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  1. Well, no golden parachute here either but there WERE skateboard ramps to tumble out on to.....
  2. Chop wood, carry water. I felt the same 50 years ago and did it. Built a house with nothing but hand tools (OK a friend had a wood miser for the timbers) and no electricity. Designed a climate refrigerator. Gardened with others. Back to the land. It was great. Very quiet. Best time of my life. TODAY: I am a CAD monkey in a noisy city who just bought their first ever smart phone (iPhone 12). At 70, I embraced the digital lifestyle because I have no choice financially due to the choices I made back then. Go figure. There'll be no gold watch at the farewell banquet. I can only hope that, after fueled by the digital universe I came to accept, when the marauding masses take names and come for me, they make it quick.ūüôā
  3. Wes, I guess I was asking what are the "many other reasons". I've generally been in the Peter Cipes camp. I occasionally may use a wall projection or recess which are not great in 2D when involving simultaneous wall joins. Couldn't find a reference to the Wall Hole command. Not sure what your method is for the above. Also not sure I'd go to the trouble to get a material take off using this MO. TomW, I like what you're saying here. I can see the purpose for things such as that but don't do it enough with symbols. Usually would create a wall recess and be done with it.
  4. @WES, Can you point me to a list of these many other reasons? bc
  5. I know that when a symbol is inserted into a wall it will move with the wall when that wall is moved. I don't really need this feature so I thought I'd ask: Why else would one want to insert a symbol in a wall? Thanks bc
  6. That did it!. Thank you very much!
  7. There is this odd diagonal line created in my Section Viewport. I want to be rid of it. I have determined it to be a line that connects 2 sides of a rectangular Grade Limits object. It is recognized as "object" in Section in Place mode. There are no modifier conflicts here and two other Section Viewports in different locations are fine. Any help? See screen shot
  8. Thanks Boh This works but the Sheet Layer Viewport then has to show colors (or otherwise uncheck the Black and White only box in in the Advanced dialog) because otherwise, grey disappears. This means that any other items will have their colors. I'm after black and white and grey. Apparently I failed to send an earlier reply (I am on a different computer) so I will paraphrase. I have to mask the issues right now as reclassing all the objects needed in this 4 level Queen Anne would be too time consuming but I do see how I should establish this protocol for all my templates for future use as I don't expect VW to change this....even though I can't imagine creating a program and saying to my self that whenever I want a layer greyed, I want it to be wireframe. I don't think they will change it because it seems to be part of the Top Plan Always Wireframe protocol. Not just grey the viewport.
  9. So I just spent 3 hours cleaning or rather covering up the line work for my MEP's that have a greyed layer background. This time adds up. By now, it probably has cost me the equivalent to a subscription to Archicad given all the other projects. So I'm a tad miffed. I wonder who is the person responsible for concluding: When VW specifies a layer to be grey, it will appear in wireframe only. See thru counters/cabinets, etc. There has to be someone responsible. I'd like to talk to them. I would like to say that greying something doesn't make it transparent. Just a grey color. Why was this ever considered valid? Maybe because of colored design layer document preference exists? I could do that but then everything in my titleblocks on Sheet Layers (not design layers) that is black disappears! WTF? END RANT. Is there anyone who can help me with a VectorWorksAround?
  10. I have had this problem in 2018 and it was solved by closing the file and restarting VW.
  11. And where you assigned the black fill to your section cut did you check the box "Use at Creation"?
  12. I can't believe how much I agree with this. We just want the layer greyed, not wireframe.
  13. So having given up on the Custom Cabinet Tool since 2018, I decided to take a look and see if anything has changed. Nope. Still the same VectorWorksAround if you need something other than slab fronts. What's the point of creating an immediate dead end? Why create a tool with such fundamental limitation? Please fix this tool.


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