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  1. JMR

    Annotations PDF output messy and imprecise

    I've encountered missing door heads, the lines just disappear sometimes for no apparent reason. Sometimes they reappear. One rather big issue for me is the autonomously changing surface hatch z value - the controls have absolutely no effect. Different DL hatches are not aligned. Another day they might be realigned again. Currently the vw graphical system is so buggy it keeps astonishing me.
  2. I've noticed that changing a field value in a drawing schedule will not update the corresponding title border unless one double clicks it and selects "ok". If there are schedule changes regarding multiple sheets, all sheets have to be processed this way, individually. Kind of negates the idea of an interactive drawing schedule. This behavior surfaced with the new 2018 title block, previously everything updated correctly.
  3. VW would be a great product IF some elementary lapses would be addressed.
  4. ^ If the door, window and stairs tools will not be overhauled in the next two years, I will retire from using VW. Who needs some silly photo to 3D geometry tool when the basics have not been updated to meet the modern demands. We produce construction drawings, not computer games.
  5. There is a setting in Acad options for the display of arc and line segments. If this setting is too low, you might see segments. Unfortunately I don't remember by heart where it is. Another thing to check is to zoom closer and type "regen" - the segments might go away. Assuming you have access to Acad. Acad does a lot of display performance optimizing and sometimes needs to be "told" to improve the apparance. This is to say your file may actually be ok, even if it appears segmented at first glance. I general, for us the vw dwg export seems to work fine when it comes to appearance.
  6. JMR

    Switching Documents Broken - Windows

    I can confirm this behaviour as well. We run Designer and Architect 2018 SP3 on Win 10 64 bit machines. It's not very frequent but has happened so many times we can be sure of it.
  7. 2018 has some mighty graphical issues. Eg. the "change not visible before zooming in /out" STILL has no remedy. As to custom lines I can confirm for me they only work reliably if the viewport is in the same orientation and scale as the DL. I'm really awaiting for improvement in the overall quality of VW. Even our part-time students are baffled with the bugs.
  8. Ok thanks. If I understand correctly, this is a bug in 2018 and will not be fixed before the release of 2019?
  9. Well, this is interesting. I made a helper spreasheet and set the "use total number..." value to false for all title blocks. Now a second user indeed is able to check out any sheet layer that is available. However, when I try to duplicate any sheet layer and at least one sheet layer is checked out by another user, I get the attached message. All title blocks are set to not to use the total number feature. BTW you are testing within one project sharing file, here we are using two actual working files (if it makes a difference). I have to say that "use total number..." thing is mighty difficult to find, and then make a connection to the checking-out issue. I couldn't have found it without your advice.
  10. Ok, this could very well be the reason for the error message. I'll test and let you know, thank you.
  11. Where is this ""Use Total number of Active TBBs".
  12. Right click on top of sheet layer name in the Navigator palette -> check out.
  13. Yes, absolutely sure. Checking out any sheet layer seems to check out all title blocks on all sheet layers. We run into this constantly in different projects -> the behaviour seems to be consistent. Our version is VW designer 2018 sp3. Windows 10 64bit environment.
  14. It's really very simple and goes like this: 1) someone checks out a sheet layer 2) another person tries to check out another sheet layer - the error message pops up. -> two different users cannot edit different sheet layers at the same time. It's always like this.
  15. I can't edit anything - this message pops up when trying to check out any sheet layer, if another user has checked out even one other sheet layer.