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  1. Thank you for the tip, however the internal and user origins are at the corner of the site, only about 20 meters away from the building. I've come across with this with other projects as well - it seems anything that is visible beyond / before section line is problematic. Curiously, these inconsistencies export into DWG and PDF as well, with varying results. Mostly anything that is visible before/beyond section line is not exported as a dashed line, even though other dashed lines in the section were ok. Maybe these are two different issues. Sometimes the result varies between screen-dwg-pdf, with a different end result in all of these. First I thought this would be a graphics card issue, but since the erros export to both PDF and DWG I think that is unlikely? We've also tested this with Quadro's and 1050Ti's with same results, so it can't be a specific model graphics card issue.
  2. Sorry, have zero experience with hardscapes, so far...
  3. Thanks. The issue is intermittent, but when it occurs it gives you a really weird feeling - "Did I just erase that symbol...I can't have....where did it go?". Until you finally realize it's a bug playing tricks on you.
  4. I can confirm this happening - with both 2d and 2d/3d symbols. The issue is very intermittent and undpredictable. The symbols disappear from the resource browser as well. Although possible, I can't think of what I might have done wrong. Especially not so many times in a row. Andrew/Tamsin, did you ever find out why? I'm running 2020 SP3.1 Thanks
  5. Might I politely suggest that, in principle, any product marketed and sold as featuring certain functionalities, should factually feature those functionalities. Imagine someone buying a VW2020 license thinking it features data tagging and then noticing that in reality the tool doesn't work reliably, and that the tool is not going to be fixed until the next version, which requires a paid subsrciption or a paid update. How could this situation be interpreted, from a customers' point of view, in legal sense? Software engineering is by no means easy, and I understand the complexities involved. However a lot of these issues could be removed with a longer testing period. Perhaps a separate stable and beta distributions if not otherwise possible. In my opinion, all tools and features the product is advertised as having should fully work without the need to pay for another update. How else could it be? New features are another thing and justify a paid update.
  6. Due to projects being on hold because of the corona situation, two experienced scandinavian architects are available for subconsultancy work. We use VW 2020 Architect/Designer, Office 365 and Teams. Hourly rates are negotiable depending on the size of the project etc. While we cannot compete with the cost structure in some other parts of the world, European design standards and guidelines are what we work with on a daily basis. If you require scheme designs, feasibility studies, room layout studies, space programming, construction detail drawings or just plain drafting assistance, please pm me for further info.
  7. I completely agree with all of the above. Here is an example of a "sill" I was "capable" of achieving with VW, versus a real-life window: Customer and builder expectations of the accuracy of the model are increasing continuously. We've had some cases where the painter subcontractor has asked for extra compensation since the jamb and trims of the window were not modeled 100% correctly (since it was not possible to achieve the exact correct end result with the current VW tool). BTW since up here north we don't have a localised version, trying to understand the US-UK-AUS-NZ window terminology is indeed mighty confusing...perhaps a visual guide as part of the user manual could be implemented?
  8. Thank you, the unified view is on by default when I work.
  9. Hi all, Section, best performance setting. Most of the stuff is missing: Section, good performance and compatibility setting. Missing stuff comes back: Same project, elevation, good performance and compatibility setting: Color are invisible, except while zooming: Same project, elevation, best performance setting: Color are visible: -> Why this mess???!! I constantly have to skip between different settings to properly see what I'm doing. This has been going on at least from 2018. The graphics card is the 1050Ti, however these issues are there with other machines and cards as well, eg. Quadros and 1070Ti's. And yes, the computers and drivers are up to date. This inconstistency affects dwg exports from section and elevation viewports, too. One can never be sure what is the end result, most often stuff beyond section line is not visible in the export or the line types are wrong, even though the initial section viewport is ok. Something is amiss with the graphics system, unfortunately.
  10. Microsoft teams, formerly Skype for Business. So far has worked ok. Btw I find screen sharing especially useful with engineers.
  11. This is interesting - for us, the process goes much smoother and more reliably if we don't check out complete DL's. Somehow checking out DL's was too much for the system to handle. Changing to checking out individual objects on the fly removed most of the speed and reliability issues. This was with 2018 and 2019, don't know about 2020 yet. The project was a 2000sqm 4-storey residential project. Title blocks never learned to behave, though, and there were intermittent issues with shifting and disappearing walls, and opening wall joins. Since then we haven't used PS much, I've waited for it to mature to a professional reliability level. It seems PS behavior can vary greatly from office to office and from project to project, which implies the technological setup is not as robust as it should be. A disappearing sheet layer annotation set is a horrible bug - as Julian mentioned, everything we send out from our offices creates a legal responsibility to us, regarding the content of the documents. The documents are contract documents before the building starts, and afterwards they are construction documents that must be 100% correct. All damages resulting from drawing errors, missing information or misleading information can, in principle, be charged from us, at least from the commission. Usually the financial responsibility is not limited to commission alone, but at least some damages to 3rd parties are included.
  12. Hi all, When changing window(or door, or stair...etc) component classes, one has to go through each one individually. What about if we could select (eg. a tickbox) those that we want to change? Selecting individual classes and finding the correct new class is laborous. A pipette might also work here.
  13. Hi all, After having checked this many ways, I think there is a bug with DWG export (2019SP6): Anything that is shown beyond the cut plane with hidden line/dashed hidden line will not export. Please see below. resulting DWG: I'll be delighted to be be proved wrong, but I can't find a way to get all lines to translate to the DWG file. I've also noticed that having a crop object on a sheet layer viewport containg the sectiong viewport messes up PDF export, in a similar manner. Thanks
  14. Wall master snap points?
  15. There actually is a way to adjust the thickness of the panels, but all intelligence and editability of the ceiling grid is lost (I make a duplicate of the original grid for this reason) 1) explode the grid 2) ungroup 3) the leftovers are extrusions, their thickness can be adjusted


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