    Export Site Model IFC ?? Crashing, freezing...

    I did this and made sure that the export site model was checked and the resulting output was only my hardscapes that are also site modifiers. Any future input will be greatly appreciated from anyone.
  2. I've been doing a lot more work with Site Models and have come across a couple of situations that would make for a much better experience. Could we have the proposed contours stop at the site modifier defining the limit of grading. This would be more like how it's done traditionally and would read a heck of a lot better. Can we have a tool that would add contour labels where you direct it to by drawing a line across the model with control over middle or top of contours? The current labels seem to generate based on number of vertices and end up in the worst spots. Looking forward to seeing the continued maturation of the software!
  3. rowbear97

    landscape edging/headers - best practices

    Jeff, I don't know if you are going to get what you want with 2017. I know if 2018 you can use a hardscape object with the site modifier at either the top of slab or the bottom however this is exactly as it sounds so if you cut a section to get the 2" "pop" you want your hardscape can only be 2" which will not give you the proper section of the hardscape in section. It would be great if one could have a hardscape with similar parameters as the "Landscape Wall" tool with offsets set by object. Perhaps this can be a future improvement. One possible solution would be to use site modifier "contours" with slope and set them 2" below the top of slab. Could be done easily enough if you offset the original poly and decompose and then make shapes from objects. Best of luck.
  4. rowbear97

    Drawing stepped retaining walls in 3D

    BJRobinson, What I have found is that you can use contours with slopes at the top and bottom of walls to get the desired effect. If you want to have the wall slope you should then take you wall tool and modify the top by moving the grips.
  5. rowbear97

    Title Block and Border Vectorworks 2018

    @NeilB This is great information. I've built my personal TBB up to a point but want to go next level. Perhaps I missed it but why couldn't you have text pulled directly from the sheet layer field(s), viewport name(s) etc?
  6. rowbear97

    Slab Object As a Site Modifier

    When will the hardscape object have the ability to be made up of different components like a wall? Say you are doing concrete pavers on sand setting bed on compacted gravel? Wouldn't it be great if these elements showed in a detail section?
  7. rowbear97

    Symbols with embedded Marionette

    So I want to create a series of symbols that have Marionette wrappers embedded within them. The marionette wrapper would take data from an attached record defining the shape and depth of the symbol. By doing this we can have one symbol that is for all telecom hand holds and by changing the records the marionette wrapper would change the shape and depth of the symbol to match. We could then have one standard top view for a legend but on dimensional control plans we could show the accurate size and have a worksheet that quantifies all the hand holes by size. Not sure if all this made sense but the is the gist of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 0485 services symbols.vwx
  8. rowbear97

    Export Site Model IFC ?? Crashing, freezing...

    @nca777 I did a little more investigating and while I wasn't able to export the site model as an IFC I did come across a way to get a fairly clean 3D Polygon version. When exporting you site model make sure that you have changed the site model 3D visualization to contours no mesh. Once you have done that you export as a 3DS file. Bring that back into Vectorworks and you will then be able to select the triangular 3D polygons and deleting them leaving behind only the contours. Hope this helps.
  9. rowbear97

    various gradients on complex designs

    While @Alan Woodwell options is viable you may find out that you will need to use a combination of pads and grade objects. I often end up using pads to get the right slope and cross slope for larger areas and then use contours and other grade objects to get the desired effect.
  10. rowbear97

    Mac Pro vs Laptop for VW 2018

    I keep seeing posts in MacWorld and the like for external GPU's for MacBooks. I know this is more for gaming but any pickup in speed for graphics would be better is something you have considered?
  11. rowbear97

    Tips for reducing file size

    Also make sure you have moved the origin by going to Tools>Origin>Center on Internal Origin this may help in size but definitely rendering.
  12. rowbear97

    DTM > Site Model directly?

    @jnr I'm available for assistance. Only familiar with the area as we lived in Richmond for 8 years and my wife went to Darden for her MBA. Glad to help.
  13. rowbear97

    DTM > Site Model directly?

    @JohnAthaydedid you get this to work to your satisfaction?
  14. rowbear97

    Dwg comes in as reference, non editable

    Matt, Shameless self-promotion here! Check out my tutorial here to get tips and tricks on importing and referencing DWG files. Additionally an updated version for VW 2018 will be coming out soon.
  15. rowbear97

    Driving curve tool

    I have tried both the "Driving Curve" and the "Vehicle Swept Path" and while the tool seems to be working correctly I am not getting an outline as shown in the video. I have tired various settings within the OIP and to no avail. This needs to be fixed.