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  1. bc

    Tile not receiving shadows

    Thanks for that. I'll explore converting to 3D poly. It was the tile I was after, so finding a suitable texture might be tough. Thanks again, bc
  2. I have an issue with a tile applied to a 3D rectangle (3D plane). It's the wavy stuff below the windows. The tiled rectangle is not receiving the shadow. On the left is the actual rendering and the right shows the correct shadows cast by the protruding building shell. Any ideas to get the tile to receive the shadows or is this a bug? thanks bc
  3. bc

    Image Prop blocks sunlight

    Ok thanks for the info jim.
  4. bc

    Image Prop blocks sunlight

    Anything on this Jim? Thanks
  5. bc

    Image Prop blocks sunlight

    Yes this is what I ended up doing which resulted in less resolution but passable.
  6. bc

    Image Prop blocks sunlight

    Here you go. Thanks! image prop.vwx
  7. bc

    Image Prop blocks sunlight

    JIM, I spoke too soon I was so confident it would work. I adjusted the textures to no avail. Any thoughts?
  8. I have created an image prop from a photo. It represents the view of the landscape as it would be seen from inside a room looking out a window. The problem is that the image prop blocks out the heliodon sun rays. See before and after shots below. Is there a way to have VW show the image prop but still let the sunshine in? Thanks bc
  9. bc


    I went with the herbieherb suggestion and even managed to get a passable result. Not the big bump yet but it's ok for presentation. Thanks for these replys!. I really appreciate it. bc
  10. bc


    I'll give that a try, thanks.
  11. bc


    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can find a good pebble texture that would present like this?:
  12. bc


    I wouldn't count on it. I just tried with 2018 and I get the shrouding but not the rest...even when re shaping it. I think I remember it crashing when I tried. I set it up in 2017 and exported what turns into the non-editable geometry. Better than scratch, suppose.
  13. Thanks for that MarkDD! I guess my wish is that my wish be added to all the others. Thanks again for pulling this up. BC
  14. Let's say I have 4 Multiple Panes enabled, each with their own view orientation and whatever visibilities. I would like to be able to save this view (overall multipane setup) so that I could return to it via the saved view menu. Click on the particular saved view and voila! The Multiple Pane View is enabled and all 4 view panes return with all visibilities and zooms and layers and orientations etc. Or is this already possible? thanks bc


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