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  1. One could set the browser to automatically clear cookies when closing the browser (it is what I have set it to do to avoid automatic (re)logins or other conveniences, articles of interest that I'm not really interested in etc.) and that should take care of it most of the time.
  2. Thanks for the clarification, it is good to know it will eventually be possible but for now I probably need to save back to an older format if the need ever arises to keep a drawing in the old(er) file format if I want to copy something over from a newer file format drawing.
  3. This website does use Google Analytics, so if you don't clear your browser cache and then visit another website that also uses Google then I can imagine there might be some "cross-contamination" of the information in case Google Analytics also keeps track of search phrases on the VW website/forum.
  4. But how about directly copying items from VW2018 to VW2017 , as was the original question? Based on the outcome of the pasted object showing up as PDF within the VW2017 drawing the only solution would to to save the VW2018 file as VW2017 and then do the copy-paste to the VW2017 file within VW2017 if one does not want to convert it to VW2018 (and then save back to VW2017 after copying the items). it begs the question why it is not possible to copy relatively simple geometry from VW2018 to VW2017.
  5. Another option could be to select a unit that is 1000x smaller than the unit you used to originally import the dwg. It sounds like you had a unitless dwg file and the wrong unit was selected upon import or e.g. one that was drawn in mm and you imported it as being meters (.e.g because the old plan was in meters) All this assuming you are working in metrics (based on the scaling issue)
  6. If you use the predefined page format under printable ares and use publish it should use exactly that format instead of the printer page size, assuming you also set you printer settings to the same page size as well so that the hor/ver boxes are 1 or almost 1. At least it works for me that way. Also make sure that if you are using a sheet that the sheet layer does not have a different setting for page and printer.
  7. What version are you using? It works ok in 2018 SP2 for me.
  8. I strongly suggest to get the just released 860 Evo series instead of the 850 Evo. The 860 reportedly has much longer lifetime (i.e. double or triple the number of writes) as well as better performance and the price should be about the same. Or (copied from a reply in a similar topic a while ago): For a data storage working drive (for active projects) you may also want to consider the Transcend SSD370S 1TB drive as it has a quite high write endurance (better than almost all other SSD drives) and is supposedly among the fastest "normal" SSD cards and the next best thing besides a M.2 PCIE SSD. If you are going to consider this one then make sure it is the 370S and not the 370 (without S) as the latter is an different SSD drive series performance and endurance wise.
  9. Yes, it would be nice if renaming sheet layers would not break publish sets, if it can be done for classes, layers and viewports to keep track of renaming without breaking viewport overrides etc. then it surely should be possible for renaming sheet layers and update saved publish sets accordingly.
  10. Did you check your margins? Depending on how the page was set up there could be a small margin that causes extra pages to be created. Or the page size of the printer setup is not matching the sheet size. You may also want to check if your sheet page setup (settings for your sheet and then check page setup) matches the overal application page setup (file>page setup) To change from landscape to portrait in the page setup, either untick the Printable area option and rely solely on the printer setup button and printer settings, or manually change the width and height to the correct values for landscape if the selected size does not already do this.
  11. I just ran into a situation where after some updating I wanted to publish just one sheet out of a set of sheets for review purposes instead of publishing the whole set. It would be nice if there would be an option to publish one (or more) selected sheet(s) from within the navigation palette through right-click on selected sheet(s) and select publish. This could then bring up the same publish dialog as usual but then only as a temporary "override" without having to mess with the existing set of sheets by removing not-to-be-published sheets and having to add them again later (yes saving the publish set could be an option if it were not for the constant renaming of sheets that I often face, which renders the feature less useful for me)
  12. This is what I normally do, in order to keep the symbol as intact as possible. However it is my impression that @markddis asking for a simple way to split a hybrid symbol into its constituting 2D/3D parts without changing the actual geometry of the respective parts. That would be nice to have, whether it is called ungroup or split or something else. @markddPerhaps update the wish title to "split" instead of "ungroup"?
  13. Yes and no, for the files where the slowdown gets down to killing in VW2018 it is still quite slow in VW2017 and speed is near instantaneous in VW2016 in my case. (snaps being on when on a sheet layer is considerably slower than snaps being off for the involved drawings). Though I didn't notice the slowdown in VW2017 as much as I did in VW2018 and then compared with VW2017 and VW2016 and then noticing VW2017 can be slower than VW2016, so I consider VW2018 to be worse than VW2017 anyway. Even though there was definitely an improvement for viewing large 2D drawings in VW2017 compared to VW2017. Working with such drawings is where VW2018 is currently aggravating a lot.
  14. Thanks for the info, then I'll wait for the current speed/lag issues to be (mostly) fixed to see how this affects my workflow. By that time there will probably also more information about Ryzen/Threadripper vs Intel 8xxx performance for making a choice. Regarding the it looks like it could be a memory leak thing I'll get back on that later when it happens again so that I can give more specific details other than it seems to start slowing down.