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  1. OK thanks. I am having trouble locating it in 2018. Where is it in 2018? Or how is it preferenced or set up?
  2. So where can this editing mode be found? Maybe this is 2018 only?
  3. That's it Andy, many thanks!
  4. Yes thanks Andy, it is.
  5. Hello all, I have created Section Viewports and in the past I could give the sectioned objects a fill via the Advanced Properties Dialog. I can't seem to do that now. I have designated the class for the fill and created the class and ticked use at creation as shown. No fill. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. Command-Period has worked for me in the past...depending on number of lights and reflections.
  7. Indeed, my new installation of 2018 obliterated the customized markers of my marker list. How do I at least get them back? Where are the custom markers located?
  8. So, bumping the earlier question, how does one purchase this plugin?
  9. The model set-up protocol has been discussed at near terminal length here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kp4agdsfr2wpw5u/AACtKdyXtcR67mafsoBgS4Ssa?dl=0 and elsewhere. As discussed in the above link by an astute observer, the Model Set-up dialog should look like my attachment. Here one could simply fill in the light green areas with the proper dimensions and click one button to create all the levels,layers and stories they desire. That's one click. It shouldn't be as convoluted as it is to execute the setup. I'm sick of it.
  10. Nice work guys thanks I get it. I'm in.
  11. THANKS MIKE-H, I couldn't get past my Home Folder. I HAVE found a file Custom Title Blocks within the VW 2017 folder. Is this the one? Should it be there?
  12. So I have created a custom title block by way of attaching records to text and saving as symbol in the Sheet Border-Title Block file. It is very simple and basically works OK. I thought there was a way that one cold take the Sheet Number text and attach or format it such that when you place your Title Block on your Sheet Layer, the number of that sheet layer automatically populates the title block in the Sheet Number text. Is this so? Any insight here would be appreciated. Right now my title block will fill in for project wide info but all the S_ attached texts must be manually applied to each page. I think I remember otherwise....maybe some setting or preference? thanks EDIT, I FIGURED OUT THAT I HAD TO UN ATTACH MY RECORD TO THAT TEXT AND CHANGE THE RECORD TO ONE WITH AN " _SN" SUFFIX. SO... ANY ONE KNOW ABOUT MY PS bc PS While on the subject of Custom Title Blocks, can someone please inform me of the file location to place this TB so it doesn't get overwritten by updates?
  13. I agree rDesign. It's just that I felt that 2020 would be reasonable considering it may NOT already be in the works.
  14. I use two monitors and move my palettes to one screen to free up the other for the design, and then check save palette positions. Then sleep my computer, upon awakening the palettes have all moved over to the main screen again....albeit nicely grouped as per the other window. How can I get them to stick to the other (subordinate) window? What am I missing? See screenshots A and B before and after awakening from sleep. This is with 2018 and 2017. Thanks