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  1. SOLVED -- yes, somehow just that facet of the roof had lost its fill color in Top/Plan. Fixed as follows: - Go to Top/Plan - Select the entire roof (1 click) - Use Attributes panel to set fill to None. - Then set the fill to a solid color. - Then set the fill to a hatch. After that, the Class *tile* fill becomes properly visible again in 3D OpenGL view.
  2. The dormer is "part of" the roof, i.e. it was added there automatically using VW's built-in dormer-creation feature. It is not a separate 3D object. Strangely, when I select the whole roof, change the fill to a solid color, then try to change the fill back to the proper tiled fill (i.e. what it looked like before,) I now get a *reversal* of the effect. The whole roof becomes transparent, while the dormer is properly tiled (!). ?? Still lost here.
  3. Previously this roof was properly displayed, with the same tiling on the dormer as is visible on the rest of the roof. At some point recently (I'm not exactly sure when,) just the dormer went "transparent" and I don't know how to fix it. This happens in OpenGL and in Shaded Polygon modes. In Renderworks it renders normally and properly. How do I get the dormer faces back to the same texture / opacity as the roof? Trying to re-apply using the Attributes panel has no effect. Hints please? Thanks.
  4. Fantastic new feature greatly improving the flow of usable information from the designer/architect to the client and/or other collaborators on a project. Teaser Tuesdays is a great feature itself -- far better to *show* new features in action, rather than just dumping a text-only list of bullet-pointed features that aren't seen until product release. Way to keep us all interested & keep our faith up for paying annual Service Select costs. (I mean that earnestly, no snark.)
  5. With this feature + the multiple-views-simultaneously feature I feel reassured that my yearly Service Select subscription funds are being put to good use. It's neat to see advanced BIM, Energos, 3d point cloud & so forth, but these more basic every-day workflow features are just as important. Glad to see they're getting implemented.
  6. Thank you, exactly what I was looking for. Case closed.
  7. Still can't find a list of changes / fixes with VW2017 SP1.
  8. I am using the Pipe Run tool in VW2017 and would like to edit & expand the items listed in the Material: drop down of the OIP for the pipe runs I created. I tried going into the "IFC..." dialogs (from bottom of OIP) and digging around there but did not find what I was looking for. VW2017 online help explains Pipe Run tools but makes no mention of how to customize Materials list. Where do I edit the list of Materials for this tool? Thanks in advance.
  9. I also experience relatively slow imports from VW2016. ~1 minute to convert a file of moderate complexity. (Single-family home / small garden landscape.) These same files imported from VW2015 to VW2016 in probably 15 seconds or less. Once imported, however, the files are working fine, for which I am thankful.
  10. I see -- my mistake. Is that a new behavior? I don't recall it working that way in VW2016. FYI when I click the .mp4 to download, a file downloads but when QT Player attempts to open it I get: "The document ..etc. etc.. could not be opened. An unknown error occurred (-12842)." Running OS X 10.11.6 here.
  11. I think I've found a bug in VW2017 Mac (initial release). The Constrained Linear Dimension Tool, when set to Constrained Chain Mode, seems to SKIP the 2nd dimension point. To reproduce: 1) Open a new blank file. 2) Draw any simple 2D object in Top/Plan view. (Rectangle or whatever.) 3) Try to use the Linear Constrained Dimension tool to created a Constrained Chain of dimensions, anywhere in teh drawing. The first & second clicks create the first dimension in the chain. The THIRD click appears to be skipped / ignored. FOURTH and subsequent clicks (all the way up to 30, which was as far as I tested it) work normally. So, if you are trying to create a chain of N dimensions, you always end up with N-1 dimensions because the 2nd dimension (on the 3rd click) is ignored. Please confirm and/or delete this thread if this has already been posted elsewhere.
  12. I have VSS & access to VW2017 now, I just prefer to wait.
  13. Thanks, here's a comprehensive list of new features & improvements, big & small, in VW 2017. (From the online help.) I used to be an early-adopter of everything but with age & a little patience I've seen there's really not much percentage in it for me. If a lot more people post positive experiences I may hop aboard but proably I'll just wait for SP1.
  14. Thanks for your all's replies so far. Is there a published *complete* list of all the little "Easter Egg" improvements that have been made? For example in another post someone mentioned that the Property Line tool underwent extensive renovation & improvements. It'd be great to see a complete list of every improvement in all the user-facing areas of Vectorworks. If JimW has access to such maybe he can post it somewhere? Such a list would help people find the little goodies that may help their personal workflow a lot, which they otherwise might not run into for weeks, months, or longer. ----- EDIT: Here's a complete list of new & improved features in VW2017
  15. I haven't yet updated to VW2017, waiting to hear how it's working for others. If you're using VW2017 already please share: Did the installation / upgrade go smoothly? How is it working w/ your v2016 and/or earlier files? Does VW2017 seem stable enough to trust your workflow to? I did already see the separate thread on Renderworks changes & related issues in VW2017. No need to recapitulate that here. Thanks! ---- EDIT: Whoops, I don't know how this was posted under "Buying & Selling LIcenses". I had meant this post to go in the General forum. Mods, if you see this please consider moving this entire thread to the main / general VW forum. Thanks.