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  1. Me too, it would make things quite a bit simpler so let's hope it will at least (have the option to) automatically purge parts of the image outside the crop boundary for PDFs of drawings containing cropped images. (Without throwing it away in the VWX file). That should be an easy win to achieve. The rest might be a bit harder as you sometimes need to export some of that information, so I would prefer to have some control over this instead of having it automatically done based on whatever VW thinks is the correct way of doing it. (e.g. when they initially automatically purged non-used dwg layers upon import this was a not so pleasant surprise as it affected the drawing structure integrity in certain cases where it had to be kept intact, the same could apply to data and export).
  2. Art V

    What's the best way to set parametric values?

    Soldiworks also uses Parasolid as its 3D kernel so theoretically Vectorworks could have 3D constraints as well if it would license that part of Parasolid. For those not having used 3D constraints in mechanical software it may be a bit harder to see the usefulness of this but it could make things quite a bit easier if you would only have to use a few 3D constraints instead of having to create a parametric symbol by using Marionette or Vectorscript to have the same functionality. Not to mention to be able to keep things together in 3D when adjusting just one object, but that would get VWX a bit more into the mechanical realm of CAD with similarity to parts/assemblies kind of stuff used in mechanical CAD. Though at a basic level I would like to have this in in Vectorworks 3D (e.g. if objects need to be at a certain distance and position from each other and one object of such a group would change dimensions then I would have to manually update the configuration. 3D constraints could take care of this).
  3. Art V

    dwg layers to VWX

    In addition to the above... if you want to import multiple DWG files and you would like to keep them identifiable/separate from each other you can use the "Add prefix to imported DXF/DWG layers" option. Do make sure you update the prefix for each imported DWG file. Generally I prefer to import DWG layers as VWX classes as that will make exporting back to DWG a lot easier in general if you are also taking advantage of the layers functionality as VWX classes work across VWX layers. (e.g. if you are using layers for levels with an elevation in 3D, you could still use the classes). In general VWX classes are used for what things are and layers for where things are. This "dual layer"' (compared to DWG files) thing can be extremely useful and it is something I really miss quite often when working in DWG, though it may depend on what you do.
  4. Are you using cropped images in Vectorworks? I have noticed that Vectorworks tends to export the whole image at original resolution into PDF and not just the cropped part. Using a PDF editor and its "reduce file size" option (if it has one) will throw away the parts outside the crop boundary of the cropped image. Combined with other reduction options (e.g. for resolution etc.) you can reduce the file size quite a bit. This is what I prefer to do over creating cropped parts of an image and reference those. This may seem like an additional step you don't want but the benefit is that you can keep using the full image instead of having to create multiple cropped parts and reference to those. If you are sure you are not going to end up outside the cropped image then this is not a problem, but if you think you may need to increase the area of the crop later on (which I run into quite often in my line of work) then using a PDF editor afterwards will in the long(er) run save you more time and hassle.
  5. Art V

    Not matching paper size

    The printable area is derived from the printer (driver) and may be off by a fraction of a mm. I have seen this quite often, not just with Vectorworks but with other software as well. A solution you could try is to set the printer to a PDF printer, though the same could happen there depending on the PDF software. E.g. PDF Xchange will give exact A4 dimensions of 297x210 mm as well as the other A papers sizes. Bluebeam may give correct results too if I recall correctly but I would have to check to be 100% sure. Though I have occasionally seen PDF printer drivers that are off by a fraction of a mm like printer drivers of physical printers so it does depend on the PDF software. Another thing that may help is to not rely on the printer driver and use the "choose size unavailable in PDF setup" option to set your paper size en then use the export/publish to PDF. If you prefer to set a custom page size with exact dimensions then please make sure it is not named the same as existing paper size names as that may cause your custom paper size to be overriden by the printer's paper sizes when you share the file with someone else. (E.g. use "A4c" (c for custom) instead of just "A4")
  6. Art V

    VW Walls ruin my C4D Exchange

    You can still get a perpetual license, but only for what is now the most expensive option (i.e. no longer a basic version for just rendering) and if they are going to pull an Adobe it will be interesting to see for how long a perpetual license option will remain available. Oh well... like with Autodesk and Adobe there will probably be some competitors gearing up to provide perpetual license alternatives for those who don't need all bells and whistles (esp. if they are not needed for ones area of work) claiming that with them rental is optional.
  7. Yes it would be nice if the character limit could be relaxed or even removed. And the display of classes/subclasses (and their names) could be improved a bit as well to make it a bit more convenient to use.
  8. Art V


