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  1. rowbear97

    Importing DWG Files

    I'm sure some of you have already come across this issue but I thought I would share my recent experience with importing DWG files. I've been doing this a while and have never come across this issue. While importing a DWG file I kept getting this strange result of most everything coming in as extruded objects. I went back to a DWG clone software and discovered that the offending objects all had a thickness assigned to them. Once I set the thickness to zero and imported again the issue was resolved.
  2. rowbear97

    Site Model Interpolation

    @lisag My experience with digital site terrain modeling goes way back and across multiple platforms and programs including early version of Civil 3D, Map and Bentley Microstation GeoPak (sp?). All had to have breaklines added to control these irregularities in interpolating between contours. Admittedly VW still have a long way to go to get anywhere close to where Civil 3D is now but you will never be able to this in Revit not to mention planting plans, site analysis, and irrigation design. Since the slope between the contours varies considerably across your design I would address this with the Grade Tool changing the mode to modify site and enter the desired elevations and let the program do the rest. Good luck in your search.
  3. rowbear97

    modify proposed contour oddity

    @jnr I have had this issue in 2018 and to a lesser degree in 2019. I have given up on VW creating smooth proposed contours and regularly draft contour site modifier objects to get the desire result. It could be that there are some points that are corrupting the site model.
  4. rowbear97

    Hardscape with slope to stair object no slope

    @Chickpea The other side of this is that you are modeling the real situation and in the field you would either have to warp the slab or have a riser with variable height. To account for this you may have to have two hardscapes to make the warp or at some future point VW should add grips to hardscapes, just like walls, that allow for the user to twist a hardscape. Good job for a newcomer.
  5. @ericjhberg You are crazy! This is way beyond me. I'm too old school. I set up my viewport, even it a project needs multiple viewports to cover a site, and get every just as I want it and then make duplicates to create grading or planting etc... When will you have this done so I can join you in the 21st Century?
  6. rowbear97

    Create Floor Marionette Node

    You left out the part about curving walking paths or driveways and how annoying it is that they only grade in a straight line between two points and not along the arc. But you can't do this with a roof either. Did you try using the "Save Hardscape" which saves it under hardscapes which you can then drag and drop onto the hardscape you want to change? Of course while testing this out it appears I have something wonky happening with rendering in top/plan where hatches are not showing up correctly.
  7. @livespace josha When doing two versions I assume you have layer naming that controls this. Isn't it easy enough to filter the layers by name and confirm that you classes are or layers are controlled that way?
  8. rowbear97

    Create Floor Marionette Node

    @ericjhberg Funny that you use this as well. One of my clients uses this almost exclusively, and often to my dismay, because you loose the functionality of the hardscape as a site modifier and as a way to create takeoffs. With that add on top the data tag options and you really can't beat it. How are you guys getting along with the fires? Our thoughts are with you. Oh! It's 40 degrees as a high today and windy as heck!
  9. rowbear97

    Adjust size of dots / ticks in plant placement tool

    @MAnderson10That's why we do this. Glad to help.
  10. rowbear97

    Adjust size of dots / ticks in plant placement tool

    @MAnderson10 Hello Cuz! My Great Grandfather came to the US from Airdrie outside of Edinburgh in 1856. Now to your issue. In the object info pallet (OIP) under the Annotation you will see the plant mode, polygon display, tick style, tick size, in that order. The tick size is the dot or whatever center mark you have chosen. You adjust the size by changing the tick size. Hope this helps!
  11. @tavbut I'm looking at using a lookup as well and I was wondering if you had made any progress on this. My intent is to use this to look up rainfall intensity from an imported worksheet, similar challenge different applications.
  12. @jeff prince I've been trying to get my clients to embrace a different kind of workflow. STOP thinking I'll start in 2D and then migrate to 3D. Having said that if you have polygon's or polylines that are your hardscapes and landscapes you can easily convert these to Hardscapes and Landscape Objects. The beauty of the hardscape tool, particularly in 2019 is that it is now a style, much like a slab for Architecture, and can contain all the elements of your pavement cross section. Also that Hardscape can also be a site modifier object thereby eliminating the need for multiple objects to grade the site and illustrate your design in 2D and 3D. As for your hypothetical of working between a known elevation and a proposed elevation I'm not familiar with a way to lock one in versus the other having said that I can tell you that assigning the existing elevation to one end of a hardscape or site modifier and trying out multiple variations in slope on the other end is easily enough done. Now I know I said above that a hardscape can also be a site modifier. There is one limitation to this. If you are dealing with a long sweeping driveway or path and want to use a hardscape rather than the road tool the slope is calculated in a straight line. This would then give you the chord or an arc and would not accurately reflect what you would want to do on a site. To get around this I have broken my hardscapes into multiple sections or done the copied an object along a path and converted the lines to contours and edited the site model that way. In your scenario where you are have two buildings with a walk connecting you are going to want to have multiple slopes like ¼" per foot away from entrance then a general slope to the other building the a ¼" per foot away from that entrance. Best of luck with your endeavors and have a great weekend.
  13. rowbear97

    Font Mapping - Re Mapping

    @ericjhberg Have you considered that it's not VW but its Windows ;-)?
  14. rowbear97

    Add support for Surface Dial

    Any update on this?
  15. rowbear97


    @beanus I have a 2017 MacBook Pro 15" and it has been great. I used it with a CalDigit TS3+ and had great success with it while working on an extended assignment in Australia! Can't speak to the Surface devices but my wife goes through a laptop a year because of hardware failures. Mac's are expensive but dependable and reliable.


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