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  1. How about this: With the design layer you wish to rescale active, right click in open area and select Active Layer Scale to arrive at the Layer Scale Dialog. Here you can select your new scale preference and in the lower right corner, un-check the box "Scale Text".
  2. bc


    Well I went with walls which is what I should have done in the first place. Thanks for your input.
  3. bc


    That's nice to know Tim, however I have "plane" as the only option. This is an Arroway texture if that makes any difference. Maybe it's a VW2017 thing and different for later issues. I do have these but this job is in 2017. Thanks bc
  4. bc


    Yes Peter thank you. I have already done that and with the walls it looks fine. Thanks for letting me know it's a glitch. I just thought I'd be lazy when I was first extruding the cap by including the whole profile. Not good, apparently. Thanks again.
  5. You're welcome. Glad it helped.
  6. Have you checked the box and it still doesn't work? Also, I keep the that preference in my mode bar for quick and easy on and off.
  7. I am not sure but maybe: Go to Vectorworks Preferences dialog and with the Display tab selected, do you have a check in the box next to "Display other objects in Edit Mode"?
  8. I have created a brick wall using an EAP with the profile shown. Can anyone inform me as to why the bricks texture changes course mid-run and then returns to correctly showing? The planters aside the stairs are separate extrudes. Thanks bc
  9. bc

    Creating drywall returns

    Could it be that you have a shim gap specified and that is showing. See what happens when you uncheck the shim gap box in the Object Info Palette?
  10. bc

    Enhance break line tools

    VincentC's post is spot on. A mere 5 version-years ago. Nothing. We now have Matt"s wonderful Camera Match installed. Why not his breakline poly tool and have it cut the objects? Shouldn't be too hard. Matt needs to be directing this stuff. Give the man a raise and let him loose on all these tool tweaks so long requested. At least put somebody on it... Like, not being able to snap to or extend to the break line or anything in a group (even though the curser recognizes them) is plain silly. Rant over. Carry on.
  11. Wow, thanks for that Jim. I was just going to post a comment saying this very thing. It has long been a wonderment of folks in the Arch side of this as to wether there are any active architects involved in the software creation process. I know it is far more acceptable for me to use a tool that sometimes has bugs than one that is difficult to use and produces results that just aren't real.
  12. I would add that the User Interface (Stair Dialog) is tedius (at best) and it's interpretation (manual) is not good. It's as if one spends a lot of frustrating time creating a less-than-acceptable stair. I mean just look at what the stair stringer does when it approaches top or bottom of stair...it flares out?
  13. @ JimW, I guess it's time to bump this issue again. Kudos to those responsible for the 2019 iteration. Nice that we can attach to floors/landings with a bit more believable/realistic options. I was wondering if it's possible for you to inform us if a rework is at least in the works? Not a promise of when but a promise that a rework is in the works. Many years ago a traffic study showed that drivers were willing to put up with bad traffic during road construction knowing that a new highway was being built and not just reworking the intersections. Are we going to get a new "highway"? bc
  14. When I want to use the Incandescent Fixture Tool, the stem of the fixture in Wall Mode is too long (for me). Is there a way to alter the plan view of these objects? Or do I have to make my own symbols for each instance (and therefore lack the OIP editing)? Thanks bc


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