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  1. I seem to get a lot of 'font mapping' dialog boxes on startup asking me to remap some random font to ariel... These are files I work on daily, and I haven't knowingly added any new fonts to. Is this common with VW?
  2. Given that irrigation plans are generally not a literal representation of the layout and therefor fittings are unnecessary. But ...sometimes I like to draw out a manifold. ...or provide a rough fitting count for cost estimates. Is this a schedule option?
  3. In this case I am. It's a survey from 20 years ago that the client already had. And literally hundreds of trees... I foresee a couple of hours of mindless clicking. Yeah - I was wondering if it would be possible to get X Y data from the text object tree labels and scrub the relevant info (size and ID) and output it all in a format readable by the existing tree command. Seems like a cool project.
  4. About once a week my arrows keys start panning my drawing instead of nudging objects. That's when I know my preferences have reset. I go to the menu, go through the tabs, and set them back the way I like. And then a in a week or so my arrow keys are panning my drawing and I have to do this all over again. Usually just the arrow keys from the Edit tab and the 'Autosave every _' check box on the Autosave tab become unchecked. Nothing else. Is there a keyboard short cut to reset preferences to default that I don't know about?
  5. I always seem to get CAD site plans with symbols for existing trees. Often the scale of the symbol is the DBH of the tree and the canopy is a nearby text. I've put a 2d locus in the symbol and run 'create existing tree from loci' but the scale doesn't transfer. Is there a way to do this and retain more info? ...current project has hundreds of trees!!
  6. @Jesse CogswellQuick Question Where do you envision us placing it? I've initially put it on my document context right click. This is so helpful. Thank you!
  7. @Ozzie thanks for that. I found my 2021 file and put it in the 22 folder, and everything is good!
  8. Just checking back before I recreate all my custom existing Tree Species Data. Anyone know where VW stores this data?
  9. Bump. I just checked to see if the fix was 'accidentally' included in SP2.1... No such luck. Hopefully SP3.0 will release fairly quickly!
  10. @Tamsin Slatter I just downloaded SP2.1 Not sure about other issues I was having with the plant tool (like Z value), but the plant size issues seem good! Thanks for front-lining this for us! edit: Unfortunately, the Z value for plant objects has not been fixed for SP2.1 - hopefully next update!
  11. I just noticed that all my custom Existing Tree Species Data (from the 'get species data" button) are missing. I'm not positive but this may be after I've migrated to 2022 and it didn't get automatically moved over... Where is this stored so I can copy it from my 2021 data into my 2022 data folders?
  12. VW already allows us to switch between editing menus - a much appreciated feature for workflow - it would be great to add Layers and Class visibility editing in "annotation space". I've found myself wanting to turn layers and classes on and off as I'm annotating and was thinking about how much it puts me "out of' my workflow to have to: close down the annotation editing space- open the Layers Visibility menu- close the Layers Visibility menu- close the Class Visibility menu- close the Class Visibility menu- reopen the annotation editing space- try and remember what I was doing before I had to go through all the above... ...and then maybe repeat if I didn't get it right! Also - It's already posted as a Wish that the viewport Class and Layer visibility menus had a toggle between each other so we don't have to open/close/reopen the visibility menu as were setting viewport visibilities. This is still something I think about daily.
  13. So assuming this site model section is just slightly in front of the building? Might be a bit difficult with overly complicated/convoluted terrain? In any case this seems much better than my current overdrawn polygon (with at least a cople of redraws as I move hardscape around) solution.
  14. I've converted my plant library. I put the massing models and image props on separate classes: plant images on 'Plants-3D-images' class massing shapes on 'Plants-3D-massing' class Screen Grab comparison: The 'auto sizing' is pretty spotty - sometime the masses auto size depending on the size and spread data, sometimes they don't. I haven't figured out why for either case Even more odd - I played around with trunks and branches for some shrubs/trees. the trunks and canopy auto size - but the branches don't - I've no idea why. Anyway, I find the masses really help me visually with planting plans. I haven't tried rendering with the massing shapes - but I do most of my presentation material with a lot of Photoshop/hand drawing overtop of the base renders.
