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  1. Microsoft teams, formerly Skype for Business. So far has worked ok. Btw I find screen sharing especially useful with engineers.
  2. This is interesting - for us, the process goes much smoother and more reliably if we don't check out complete DL's. Somehow checking out DL's was too much for the system to handle. Changing to checking out individual objects on the fly removed most of the speed and reliability issues. This was with 2018 and 2019, don't know about 2020 yet. The project was a 2000sqm 4-storey residential project. Title blocks never learned to behave, though, and there were intermittent issues with shifting and disappearing walls, and opening wall joins. Since then we haven't used PS much, I've waited for it to mature to a professional reliability level. It seems PS behavior can vary greatly from office to office and from project to project, which implies the technological setup is not as robust as it should be. A disappearing sheet layer annotation set is a horrible bug - as Julian mentioned, everything we send out from our offices creates a legal responsibility to us, regarding the content of the documents. The documents are contract documents before the building starts, and afterwards they are construction documents that must be 100% correct. All damages resulting from drawing errors, missing information or misleading information can, in principle, be charged from us, at least from the commission. Usually the financial responsibility is not limited to commission alone, but at least some damages to 3rd parties are included.
  3. Hi all, When changing window(or door, or stair...etc) component classes, one has to go through each one individually. What about if we could select (eg. a tickbox) those that we want to change? Selecting individual classes and finding the correct new class is laborous. A pipette might also work here.
  4. Hi all, After having checked this many ways, I think there is a bug with DWG export (2019SP6): Anything that is shown beyond the cut plane with hidden line/dashed hidden line will not export. Please see below. resulting DWG: I'll be delighted to be be proved wrong, but I can't find a way to get all lines to translate to the DWG file. I've also noticed that having a crop object on a sheet layer viewport containg the sectiong viewport messes up PDF export, in a similar manner. Thanks
  5. Wall master snap points?
  6. There actually is a way to adjust the thickness of the panels, but all intelligence and editability of the ceiling grid is lost (I make a duplicate of the original grid for this reason) 1) explode the grid 2) ungroup 3) the leftovers are extrusions, their thickness can be adjusted
  7. Thank you, that looks great. I'm able to run the script (via import script) but it doesn't put anything into the annotation space. I take it the section viewport must reside on a sheet layer. However, the annotation space remains empty.
  8. Hi all. So I have a section viewport with some dashed lines showing, "show objects beyond the section plane" etc. Now, I need to convert/copy the section to lines and polygons in order to prepare a section that is construction-documentation worthy in terms of accuracy and readability. Manual work needed, in other words. My section viewport looks like this (pretty good but not clear enough) The convert/copy to lines or polygons result looks like this, seemingly no matter what settings I use: -> How do I do this so that what is visible beyond the section line doesn't disappear / get messed up? I'm only succesful in convertin section viewports that do not display anything beyond or in front of the section line. Thanks
  9. Done now, no hiccups. Thanks. Weird though that the designers refused to update via the updater...
  10. The install file wants to do a complete VW reinstall, it seems. I Don't dare to do that now in the middle of a deadline. The updater still says VW is up to date, SP 5.3 US version here as well.
  11. Hmmm...the thread was about line weight, sorry about that. However the core issue is with the VGM in this case, too.
  12. AND....even though the roof is visible with the "best performance" option, the roof doesn't show up on a published PDF. AND...of course, the roof shows up in a published dwg, BUT the roof line type is solid and stays so despite any LTS change. Weirdly, the properties window in autocad displays the line type correctly. I need the following consistency: SCREEN - SHEET LAYER - PDF -DWG. They cannot be different!
  13. An example: A Sheet layer viewport containing two sections on a design layer (bldg and roof) Best compatibility: Good compatibility and perfomance & Best compatibility, the roof beyond the section line is missing: And then again, using best performance I get a wireframe floorplan flying on the top of my rendered facades...even though it is not visible on the whole sheet. Too many hiccups as it is (2019SP5.3).
  14. For some reason, in our office the machines that run Architect update to SP6, but those that run Designer don't:
  15. Would convert/copy to polygons help? It creates an editable copy of the viewport. From the modify menu.


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