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  1. In another post I've been having issues with 2023 SP2 and plant objects losing their elevations. My fix was to convert back to 2022 and use that file for a while. Unfortunately exporting back to 2022 from 2023 has caused almost all of my site modifiers to move to zero: My polyline site modifiers stayed where they were supposed to be. My grade objects stayed where they were supposed to be. But my pads, contours, grade limits all lost to their elevation numbers.
  2. I exported back to 2022. Opened the file and successfully sent the plants to the Site model. Saved the file and opened it back up in 2023 and immediately some of the plants became disassociated with the site model and fell to zero. I could not send them back to the surface using the send to surface comand. I exported this file to 2022, opened it in 2022, and successfully sent the reticent plants right back up to the site model. I guess I will be working in 2022 for the time being...
  3. I just updated this morning to SP2 and all (but four) of my plant objects went to zero and won't sent to surface. Nothing else has changed since yesterday. Thoughts?
  4. I was just starting to play around with the Pathway modifier tool. It's really nice to be able to easily control elevations and profiles! My question - what would be the workflow to get a surface to follow this Pathway Tools grade modifications? What I've done: I created a path. I added a couple more vertexes to better control the grade. I adjusted the start and end grade to match my hardscapes on either end. Now I have a really nice, graded slope - but I don't have a graphic representation for the path. In the teaser video "site grading improvements" they effortlessly switch from the site modifiers to hardscapes in a screen fade... I did "edit path" and copy the poly line - I'm thinking a landscape area would auto adjust vertically if I linked it to the site model. But it won't change if I alter the pathway laterally. Thoughts on this? When will we be getting a "university" course in best practices for all the new site modeling tools?
  5. @Pat Stanford Outside the box! I actually have a "Plant Palette" layer to store all the plant symbols I potentially want to use - will just put it there.
  6. Trying to fit a plant schedule onto a development sheet and (since we don't have the ability to make worksheet columns yet (please soon)) I thought I would rotate the worksheet and set it along the bottom... It seems to auto align on me - I tried to put it i8n a group and rotate the group - not working I tried to explode it hoping I could just rotate the text - can't ungroup either. How do you rotate a worksheet? This file is still 2022 so I can't play around with the new Graphic Legends.
  7. @Tom W. Ok I'm trying to run with this... But I can't find '3D Polys to 3D Loci...' I've looked in modify/convert, drafting adds, and 3D power pack...
  8. As someone who only uses contour source data, why is this? Should I be converting my source contours into Loci? My local GIS data is all contours And even the way I input when I do my own surveys (with my laser, a pen and some paper), I note my point elevations and then draw contours to fit the survey data.
  9. Jeff, I use 3D polygons as site modifiers... I don't think you can designate existing or proposed for those. I've tried stakes and grades to use as modifiers, but after @Tamsin Slatter did that video on how easy, accurate, and editable 3Dpolygons on the DTM class are to really shape a land... I almost exclusively use 3Dpolygons. But that leaves me with no "existing" modifiers. So i was hoping I could collapse everything to a base state and then start to modify from there. Also, when I used to use existing/proposed Contours or Pads - since the proposed site modifiers would overlap the existing, I would end up with so many "modifier conflicts" and all those yellow exclamation points... Which seemed bad.
  10. Background: I tend to start my site models with topo data downloaded from my local assessors office or site surveys done by a local surveyor. I then place architecture and other "known" objects at the correct locations on this fresh site model. After that I go out with my laser and survey the site using these known locations to place them all correctly. At this point I also do grid elevations at a 10 or 20 foot grid, running elevations along driveways, and other hardscape elements that I know are going to stay where they are throughout the landscape design process. I tend to use stakes and 3D polylines on my DTM-modifier Class as my normal site modifiers as I find these the easiest to recreate actual on site conditions well also ending up with nice smooth transitions in the second model. Question: After I've got my base model and all my new stakes and polylines working together I have a pretty accurate surveyed set model ready to be modified for the project. Is there a way to consolidate all this information into a new site model? Note: I've tried to "edit proposed contours" and then copy all the polylines to pasting them in a new blank file... But this just seems to crash VW every time I try - leaving me hoping I saved before I tried something so destructive.
