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  1. bc


    I went with the herbieherb suggestion and even managed to get a passable result. Not the big bump yet but it's ok for presentation. Thanks for these replys!. I really appreciate it. bc
  2. bc


    I'll give that a try, thanks.
  3. bc


    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can find a good pebble texture that would present like this?:
  4. bc


    I wouldn't count on it. I just tried with 2018 and I get the shrouding but not the rest...even when re shaping it. I think I remember it crashing when I tried. I set it up in 2017 and exported what turns into the non-editable geometry. Better than scratch, suppose.
  5. Thanks for that MarkDD! I guess my wish is that my wish be added to all the others. Thanks again for pulling this up. BC
  6. Let's say I have 4 Multiple Panes enabled, each with their own view orientation and whatever visibilities. I would like to be able to save this view (overall multipane setup) so that I could return to it via the saved view menu. Click on the particular saved view and voila! The Multiple Pane View is enabled and all 4 view panes return with all visibilities and zooms and layers and orientations etc. Or is this already possible? thanks bc
  7. Thought I'd bump this and ask if this will be fixed for 2018? If I select edit a class and then exit that dialog, the classes list jumps all around indisciminantly. Big distraction and pain if one is moving their way down the list. This happens in other Workspaces and with or without heirarchical preferenced but I did notice it doesn't seem to do it when I am selecting a class "inside" a specific heirarchy. Jumpy Classes in Navigation .mov
  8. Yes, thanks for that. I totally forgot about the TB Manager. Nice to see the 2019 improvements.
  9. bc

    Any Drawbacks to VW 2019?

    ThreeDot, I don't have that problem with text. I haven't done a lot of work in 2019 but haven't seen any problems on my machine running 2019 SP2 on OS 10.12.6. When I have opened old files from 2017 into 2019 things get pretty wonky...stuff like JimSmith and Jonker relate. No big issues with files newly created. My problem is that THEY are running Mohave.
  10. bc

    Any Drawbacks to VW 2019?

    Wow. Even glitchy 2D. I will be advocating VW 2018 until the service packs sort a few more of these out. Thanks
  11. I wish that the Title Block Border object revision numbers could actually be numbers. As it stands, it seems (see dialog above), IT DEFAULTS TO LETTERS. And there's no changing it to numbers? If anyone knows a way to have numbers please advise. Also I wish one wasn't required to have data entered in all the fields of the Add Revision Dialog. With a custom TB, I don't need all that. I deleted all the linked text fields in the TB but it still needs data. My VectorWorksAround is to place the letter of the revision in each field and since there are no fields in the TB they don't show. But I would prefer to NOT have to do that and why should one. Thirdly, I would like to be able to determine which sheets my revision number is on in ONE location. TB examples.mov So please: 1 Have Letters as well as Numbers for the Revision 2 Eliminate the need to fill in unused fields when creating a revision. 3 To be able to add and subtract revisions to and from multiple sheets in one place at one time so that any revision can appear on any given sheet Thanks
  12. bc

    Any Drawbacks to VW 2019?

    I have only worked with Project Sharing on 2017 with another architect about 2 years ago and with no serious performance issues that I can recall. Sorry, my comments were based on you signature. You now seem to have the machine I wish I had (aside from the new super tricked out iMacs) or at least could afford. Now that I see you are running Mojave, I remember reading about issues regarding Mojave specifically: It may require a day off to read the entire post but maybe this is your issue.
  13. bc

    Any Drawbacks to VW 2019?

    Thanks ThreeDot, I appreciate the summary. Looks like you and I are running similar machines. Maybe the greater RAM is helping with the malaise for me? I have yet to experienced that. You have indicated it happens even on your high-end iMacs so maybe your closing comment is especially pertinent.
  14. bc

    Any Drawbacks to VW 2019?

    They already have the Minis (not iMacs) and yes I have suggested they look into the eGPU route per these: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/59720-egpu-and-vectorworks-testing/&tab=comments#comment-298164 https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/60019-so-is-the-2018-mac-mini-a-viable-vw-machine/& Thanks for the replies, bradley PS actually I was initially wondering about any pitfalls with 2019 (specifically) besides the graphics card. Any program issues worth waiting for a fix prior to installing?
  15. bc

    Any Drawbacks to VW 2019?

    @Gerard Jonker So, if you please, briefly what are some of the problems can they expect? Is it moving around in OpenGL Walk-through or Fly-over? Or something else? Thanks bc


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