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    I like it a lot. We need to look into other great site related scripts.
  1. I too have started messing around with this and while the overall presentation of the information is nice I would prefer to be able to edit it in the OIP as well.
  2. Could you be a little more specific with how you imported the DWG? I'm sure I will be able to help you but I need to know what version you are running and your methodology.
  3. I've done all the steps directed and at step 10 as noted above I do not get the indicated dialogue box. Running Designer 2017 SP 4
  4. I will take a look right now! Just to be clear. You can't use site modifiers on this model?
  5. Using Designer 2017. I have created roof and want to add a dormer and found this article. No where can I find the "10) In the Edit Roof Element dialog box, select the dormer style, and click OK. For this demonstration we used a shed style.". My only option when left clicking on the roof element is "edit roof style" along with your standard VW options. Please help.
  6. Gavin, I started with VW Landmark 2010 and was starting from scratch. I was on my own and had no prior experience with Vectorworks, let alone Landmark. I bought the training materials form Jonathan and it really helped. Now some 7 years on I do training and speaking on best practices. For do it yourself instruction materials I think what Jonathan produces is the best, even though he's a Kiwi . Sounds like a plug for Jonathan but I can honestly say it was worth it.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I will give this a shot!
  8. I used shape files for many years and leveraged them to get projects started and prepare analysis. I can't seem to find anything that covers importing Geo-Referenced Ortho Photos. Can anyone help?
  9. I have and my clients have been collaborating with other disciplines with DWG files, IFC for Revit and in one municipality submitting required GIS information back after plans have been approved. nca777 is right there are some issues and challenges and I like the short list of items that VW needs to pay attention to as well. We "Landscape Architects" have been neglected by the industry dominant player yet VW's is the only one that directly supports ASLA! Having been a AutoDesk user and a Microstation user I doubt I would ever go back to these platforms as they don't provide the support that Landscape Architecture requires as we move to closer collaboration with Architects on GreenRoofs and other systems.
  10. Mr Blom, In addition to Vectorworks classes there are others out there that can provide support via webcast to assist with training and can even help you with your workflow to make the most of the software. I myself provide this service either in person or through screen sharing. Best of luck!
  11. This looks promising but no substitute for a survey. It looks like a point cloud. Couldn't we use the functionality in VW Landmark to import the raw data and go from there?
  12. Eric's original point is well made and I would concur that we are a way off on moving to all digital not to mention all 3D digital. We can't even get municipalities to stop requiring paper copies for review. Some are moving this direction but the vast majority of your smaller jurisdictions are requiring prints! As for the workflow of 3D in vectorworks there are some limitations that I an my clients have encountered and one of them still uses Sketchup for 3D design then imports that into VW just to be redrawn. I have made some progress with using the BIM (walls, stairs, ramps and furniture) in our Landscape Architecture practice to provide a background with sections and then drafting over those 2D representations to get the visual qualities that we expect as designers. I'm old enough to remember the similar dismay and talk with the advent of CAD from hand drawn. The subtle defects and free hand additions to sections and details gave the drawings a certain artistic quality that I still lament to this day. With the advent of GPS guided earth movers we can see the future, though it will be some time before we have the accuracy to layout walls or paving patterns to this level of accuracy and efficiency. I hope we can move past the limitations of paper and get more into Augmented Reality for project design and presentation. I don't see a point where a project superintendent or foreperson is not going to be looking at a 2D representation on either a tablet or paper for the foreseeable future.
  13. As for the BIM side of things using the hardscape tool will give you the cross section, albeit just of one material, unless of course you place multiple hardscapes one on top the other then you could get your desired effect. You have a great idea! What if we could make create pavement sections like wall styles and they work as a surface? As for the tiles there isn't really any other way then the basic setup as provided that I'm aware of.