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  1. Yes it will open VW2013 files There was a serious slowness issue with VW2017/2018 that got mostly resolved in VW2019. For simple(r) drawings it was not noticeable, but for complex drawings there was a greater chance for the issue to occur. Though not everyone was affected it was a real problem for those who were affected including me. Depending on the size of your projects and use of e.g. survey data this may or may not be an issue when getting VW2018. I would suggesst to aim for VW2020 to be on the safe side, also with regard to DWG compatibility as the most recent DWG file format is DWG2018 which may not be supported by VW2018 but will be supported by VW2019 and later. Though ODA has a file converter that you can use to convert DWG2018 files to an older DWG version should you buy VW2018, so the DWG file version support can be solved.
  2. Vectorworks Service Select Subscription seems to be non-transferable, i.e. when I sold my license my distributor told me, amongst other info, that VSS would not be transferred to the buyer when selling a license. So when you buy a license from someone else you should assume that VSS will not be part of the sale because it cannot be transferred, just the license for Vectorworks itself will be transferred.
  3. The answer is a sort of yes and "no".... To clarify the "no" if you would be buying a 2016 license that has been upgraded to 2020 you are not actually buying a 2016 license but a 2020 license. It cannot be sold as a 2016 license because the 2020 upgrade supersedes all previous licenses and it should be sold to you as a 2020 license with the accompanying 2020 serial number. Because the transfer has to be done through the distributor or local VW office they should automatically take care of that. Regarding the yes, once the license has been transferred you can then upgrade the purchased 2020 version to a later VW version and also purchase VSS. However... there are two things to keep in mind: 1. if you want to purchase VSS you most likely will have to upgrade to the latest VW version first before you can purchase VSS. 2. this may depend on country/region... there may be a limit to how many versions back you can upgrade to the latest VW version, e.g. 5 version back or less or more. In general for VW you should be able to upgrade from the last 3 or 4 versions prior to the current version unless things changed recently. (I've been on VSS for years so always upgraded each year and didn't have to check on version limits with regards to upgrading). Contact your local distributor to find out if there is a limit to how many versions back you can upgrade to be sure. I don't expect upgrading from 2020 to 2022 or even 2023 will be a problem. Some software companies have no (practical) limit to previous versions from which you can upgrade and other software companies only allow to upgrade from the previous or two versions back.
  4. Yes that is generally not a problem. For the US International version it should definitely not be a problem if there are no laws prohibiting such a transfer/import, for localized versions it might be a bit different because of support not being available in your country if it is not an official language there (e.g. a German version can be sold and supported in Germany, Austria and Switzerland where it is an official language but support in e.g. Spain or in your case India for a German version might not be available even if you may not have any problem using a German version if you would have a good command of German). The same applies to other languages other than English (which is sold worldwide).
  5. When you sell your license you have to sell the current/most recent version of that license in your possession if it has been on VSS because serial numbers of older versions cannot always be transferred to a new license owner to the best of my knowledge, though it may vary in some countries/regions depending on local distributor's rules but in any case you need to sell the latest upgraded version you have of a particular license and cannot sell an older version and keep the most recent one yourself. You may want to check with your distributor whether they will include older serial numbers in the transfer or not in case a prospective buyer needs an older version than your most recent version.
  6. Yes Claris is an Apple subsidiary, ClarisCAD was a CAD "upgraded" version of MacDraw (which later became ClarisImpact) at the time, even though it was really nice it did have its limitations compared to e.g. AutoCAD (even then), VersaCAD, MiniCAD and Vellum so it fell by the wayside after a few years. Being able to define units for dimensions per viewport sounds nice and I can see why you want it, you can already dimension in units of your choice and setting up dimensions styles for that is a solution as already suggested by others but probably not the one you prefer given your reaction. Though I think using dimension styles for each unit type is in the end more flexible than assigning (dimension) units per viewport which can create issues for people who don't expect that or are not even aware of it. However.... as @Frank Brault found out... this seems to be broken now. @Frank Brault This surprises me a bit because some 3 years ago this still worked if I remember correctly as I had a project back then where I had to use both metric and imperial versions of the same drawings. I can't think of a good reason to break/remove this functionality. Even an ancient program like Canvas Draw (now Canvas X Draw) handles this properly. Could you find out why this was changed, or perhaps it was broken unintentionally. (Though I'm currently no longer using VW and may not use it in the near future I may return to it later so I'm still around to keep tabs on how it is developing so I may be chiming in on discussions from time to time.)
  7. OS updates, as well as software updates, can cause quite a bit of clutter/overhead on a system so once in a while doing a clean install/reinstall will improve performance, e.g. Once every 12-18 months depening on how many updates have been done. Another thing to look at is the number of undo's that VW is keeping, the higher the number the greater the chance that it will bog down Vectorworks if you use the undo a lot. I knew someone who used undo a lot instead of delete and combined with a high level of undo steps to keep it bogged down his system to the point of crashing the CAD software, once he used delete instead of undo where appropriate he had less crashes and less slowdowns. This may not apply to your but just in case it might this is something you could check on as well and reduce the number of undo levels to see if it makes a difference.
