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  1. I can only commiserate. I ran into the same problem couple days ago.
  2. Thanks Katarina for explaining that. it’s good to hear.
  3. Thanks, and thanks to Pat for somehow remembering/realizing I am currently running 2021.
  4. Hello, II like using the reference markers for the ease of editing. I have set up many markers to indicate where, in plan, photos were taken and in what direction they look. I realize the linkage indicators disappear if the marker is linked to a VPort but then it assumes the Viewport number instead of the number I assign. I don't think this is achievable, but is their any way one can get rid of the linkage indicators? They just clutter my field of vision and I don't need them. I realize they do not print. thanks
  5. I am suddenly getting these drop shadows in my section viewports. I want them gone. Anyone? I have made sure the Drop Shadows is unchecked in the VP Advanced Properties as well as in the Document Preferences display dialog. I fear I somehow have a corrupted file. Despite my signature, this file is a VW 2021. Anyone?
  6. I hope one is able to adjust the spacing of the main posts in the instances where some are very close together or otherwise, wouldn’t be constructed that way.
  7. OK I don't know what happened but now it is working....so it seems. Than ks again Pat. This will be a real time saver
  8. It works for the 90º default but when I enter a different number it just sounds out an error beep and when I cancel it, it rotates 90. thanks
  9. THANKS PAT, couldn't get them to work. Tried three different ones including your rotate. This is being tried in 2021. Maybe I'm not copying them correctly? Although one of them DID rotate but only to 90 degrees, rather than a specified degree. Maybe you could please repost only the one that your are referring to that works and at least eliminate that variable? Super thanks. bc
  10. So isn't there a way or a script where one can have many 2d objects selected and then rotate them all to a certain degree in their individual places (rather than rotating the whole like it would be a group)? I thought I saw this years ago but can't seem to find it. Thanks bc
  11. I have my Autosave function set to every 20 operations. Again today I had VW freeze while updating a site model. I went to my backups folder and nothing was there. I went to my VW Preferences and my Autosave is shut off. I went to Time machine but it only backed up the files that weren't backing up. I don't know how this happens but the last time it did I set it to on, and it worked ok after doing so. This is very frustrating after losing hours of tricky site modeling and building modeling. So is there some keyboard command that toggles this setting off which I am inadvertently activating?? Or is this some bug/glitch? thanks, bc
  12. Well Pat thanks for trying. As it stands I can't get there from here. I plugged in a KVM switch and the problem persists. Surely other people in the mac world have a similar setup and are functioning OK. Time for a new monitor or maybe an upgrade to Ventura? Bradley
  13. Yes Pat it has nearly every port imaginable except usb3 or thunderbolt. It's old. And yes it has on screen settings controls with buttons on the front to operate it. I kept selecting the HDMI port but it doesn't really offer anything in the way of telling it to look at only one input in any of the settings. I went to Dell, got the manual, checked out their support community and there isn't much luck for mac users. There they explicitly state mac is only 7.6% of their market so that's about as much support as they are going to offer and imply that we are lucky they do that. I will look into the KVM but I am thinking I may not be able to get there from here. Thanks again for the insight.
  14. Wow, thanks for that Pat. I had no luck what-so-ever searching Mac. This approximates my problem, indeed. Even considering the post is 7 years old as I remember it happening with my 2012 iMac which only had the one Dell for an external. The problem is I don't have the faintest idea if my Dell can be set to look at my Mac port only nor how to do that if it could. It's an old 2408WFP display. Ha, I actually won it in a Vectorworks promotional drawing many many years ago....back when 24 inches was serious screen real estate! Any Idea how I can look further into this?
  15. Hello all, this is not a Vectorworks issue but an issue I have with Mac OS 12.6.1 where others here might have a similar set up and hence a similar problem. I bring this issue to this Forum as it seems I have exhausted my quest for remedies in that 2 weeks with third tier Apple tech support and Apple website "Communities" has brought no joy. Apple refuses to go any deeper with Monterey and suggests I upgrade to Ventura to see if that solves the problem but doing so is not currently recommended by VW. My set up: Brand new 2021 MacBook Pro with the highest possible specs monitored by its' own screen, a brand new 27" Mac Studio Display and an old 24" Dell. So three monitors with the Studio Display as the Main monitor. The OS is Monterey 12.6.1 (last iteration). Both external monitors connected directly to the MB Pro.....no hubs. I need to have several windows open on each monitor for references in my work flow. When waking from sleep all of the windows jump around to other monitors and get scrambled up or sometimes all get ganged up on the main monitor. Then I have to arrange them all over again so I can work. This takes maybe 30 to 40 seconds but the time and anguish add up AND it shouldn't be happening. My questions to all who might have similar setups: Has anyone else had this problem? Did you arrive at a solution? Does the problem exist in Ventura? Thanks for listening, Bradley
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