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  1. PVA - Admin's post in Graphics glitch? was marked as the answer   
    It looks like you have three monitors, and all of them are using your Intel 630 integrated card rather than your dedicated Nvidia Quadro.

    First: Make sure your monitors are ALL plugged in ONLY to the dedicated graphics card's ports on the rear of your machine. Do not use any ports for video up near the USB among the rest of the ports along the back of the machine.

    Second: Perform the following, reboot, then see if the issue recurs:
  2. PVA - Admin's post in Issues with Active Document / Window Selection was marked as the answer   
    This is a bug we are actively tracking in 2018. I was able to replicate it here as well.

  3. PVA - Admin's post in Copying and pasting Multiple tabs causing Vworks 2018 to Crash was marked as the answer   
    Yes, I have it filed as a current bug. The only way I was able to get it to stop happening was to restart Vectorworks or close all open tabs once it begins.

  4. PVA - Admin's post in VW2018 SP 2 preferences not loading? was marked as the answer   
    This is because we added a new preference value that didnt exist before related to storing palette locations. It will not appear again, sp3 will have the warning removed.
  5. PVA - Admin's post in cAN NOT find worksheet was marked as the answer   
    If you drag the worksheet from the resource manager back onto the sheet, it does not appear? Same if all classes/layers (for the document, not the viewport) are set to visible?
  6. PVA - Admin's post in Downloading resources error message with SP 3 was marked as the answer   
    Moving thread to Known Issues, reposting a Best Answer since this seems to be common:
    If you are on a Mac and experiencing the issue where libraries do not install, try the following:
    1) Close Vectorworks.
    2) In your Application folder, right click on the Vectorworks 2017 folder and choose "Get Info"
    3) Set the permissions so that each listed user (System, YourUsername, etc) is allowed to Read and Write.
    4) Then, click the lock at the bottom right, unlock it with your admin password if prompted
    5) Click the gear and choose "Apply to enclosed items" like so, it may take a few moments to finish:

    6) Reboot your machine, then restart Vectorworks and try installing the libraries.
  7. PVA - Admin's post in Convert to subdivision not work correctly was marked as the answer   
    Nope, same thing happened here in a test, the same odd fins appear even though they have no cage geometry defining them.

    Submitting this as a bug now. VB-139591
  8. PVA - Admin's post in Solo Lights was marked as the answer   
    Request submitted: VE-96827
  9. PVA - Admin's post in User Interface - Little Things - All Attributes by Class Button was marked as the answer   
    Request was submitted awhile ago, but catching up on the cross referencing: VE-94232
  10. PVA - Admin's post in "breadcrumbs" in Resource Manager? was marked as the answer   
    Request submitted.
  11. PVA - Admin's post in Proble - Solid type lines come out wavy was marked as the answer   
    Go to View > Rendering and see if you have Sketch enabled. Set it to Wireframe instead.
  12. PVA - Admin's post in Sphere diameter was marked as the answer   
    Agreed, request submitted: VE-97461
  13. PVA - Admin's post in RW Style: Background Preview was marked as the answer   
    Agree entirely, submitting request now. VE-97276
  14. PVA - Admin's post in Exploded Axons was marked as the answer   
    I get requests from users for this on a regular basis, this is absolutely something we should make much easier and non-destructive. INNOV-242
  15. PVA - Admin's post in Navigator style window for doing layout work in sheet layers was marked as the answer   
    Agreed! If anyone has not used it before, it looks a little something like this, a collapsible panel that saves you from having to pan around looking for the area you want to focus on next:

  16. PVA - Admin's post in CLT C an item then moving the item on the x or y axis was marked as the answer   
    You can hold Ctrl and drag (a little plus sign will appear next to the cursor) to create a copy, you don't need to ctrl-c first. Ctrl and Shift and drag will copy along a locked axis.
  17. PVA - Admin's post in Improve the floating data display? was marked as the answer   
    There is an existing issue tracking this as a bug for the moment, I have added this thread to the case: VB-138696
  18. PVA - Admin's post in Layer Visability was marked as the answer   
    View > Unified View Options > uncheck Ignore Layers with Different Scales.
  19. PVA - Admin's post in New Knowledgebase: Broken Link? was marked as the answer   
    Nah that one is probably my fault, checking now.
  20. PVA - Admin's post in Could we modernize the Extrude Along Path command? was marked as the answer   
    Submitting requests now, some went in as new items and some were added to existing cases:
    Allow EAPs / Sweeps to use symbols as profile objects: VE-93147
    Keep/don't convert the original EAP path geometry: VE-96005
    Path From Selected Edges (select desired edges rather than drawing out a Path object: VE-97174
    Snaps not only along edges of profile geometry but also path edge/vertices: VE-94923
    Active preview of EAP during creation / 3D Live draw editing: VE-89734

    Maintain separate class and visibility control for separate profile objects: VE-97173
  21. PVA - Admin's post in Annotations Gray Display Settings was marked as the answer   
    Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Display There is a "Show other objects while In editing modes" option and under it the setting for greying those objects.
  22. PVA - Admin's post in Curved Walls in Hidden Line was marked as the answer   
    This is an active bug currently being tracked: VB-126062
    It's been a long time however, I'll stir the case up again.
  23. PVA - Admin's post in Data Visualization - Auto-Range was marked as the answer   
    I really, really like this concept. VE-97100
  24. PVA - Admin's post in import image file should create a resource was marked as the answer   
    I think a "Keep as Resource" option during import is the way to go, the image resource should be selectable as both a source image for renderworks textures as well as image fills in addition to being draggable from the resource manager into the document as a bitmap. Submitting request now. VE-97166
  25. PVA - Admin's post in Attributes palette opacity slider was marked as the answer   
    Agreed. Request submitted. VE-97163
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