  8. The computer may be recent but unfortunately that does not mean the internals are also recent. The i5 model I saw listed locally has a 10th gen Intel processor (i.e. From 2019/2020) so it is not that recent. It isn't a bad processor though and should suffice for 2D work. If it can go to 64 max, then for 2D 16 GB might be sufficient though someone from Vectorworks has probably better info on this to comment whether 16GB would be enough for you or that 32 GB would be preferable. If you want to go for 32GB then please do check if there are better low profile alternatives available than the GT 1030 just in case.
  9. How much RAM does your workstation have, it could also be a RAM memory issue and not a GPU issue, or it could be both. Based on what I could find on your workstation model still being sold over here it has a 10th gen i5 (which is ok for 2D work), 8GB of RAM memory though you may have a version with more memory added when purchased, intel 630 GPU which will probably share memory with RAM. You may also want to make sure you have enough free space left on your drive, which is probably a 256 GB SSD, depending on how many programs and files you have on it it could be that available space is getting too low for swap memory etc. for VW as well. So you have two issues in my opinion: 1. Available RAM is probably too low anyway if you have 8GB, especially if you are running another program along Vectorworks it will go at the expense of available memory for VW and for the Intel 630 GPU causing the issue you have. 2. The GeForce GT-1030 is really low end from 5 years ago and has only 2GB Video RAM so I doubt it will make much of a difference for 2D work compared to the Intel 630 GPU if that has sufficient RAM available. My suggestion would be to first check how much a RAM upgrade would cost, assuming it is possible to add more RAM to see if that makes a difference. Some systems are limited to 8GB max memory supported (I had one years ago that was already maxed out at 8GB so even when the CPU and GPU were still sufficient, RAM not being upgradable was the bottleneck and I had to get a new machine anyway). If it improves responsiveness of Vectorworks but not enough then you could still consider getting a GeForce GT-1030 though I would rather check if there is not a better low-profice GPU card available. That being said, with VW2023 when that comes out you will probably run into this issue again so you may want to consider getting a new workstation instead if that is financially speaking an option. The cost of additional RAM and a GPU is probably 30-40% of a new system if the price over here is an indication so it may not be the best investment compared to getting a new(er) workstation if the current one with hardware upgrades may get you perhaps just one year of additional usability.
  10. An option could be to have a look at the Affinity store, there are several asset packs/add-ons for water colour artwork. You could use those to create tiles in e.g. Affinity Photo. A nice set could be https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/store/product/daub-watercolours-and-washes-brush-pack/ Then there are programs like ArtRage and Clip Studio Paint that may be useful to create your swatches. Krita (freeware paint program similar to ArtRage, Painter etc.) has a texture template, combined with its watercolour brushes it might be useful as well to try.
  11. The license has been sold and is no longer available for purchase from me.
  12. This is indeed a bit annoying, I suggest to submit a bug report and have VW support look at this. Some things can be a matter of perspective changes but the moving should imho not happen like this.
  13. As mentioned in my other reply, this is one of the reasons why I don't see muself going back to Mac in the foreseeable future. I miss those days where the user could at least upgrade RAM and harddrives themselves in a relatively easy way for non top of the line machines (e.g. the Mac II series, it's that long ago even though those were not exactly budget machine either but comparatively speaking at least not that hyper expensive as the current top level machines).
  14. In my opinion this depends on what one is doing. For purely CAD drafting purposes my experiences is that this is not really the case because most things in CAD are still single core and performance in that area is often increasingly marginally across a few years and then a noticeable jump every few years like with the 12th gen Intel processors compared to the three or four generations before it. So over a few years it probably evens out in the end as the user is often the more limiting factor in that case than the hardware. When it comes to rendering that is (mostly or only) CPU based I agree with your theory if one is rendering a lot because there has been more progress in multicore performance than in single core performance. For working with really large documents and files a lot, regardless of rendering, a three (max four) year period makes sense for replacing hardware, as that often coincides with a performance jump with processors. For more moderate demands a 5-6 year period could be ok if rendering is not a major part of one's workflow and the hardware specs are suffient (i.e. not a low(er) end machine). Then increasing RAM or replacing the GPU might be a more cost effective option in the meantime. This of course depending on how much the CAD software's resource needs increase is developing over that period of time. One of the things stopping me from returning to Apple is their tendency to limit users to upgrade some hardware components themselves (e.g. adding RAM or replace a drive with a larger one) except for their most expensive machines so you have to use whatever is offered within budget and hope it will be sufficient.
  15. No it doesn't include Landmark, though there is some overlap in functionality. I.e. Architect has some tools that are from Landmark but the Landmark version is more extensive/complete. It is similar to the stair tool in Landmark, it is based on the Architect stair tool but with more limited functionality.
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