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  1. Could there just be a handle available outside the viewport? This would avoid having to enter the viewport to shift the label?
  2. BG

    Graphic Legend

    Hi Tim To add my view. Yes, the elevation and plan images should align - ignoring the dimensions. Thanks Brett
  3. BG

    Graphic Legend

    Thanks Tim, much appreciated. Brett
  4. BG

    Graphic Legend

    Hi Thanks for the file example. The dimensions seem to align okay with your doors & windows. We tried using the Windoor graphic legend so wonder if there might be an issue with that?
  5. BG

    Graphic Legend

    Hi Tim File attached. Thanks Brett Graphic Legend Example.vwx
  6. BG

    Graphic Legend

    Have installed VW2023 and was keen to try the new graphic legend. Immediately noticed that if the windows have a value specified in the 'Z Off:' field, then the automatic dimensions do not align with the windows by this amount. Is there a setting to select that allows for this?
  7. When using the Title Block Border, is there a way to add a revision to multiple sheets in one step? Likewise when adding or removing Drawing Stamps, is there a way to add or remove drawing stamps on multiple sheets in one step? Thanks
  8. When using the Publish command. Be good if there was an option to only list sheets that have an 'Active' title block.
  9. When publishing drawings, is there a way to only list sheets that have an 'Active' title block border? Thanks
  10. BG

    Plumbing Schematics

    Thanks Ron We have considered using EAP, that would work, but this isn't that user friendly either and I suspect would take just as long as our current method. Would be good if there was a tool for this. Cheers
  11. Hi No, we usually add insulation in the annotations, unless it's a layer of say PIR insulation which has a hatch.
  12. This is great and also how we approach roofs. We don't use a single roof face with components, but model the individual members eg rafters, purlins, roofing, flashings etc. This makes the model accurate and also the elevations and sections don't need too much tidying up in the annotation space, if any. Would love it if the roof tool could show actual materials like tiles, and include ridge and hip flashings etc. Also the wall tool needs to show cladding/siding materials.
  13. Just wondering how others are drawing 3D plumbing schematics? We have been using the HVAC tools, but they aren't overly user friendly. They don't automatically join, the vertical ducts can't be dragged to change their height, there are no falls on the straight ducts etc etc Any improvement on this would be welcomed. Thanks
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