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  1. Matt, Shameless self-promotion here! Check out my tutorial here to get tips and tricks on importing and referencing DWG files. Additionally an updated version for VW 2018 will be coming out soon.
  2. I have tried both the "Driving Curve" and the "Vehicle Swept Path" and while the tool seems to be working correctly I am not getting an outline as shown in the video. I have tired various settings within the OIP and to no avail. This needs to be fixed.
  3. Andre, I don't think there is a way to do this with the hedge tool. You might have to run two two lines and stagger the start point. Or you may not have them graphically appear exactly as intended but note on the drawings that these items are staggered.
  4. You are welcome @JohnAthayde. Hope everything will work out for you.
  5. Marissa thanks. A limit of 8 seems kinda lame. Are there plans to up that number? When you say Renderworks you are indicating selecting one of the other rendering modes light Exterior Realist Fast or Final right? When I do that the emitted light still doesn't show up. What am I doing wrong?
  6. John, Under Y2013 I chose I've successfully downloaded 'Topography - 2 foot Contour Interval format Shapefile. Start a blank file create a class for contours. Go to File<Import<Import Shapefile. Select the downloaded tile (it is broken down into a grid I've tested 059 and 060) and click Open. Change to Design layer or one of your own choosing or it will create one from the file. Select the created class for contours and click Ok. Landmark will take it from there. Tile 60 would appear to be Ivy and 250 interchange and a good part of Campus including the Darden School. Make sure you change you plan scale to 1"=100'. Also change your origin as these tiles seem to be set to the state grid, by going to Tools<Origin<Center Drawing on Internal Origin. This will keep the coordinates the same while making modeling more efficient. If you continue to have issues you may want to change the origin entirely keeping in mind that this will make exporting or sharing back to the state plane very difficult. At this point you might want to change your view to Front to confirm all the contours are at elevations (this is also good to do to check for anomalies in the data). Check for groups and un-group these objects, selecting to attach records to these items. The contours will not be all connected, but if you are making a digital terrain model it will not matter. You might want to simplify the 3D polys. Select all 3D polygons and create you site model. Depending on your needs for planning purposes or other do choose wisely as just modeling tile 59 (Ivy) at 2' contour interval took my machine some time to complete. Best of luck.
  7. Andre, You need to make sure that each plant has "On Plant List" checked, see attached. Once you do that your plant counts will be accurate.
  8. I will confess that I'm not that efficient with light sources to the point where I can't get a custom source to show light in any rendering mode. I'm working on a project where we will be providing path lighting with small fixtures fit into new planters. I've modeled that planter to include the a standard "flood" and as you can see in the screen shot some of the are showing up while the same exact symbol suddenly stops rendering the light. Is there a limit to the number of light sources or some setting that I'm missing? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  9. John, I'm going to back up a bit here. I have worked extensively in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia and have some experience in counties near you. How did you come to get AutoCAD files from the County GIS office? I might be mistaken but I think that you may have better luck if you request and import Shapefiles of the same data set as they may come with contours rather than points and breaklines as you have shown. If you have a contact in their GIS department ask if they can't give you Shapefiles and see how that turns out. Best of luck.
  10. @WillofMaine I have the same year but different specs on my Mac Pro and I haven't experienced anything unusual like you describe. I also us a Macbook Pro 13" with i5 processor and minimal video and haven't really noticed that much of a difference. I too am considering replacing the trash can with the iMac Pro but my CFO/wife wouldn't be too happy! ;-)
  11. @zoomerWould it be possible to use a worksheet to select objects without IFC tags and then edit from there?
  12. @Stu Wilson Not sure if you have resolved this by now but I have a similar issue in that for Construction Documents the fancy graphics are too much. Having also been in the field as an installer I prefer simpler graphics and one of my Clients also prefers simple graphics. For this reason we have created custom symbols that simply have different shapes at the centers to differentiate plants from one another. It is really very simple to create your own by starting with one of the less "hideous" and draft your own shapes.
  13. @mgries You are absolutely correct this would be helpful. For this reason and some others I upgraded from Landmark to Designer to have full access to all the Architecture Tools as I often have to model my client's homes when doing a design.
  14. You could make the cross plane trees a hybrid object with the tree canopy showing only in top/plan view and use the drop shadow setting to get the desired shade effect.
  15. You need to hire a Landscape Architect who is using Landmark or Designer! I don't have an answer to your question. Just wanted to put that out there! :-)