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  1. BG


    I tried that, but it still selects the space beyond the cut plane. To get it to work I temporarily shifted the space beyond so that it wasn't in the same plane as the space I wanted. But this is a hassle and it takes 3 times as long as it should.
  2. BG


    Hi Just started using Data Tags with section viewports to name all of the spaces. There are multiple spaces on each floor but what I am finding is the data tag doesn't always pickup the space that the section viewport cuts through, and often selects a space that is beyond - if that makes sense. When there are multiple space objects how do you go about selecting the correct one? Thanks
  3. On most projects we end up using a number of unstyled walls to allow for the odd variation in wall thickness or lining. When will it be that we can also see the selected cladding or roofing shown in section? eg weatherboard profiles, roofing profiles etc?
  4. It's no help sorry, but we experience this issue too. It happens randomly and is pretty annoying.
  5. We hope this gets fixed soon too as it is a real pain.
  6. Wonder why things like this seemingly simple update take so long to implement? We had to change our section naming convention to suit VW. Not ideal.
  7. We discovered your Item 1 straight away & apparently it is a bug (regression) and will be fixed. Hadn't noticed the changing of colour images to Greyscale, but that could be a nice option to have in the Publish Dialog.
  8. I often resort to putting a mask over the walls using the extract surface tool to fix up the misaligned textures. This works, but it's a hassle when things change as you have to redo it.
  9. Also, a big one for us. An improved method for aligning textures on walls, roofs etc.
  10. Are there still Lag Issues with 2020?
  11. I might have missed it, but one feature we love about the Framing Member tool is the 'Show ID' option. We can't see that option for the Structural Member tool. Please can this option be added to the Structural Member tool, then we might start using it. Thanks
  12. 2021 Wishlist, along with the other items listed above, The ability to have slanted walls. Grid lines (and floor level lines) that show up automatically on elevations and sections
  13. Update. This 'feature' already exists using the clip cube on a design layer, so all good.
  14. Brilliant. Just tried that and it works well. Thank you!
  15. Can we please have an additional feature added to the clip cube on design layers. The ability to cast shadows of objects removed by section. This ability is available on a sheet layer viewports created from the clip cube but it is also required on design layers.


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