  15. This small red square seems to appear now and then - what is it? Seems to be: stuck on 'screen plane' doesn't move non selectable not at internal origin. red square.mp4 red square.mp4 red square.mp4
  16. I have around 120 actively used plants - my clicking finger is very cramped! I do wish they could release the script to change all settings at once. AND now that I've changed everything to 'by style' I've realized I like to turn off polygons occasionally (because we can't make curved plant polygons... which are necessary for clarity sometimes... but that another issue for another day!) - and now all my plant objects have polygon ON 'by style'! So now I have to turn them off 'by style' for all plant instances in a drawing and hand draw all the needed polygons - or make them 'by instance' (which Tamsin recommended against) and turn some off and some on - or I really don't know which is better - and nobody knows how the plant tool will behave in the near future - ...Frustrating
  17. I have a post here about this and Tamsin answered very comprehensively about the new direction of the plant tool. You actually have to go revert to SP1.1 and then convert each of your plant object and make everything 'by style' - especially plant sizes! Once I did that (at the recommendation of Tamsin) the plants sizes are 'by style' they come in at the correct size. From Tamsin I've been changing every plant in my library as I use them...
  18. @JuanP I know you guys are still working on the plant tool... ...but clicking on the Plant Tool wrench and pencil (which hover still reveals to be the "Plant Tool Preferences" button) goes to the Plant Preferences for the selected plant object. Completely different behavior than 2021 - which was also odd if I remember correctly. This really should be cleaned up too.
  19. It would be nice to be able to right click textures to "open with" Photoshop (or whatever) from OIP, Resource Manager and Edit Texture menu. Also, to be able to use .psd files for texture images directly - that was a very usable feature of Maya. Very quick/easy to edit.
  20. @bozho Stange thing just happened... I've been working on a file today and the Z values were working as they were supposed to (plants in planter boxes with a Z value of 24" where 24" above the site model and showing well in the planter box). And then I accidentally moved my Plant layer elevation up from 0" to 24" and all the custom Z values stopped working. When I returned the Plant layer to 0" the z values did not restart. No matter what I do now (even ctrl-Z back the before the change) I can't get back to Z value working. Just thought you might pass that on if it could help find the fix!
  21. And while on locking movement in 3D --- Has anyone noticed that if your interactive origin point at anytime goes "off screen" it reverts to some random point in the middle of nowhere?! ..then when you next rotate all hell breaks loose. It's all these little hiccups in the 3D navigation and modeling that make me (sometimes) wish I was still using an autodesk product... AD obviously have their numerous issues too - but all their 3D products (Maya, MAX, Inventor, Revit - even Fusion 360) are pretty bomb proof as far as modeling ease of use. ,,,did I just type that autodesk has decent 'ease of use'!!! yikes!
  22. Folks checking this post out, don't forget to upvote the post! I'm pretty sure I bumped it up to '8' a couple of days ago. These things seem to get lost if they're not ranked high it the wish list...
  23. A BIG up arrow for this! Ease of 3D modeling is certainly not VW strong point. But hopefully we can move forward and get some solid tools in the future - and a gumball for all 3D would be welcome. This drives me crazy... we often have the tools, but they only work in very limited instances! Also, every time I can't just grab generic solids points and edges I'm just dumbfounded! - I know we're derived from the 'push/pull school of modeling' - but sticking to your guns when it's less efficient doesn't make sense. And again, we can 'push pull' edges in subdivisions!
  24. I've slowly revising my workflow to make more use of the 'None' class for top level groups and symbols. I would have liked to group it with my other non-specific classes and prefix it with a '00-' to bring it right up to the top of the class navigation list and all class pop-up menus. But we aren't allowed to rename it...and alphabetically 'N' is lost right in the middle... which leaves me searching up and down the popup menus for it. This has left me wondering, can I make a keyboard shortcut to make 'None' the class active without scrolling through all my classes?
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