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  1. Not sure what to make of this. It seems that in 3d wireframe the one grey plane is attaching/extending to the under component of the red plane. If in top plan you extend the grey roof to the red roof via the connect combine, they look right in plan but then in 3d you see that now they are matched to their top components. weird. sorry I can't help much.
  2. The linework is there in the pdf. If you draw a line. Export to PDF. Import to VW. Ungroup the PDF. Delete any bitmap over the top and your line will be there. as accurately as originally drawn. Have you tried this? Maybe export to PDF on you iPad won't do this but I have imported many with their vector data intact.
  3. Not sure what information your are collecting but ungrouping imported PDFs in VW can reveal vector data contained within. So if Bluebeam can export to PDF........
  4. Not a high horse at all Benson. Totally on target. bc
  5. I think you got it Pat. Mine was at 69% I set it to 30% and it seems to work. Thanks for that!!! bc
  6. I definitely have this problem and would like to know the answer.
  7. bc

    PDF of Nodes

    Yes! This is more like what I need right now in my marionette infancy. Thank you very much and Kudos to Tui Walker Kamakorewa!
  8. bc

    PDF of Nodes

    Thanks, I'll give that a try.
  9. bc

    PDF of Nodes

    Hello, I was wondering of there was a PDF or similar report of all the nodes and their definitions for Marionette. A listing where they all can be read and reviewed without having to place and select and click definition. Thank you. bc
  10. Indeed, I don't think one can directly edit lights in a viewport but one can change what lights are used. With the viewport selected you can open the Visualisation Palette and tick on or off the lights and/or shadow castings of your choice. You must then update of course. If the Helios are classsed, the class must be on in the V.P.
  11. Yes I did avoid that pitfall and clicked in the right fields. Must be a version thing. Thanks for that anyway. Seems to better follow the double-click-go-into-edit-mode protocol.
  12. Hmmmm. This doesn't work for me...whether on a sheet layer or a design layer. Maybe because I am working in 2018
  13. Thanks for that rDesign. I admit to having limited searching skills. Yes annotations is our friend and I have done that sort of thing often. I want to start trying to rely solely on the single rendered VP since project changes dictate having to re-fashion the line work. I also wanted to not have the big renders in viewports as the exported PDF's are pretty big. bc
  14. Any help here? Thanks WALL LINES IN ELEVATION.mov


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