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  1. Reset smart cursor settings? We've noticed that there is some accidentally pressed keyboard combination that messes with SC settings. Reset always heals the situation. For us at least.
  2. @Tolu: I've been tracking the soft locking issues while we work. Here's what I've found: The soft locks frequently happen, accidentally. The program doesn't warn about these soft locks occurring. There is no way to spot the soft locks, other than going through the project sharing window and check if the "release" button becomes highlighted. The program does not always indicate the soft locks through the "release" button becoming highlighted, even when there are some! Perhaps most importantly, selecting "release" for the particular layer in the project sharing window does not always release the soft locks.' The only way to release the soft locks reliably is to use the "Close and release" option in the file menu. As conclusion, it would seem the soft lock release mechanism isn't perfect. Additionally, there should be a clear indicator when a soft lock occurs, and the right-click "release" option should release these soft locks as well. Since starting to use the "close and release" option to handle the persistent soft locks, we've been able to work better. However, still too many crashes. Thanks
  3. Even easier would be if one could pick the space number directly in the "location" dropdown menu.
  4. This topic inspired me to try the following: Previously I've tried to make room equipment schedules based on the GetSpaceNum function, which is a bit cumbersome method. I've had unreliable results for some reason, and therefore have not dared to use that for issued schedules. However, I tried Erichjberg's method of naming an object, applied to the space object, and it seems to work perfectly! This is a much faster way to achieve room equipment schedules than the "GetSpaceNum" way. One just needs to give the space an individual name, which can be same as the room number. Now, the viewport method would also work, but then the room is not allowed to change any longer (location, dimensions etc.) Attached is a screenshot.
  5. I've been trying to accomplish auto-updating elevation benchmarks, too. How does one create one so that it's attached to a roof/eave height, for example. Is there a way? Mine won't auto-update if they are in the viewports.
  6. Gulp... I wonder if our custom title block/record system stops working in 2018...haven't updated yet.
  7. A bit like what is discusse here....we use "select similar" to make sure all similar objects have the correct record attached. Also viewport data visualisation can be used to check this.
  8. Well I'm very happy with VW, just not the doors and windows. I like the freedom and the plentiful controls VW provides.
  9. I was really hoping for door and window enhancements in 2018, too. The doors and windows really need addressing; as tools, they are THE most important tools for the everyday architect, excluding walls perhaps. Knowing what VW can already achieve in terms of technology, updating these tools should be very easy for the engineers. Heck, doors and windows don't even have any complex geometry - they are just extrudes etc. Very simple. As far as I know, I still can't make an unequal leaf that would be transparent without making custom geometry for the leaf These small but extremely important issues hinder VW sales and reputation! Wakey-wakey...!
  10. Maybe a custom ID tag? I've tried this myself, but have not been successful though. id tags&rhsyns=
  11. BTW, is there a reason why Windoor is not sold in Europe? or NA?
  12. I agree! Door tag is a very important, fundamental tool for an architect! The local standard over here is to show the following information in the door tag: -Door ID number -Door size in 10cm modules, eg. 9x21M -handedness indicator -Door type descriptor (steel door, glass door, sliding door etc) -Fire rating -Acoustic rating Trying to display these in one line that the standard door tag allows becomes a mess. I've tried to make a custom ID tag a couple of times, but these attempts were unsuccessful. I've thought I've followed the instructions but I can't get it to work. As I wrote somewhere earlier, all door data is there, any custom record data is there, one would think it's easy to connect these with a customized tag.
  13. There is, Have a look at Worksheet Functions in the VW help file, and there for these: GetSpaceNameForObj(criteria) (Vectorworks Architect required) The name of the space that surrounds the object that meets the specified criteria. Related function: GetSpaceNumForObj Examples: ● Database header cell: =GetSpaceNameForObj returns the space name for each object in the database ● Spreadsheet cell: =GetSpaceNameForObj(n='chair-1') returns the space name for the object named “chair-1” GetSpaceNumForObj(criteria) (Vectorworks Architect required) The number of the space that surrounds the object that meets the specified criteria. Related function: GetSpaceNameForObj Examples: ● Database header cell: =GetSpaceNumForObj returns the space number for each object in the database ● Spreadsheet cell: =GetSpaceNumForObj(n='chair-1') returns the space number for the object named “chair-1” There are others than these as well. A word of caution, however: I have had inconstistent results with these so far. Issues I've come across are: -The door object, which is in the middle of a wall, gets assigned one of the adjacent spaces, according to some invisible logic. As far as I know, there is no way to manually assign the space to the door. Some programs have a small handle that allows them to do this; I've wishlisted this item. -On some projects, only some of the objects seem to be able to read this information correctly. I don't know why yet. -On some projects, the functions seem to work ok. HTH
  14. Tolu, I sent you a message with a sharepoint download link to our problematic files. We do experience a bit too many crashes when committing. I've noticed committing often enough helps with this, once a day is too seldom and may cause crashes. We run SP4. Selecting "_Pohjapiirustus 1 .krs. alapohja" layer didn't enable the release button, however we were able to solve the issue by saving the project into a VWX file and then re-sharing it. It would seem that sometimes the soft locks remain in force, even though the daily work has been saved and committed/released. Now that I know to look for that enabled "release"-button, that has helped very much with these issues. Thanks