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Interrupt any calculation - esp. geometry changes

Gilbert Osmond


I'm sure this has been requested before; I couldn't find the older posts though:

Would like to be able to ESC out of any extended CPU operation, e.g. let's say I'm looking at a high-poly-count object (like a 3D plant model) with 50K or 100K polys, in OpenGL mode, and I switch (either by mistake or on purpose) to "Hidden Line" -- beach ball for 2 to 10 minutes while VW recalculates.

At least VW2016 64-bit doesn't crash; that is an improvement, but being able to cancel / revert any long CPU-intensive process mid-stream, the way you can interrupt a Render operation, would be very useful. As it now stands the only options are to wait, or to force-quit.

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May we please  have a Kill Switch that cancels an operation? The Create polygon Inner Boundary Mode (paint bucket) is a case in point. This is a very fussy tool that never seems to operate twice in the same way - no matter how one holds one's mouth! Very often for god only knows why this tool will hang up. I have learnt to always save prior to using this function as often one must use force quit. As VW 2018 takes about 5 minutes to restart, having a tool that stalls can add 10-15 minutes of unproductive time to an operation that one should be able to cancel. 

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Here's what is bugging me. These Polygons all overlap. They are all inside a room made with walls. When one selects all the wall on the layer & attempt to create polygons from the walls the result is a set of Polygons on 3 sides of this room. Inner boundary mode fails, even when one further captures the room with additional Polygons except for one wall. Sheesh!


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"Cancel calculation" would be useful for grade objects and worksheets, too. Especially as now the worksheet file menu has the option "recalculate all worksheets" directly above the "recalculate current worksheet" - weird placement and order. I repeatedly recalculate all worksheets now...

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Seriously, can we please have this ASAP? People still run into this issue all the time.


Just this morning both a colleague and I had frustrations with Vectorworks being stuck in an operation that we couldn't back out of. She tried to Offset a complex polyline and ended up with Vectorworks hanging indefinitely. I tried going to "Edit Section-In Place" for a mildly complex viewport and ended up with an indefinite hang.


In those situations you typically wait 5-10 minutes then just give up and force quit... and then try to recall what things you've done since the last save so you can re-do them.


We should be able to cancel any calculation instead of having to force quit and losing unsaved work.


Many years ago we were told this would be possible once everything is converted to multi-core. What's the status of that?

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2 hours ago, Andy Broomell said:

...Seriously, can we please have this ASAP? People still run into this issue all the time....


I just had a polyline fill go crazy on me... waited 38 min and had to force quit.


I save every couple of minutes (VW has me scared with all the unexpected crashes) and have "back up" set at every 42 operations, but I still lost creative work.



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