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  1. We've built a fairly large plant data base using this method. We've also created a file called 'plant library' (Not fully trusting/understanding the built in library functions)and favorited it and drag all our custom plants there for access from any new file. The library seems skewed very far from the drought tolerant / native CA plant palette we use anyway, so even if it weren't for the unprofessional skeuomorphic plant icons we would have had to make our own. @Stu Wilson I wish we had more control of the tags too. We used parentheses around the plant number - i.e. (2)CHR instead of 2 CHR for two Ceanothus 'Ray Hartman' - and it does bug me looking at our new planting plans to not have that option.
  2. I'm having this too, especially on sheet layers. I was hoping there was some special redraw shortcut...
  3. Just download 2021 SP2. ...hopefully that will stop the 3 to 4 crashes a day I've been working with.
  4. Is this still the case? Only one face at a time still in VW2021?
  5. @jeff prince that does seem clean and easy. As a new user, I just don't want to do things "the old way" if there is a good BIM system to use!
  6. I tend to like pip concrete pavers with interplanting... I'm having trouble using VW to populate these areas with ground cover. Example: 'A' is a landscape area set to 1 FoC - Spacing is odd, plants are overlapping in some places and barren in others. 'B' is a landscape area set to 1 P/sqFt - Spacing is even more odd, and even more plants are overlapping in some places and barren in others. 'C' is plant tool set poly-edged space mode and 1'-2" spacing - The poly-edge tool doesn't like islands or back tracking... it really didn't work here. 'D' is individual plants placed and grouped with 'change plant groupings' (obviously need to hand draw the polyline or not go "backwards" to fill in end areas). 'E' is a polygon to show what I'm trying to plant out. Both of the Landscape Areas look wrong... but I could turn off the visible plant symbols if I tweaked the spacing to get the numbers up to around 57. Also, can I include Landscape Areas in my normal plant schedule or does it have to be a separate schedule? Thoughts on how to get Landscape Areas to work in situations like this? Or it this not the proper tool for this function?
  7. Working with a Clip Cube Section of this project. I made a clip cube and right clicked to "create section viewport' from clip cube face Result looks about right with 'hidden lines' render. I'm have trouble setting the hatch patterns I would like for the section and background. Here is what I would like to show. Red is Gabion riprap (will need to model basket separately.) Green is Dimensional Lumber in cross and in length. Blue is background object that I would like hatched. I watched a Vectorworks youtube called "Clip Cube Viewport Option" from 2018 that showed the viewport advanced properties having cap fill color control. I don't seem to have that in Landmark 2021? Am I looking in the wrong place? Questions: How do I set 'Cap Fill Color" for sectioned object? How do I show background object with hatch patterns? Thanks in advance!
  8. Couple of record format/worksheet questions: a. I there a way to include a thumbnail image in a record format or a worksheet? b. How do I add a 'Count' column to my worksheet? Starting with a. I'm working up my first Landscape Lighting sheet and converting my process from AutoCAD to VW. I like to include an image of the symbol in the lighting schedule. In Acad this is not possible, so I created a "blank" field in my symbols so when I generated my worksheets there would be a header for the column named 'SYMBOL' and I could manually place a symbol over the worksheet. I've got his record format started: It doesn't seem like any of the 'type' options will lead me to inserting a symbol - is this possible in the worksheet setup? (...am I wrong that Plant schedules allow symbol thumbnails? new to this VW world...) If there isn't an 'automatic' answer here, can I proceed with the above record format will it make for a column with the header " SYMBOL" that I can manually overlay a symbol? As for question b. if this isn't a straight forward answer, does anyone know of a good tutorial? I didn't find one in the VECTORWORKS UNIVERSITY.
  9. I keep losing my projects. I know, I know, this is my problem and I'll learn but... Almost 100% of the time when I 'save as' I want to save the file in the same folder as the one that contains the file I'm working on. Almost 0% of the time do I want to save it in the "last folder saved to" folder - which is often somewhere completely different. 'Save as' in our workflow is use to increment the current project and archive the daily changes - hard drive space is cheap and the hours redrawing something from a previous iteration are not (and yes I have automatic backups (every 42 operations of course) too). Having to navigate to the proper folder every time I 'save as', or at the very least check to make sure that's where I'm directed, cost design time and breaks the creative flow! ...now I'm off to try and find that file I was working on 2 days ago that's not in it's proper folder. /r
  10. Is it the general practice for drawings to contain ‘only’ 3D objects? i.e. Should I keep a 'plan drawing' (made up of 2D lines and rectangles) or should I delete objects as I convert into Walls, Hardscape, Landscape Areas, and Solids… I’m learning that many people draw their details separately in 2D, but it seems like most users rely on the Clip Cube and Design Layers to get plan view viewports from Whatever 2D 3D objects the file consists of. Coming from using both a 2D application and a 3D application, I’m hesitant to lose my “PLAN” drawing. Wondering how longtime users handle this? Closely related question: When 'touching up' viewports, do you draw on the 'Viewport annotation' screen?
  11. @CipesDesign That's what I thought, just didn't want to be 'doing it wrong' if there was a tool that was included. Love Ashland BTW, always stop for the night when driving up to Willamette to visit the inlaws!
  12. I thought it might be my graphics card, as it was an older AMD FirePro V5900. I've updated to a current model, AMD Radion Pro WX 3200 and am still occasionally experiencing this issue. I know in AutoCAD there was a set limit to the number of view ports you could allow to refresh per sheet. This was an adjustable number that was user controlled.
