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  1. Perhaps I'm going about this the wrong way. I have a mid-rise residential building that I'm working on and I'm having to recreate the elevations by hand. Each "Window" consists of (see elevation01) fixed lower window, vertical pivot above, fixed larger window with louvered opening for PTAC. I would like to take these four elements and combine them into one symbol that I can insert into walls as this assembly appears on 50 of the 57 units. Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreicated.
  2. Eric, Had worked through what I thought was a solution, see below, yet this seems to elude me. I even tried changing elements in symbol from screen to group and all this managed to do is make the image in the worksheet show partially correct and still not perfect. I don't know what else to do. I believe it to be a video issue as now I'm able to make the worksheet show correctly but the design layer information still misbehaving. Started with your instructions and everything happened just as you described. When looking at the Symbol in the resource browser there is only the name no thumbnail. If I change the view to OpenGL then it appears. If I right click and select edit then 2D Graphics while on the design layer the canopy can be selected but nothing shows up in the OIP. Once I exit out the visibilities go back to the way the should be as shown in the Navigation Pallet. However if I then recalculate the worksheet the visibilities return as before with those classes shown as off but still visible. I then edited the 2D symbol from the resource manager and changed the canopy and tree box to Polygons. I thought this resolved the issue with the viability when recalculating the worksheet; however the tree box still shows up even when the visibility is off. And if you zoom in or out the classes that are off show back up.
  3. Eric, Don't know if I have an answer to your problem without perhaps giving it a look at personally. Is this something you would be able to share, or at least part of it. I will try to recreate on my own in the meantime to see if it happens on one of my drawings.
  4. Was just a bit curious about this from a perception standpoint I thought 2018 was slower. I timed it just now and 2017 was just only faster by a second or two. I have encrypted my drive and I'm running High Sierra on a Early 2013 Mac Pro with 32 Gb of RAM. Both installs are custom with Designer and take nearly 43 seconds.
  5. You should be able to use the number pad on your Mac as that is how I change views all the time. Also I might suggest that you use the new multiple view plans option in VW 2018 and change your working plane with Set Working Plane tool (Shift -1). I prefer the second mode Planar Face Mode to easily draw in the Z access. And as a reminder use your "U" key to change modes in the first section of every tool. Best of luck with your project.
  6. Really like the fence/ railing tool. Would like to be able to insert gates and openings for that matter into the fence much like you can put windows and doors into walls.
  7. Pat, Thanks again. I will see about using records attached to keynote labels as an alternative. I appreciate all your time and effort. Seems as though this should be an improvement; however I think the direction for VW is going to be everyone is on project sharing and you don't need references. Most of my projects that use references are done so we can divide work to one user doing layout, another doing plating and so on.
  8. Pat, I rushed to answer earlier. Thanks again for all your time and effort. to answer your questions: Yes it is a custom record attached to the hardscape. I am using DLVP as this is the recommended option for references. Again this goes to the idea that the best way to do this is with project sharing rather than our old workflow.
  9. Thanks Pat.
  10. Pat, I indicated that this works by what you suggested. I brought the worksheet into the referenced file and the worksheet showed all records; however, it does not work with the worksheet querying the referenced file.
  11. I tested the worksheet in the referenced file directly and everything works as expected.
  12. Pat, Thanks for the timely response. I wasn't aware of creating an OR condition; however it I remove the "record is Hardscape" the criteria dialogue is blank, even though there is a record "pavement" attached. As far as a modified file what would that look like since we are talking about referenced files here. A stripped down version with only the hardscape parametric objects perhaps? Again thanks for the timely response.
  13. I too have been updating my titleblocks and while it clearly has some advantages of previous workflow it is very challenging. It would be great if, much like a wall or slab style one could "save as" a new title block style!
  14. Thanks to the excellent and informative 2017 Design Summit and the presentation by Eric Berg on worksheets I decided to try and modify one of my very dumb worksheets into something that can query referenced files and extract data not only from a parametric objects (a hardscape in the case) and an attached record (pavement). My issue or challenge is two fold. The worksheet criteria does show the desired number objects so long as I have (record - Hardscape) in the list of criteria. If I remove this it does not show the same quantity of objects with the other criteria (record - Pavement) even though the same 17 objects have "pavement" record attached. The second part to this is that I want the worksheet "database" to pull data from both the hardscape object and the additional record "pavement" in one materials schedule. I want to not only have the available info from the hardscape but additional information in the "pavement" record to populate the worksheet as shown. I have as shown the "pavement" record and the field that I'm looking for selected however it does not fill in this information. Am I missing something or am I trying to do something that isn't there yet. I do worry that the answer to this is to move to Project Sharing, which was also a very informative presentation by Rubina Siddiqui however we aren't there just yet. As a wish item, it would be great if you are using referenced viewport as a search option that a user would be able to find the object even though it is referenced.
    I like it a lot. We need to look into other great site related scripts.