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  1. It is probably created with MC5 or earlier, I have a conversion program from the local distributor to convert MC4/5 - MC7 files to MC8 (the converter is basically a stripped down version of MC8), but it does give the beta version error as well or the message that the file was created with an older version of MiniCAD or that it may not be a MiniCAD file. Maybe VW tech support can still open the files assuming they are not corrupted, otherwise as @MullinRJ mentioned your only hope may be a backup copy of those files that we could try to convert.
  2. The answer to both is yes, I know it works with with regular objects and symbols and just tried it with PIO's (never had to use to do that with PIOs so far with what I use VW for) and it worked on the PIOs I tried. You may have to create an additional data sheet though to which you add the additional records. Then you can add multiple fields in one go to multiple PIOs at the same time. There could be PIOs where it may not work for some reason because I didn't test with each and every PIO available. I have Landmark so e.g. Spotlight may have PIOs where it might not work.
  3. This seems to become a bumpy topic 🙁 I do realise things may take some time to implement, but 7 years is stretching it a bit too much to considerably improve text handling in VW, good text handling should be considered a necessity and not a luxury feature.
  4. You may want to contact your local distributor's phone support to obtain an offline activation code if possible, in case the issue hasn't been resolved yet. It could also be that there is a connection issue (e.g. too much latency/slow connection) or the activation server having issues.
  5. @TID Regarding the healing, some CAD programs have a repair function though it can be named differently that checks the geometry and fixes it where possible so that it become usable again. Sometimes it is possible to "dissolve" and object to make it a generic solid and then convert it back to a mechanical object again and parametrize it to make it a fully functional mechanical object. What STEP version did you use for export? Can you share an example STEP file that would show the issue? ODA is working on a STEP engine that should allow for sharing of mechanical models with functionality more or less intact, somewhat like what IFC is for BIM. Until then you have to expect that functionality that you have in one program may get lost when exchanging to another program through STEP if it cannot interpret it. For more info on ODA's plans with STEP you can read this article: https://www.upfrontezine.com/2021/11/upf-1111.html
  6. That would be nice, especially on high DPI monitors set to 100% display scaling it would be nice if e.g. the object info palette could display text a bit larger for e.g. 27" 4K displays whereas it will probably look ok on 32" or larger monitors.
  7. This is true to some extent, except that Bezier control points in DTP software have point/handle manipulations options that Vectorworks doesn't (yet) have and are therefore easier/smoother in use whereas it is a more tedious experience in VW. E.g. where in DTP software things can be accompished by rotating and extending the control points you have to move the control point in VW until it matches what can be achieved quite a bit easier in DTP software. Especially with curved lines a bezier pen tool with associated controls like in DTP software would be really nice to have as you can create curved lines quite a bit more efficiently, not just for those coming from a DTP background.
  8. Not a braceworks user but I did have a similar issue of differences between calculated and real world. One thing to check with the manufacturer's tables is whether these are calculated or measured data. In my case the supplier was using calculated data and there was a rather significant difference with measured data in this particular case even though their and my calculated data (based on theoretical values) were basically in agreement. With things like trusses I would assume that the manufacturer has done load tests etc. and use that for their tables but you never know for sure until you ask.
  9. So far I'm not noticing much difference compared to V21 when it comes to stability. Are you perhaps using add-on applications? Sometimes those can cause some stability issues with BC by itself or conflict with another add-on application and then cause stability issues. Or it could be something from other installed software/OS updates that is causing a glitch. Refreshing the OS install may get rid of some of those things causing problems. I know it did solve some issues in the past on my Windows machine, including issues with VW This might be worth trying if you have done update over update over update on the OS and/or software.
  10. @Martyn Horne Thanks for the invite. I noticed you are using zoom for this summit which unfortunately is a bit tricky to use on my setup as it seems to confict with some other installed software. By the time that gets solved the summit is probably over so I'll use the forum roadmap section for this 3D constraints topic.
  11. Didn't get to it last time but this time I did an audit with fixing errors in the drawing and that solved the dependencies viewing issue. This basically requires having a DWG based CAD program because VW cannot do this upon import as far as I am aware. ODA (Open Design Alliance) has a viewer and converter on their website for Win/Mac/Linux, if I recall correctly the converter can do an audit to fix issues when converting to a different dwg version (or even the same dwg version). https://www.opendesign.com/ @Olivia-OBryan maybe this ODA viewer and/or converter might be an option to install on your machine to view/fix DWG files if they cause issues upon importing in VW2020.
  12. @Olivia-OBryan Attached is your uploaded dwg file with the self-referenced dwg xref removed and the drawing file audited (169 errors fixed). It is now also possible to look at the dependencies without freezing BricsCAD so it was probably some corrupted data inside the DWG file that may have been causing issues during import in VW2020. Could you try importing this file to see if it works now? LENXR1 (audited).dwg
  13. @zoomerRemoving the self-referenced xref worked just fine on my measly Windows laptop. Did you try it on your Mac or on your Linux machine?
  14. Doesn't crashing imply that it is lost so that in essence you did get rid of it? 😁
  15. Or... VW could license the Parasolid kernel 3D constraints/parametrics so that it is a bit easier to create straightforward parametric objects without having to get into Marionette or scripting. For more complex objects scripting will still be necessary though.
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