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  1. My ten cents: A wall tag aware of the wall data. A dropdown menu configuration: You could choose which data to show eg. Wall ID, fire rating, acoustic rating. These selections could be saved as styles.
  2. Thanks for the update, Our NAS systems are (and were) as follows (exact same issues on both systems) Old: 100Gbit Ethernet / Lacie Network Space Max 2.0 running RAID 1 configuration, 2 disks New: 1000Gbit Ethernet/ Synology DS1517+ running RAID 6 configarion, 5 disks Please note that we have not encountered any performance issues when it comes to speed, only reliability issues (please see above thread). File I/O is very fast as such.
  3. I did the signature just yesterday - you can't have seen it before :-) As to the PS issues, I'm hugely sceptical about them occurring due to faulty Network setup at the users' end...
  4. We run Windows machines on a Gigabit ethernet with PERFECT read/write functionality. If doing something else than VW project sharing, that is...
  5. Indeed! Will have to try again.
  6. Just to confirm: Custom leaves can scale with the door size? I did a custom leaf some time ago but it wouldn't scale at all.
  7. Maybe also a key-activated floating bar showing the options/mode row next to the mouse cursor?
  8. Time to service pack project sharing, NNA? It's beta as it is, there is no denying it. I'm getting false alarms about the project file containing information missing from the working file. Again. The working file is just fine.
  9. Where are your files located? The recommendation here was that the working file should be stored locally, and the project file on the server. BTW if you (or anyone else) open the main project file, VW will always create a new working file for you from it. You should only open your working file when you work. Maybe there is some duplication happening that confuses the system? Accessing the project file under different credentials eg. on an office desktop computer or on a home laptop will create two working files, if the logins are different.
  10. Don't know the reason for the error, but try saving the file as a regular .vwx file and then re-sharing it. That night solve the issue...temporarily at least.
  11. The weirdest thing is that VW runs on Siemens Parasolid - proper windows and doors should be a technological non-issue, if someone would simply connect the dots, please! As an architect, I use walls, doors, windows, spaces. After these comes everything else. BTW we have that B-thing in the office for quick checking of engineers' dwg drawings, units and such. Not the BIM version though.
  12. Exactly what I've been wishing for,too. Now there is very much unnecessary ocural and manual movement to the left corner.
  13. For 2017, we noticed that using "close and release" instead of save and commit helped to remedy the situation with mysterious soft locks. Perhaps worth trying here as well? In other words, we started to use "close and release" in the middle of the working day, several times.
  14. That's it! Thank you. I hadn't opened the "record" dropdown menu at all - therefore I didn't notice that another record was applied. How and why this "red" door record came to be, with the strange lower bound and upper bound criteria, is a complete mystery to me. Well, the important thing is that it now works as expected, thanks again.
  15. Thank you, Attached is a sample. Stripped of everything non-relevant. File version is 2017, Architect. Data_visualization_test.vwx