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  1. bc

    Changing units in the info window

    Actually my experience is that framers and other trades also tend to work in inches, it being a bit easier and less confusing to call out to a co-worker 283 verses 23 ft 6 inches. So it annoys me to draft in ft/in but it's for plan review and approval. So I agree ,therefore, the ability to hand off a plan set to a contractor in inches would be appreciated all around.
  2. bc

    Can not remove Crop lines in ViewPorts

    LOOKS LIKE YOU HAVE THE "SHOW CROP" BOX CHECKED ? (LOCATED NEAR THE TOP OF THE OIP SHAPE PANE WHEN THE VP IS SELECTED) SORRY DIDN'T COMPLETELY READ YOUR POST....MY BAD. Actually, I just now went in to edit the crop of Viewport 8 , added a new crop that had 0 lineweight and exited and there was no more crop lines. Hope this helps. Don't know the why's or the wherefore's.
  3. I did understand that the z coord. is relative to the layer plane and Michael's set-up will work for me as is. As intriguing as your reply is, it is a bit beyond my ken. Don't even know how to "hide a column", ha!
  4. Here's the exchange over the Worksheet issue for those willing to wade thru it. Or just skip to the sample file for importing the scripts and record formats and the great video Michael made at the airport: HI MICHAEL, I WAS WONDERING IF I COULD HAPPEN TO GET YOUR THOUGHTS ON MY QUESTION HERE: I'M DESPERATE SO I AM ASKING DIRECTLY. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I'VE TRIED SOME FUNCTIONS BUT CAN'T GET ANYTHING TO WORK.  ------------------------ Hi Bradley I've sometimes wanted to do that, too! The only way to do it universally - any object no matter what criteria the database is using - is to create a record format with one field and attach it to everything in the drawing. It's probably pretty easy to create a script that attaches the record format to either every object in the drawing or all selected objects or all objects on the active layer, etc. Then you could just add the call ='my universal record'.'super note' to any worksheet database for any object. The question is do you want add it to objects in DLVPs, groups, symbols, parametric objects, etc. Let me know what you think. This is actually within my limited scripting abilities (famous last words!). Are you coming to Phoenix in November? MK  ------------------------- Michael WOW, that would be fantastic. Thanks so much for the offer. I think I understand the process you're proposing but just to be sure, and in my lay terms: 1 The script would attach a record to, let's say, all doors,windows and skylights (what I would need at this juncture) or whatever objects one chooses. Right now it only needs to be acting on objects within Design Layers of choice. 2 One could then create a column in a database worksheet and then, in the cell in the database header row, one would install a certain function that would call up these attached records. The attached record is really an empty text object? 3 Then one could type anything into any cell in that column. Is that it? OR (and this might kill it's usefulness for me) 4 One would have to "enter into" the data tab of the OIP and type the general info into the record format of ea object after selecting it. Not good. If it is not the condition 4, then this would be great. Is this a relatively quick and easy process for you? Although I live relatively close in California, I don't expect to be able to attend the conference in Phoenix, sorry to say. Did I make my issue clear enough? Bradley --------------------------------- I think I see what you're trying to do. Let me take a stab at it. I'm traveling for a week. Plane trips are always good times for scripting. mk ------------------------------- But if you've never been to a Design Summit, they are usually pretty fun. Pat and I are doing 2 two-hour sessions on worksheets. Then we are going to try to add another day long conference on scripting for those who are really gluttons for punishment. ---------------------------------- Bradley This might take a while to upload from a plane, but let's give it a try. Needless to say: Make a duplicate of a file and try it there first. It's a very simple script that should have no unforeseen side effects, but use caution! Let me know if you have any questions. mk By the way, I should point out that doors and windows (and most parametric objects) have between 6 and 10 user fields built in. Usually called something like ='Window'.'UserFld1' through ='Window'.'UserFld10 that you can use for exactly this purpose. --------------------------------------- Yes this is where I started to go initially but wanted both door and window object notes to be able to be in the same column and had trouble combining ='Window'.'UserFld1' with ='Door'.'UserFld1'. Holy guacamole you have just matched Pat in Community Board Heroism. That video was great. I'll see what I can do with it and get back with any possible questions ---------------------------------------- The user field trick can be done, but you need to use an IF/THEN/ELSE statement in the database header. And then it only displays. You can't type directly into it because it's the result of a formula. So you need different columns or different worksheets to enter data. I like your idea better.  