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  1. Thanks for putting this in writing Pat. I wish this was more clearly stated in the help pages... If they had opened with "using number values only - no thousands separator". I have had so many instances in the last 4 years, struggling to get a simple "SUM" formula to work, banging my head against the proverbial wall... all because I had a thousand separator!
  2. @Tom W. I haven't figured it out - but I did get a work around. VW doesn't seem to like circles in the boundary outline. When I approximate the circle with straight segments, the texture rotates fine. ...when I edit the boundary back to include a circle - no dice with the face texture rotation.
  3. I'm not consistently able to. I select the face (top in this case) and try and rotate, but it very oddly changes the texture scale instead. 20231128-1924-21.7786897.mp4 I've redrawn this slab a number of times but it still acts oddly.
  4. Navigation - Design Layers palette turned blue and doesn't open...
  5. Thanks That's what I was looking for! I've been clicking the open worksheet view checkbox on and off for weeks and not figuring it out! It's Vectorworks. Of course, there are two "Database Headers" check boxes. ...and of course they do different things. ...and of course they are in different areas!
  6. Why am I getting the criteria line and this "4" showing in my worksheet? In my worksheets this line is generally not shown - I can't figure out how to hide it.
  7. What am I not doing correctly? I imported a Velux skylight symbol. Selected the roof class and layer as active. Double clicked the skylight in the resource manager (in the 'selected file' mode.) Hovered over the roof until it was highlighted. Clicked and then clicked to set the angle. The skylight just sits perpendicular to the roof with no cutout. Also tried from Top/Plan but the roof will not highlight. Video capture: Skylight problem.mp4
  8. @adriandurlesterI closed everything, restated computer and now VW is showing 1.1 too. Not a good thing to see an update stuck with no way to exit or restart from the app. Having to resort to killing it in the Task Manager is a bit frightening...
  9. I've been having issues with the new update on windows 11 The updater keeps getting errors and stopping - when I finally got it to move forward by restarting it many times, it got stuck at 99%. I can't quit, cancel or launch (without using the task manager to end it). Thoughts?
  10. @Nana Ama Astra I unfortunately don't remember what I did (if anything) to fix this... but I no longer have the issue. So sorry.
  11. I would like the class and layer OIP dropdowns to show all the classes and layers when I click on them. In 2023, when I clicked on or off the "all layers" / "all classes" button on the bottom of the dropdown menu, VW remembered the setting and opened up in that mode the next time I used the dropdown menu. In 2024 it always has the button clicked on and the filters visible, and I have to click the button off to see the full list of layers/classes. How do I get the "no filters" setting to stick like before?
  12. Formatting works sheets currently involves a lot of right clicking | opening the 'format cells' menu | switching to the appropriate tab| adjusting settings | closing the menu - then seeing if what you adjusted does what you had intended. ...and if not, redoing all the opening and closing of menus and tabs. It would be nice if formatting options where in a excel-like "ribbon' and all you had to do was select the cells and click the appropriate formatting buttons in the ribbon. This would certainly save some needless clicking.
  13. Thanks E|FA - same in Landmark - but I don't see a place to edit icons. Here is the Tools menu->Workspaces->Workspaces... menu - followed by me clicking on "Edit..." HDS TIGHT to open the Workspace Editor Where do I go from here to add back those icons? Maybe things are different in Architect and/or Mac? again thank you!
  14. This would be nice. I have an 'on site' setup for my surface tablet so I can (almost) work with a touch screen and a "standard" custom workspace for my workstation. Like you, when I open my "onsite" workspace on my workstation, all my palettes are off. When I open the "standard" workspace on my tablet - all hell brakes loose! If I'm in the office I can attach a mouse and a keyboard and get things working again - but if I'm already in the field... It does seem the workspace is tied into the file - saved with the last open instance - it sure would be nice to be able to choose workspaces per machine.
  15. When using lines with push/pull modeling you used to access "automatic working plane" from the view bar - with the new UI where have that gone? 2023: 2024: where is the drop down now?:
  16. ...maybe a stupid question - where is the workspace manager? I couldn't find fonts in the 'workspace editor' or the 'workspaces' menu. thanks for any direction
  17. The snazzy new 2024 tool set icons got over written for workspaces that I brought in from 2023. Is there anyway I can keep my old workspaces but get the fancy new icons? new icons in the Landmark workspace: Icons imported with my custom 2023 workspace: The tool icons were not affected and are the new 2024 versions .
  18. ...or horribly over complicated. The "=CONCAT" formula worked - thank you! I do use and love data tags for almost everything - I don't remember why, but I wasn't getting the results I wanted with data tags and (somehow) came up with this Frankenstein Monster.
  19. Here is a simplified version with only worksheets and keynotes on the 'data' sheet. keynotes.vwx Here is a screen cap of the data sheet:
  20. This was working fine moments ago... now it doesn't. I have some callouts with attached records. I use them for an overly complicated materials schedule (I seem to be always trying to make thing simpler and succeeding in making them complicated...). Callouts are on specific classes and have specific keynote prefixes depending on the material or hardware being spec'ed. The work sheet has criteria that use class and prefix to define what goes where. In the above case the Callout has an "H." prefix and a "H.2." identifier. And the callout is showing up on the worksheet in the proper place under the proper criteria. BUT the identifier is showing as "C.2." not as "H.2." And this flips with sometimes all the identifiers are "c." and sometimes all the identifiers are "H." and sometimes the don't have a letter and are just the number. Here is another set with the H" callouts showing correctly, but the "C." callouts showing as "H." or just a number This also shows my criteria: All of these works sheets and callouts have been working fine for at least a year - until today they all of a sudden went weird on me... Ant thoughts?
  21. @_James I went with the i912900HK and it seems to work pretty well with a 32"monitor and with VW and Photoshop running concurrently. It's my first Dell and I have to say I'm pretty happy. Not that I haven't had issues.... I had crazy overheating starting about 10 months after I purchased it... computer was ramping up to 85C at idle! It would even wake itself up in the middle of the night and then shutdown from overheating - with nothing running and no one in the office. Oddly it cooled right down to 45C if I was running VW or Photoshop. Talked to tech support for about a month trying to figure it out. In the end they replaced the motherboard and that fixed the issue. I was impressed that they sent someone out to my office (I'm pretty rural and it's a multiple hour drive from the nearest city) and that they scheduled the onsite tech for the next day. Pretty solid customer service.
  22. Trying to do a quick cost analysis for a small deck and thought I'd use a worksheet "to save time". Three hours later I've made a "lumber cost" record and a worksheet and I can't seem to multiple the count by the cost - it treats the count number as "1" Is there a "Standard Practice" for this? I tried looking for something in the resource manager - but only found a hardscape materials cost study (which could not get to work with any of my hardscape...)
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