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  1. Jim, can you confirm this is a bug please. I don't think it matters if a simple or complicated way is used to create an object, if it can be created, then VW should display it. I just wanted a quick way to create a hollow box with no fill. I don't consider extruding lines complicated. Thanks Gadzooks, I've been using the 'choose files' button to upload an image.
  2. Thanks Jeremy. It shows fine in hidden line in v2017. I can do as you suggest, but strange why it is fine in v2017 but not in v2018?
  3. Hi, can someone have a look at the attached file and let me know why the hidden line view is not showing correctly? Try going to a right view or right isometric & choosing hidden line. Is this a bug? Thanks VW2018 SP1 (Windows 10) Hidden Line Issue.vwx
  4. The work around we use for this issue is to place the window numbers for each elevation on their own class.
  5. Is there any update on whether back referencing is going to be added in 2018? We were requested recently by a Council processing one of our Building Consents to include back references on all details. This took considerable time and of course, they are all manually added, so no automatic coordination. This doesn't seem like a major to implement. Thanks
  6. There is a roof truss PIO at Vector Depot Just standard type though, not parallel or scissor etc.
  7. Hi Jim, is there any plans on addressing this issue in a future update? Kind of defeats the purpose of sharing a file if it becomes unusable. Thanks Brett
  8. Hi We are using project sharing on a fairly large residential project. The file is currently around 100 MB and the project file is saved on our NAS drive. We only have 2 working files, but we are noticing a 3-4 second lag when even doing the most minor drawing changes, and the information bar at the bottom of the screen says 'waiting for project file'. Is a setting we can try, to avoid the lag? Working on the file now is painful. Thanks
  9. Would love this to be an option, although when a detail is referenced from multiple locations, you would have to have the option of choosing one back reference? We used to always back reference our details until we started using linked details.
  10. Just realised that the printer setup scale also affects the placing of text using text styles, and placing hatch patterns. If the printer scale is set to 50%, they are all double the size. Be preferable not to have the printer scale affect drawing, but at least we know why the odd behaviour now. Been annoying us for a long time.
  11. Hi Josh I just opened your file and it works perfectly fine for me. Are you on a MAC? We're on PC's. Brett
  12. Hi No, it's nothing to do with the scale of the design or sheet layers. The dimension text size is being controlled by the scaling in the Printer Setup which is unwanted behaviour. See attached. Thanks
  13. Hi We have our dimension standard setup with a text style with text set to 7pt. When placing dimensions, the size of the text actually placed on the drawing is related to the print scale currently set in the print setup. i.e if the print scale is set to 50% the size of the dimension text placed is 14pt. It varies depending on the current print scale. If it's set to 100% the text placed is at the correct size. Has anyone come across this issue? Can't understand why it works like this? Thanks
  14. Hi. Am I correct in that, the only way to change the % of the slope faces once created, is either to delete the drains & re-create the slab drainage with a new slope % or manually adjust the valley slopes until you get close to the slope face % desired? Or is there a way to change the slope face %? Thanks