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  1. BG

    Graphic Legend

    Thanks Julian. What is the release date for update 2? Just want to check if I need to manually re-draw the schedule or wait? Regards.
  2. BG

    Graphic Legend

    Hi After installing VW2024 Update 1, the window schedule I had drawn using a Graphic Legend seems to have an issue. The design layer that the windows are drawn at is not at '0' and has an elevation of 293900. However the graphic legend is now drawing the floor level at '0' and is also dimensioning the windows from '0' and I can't see how to make it show the floor level at the correct elevation? Attached is a PDF of what the legend used to look like plus a VW file that has this issue. Is there anyone that could spare a minute to check if there is a setting I am missing? Note, the windows are 'Windoor' objects. Thanks Graphic Legend Issue.vwx Window Schedule 2023-10-12.pdf
  3. When dragging a structural member that is pitched, the pitch changes. Being able to lock the pitch (or other values too) would be much more user friendly. I will try the tab suggestion, as this sounds good. We gave up using the structural member and went back to the framing member as it is easier to manipulate. Having a 'direction' indicator would also be helpful. Thanks
  4. I agree, this seems like a very simple tool to upgrade.
  5. Hi Does this resolve the issue? test comments.vwx
  6. Hi See attached. Windoor Window Example.vwx
  7. Try setting the offset (3) to the same thickness as the window frame member thickness. This eliminates the offset for us.
  8. Thanks, that is helpful. It is frustrating that a tool is close to being useful, just needs a bit of further development! fingers crossed before retirement, although with the state of the worlds finances, that may not be for some time yet!
  9. Yes, I agree with everything you have said. I can't believe that you can't change the length of a sloping member without it changing the pitch? We had some issues with an IFC coordination with a structural draughting company where the framing members were 'shifting' in the file transfer & we had better results with using the structural member. These were however, horizontal members so were easier to reshape. It is a pain not being able to change the length of multiple structural members in one go.
  10. Hi Did you get an answer on this? I'm using it for roof framing members, but when I change the length of the structural member, the pitch changes & I can't see how to 'fix' the pitch? Thanks
  11. Could there just be a handle available outside the viewport? This would avoid having to enter the viewport to shift the label?
  12. BG

    Graphic Legend

    Hi Tim To add my view. Yes, the elevation and plan images should align - ignoring the dimensions. Thanks Brett
  13. BG

    Graphic Legend

    Thanks Tim, much appreciated. Brett
  14. BG

    Graphic Legend

    Hi Thanks for the file example. The dimensions seem to align okay with your doors & windows. We tried using the Windoor graphic legend so wonder if there might be an issue with that?
  15. BG

    Graphic Legend

    Hi Tim File attached. Thanks Brett Graphic Legend Example.vwx
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