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  1. Anyone else seeing this: After SP5, saved views sometimes won't activate any saved views. Redefining the view remedies the situation.
  2. Eg. for our Synology DS 1517+ NAS server I guess I need to install this package(?): https://www.synology.com/en-global/dsm/packages/Docker
  3. This. For an architect, doors and windows are THE most important plug-in tools! Not some silly photographs-to-choppy-3d-geometry tool, while maybe a fun curiosity. Yeah I can model a star shaped window if I like but that's not a productive and easily adjustable workflow. My buildings have hundreds of windows. I just need to get enough of the geometry right with the stock tool, which currently creates weird solid sills like I have never seen anywhere in real life... 🙄
  4. This would be a very handy option. AFAIK not yet possible? It would be a breeze to capture a color chart image and then sample that in vectorworks for solid fill etc.
  5. Using a simple box etc. for chair geometry can help diagnose the reason for the slowness. If the culprit indeed is the chair geometry, you can set up views and renders with that faster geometry present and change the symbol to the final, proper chair before issuing and rendering to the client. While not exactly what you want, at least you can work faster. If simplifying the chair geometry does not help at all, then the reason for the slowness is somewhere else.
  6. Have you tried this setting: If that doesn't help, try to replace your chair symbol with something extremely simple, like two boxes for the seat and backrest, and see if that makes any difference. For the curtain wall I get the same result as you, about a minute.
  7. Sure, the file size is a bit large sometimes though. No way to prevent retyping...
  8. Hi all, I wonder if it would be possible to include text copy-paste protection options in the pdf export settings. Currently I can do this eg. in Nitro, but is has to be done manually, for each file separately. Sometimes it's necessary to protect one's intellectual property. The need is very much dependent on to whom the pdf is circulated to. Usually it's not necessary, but it would be a nice option to have.
  9. Well...it seems the asterisk in not working here anyway, see the screenshot. The asterisk in the criteria displays the correct objects in the popup window, but shows zero in the "Objects that meet the criteria field". So much for that idea! As to the names, I guess a data tag would be needed?
  10. If the polygon name column ( Location is Within PREFIX* ) is sorted, objects with the same containing polygon name appear together. These can then be summed together if one needs to count them...I think. The prefix can be something like "......" as well, not to appear so unappealing.
  11. As a workaround you might add a unique prefix to your polygon "Names", one that it is definitely not used by any other objects in the file. Something like "ZXCVBN-Name". Then, in the worksheet, use that prefix and an asterisk as search criteria, eg. "Location is within ZXCVBN*" This way you get a list of symbols only within objects you have named. Tamsin probably finds a better way... 🙂
  12. Thank you for the tip, however the internal and user origins are at the corner of the site, only about 20 meters away from the building. I've come across with this with other projects as well - it seems anything that is visible beyond / before section line is problematic. Curiously, these inconsistencies export into DWG and PDF as well, with varying results. Mostly anything that is visible before/beyond section line is not exported as a dashed line, even though other dashed lines in the section were ok. Maybe these are two different issues. Sometimes the result varies between screen-dwg-pdf, with a different end result in all of these. First I thought this would be a graphics card issue, but since the erros export to both PDF and DWG I think that is unlikely? We've also tested this with Quadro's and 1050Ti's with same results, so it can't be a specific model graphics card issue.
  13. Sorry, have zero experience with hardscapes, so far...
  14. Thanks. The issue is intermittent, but when it occurs it gives you a really weird feeling - "Did I just erase that symbol...I can't have....where did it go?". Until you finally realize it's a bug playing tricks on you.
  15. I can confirm this happening - with both 2d and 2d/3d symbols. The issue is very intermittent and undpredictable. The symbols disappear from the resource browser as well. Although possible, I can't think of what I might have done wrong. Especially not so many times in a row. Andrew/Tamsin, did you ever find out why? I'm running 2020 SP3.1 Thanks


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