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  1. Acrobat Pro can do measurements, you have an option to set the scale so that you can have real world distances. Too bad they dropped support for MacOS as I think it is better than Acrobat Pro for those in engineering etc.
  2. Art V

    Font Help

    Do you have Adobe cloud software installed and are you using fonts from the Adobe cloud? These are installed differently and usually not in your system's fonts folders but still available in your software. At least that is the case for me on my Windows system. You could try to remove the font mapping in VW for the Helvetica fonts and when it asks for a replacement you could point to the correct font.
  3. The viewport is often showing only a part of the actual drawing so my guess would be that is has to (re)load (external?) references to "obtain/read" the actual objects contained in the geometry that have to be exported and are extending beyond the boundaries of the viewport. For e.g. PDF there is no need for that as you only want to show what is within the viewport boundaries. Just a guess.
  4. Just to make sure... are you using the Export or the Publish item from the file menu to export to DWG? The reason I am asking is because I get the impression you might be using the Publish feature to export to DWG and in that case your dialog may look like this If you don't click on the top right pointing arrow after selecting the sheet layer you want to export then it will only publish the PDF. If you do add the sheet layer with this setup by selecting the sheet layer(s) and click on the top right pointing arrow then you should get something like this Then it should create a DWG file as well. Or you can select the sheet in the publish sectin and change the output format into DWG/DXF and then use the options button to make the settings for exporting. If it still exports a PDF then it looks like you may have run into a bug (not likely as more people might have complained about this) or a glitch on your system or VW install. Another possibility that just came to mind, are you perhaps exporting to DWG to replace an existing file? If yes and you type a name it may use the PDF name version of that file and also use the PDF extension despite the file format you have selected being DWG, especially autocomplete/explorer utilities may cause this to happen and then it may save the file with a PDF extension but it actually is a DWG file. If you open the generated PDF after an export, does it open in a PDF viewer or do you get an error message? If the latter you could try changing the PDF extension to DWG and then try to open the file. If it opens in you DWG viewer/CAD program then something is causing the extension to be changed into PDF for some reason. Just guessing for some possible causes that I have ran into in the (distant) past with other software that looked similar to what you are experiencing.
  5. Don't make me regret getting an Intel gaming laptop instead of an M1 Mac for roughly the same price 🤔 Though some of my most used software either has not Mac equivalent or the functionality of the Mac version is less than that of the Windows version (at the moment). So I'd have to think long and hard anyway before returning to a Mac computer. But it looks like the Apple Silicon Macs may have a performance lead over WinTel machines in the near future, though it depends on what AMD will be able to come up with its Ryzen and Threadripper CPU's. Especially with CPU rendering they're beating Intel by quite a margin compared to similar CPU's from Intel. If M1 is even better than that then it is quite impressive.
  6. @JuanP Like @zoomer I'd like to hear if there has been a change in the Quadro cards support by VW since the RTX cards on workstation laptops are now available. Lenovo is still listing it on the ISV lists of some of its workstations that have Quadro RTX card options. GIven that Lenovo is still a serious player in that field I doubt they would be providing completely wrong information. Could you please shed some more light on this? Especially with site modelling with large tin areas or 3D models with lots of polygons etc. Quadro support may have its benefits over GeForce.
  7. Of the apps listed in the ISV section only ArcGIS might be one that would be used on the workstation if I would get one. Since none of my other "heavy duty" programs would benefit from a Quadro I decided to go for a Lenovo Legion 5 instead. It may be a gaming laptop but at least it doesn't look like a gaming laptop and it will be supported for the next 5 years (my current laptop was only supported for two years so no driver updates etc. after that, and less than two years if you bought it a few months after introduction) It's just too bad that the Ryzen 7 version supported RAM is maxed out at 16 GB RAM, so I decided to go for an Intel based one after all.
  8. Took a look at the website and most seem to be Autocad DWG files, if any files were available. You may want to check websites like Grabcad, partcommunity.com and Traceparts for the same items as these often do have multiple 3D formats available for the 3D content on their websites. If the same models are listed there then you may have more luck in getting a usable 3D model. Some manufacturers have their own sections on these and/or similar websites.
  9. Yes, the rest of the hardware may be a factor too for being on the ISV list or not for some app packages, but the (so far) consistent difference between RTX or no RTX Quadro card and VW being listed or not listed just stood out to me. So that is why I got curious. I don't have high hopes for Quadro now being supported by VW but one never knows. 🙂
  10. https://www.lenovo.com/de/de/laptops/thinkpad/p-series/ThinkPad-P15-Mobile-Workstation/p/22WSP15P5N1 does list VW as the Quadro RTX3060 is an option https://www.lenovo.com/de/de/laptops/thinkpad/p-series/ThinkPad-P15v-Mobile-Workstation/p/22WSP15P5V1 no Quadro RTX option and VW not listed in the ISV list https://www.lenovo.com/de/de/laptops/thinkpad/p-series/ThinkPad-P15s/p/22WSP15P5S1 no Quadro RTX option and VW not listed in the ISV list https://www.lenovo.com/de/de/laptops/thinkpad/p-series/P53/p/22WS2WPWP53 does list VW as the Quadro RTX is the graphics card This is the German Lenovo website, the same applies on the NL website for the laptop models I looked at, i.e. no Quadro RTX option then no VW mentioned (though it is possible there might be an exception somewhere as I didn't look at each and every individual model). There are differences in available models so the websites cannot be compared 1:1 for that.
  11. I know that VW always stated they don't support the Quadro cards with Quadro specific drivers. In this case the ISV list of the manufacturer's website mentioning Vectorworks was only with models having the Quadro RTX3060 cards, Vectorworks was not mentioned on the ISV lists for models with Quadro cards older than the Quadro RTX3xxx series. Which is why I was asking if Vectorworks is now supporting the Quadro cards (with specific Quadro drivers or otherwise getting benefit from things that Quadro cards have over GeForce cards).
  12. An alternative to Keyshot could be SimLab Composer (https://simlab-soft.com/) to combine external sources with VW 3D models. It might take a bit more work than with Keyshot (or not, as I have never used Keyshot) and it is not that expensive compared to Keyshot so perhaps a more viable option if it will be occasionally used. If you are going to use this kind of thing a lot then you may want to test both trial versions to see which one is the better option for you.
  13. Does the website have other file formats for download other than 3D DWG, e.g. STEP, 3DM, 3DS, sldpart? You may have more success with importing those to get a proper 3D object though it does depend on which CAD program was used to create the 3D object in. If it was AutoCAD then it may not be of much use anyway, if it was another program that was used to create the DWG 3D file then one of the other formats may work better. Especially STEP and IGES are worth trying because they are meant for exchange of 3D objects.
  14. When looking at specs of some workstation grade laptops with nVidia Quadro RTX graphics cards I noticed that some models had Vectorworks listed in the ISV list, suggesting that the laptop has been considered approved for use with VW. This usually means support for the Quadro graphics card. Does this mean that Vectorworks does now support the Quadro graphics cards functionalities (e.g. can use the benefits of working with high polygon count models that Quadro cards can handle better than GeForce cards)?
  15. This most likely means the meshes have lots of points, AutoCAD 3D surface models tends to be triangulated badly (meaning with LOTS of triangulation) upon import into other programs, One option could be as @unearthed mentioned to use AutoCAD or BricsCAD to clean up the drawings. Another option could be to use Rhino, if you have access to it, to import the DWG and clean it up in there and then import the Rhino 3DM file into Vectorworks, I do that from time to time to get cleaner imports than I would have from directly importing a 3D DWG file but results do vary depending on the quality of the 3D model in the DWG file.


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