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  1. BG

    Enhance break line tools

    Thanks Matt, that works a treat for covering unwanted linework etc. How hard would it be to enable lines to be trimmed or extended to the break line?
  2. BG

    favoured window schedule workflows

    Agree, each year goes by and the same 'basic' wishes are repeated by the users. And these are fairly fundamental tools for an architectural practice - A Window Schedule!
  3. BG

    Enhance break line tools

    2004, Wow, that's ridiculous. Some of these seemingly 'minor' improvements would make a big difference to the everyday use of the software. I still would prefer the upgrading of functionality of all of the existing tools rather than adding new 'flashy' tools with each new VW release.
  4. BG

    Enhance break line tools

    It would be good if the break line acted like any other line too, so you could trim or extend lines to it.
  5. We also tried it on a couple of projects, and while we had moderate success, there were too many glitches where we couldn't save and commit or VW crashed and then we couldn't open the working file etc. It wasn't stable enough, so we gave up using it. If we hear that there have been improvements, we will be tempted to try again.
  6. Totally agree. NVW should be developing some of the tools mentioned and making them suitable for 'most' common situations. eg. a spouting/gutter that follows a roof slope would be a fairly common situation I would have thought?
  7. Hi Bill. This is where tools fall down IMO. All good adding a new tool, but if it can't cater for most of the common scenarios, then it is not really ready for release.
  8. Hi Jonathan. yes we do. That should be high on the priority list - up there with an improved stair tool etc ūüôā Along with automated "architects tools" like automatic floor level lines on sections/elevations, automated grid lines on sections/elevations etc etc
  9. I really hope this is a localised issue. This looks just like what we experienced when 2018 was released, and we ended up going back to 2017 for a number or projects - and these projects are still to this day in 2017. Not good.
  10. Hi Bill Sounds good. Will there be an option for gutters to follow sloped roofs, or just horizontal? Brett
  11. BG

    Toggling between Document Tabs

    Same, happens often.
  12. BG

    Wall texture alignment after reshape.

    I've tried that, but as you say, it doesn't always fix the problem. And, I want to be able to specify exactly where the texture origin is set from. e.g. 50 mm below the floor level or whatever.
  13. BG

    Wall texture alignment after reshape.

    I get this with every model and it is so frustrating. I would like there to be a coordinate box (or something similar) in the OIP which determines the start point for the texture, so no matter if the wall etc is moved up or down, trimmed, reshaped etc, the surface texture stays where is should be.
  14. BG

    Property Line Input

    That's cool. Good tip. Thanks
  15. BG

    Property Line Input

    Hi Jonathan, yes it does work in a new file. I spent so long trying to get it to work! In the end I gave up and drew it with lines. Typical Thanks BG


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