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  1. Already upvoted this in the past, can't upvote again. Is there perhaps an option to reset the upvote count for the this topic for the registered " Forumites" after e.g. 4 or 8 weeks without losing already casted votes so that they can upvote again? Just a friendly suggestion to expedite the priority ranking for this "feature request"
  2. Attached is an AutoCAD 2018 dwg version. Please do keep in mind that AutoCAD LT cannot edit (or create) 3D solids or meshes, it can view them though. The only 3D things it can edit/create are lines and polylines/polygons. The drawing appears to be a Spotlight drawing, which I don't have, so I can't guarantee that all information that may be attached to objects is properly transferred. v1.dwg
  3. You are allowed two installs, so if you don't have it installed on a 2nd computer yet you could install it on the other computer and activate it. If you expect to install it on a 2nd computer in the future in addition to your new main computer then you may want to contact Vectorworks support to deactivate the current installed license. Contacting Vectorworks is only needed to deactivate a license, once that is done you should normally be able to activate it online as you did with your first install so no need to contact Vectorworks again for activation unless it fails for some reason.
  4. I'd rather prefer an offline file converted, e.g. similar to Autodesk's DWG TrueView which acts as a viewer and a converter to convert to old formats. Because VW already has a downloadable viewer this should not be that difficult to create.
  5. @Jibbe D'hondt Based on the screen captures it looks like the line thickness of your class is set to 0 (zero). If the line thickness in the attribute palette is set to zero and the class is not set to automatically apply the class settings then new objects will be drawn without an outline.
  6. The file is attached underneath the screen capture. This could indicate that the push-pull generates self intersecting geometry or that the geometry otherwise falls apart (e.g. a part gets reduced to zero). VW does not know what you want to achieve so it cannot tell you what or how to fix with regard to the geometry. Though some reason of why it failed (e.g. self intersecting geometry) might give you some clue so I agree that the error messages could be more useful in some cases. If you use the push-pull and move one face behind another face, e.g. as to flip the shape, or that a snap causes the face to overshoot and then it will fail too, or something else depending on what exactly you want to do.
  7. I agree, which is why I asked that question, as the units precision rounding should not override typed in dimensions, only the displayed value should be rounded in that case. It does affect drawing objects from start click to finish click, but that is not the case here.
  8. If you want to get this into Ai then exporting as PDF would be the best way to go as it imported without issues (other than font subsitution) in CorelDRAW so I would expect the same in Ai. For CorelDRAW exporting as dwg could be an option too as some geometry in the PDF (light blue lines within the white diamond shapes) looks a bit jiggly so I am not sure if that is as designed in VW or an export glitch.
  9. Two links for CNC plugins in combination with CorelDRAW e-cut: Graphtec Cutting Master (probably for Graphtec cutters only, but not sure):
  10. Some people had trouble putting in more than one digit into the pop-up data fields during SP0, it probably got fixed in SP1 or else SP2 but the OP didn't mention what SP is being used but based on the 1 digit limit is might be SP0. @ZahraYou may want to download SP2 and update your trial copy with this as it fixes a lot of bugs etc. and should give you a better experience during the trial.
  11. It happened to me in the past very sporadically on Windows but so far have not encountered it in VW2018, so it happens on Windows too but perhaps not as often as on Mac.
  12. ^This Plus... if you name the template Default.sta then it should be the default template that opens when you start Vectorworks if you have set "Create a new document on startup" to active in the preferences.
  13. You may want to look at low profile or half height GPU cards, there are not that many of these for the GTX cards so it will take a bit of searching but they tend to be a bit shorter as well instead of only lower, as these are meant for smaller desktops. These cards can even be used for the so-called mini barebones systems. VW is not optimised for Quadro cards as to the best of my knowledge there are still no drivers specifically for VW to take advantage of the Quadro functionality.
  14. Just changed my unit precision to a lower number to try out and then I run into the same issue a @DCapp of the title border margins not updating properly as it rounds to the closest value (in my case zero). Edit (added question) @Nikolay ZhelyazkovThen out of curiousity, why does it show properly in the video for the drawing border to be inserted even though it does not update the preview in the OIP? It gave me the impression that it should work regardless of set unit precision as that should be a display issue. e.g. When I set a precision of .1 and type .25 for an object dimension it gets rounded to .3 in the dialog. When I afterwards set the precision to .001 the OIP will show .250 and not .3 for the object, so it should not affect the actual drawing/modification of the objects.
  15. It works fine on my windows version as long as I make sure to use units with the numbers, so in theory it should at least work with a drawing border only (i.e. no title block template used) and it does in your screencast for the border to be inserted so one would expect it would also work for the already inserted border if you switch to the selection tool first and then try to update it. Can you post a file with the problematic drawing border here, then I can try to update the border width to see if it works on Windows, if it does then it might be a (VW) Mac issue. There have been several VW issues lately that seem to affect only those on a Mac.