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  1. BG

    Graphics not refreshing

    Recently installed Vw2018 SP4. Haven't tried all views, but working in Top/Plan, when making changes to dimensions, text etc, the changes don't show until you change view i.e zoom in or out etc. Anyone else noticed this behaviour that wasn't there before?
  2. BG

    Space Tool Frustration

    I also tried using the space tool on our last project but due to the very slow/laggy performance, probably won't use it again.
  3. This can't be done automatically so you will have to manually add them. This feature has been requested numerous times - fingers crossed for VW2019.
  4. BG

    Renders Turning Black Once Updated

    This happened to me yesterday with multiple viewports rendered in hidden line & an artistic renderworks option. The viewports all turned black. Didn't try restarting VW, but ended up recreating the viewports to resolve on a new sheet layer. VW2018 SP3. Hopefully this is being fixed soon as it is a huge time waster, especially when on a deadline.
  5. BG

    Finding Mystery Keynote

    Hi, it was meant for Tom.
  6. BG

    Finding Mystery Keynote

    We have used the 'Find-Replace Text' menu item to locate keynotes successfully. Not sure if that will work for you?
  7. BG

    Cut Plane Design Layers

    We've tried this too without any success. Doesn't seem to do anything.
  8. BG

    Switching Documents Broken - Windows

    We get this happening intermittently on our workstations. Only fix is to close and re-open the files. Using VW2018 SP3 on Win10. It's very frustrating.
  9. BG

    Roof Not Showing in 3D Views

    What rendering mode is showing as invisible? We have had various issues with things not showing in 3D, mainly using hidden line.
  10. This misalignment of surface hatches is a massive pain, and something we encounter regularly. It takes a lot of trial and error or touching up with annotations to correct. If you could specify in the object info pallette the origin point for the hatch on each wall or surface, that would make it easy.
  11. We had the same issue with section viewports not showing information correctly in 2018. It was on files converted from 2017. It didn't occur on every file converted, but we reverted back to using 2017 on the problematic files as we couldn't find a work around to fix the issue & didn't want to spend any more time trying to fix it.
  12. We vote for a quick fix for this. New versions of the software are meant to be improvements, too often with each release, tools seem to get broken, instability creeps in, slowness is introduced etc. Thanks
  13. Great, thanks Jim.
  14. I see this dates back to 2014. Where did the enhancement request get to? It would be useful.