    I can see the potential benefits as they describe (e.g. knowing the right parts for maintenance), but only if there is a tight control on what is shared with whom and how. You don't want your hard work to get leaked out to copycats if there is a leak somewhere. Of course some of this info may already be in paper service manuals etc. but this online sharing is a step further as it probably needs access to the full data to be able to show only a part of it in various versions for varies kinds of users. Plus... who is going to be responsible/liable for keeping things up to date for the online information with revisions (e.g. newer parts used after improvements, keeping track of old parts for older versions of a product, change of supplier of parts etc. etc.) which is something that may take quite a bit of your time to do it right and avoid (costly) mistakes. Especially in the mechanical engineering field this can become a very complex thing to handle. I think this will benefit the big companies more than the smaller ones as the big ones do have the resources to do this properly and efficiently and when large clients/authorities (local, regional or national) start to demand this kind of thing in projects then the small(er) companies might be losing out in the long(er) run.
  9. Art V

    WIN 10 Meltdown

    No there are no risks in enabling Windows restore, I recommend enabling it. It may be the only way to revert back to a previous state without much damage/work after an update bricks your windows. If you want to rely on Acronis backups then you should create a backup every time you before apply Windows updates or major software installs in case something goes wrong. Otherwise you may lose activations or you may have to reinstall newer software/updates etc. which may take some time as well. This may not be a really feasible option in the longer run. One thing that most likely will fail with Acronis is backing up data that is written to the boot sector by some software you use which may break activation in a bad way (e.g .Autodesk does this or used to to this, and a restore would break the activation of the license and require contacting their support to enable activation again) You may want to take a look at Rollback Rx (https://horizondatasys.com/) as an alternative, it should be able to restore Windows and remove everything installed by an update even if it crashes Windows completely after an update and it may be a more convenient option than Acronis. They do have a free version for home use, but you may want to get the Pro version as it allows for more restore points and some additional options (multiple drives, scheduler etc.).
  10. Art V

    WIN 10 Meltdown

    Win 10 Pro has some advantages over the home version, especially for business use, so I would prefer that over the home version if possible.
  11. Art V


    How much memory does each card have? Both would work ok but I would be inclined to go for the newer GTX 1650 as that one should be faster for rendering etc. than the GTX 1050 and will last you a bit longer, this assuming they have the same amount of VRAM. On the other hand, if the GTX 1650 comes with 2GB VRAM and the GTX 1050 with 4 GB VRAM then I would be inclined to go for the GTX 1050, especially if you want to use a 2nd monitor attached to your laptop. If you can chose the amount of memory for each card, e.g. 2 or 4 GB of memory then go for at least 4 GB of GPU memory (VRAM).
  12. Art V

    WIN 10 Meltdown

    Short answer: YES! Slightly longer answer, follow this website: https://www.askwoody.com/ It will tell you whether it is worth to install the patch Tuesday updates or if there are any major/showstopping issues that should make you want not to install updates for now. Their general recommendation is to set the updating for patches etc. to 2-3 weeks as most (not all) issues should be resolved within that time frame or updates will be retracted if there are serious issues. That way you'll minimise the risk for thing going wrong. The halfyearly updates should be set to a delay of 365 days if possible. After the patch Tuesday mess I only update if the website says it is ok to do so (i.e. no major issues) though there is always a chance that your setup might contain something that may cause issues anyway with some update. But that applies to any computer system as they can't test all possible combinations of hardware/software.
  13. Metal ones in my case.
  14. Art V

    Saving to PDF

    Yes, the least VW could have done for Jim was to allow him to keep his well and heard earned status and likes. (Maybe launch a petition for that? ūüėÄ) @Jim W Good to see you are still around, thanks for all you've done on (and off) this forum. Much appreciated.
  15. Art V

    WIN 10 Meltdown

    As @zoomer already mentioned it is probably a hardware issue. I've lost months of usability due to memory issues and a motherboard defect. First they tested memory which came out ok, then the motherboard got tested which appeared to be faulty and got replaced. The instability/crashing seemed to be solved but after a week it was back. Then they did a longer test run on the memory and found out it was faulty after all so that got replaced. Added additional memory (same brand, type and series) and back were the problems (after a long test run). Al in all it took 5 months to get it all sorted out and then... once everything was running fine when one of those recent infamous patch Tuesday Windows updates bricked the whole thing due to a conflict with security software and I could start reinstalling everything from scratch. Grmbl. Long story short, even if initial test don't show issues it may be a defect that requires more thorough testing to find out. What did solve quite a few pre-hardware trouble issues was that I had to do a complete new install of Windows and that solved some other issues. So you may want to do a refresh of Windows 10, especially if it has had several major updates. You can download the latest install ISO from the Microsoft website to get an as clean as possible install and then install the most recent drivers for your hardware. If it is a software issue after all then this might solve it (no 100% guarantee however).


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