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  1. As to the worksheet, this could be one way to do it: -create a custom record with one field in it, eg. "RoomName", name the record what you want, eg. "RoomNameRecord" -create a symbol with some text in it, eg. NNNN -within the symbol, select the text, use "link text to record" from the menus, select your record and field "RoomName" -exit the symbol -attach the new record to a symbol instance -copy and use instances as room name "tags" -use "create report" from the menus -select "from record", select your new record and the particular record field -a worksheet including all room name symbols is created. This would work if you are ok with typing the room names to the data field manually. If you want to do this with an existing drawing already having the room names (eg. a DWG), then some other method might work, can't think of a one right now though. The problem is how to make VW recognize that some particular text is a room name - at least the room name text should be classed properly etc. HTH
  2. The fact that local suppliers develop much better door/window tools and we, the users of the international version, are left without ANY improvement, is mighty annoying. NNA, time to update the window, door and stair tools. NOW. This is an order. ūüėÉ
  3. If one places data tags in the annotation space of the viewport, then one cannot see them while working on the plan in DL mode?
  4. PS is a multi-user feature enabling several people to work on the same project file.
  5. Are you using project sharing while this happens?
  6. A bit like the freeze column / row wish, I think:
  7. Is that weird-looking roof mirrored? I have had issues with mirrored roofs.
  8. Hi all, (Continuation from another forum thread) I have large schedules and when I work down the schedule I can't see the titles and therefore lose track of which column is which. Colors help a bit but not enough. The ability to split view horizontally (or vertically) would be great, just like in Excel. This would enable keeping track of the column titles.
  9. JMR

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    @Boh Enclosed is a sample file. Please note I'm not using built-in finishes, instead custom data attached to space objects. A custom record is given to all space objects, including all the necessary fields. I've added english translation to the worksheet column titles(Unfortunately no time to go through the whole thing and translate). A customized space tag is used with the space objects: This tag includes text linked to the custom record fields. Eg. wall finishes, floor type etc. It is simply a 2D symbol. (The custom record name is "tilaselostustieto" (room schedule data) in this file). This setup allows two-way editing: It's easy to quickly copy-paste everything via the schedule. One might have to run the AEC command "update spaces" to see the changes though. Sometimes at least. We use a separate housekeeping worksheet for quick comparison and editing, the "official" schedule stays always the same and is not edited, it just sits on the sheet layer. The reason why we went with this system is that we often got confused and messed up the built-in finishes for some reason. In any case we have to put in custom finishes since the stock ones are in English of course. HTH Space object and schedule sample.vwx
  10. Dear fellow VW nerds, Is there a way to split the worksheet view like in Excel, in order to see the column titles all the time? I mean while working on the worksheet, not on a sheet layer. I have large schedules and when I work down the schedule I can't see the titles and lose track of which column is which.
  11. The door/window/stair tool entity needs updating - sorely! They all need to represent the actual 3D construction, for obvious reasons. Critical improvements to these tools have been asked for many, many years - I sincerely hope they are in the works also for the windows and doors. Please!
  12. Hi all, A small (literally!) issue with worksheets and a 4K display: The indicator showing sorting order, summing etc. doesn't scale and is shown with the default text size. Please see below. Very difficult to see as zooming is of no help here.
  13. JMR

    Lookup from worksheets in text objects?

    A dumb workaround is to create a viewport next to the plan, showing a suitably cropped worksheet with only the desired apartment values visible. That means though, that your spreadsheet size, location and arrangement should never change. There is probably a way to script-populate a custom record and then display this value in a symbol next to the plan, but that is beyond my skills unfortunately.
  14. I think there was a wishlist item about spaces being too slow somewhere. I have a 2000m2 building, we are also seeing this weird lag. It's like the space tool is waking up from deep sleep before it "boots". No help with refreshing the RML unfortunately.


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