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  1. Art V

    Service Pack 4 for Vectorworks 2018 Released

    Yes I had the same issue of SP4 not installing on the laptop, but it did install without issues on the desktop. Windows can be a bit picky at times. I hadn't got to trying safemode yet.
  2. Art V

    Service Pack 4 for Vectorworks 2018 Released

    So far it seems SP4 has reduced the lags I was experiencing quite a bit, it's not completely gone but it is quite a lot more usable for now. And yes the new summarized notes for the bug fixes is a lot better, so like the others I'd like to see this repeated in the future.
  3. Art V

    2D images being replace with Locus

    This could be a bug, but it could also be a hardware or graphics card (driver) issue. If there is not enough memory or the hardware is a bit underpowered you may get graphical glitches like this at times depending on the complexity/heaviness of the 3D model or object. Which version of Vectorworks are you using and what are your computer specs (CPU, GPU and amount of memory for both computer and graphics card)? Are you using the latest driver for your graphics card?
  4. If you can model properly in Sketchup then you should be able to model in VW as well, however the more advanced 3D stuff is in the Design Series (VW Architect, Landscape, Spotlight or Designer). So depending on what you are trying to do this might explain why you are hitting a wall with some things. As someone commented earlier in this topic, knowing the basics of extrude, extrude along path, sweep and loft will get you a long way in VW. If you know how to do this in Sketchup then it works almost similar in VW in most cases, at least it does in the Design series. I'd have to switch to a Fundamentals workspace and try to see if there is a substantial difference compared to a design series copy of VW (have switched from Fundamentals a long time ago and have never used that workspace ever since).
  5. How about using the stake object for this? Have it coincide with your column/post location and use its features such as ID number, X/Y(/Z) coordinates etc. to get the same result.
  6. This is sort of what I meant, but without having to use the ALT key. The "problem" is that if you release too soon you have to start all over again as it only seems to work upon creation of the 2D shape on the face and immediate automatic push-pull. Using it afterwards with the push-pull tool doesn't seem to work here. With Solidworks it always works upon using the extrude command, it actually has two extrude options, boss and cut extrudes which acts as additions and substractions, but the boss (addition) extrude has the option to either merge the solids or not.
  7. Solidworks has a nice feature where you can automatically merge a new solid object being drawn on an existing solid object. E.g. when I draw a plate with a certain thickness and then want to add a vertical plate on top of it to create a side plate then Solidworks can automatically join the two into a single solid object when you extrude the 2nd shape that is drawn on the first shape. For e.g. sheet metal parts this would eliminate the step of adding solids to each other afterwards, which can save quite a bit of time if you have to do this a lot. It would be nice if VW could have such an automatic merge option.
  8. Art V

    WWDC happened - OpenGL gone

    Not sure if this is reassuring or not. The gist I get from this is that the software developer has a greater pressure to get it right before the information goes to the GPU or the end user (us) could be in trouble because the output may not be as expected.
  9. Art V

    WWDC happened - OpenGL gone

    A ditch can be used for draining so the drainage tool could be considered a ditch tool 😊
  10. Something I ran into again, for certain objects like roads the DWG export uses the line colour instead of the fill colour for the layer colour. This means that if I use a black outline with a grey fill for roads in VW, then the DWG uses black as colour for the roads layer. Because the road objects export as individual blocks for each road part it means I have to update quite a few blocks one by one in the DWG file to get the grey fill back in the DWG. This may happen to other objects as well. Would it be possible to have an option for classes (either as a select applicable classes option in the DWG export or in the class definition) to use the fill colour as layer colour for objects like this?
  11. If a text object in Vectorworks has a background fill to cover items underneath the text this fill does get exported to DWG as a solid hatch behind the text with the colour used by the attribute setting for the fill. Even if the fill is set to white it often comes out as black in DWG for either print or when the DWG background is set to white. It would be nice if there could be an option in the DWG export settings to convert fills of text objects to MTEXT background masks with the additional option to set this mask to use the DWG drawing background colour instead of the colour used in VW. This would save quite a bit of cleaning up of MTEXT objects in the exported DWG file.
  12. Art V

    convert vwx to dwg

    Attached are two zip files, one for each drawing. Please to note that in the Fiesta drawing some items that are showing up in the PDF file (e.g. drawing border/title block) are missing in the Vectorwo3761 Flores Rigging Plot rev 4-2-18-dwg.zip3761 Fiesta Ballroom Rigging Plot rev 4-2-18-dwg.ziprks file they sent you. The Flores drawings seems to be ok.
  13. Art V

    2D images being replace with Locus

    If you find that your custom plant should be ok, then there might still be a bug somewhere in VW and I'd file a support request to have VW support have a look at your custom plant.
  14. Art V

    2D images being replace with Locus

    Does it only happen with your custom plants or also with plants from the VW supplied/included libraries? If the former then it is probably something in your plant symbol causing issues. If the latter it might be a bug. With 2D images, do you mean an actual image, i.e. bitmap, png, jpeg etc. image as part of your plant symbol? Or is the 2D image vector art?
  15. Art V

    Offset the start of a line/polyline

    Welcome to the other side 🙂 There are definitely some things that are different in VW and you'll find out about some of these things soon enough and may have to unlearn some AutoCAD behaviour to reap the benefits. Are you using the basic version of VW or one of the designer versions (Architect, Landmark, Spotlight or Designer)? Some functionality is only available in the designer versions so it would be good to know which VW version you are using.