  11. I've spent 2 hours today and 1 hour yesterday trying to figure this out.... Two landscape areas that represent roads. They are both on my V-DRIV class. They are both set to display the components in 3D They were both set to display 3D polygons. They both have the site model layer set to "site" I've used the eyedropper tool to copy all attributes from one to the other, back and forth each way. Looking through their settings they both look exactly the same. But one of them presents as a texture bed wrapped over the site model and the other one stays at 0 no matter what I try to do. What am I doing wrong? See attached file "landscape areas issue.vwx" - version 2023 I exported site model and the two landscape areas - this is of course part of a larger file I just thought maybe I could solve the issue by isolating the three components... landscape areas issue.vwx
  12. @Christiaan I was thinking that it must be me and Wacom as I never saw any comments about accidentally undocking palettes! I knock the 'Basic' pellet loose at least once an hour... It floats right where it was before - but it's the hiding the attributes palette. Drives me crazy. If the reason for not have it is that it's somehow really important to be able to quickly drag a palette then a little lock / unlock symbol next to the hamburger would work fine!
  13. I just wanted to say I love this idea. I already have a built-in, oversized "plant name" that lives on a separate class that I turn off to print after I get my data tags connected. A clean looking sun exposure would be a nice addition.
  14. this is the real question. I don't mind the sale pitch so much as the inability to say "got it - thanks"
  15. @Kevin Allen I do have that, but I'm looking more for something quick for "on the fly" data review. Here's a situation - this morning I placed a Baccharis pelularis and couldn't remember if it could handle part shade... It would have been nice to right click and be able to see that info immediately. As it stands, I opened the RM and searched for the plant (which hadn't imported into my Shrubs folder, so it took some searching) and then got the info. It would have been better workflow to just right click and have it accessible. Most other objects (walls, line types, most other symbols...) are accessible by right click - why not plant objects? @bcd I don't know about you but clicking on the "settings" button takes 30 to 40 seconds for the menu to even open for me. And then I have to go to 'more data' - which actually is not even viewable (greyed out) from the "plant settings" menu - For my plants it's only accessible by going to the "Edit Plant Settings" menu - which has even more buttons and drop downs... Again, I would love a quick right click and have it the data accessible.
  16. Most things can be right clicked on to open them directly in the resource manager. That plants can't be seems to be a missed opportunity. I have a lot of relevant information stored in the 'plant record' for each plant object - and I'm not embarrassed to say I sometimes need to check to make sure various plant's soil pH rating, mature height, or even if they will grow in part shade (ok, a little embarrassed about the sun/shade thing). I've input all that data to my plant objects, but there is no quick way to access it as far as I can tell. A direct route to the plant object in the Resource Manager would seem to be a simple way to get to all this data quickly - as opposed to my current multi click work flow - open the RM, set search to "selected file only", search for the plant object, click on the plant... I suppose it could also be nice to have a menu that showed a selected plant's plant record... is that possible with a custom menu?
  17. I already downloaded 2023 and am using it. I just don't want to convert some projects that are close to completion. ...I don't need to see pop up ads while I'm working.
  18. Thanks Pat. I copied everything into a blank file and copied the sweep profile into another blank file and then copied it back into my new file. Seems to be working as expected.
  19. @Pat Stanford I closed both the computer and VW down and restarted - same issue. To add weirdness, I exported the sweep object into 2022 and the same issue happened there. I created a simple sweep natively in 2022 and no issue with that one... It must be a setting I have in 2023? Just like in the video, no selection in 3D Only the top 1/5th in front/side Everything is fine in top/plan. I've attached both files. Sweep issue VW2023 exported to v2022.vwxSweep issue VW2023.vwx
  20. I will admit I don't often use sweeps - so I may be doing something completely wrong... But in 2023 sweeps seem to be basically not selectable in 3D. The only way to select in 3D is to drag select. And then I'm not able to move it or right click or get to the object context menu. In any of the front/side/back views I can select ONLY in the very upper area (maybe the top 1/5th) but nowhere else. Here's a full screen grab - with 2023 (blue shape) and 2022 (red shape). Sweep issues.mp4 Do I have some setting wrong in 2023? I can attach files if this is not repeatable.
  21. I have a fairly extensive existing tree list as native Californian trees are not really represented in the stock list. Is there a way to copy/import these additional trees from 2022 to 2023? I found the "ET symbol" folder but not the "Species Data" folder in windows 11
  22. Thanks @Tom W. I just could not figure it out. But this works. It's a bit weird... but it does work!
  23. I tried to make a right aligned drawing label. I got it close but I can't figure out how to flip the underline so I can drag it out to any width. It drags to the right instead of the left no matter what I try... Can someone enlighten me? Attached file "right aligned drawing label" with my attempt. Right aligned Drawing Label.vwx
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