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  1. I concur! NNA needs to seriously contemplate if they want to keep architects as their customers. The software, while having great potential, is WAY too buggy as it is. NNA also needs to understand that the price difference (about double the price) to other mainstream competors is MEANINGLESS compared to the loss of billable time and stress caused by bugs/subpar functionality. I personally like VW over the other choices, but overall quality is a serious problem.
  2. Hi, as far as I know, the only way to resize a window (and a door) is via the OIP? This is very slow and clumsy, being able to resize manually and graphically would be nice. Perhaps in a similar manner than dimensions can now be "resized", please see attached - being able to determine the stationary point and inputting a value directly.
  3. Hmm...apparently not that many people using this function...?
  4. I'd like to see an option that would allow setting the door threshold depth automatically to the adjoining wall thickness, just like the jamb option is set up currently.
  5. JMR

    Walls disappear in Renderworks

    I wonder if this is related to the 2018 open gl redraw issue discussed....somewhere on this forum. Selecting the disappearing walls and changing the render options in the OIP somehow resets the object. For the time being at least.
  6. JMR

    Unknown Doors appear in Door Schedule

    I use a custom worksheet with criteria specifying the wanted DL's and that the object type is "window", please see attached.
  7. JMR

    Unknown Doors appear in Door Schedule

    And, if you set up a housekeeping window schedule that lists all windows regardless of the "include in schedule" setting, you won't accidentally miss any windows. I guess you could also pull up the window configuration data to the housekeeping worksheet and thus immediately see which is just an opening.
  8. @Christiaan: At least for the project that was started in 2018 has the same problem in 2019, please see the image a couple of replies back. One join had connected, two joins remained open.
  9. That cancel tip is a good one, thanks Pat!
  10. I have been wondering the same as @lgoodkind. There is a dire need for usability improvement here. Something like in the report creation window is much needed at the Criteria Builder, please see attached. We have numerous and rather long custom records, these mixed and added to the stock ones are quite a task to navigate by scrolling.
  11. Hi all, The worksheet function "GetSpaceNameForOBJ" is very handy for worksheet listing of the location of any objects. However, it is not able to read the location (space name) if the object is within a symbol that sits within a space object boundary. We ran into this while doing and apartment block with all kinds of 2D objects with records, in symbols representing repeating room types. The function lists those objects that are not in any symbol fine, but returns a blank cell if the object is within a symbol. This practically nullifies the utility of the function for worksheet listings. Ticking "include objects in symbols" doesn't affect this phenomenon. Would it be technically possible to enable the function to read the space name "through" a symbol? If so, please! The same goes for related functions like GetSpaceNumForObj.
  12. JMR

    The way doors are built and sized

    Industrially produced doors are constructed pretty much the same way everywhere but unfortunately the standard of size reporting varies rather much by country/continent. In some countries industry door and window "module" sizes are used, eg. a 10+3x21M double door would have a 1310mm wide and a 2110mm high rough opening, with 10+3 division in the leaves. The door frame outer dimensions would be 1280 and 2080mm. The jamb width, depth and structure are specified as is the threshold type, height etc. From this information the manufacturer deducts the actual, final leaf size(s). This system is an approach from a different direction. Therefore, if the components affect the outer dimensions, the user should be able to lock the rough opening, depending on which sizing method is used. A bit like with the stair tool (but with better functionality...) Nothing like a wrong sized door opening cast into concrete...especially if too small :-)
  13. JMR

    Database Windows in Particular Wall Style

    If you have to make additional wall styles after the initial worksheet has been created, these styles would have to be manually added to the search criteria - if you forget even one, then the windows in that wall will not be listed at all. We use ID tag to separate interior vs. exterior doors, and also if it's a steel or wood etc. door, and if it is glazed.
  14. Yes we are still using 2018 sp4. This issue occurred also with 2017, if I recall correctly also with 2016. It seems nobody else is seeing this, deducing from the silence on the forum. This raises suspicions that we are doing something wrong...but what can that be. Our version is not localised, it's the standard US version we use in the metric system.
  15. I checked the setting, and the "use documents' class visibilities" is off". So that cannot be the culprit. I also checked saved views etc., but these have no effect to the dwg viewport.


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