  13. I'm drawing some details in Landmark and was wondering if there where preinstalled End View Joist and/or Joist Hanger symbols in the resource manager. A quick search for 2 x 4, stud, joist, joist hanger, hanger has come up with metal joist and other objects - but not what I'm looking for. I'm sure I'm just searching for the wrong term, or are these more something that one would make themselves? Also, I found the screw tools in the detailing tool set, is there a 'nail tool' too?
  14. I love the ability to pull apart and separately dock palettes in 2021. I have a workspace set up with the palettes on the second monitor. I have two columns of palettes, Classes (plus other tabs) docked over Design Layers, and OIP docked over Sheet Layers. These stay good for the next time I start up VW with one odd hitch, every time I open VW after shutting down the computer, the divider between the OIP and the Sheet Layers palettes has migrated down towards the bottom. The Sheet Layer palette doesn't go away, it just gets mushed to the bottom. This is obviously not a big issue, it's easy enough to grab the divider and pull it up to where I like it, but odd that only that side has that behavior, the divider between the classes and the design layers stays put.
  15. Scott thanks for the response. Yes - I need to learn more about the section view. I've tried it but so far not getting good results... or at least not the result I want. Will keep researching and watching videos. I've seen in the forums that many people just draw over the base section views to get the desired results. Or have multiple section views on top of each other... Honestly I'm thinking of getting a payed VW help on this because it is one of the reasons I've moved to VW. I'm sure I will figure it out shortly! That said-- I am familiar with the navigation references menu. My issues right now is that clicking on a red referenced file and choosing update doesn't update the classes if they have been renamed or if new classes have been added. For the moment I've re-referenced everything and had to re annotate unfortunately and am just not messing with class names. But this is not ideal obviously for class management.
  16. I made a sweep bowl for a fountain. I want a 3/4 view viewport rendered in 'Hidden Line'. All geometry renders fine except the sweep bowl. No Sweep visible: Sweep bowl shows up fine if in OpenGL: I read in these forums to : set "sweep seg." to 20 set Hidden Line 'background render settings' 'smoothing angle' to 20 to 30 Still not visible. Ideas?
  17. @Pat Stanford you're the man. I had that quick preference on my mode bar already - now I know what it does! I've been using your old script for 'hide selected' 'hide UN selected' and 'show all' -- so helpful!
  18. Is there a toggle for "show other objects while in edit modes"? It's a lot of menu hoping to get to Tools/options/vectorworks preferences/display and then the check box. I often like to see the rest of the drawing, and I also often like to have the edit isolated....
  19. tl/dr: how do I ‘force update’ a reference viewport to recognize renamed Classes and/or new Classes in the referenced file. BACKGROUND: My standard workflow for elevations and sections with ACAD was to reference the plan file into an elevation file as I was drawing. That way I could have multiple instances of the plan file rotated and cropped for each elevation and detail. As changes were instituted on the Plan file, each of the referenced instances would update and I could then adjust the relevant elevations. I’ve carried that workflow over so I can keep moving forward with the projects currently on the boards (as I’m still figuring out the 3D to section/elevation functionality in VW) while I’m adjusting to VW. ISSUE: Currently I’m drawing the project plan in ‘PLAN.vwx” and drawing the elevations in ‘ELEV.vwx’ with the plan file reference into the elevation file with a ‘refence viewport’ that I’ve copied and cropped multiple times. example: An issue I’ve come across is that if I change a Class name in ‘Plan.vwx’ it does not update and reflect this change in the ‘ELEV.vwx’. The information on the renamed file becomes inaccessible. The referenced Class name stays the same and the renamed Class does not import. Even if I go back to ‘PLAN.vwx’ and restore the Class to its original name the information on that Class is still no longer accessible through the viewport reference. This also doesn’t work if I add a new Class (say “L-SECT-03”) to ‘Plan.vwx’ this new ‘L-SECT-03’ will not be added to the ‘ELEV.vwx’ working file. QUESTION: So how do I ‘force update’ a reference viewport to recognize changed Class names and/or new Classes?
  20. Will try this. I've also just redrawn some of the elevations in VW -- it was just getting overly complicated to have to adjust layer visibility for each detail in the OIP sub menus.
  21. @Pat Stanford I'm currently implementing this in a project file. Can I make multiple reference viewports of the same VW 'shuttle file' in different Design layers (ie "details -water feature", "details- trellis, "details- deck" ) and set different class visibilities in each of the Design Layers? Or would each reference viewport need it's own VW 'shuttle file' in addition to it's own Design Layer (ie "shuttle-details -water feature.vwx", "shuttle-details- trellis.vwx, "shuttle details- deck.vwx" )? Are there any negative performance issues will multiple Reference Viewports? In CAD referencing seems to help keep files small and nimble... Really seems like I just need to learn to draw in VW!
  22. I noticed on a Jonathan Reeves video that he not only has the attributes palette docked but also has the snapping palette docked: I'm unable to trigger the above/below/left/right docking prompt with the snapping palette. It will dock all the way over to the edge, but not below the attributes... Is docking the snapping palette just a MAC only function? Like his glorious Mac only 'Dark Mode'!
  23. Just wrote this up on a Wacom tablet forum topic.. Thoughts: MMB enters 'boomerang pan' - so with the MMB you can pan in the middle of a process. If while you are MMB panning you want to rotate you can hit 'Ctrl/CMD' to enter 'boomerang flyover'. ...but if you now want to 'boomerang zoom', you have to release the MMB, and then hit the spacebar, and then hit the Ctrl key (and if you hit the Ctrl key to soon it gets ignored and you're just panning). I would love MMB+Alt/Option to be boomerang zoom! You would then have full navigation with MMB plus 1 extra key entry!


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