Hope it works for you. Let me know if you have any questions or would like any tweeks to the scripts. ----------------------------------------- WOW! When I installed everything and got it to work it was (almost) like when I first walked into the foyer of the Gamble House. A quasi-religious experience. Near epiphanally moving. Not as good as sweet corn on the cob but.....you can guess my meaning. It's to say thank you to the max. --------------------------------------------- This is exactly the reason Pat and I want to do our scripting conference the day after the Design Summit. Those scripts are really only about 4 to 6 lines. And I just grabbed modified one that I was using to do another cool job that literally saves me hours per week. I'm pretty bad at scripting, but I've managed to boost my productivity a LOT with a few poorly written scripts. ---------------------------------------------- Worksheeet_Schedule,_universal_column.mp4 Universal_Test.vwx
  5. It's a long story but the short version is that it is a rehab of and existing old "heritage" house that has numerous doors used as fixed sidelights that are above floor level and some doors that are above floor level that go out to a tiny roof deck and one door on a level all it's own 7 3/4" below the main that heads out to the main floor door hdr ht. At any rate, both doors and windows are on the same schedule in the same column and this further helps delineate their "doorness". I know what you must be thinking but this is not my call. Se la vi. Que sera, sera. Whatever, dude. A code in the hand is worth two unscripted. Thanks for all...hopefully I won't need to pester any one for a while. Will try and post our exchange. Also, the first data box in a door OIP entitled "height" should be renamed to "elevation" or "zcoordinate".
  6. Thanks alot Pat. I have been in touch with MichaelK and he has generated some scripts to serve my needs (what-a-guy). I will publish our exchange with his kind permission later on in this thread. Right now, Pat, your info is greatly appreciated and is working except for one bit of criteria I would like and can't seem to locate. I can't seem to get my Worksheet to report my door elevation. The coders never thought this would present an issue but both the door height (how tall the door is) and the door elevation (it's z location) are called "height". Do you or anyone know how I can call up the door elevation in my schedule. Currently I have: =IF('Door'.'IDLabel'<>'', 'Door'.'Height', IF('Window'.'IDLabel'<>'', 'Window'.'Height', 'ERROR')) This calls up both the window elevation (set to sill in this case) and the door height. NOT door elevation. I want the door elevation. Thanks Bradley
  7. Still having trouble. Any elaboration would be greatly appreciated Is there some manual someone can point me to where I can learn this stuff that is a step or two beyond what is presented in Help/Worksheets?
  8. Going batty with the basics again... How can I create a column in a worksheet where I can type anything of a general nature in any cell in the column. A column without database relevance within a database worksheet. So, for example, I can have all my window and door data reported on the sheet but then have a column where anything can be typed in any given cell. Is there some special command I can place in the database row where that cell resides? Offering desperate thanks, bc
  9. OK thanks Kevin. Wow. Never really played with that one.
  10. HEY KEVIN, Could you or someone elaborate on this? I'm no getting the "portal" checked thing. thanks, bc
  11. @Tom Klaber It seems servicable except for the glaring deficiency of not being able to specify individual drawer heights. Sheesh! Better than not, however. bc
  13. OK to bump this a bit, I have noticed that when in Screen Plane mode the objects place wherever but it is when I am in Layer Plane mode that they only insert to page center. Other new 2018 files place correctly in either mode. Must be a file corruption or some setting. Anyone? thanks
  14. Hello all, I am working in a VW2018 Working File per project sharing. Problem doesn't occur in other non project sharing files. Suddenly when ever I insert a symbol it inserts at the page center instead of where the cursor is. What setting have I inadvertantly activated? Or otherwise, how can I get it to insert where I want it to? Or is this a bug? Thanks bc
  15. And you can pretty much create your own as well.