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  1. You are correct, I misunderstood...
  2. This is very interesting and welcome news indeed. One question though, will Windoor be the "permanent solution" for advanced door functionality within VW? There has been discussion on this forum, regarding the roadmap, about the upcoming under-the-hood changes to the walls and thus to doors and windows as well. It's been said that the observed delays in updating the door and window tools to a more professional level have been delayed since the changes to walls and the way they work have to be implemented first. In other words, will Windoor be a temporary fix for international users, or a permanent one? I'd like to know before updating all subscriptions from Architect to Designer. A related thought regarding the economics of this: It seems a long-awaited improvement in architectural functionality (doors and windows) hops to the Designer side of things. This means that even though an architect's practice (mostly) has no use for the Spotlight or Landscape functionalities, they would have to pay for the Design series to access a decent door tool, which should be basic architectural functionality. Maybe I'm thinking about this completely backwards but still...however I'm glad that at least an improvement to the current situation is available, at all.
  3. A Component library / components as a resource would be a huge improvement. It has actually been wished for in 2019. It's rather silly to have to do all the components again and again. There is no logical reason for it. As a workaround, we have a "master" wall style which includes almost every imaginable wall component. To create a new wall style, we duplicated it and edit that. It's a rather clumsy method though but faster than starting from scratch.
  4. These mysterious surface hatch misalignments are still happening in VW 2021...if someone figured this out I would be most interested in the solution. Both walls are set to world zero for texture origin, both walls are same height, no component overrides etc. The texture controls actually don't have any effect on the problematic wall (on the right). The settings are the same on both walls as far as I can tell.
  5. For a large worksheet, changing the sorting order is difficult. There is no way to reorganise the order other than removing sorting and then doing it again. Some kind of editable stack would be great, think of what one can do with sheet layers, for example. Also the ability so remove/add sorting/summing etc. from several columns at once would be great.
  6. The publish command always wants to publish to the last used directory, no matter which project is open or active. However, the projects always reside in their own directories, and switching to another project means the publishing directory has to be manually changed. This causes rather much unnecessary navigation. I'm not aware of any setting in this regard.
  7. Thanks for the feedback to you both. Indeed it seems the 5900x and 5950x are no shows at the stores...one can order them but they don't give any info as to when it will arrive. I guess I have to wait a few months and see if the situation improves.
  8. Some kind of stack that could be sorted manually would be great. Something like you can do with sheets and layers in the navigation palette. A separate window where you could change the sorting order by dragging. The same goes for worksheet criteria, actually. If you have a large worksheet with many sorting columns, it's a pain to change something in the middle, everything has to be removed first. Also the sorting sequence number is unreadable on a 4K display, and doesn't zoom.
  9. Hi all, Time to replace the old workhorse at the home office. Any reason NOT to go with a Ryzen? Works fine with VW? Does anyone know what is the current status with promised multi-threading improvements in VW? Any views much appreciated, thanks.
  10. We are still in 2020 sp6...since last May we haven't run across this issue. Maybe something that crawled back to 2021?
  11. GetSpaceNameForObj does that, no? Only one has to be very careful with z values of objects and spaces, so that everything is included.
  12. The file link still works, at least for me? If not let me know.
  13. There is some discussion about a similar issue here, perhaps these are technologically related issues...? https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/70078-data-tags-moving-or-losing-connection/#comment-347987
  14. A couple of things maybe worth trying: -Try publishing to PDF/A and check the DPI setting (max. 200 or 300) in the publish dialog, too. Sometimes exporting to PDF/A alone greatly reduces the file size. -Viewport class overrides can really bloat the PDF file size. Not sure why though. In general, PDF file size is something that really requires attention from the VW programmers. While there are Dropbox etc. to enable downloading of large files, council e-permit systems have a file size limit, usually 25 of 50MB. These files need to be in certain format as well, usually PDF/A. External helper programs like those mentioned above are great, but they may disappear from the web any moment or stop functioning - not an ideal solution. In some other thread there was discussion about VW not flattening the PDF at export, maybe on option for this would help.
  15. Ok thanks, now it's working! Is there a way to round the calculation down to the closest integer? That way I could calculate the loss percentage as well. Eg. the second row from the bottom is as follows currently: Divs in L #datataghelper#.#FullLength# / #ΔX##m_1_0# The meter and .1 accuracy is to get rid of too many decimals. data tag sample.vwx
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