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  1. bc

    Light shining through objects

    Yes, thanks I did go there with ;less than 180 but it's not as good. @Kevin: Hmmmmm. My Fast and Final and Custom RW all seem to work OK. Could it beeeeee..........................................SATAN?!
  2. bc

    Light shining through objects

    I did file a bug JimW thanks for chiming in. Yes Alt+F4. When the light is no longer within the shade, it casts shadows properly.
  3. bc

    Light shining through objects

    Thanks for you time in corroboration, Kevin. I'll try a bug submit.
  4. bc

    Light shining through objects

    NOT THIS EFFECT. I just want the light to shine down from the shade as it would in real life rendered in OpenGL. See RW render attached. I want the light to perform like this in OpenGL.
  5. bc

    Light shining through objects

  6. bc

    Light shining through objects

    Thanks for that Rob but no joy. Interestingly, with or without shadows checked, I am now getting this strange rectangular artifact? Maybe I need to just rebuild this light in a new file?
  7. bc

    Light shining through objects

    That did it Jan-Burger and it sucks that that is the case. What is happening with OpenGl anyway? Never had this happen and never thought THIS would be a wishlist item. Problem solved......sort of. It seems now I can't get there from here....lest I RW. Thank you all for your suggestions. This is rather dumbfounding. Bradley Maybe there's a preference somewhere???? Such as: "Don't transmit light through solid opaque objects". Sheesh. Who would have thought?
  8. bc

    Light shining through objects

    Interestingly, there is a solid disc in the upper housing (shown highlighted in first shot) that is casting shadows as shown by when it is deleted the upper wall shadow is just showing the ring shadows (shown in second shot). Yet when I move it down to the top of the shade, it doesn't block any of the light from there (third shot). .
  9. Hello all, I have modeled a light fixture approximate to a real one. I created the shade using 360º polygon sweep and inserted a point light. As you can see, the light casts it's shadows downward OK but also strangely upward thru the top of the sweep where the mounting rods and upper housing DO create shadows. The side of the shade casts a shadow but not the top of the shade. How can I model this correctly so the shade actually blocks all the light except for through the lower open portion of the shade? Thanks Bradley
  10. bc

    sketchup import strategy

    Thanks for that Markvl, Don't have sketchup myself and didn't think of doing a trial. Looks like there's not much there after all and VW did a pretty decent job of at least making some jind of wall and floor sense out of it. This project will now probably be shifting to creation in VW and exporting to DWG or IFC perhaps. Thanks again.
  11. How are folks dealing with Sketchup imports? All I am getting is what is shown below. Walls and floors arrive but are disconnected and floors default to wall centerlines? And no doors/windows? Any suggestions? I've included sample file as well. Thanks Downstairs-MasterBed.skpDownstairs-MasterBed.skp
  12. Yes I am familiar with class overrides in viewports but don't use that extensively as I don't employ a "totally by class" workflow. Probably should but I don't right now. As to my initial post, I don't see how class overrides is going to show (for example) my countertops (floor objects) as solid in a greyed layer under any circumstances. Can you please explain. I don't have much experience here. Thanks Will have to look further into the 'by layer color' thing or perhaps MarkDD could lay it out for the complete idiot. On a Sheet Layer I have selected the Viewport, gone into it's layers via the OIP, selected the layer and clicked EDIT, and then the colors button and set ALL colors to a gray, previewed and updated...to no avail. Use Layer Colors is preferenced to ON. Any ideas?
  13. So I assume you are annotating in the SLViewport? I am working in Design Layers.
  14. Thanks Boh, that won't work for me. Was hoping there was a setting I could preference. I suppose it begs the question: Why are grayed layers wireframe to begin with?
  15. When creating Electrical Plans, I would like for the floor plan layer to be grayed beneath the EP layer. However the fills of objects disappear. Can I have a grayed layer and still have fill to the layer objects? Thanks, Bradley