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  1. Hi all, I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this issue. While dimensioning walls, we encounter these strange orange double lines. They seem to be some kind of display artefacts, since nothing can be found where they are. Screenshots attached.
  2. This issue has something to do with pdf's: The problem disappears if the pdf is saved as a .png file in Photoshop, even though the pdf contains only raster information to begin with.
  3. I can confirm this issue occurs with both GTX 1050Ti and QuardoP1000 graphics cards.
  4. Here are screenshots. The pdf "moves" sideways in the background - the vertical lines in the pdf are way off, outside the clip. Zooming back out again "moves" the pdf back to correct position.
  5. Hi all, We have encountered a pdf zoom issue suddenly. On a file that previously worked fine, zooming in on an underlying, imported pdf shifts the pdf sideways, significantly. The pdf doesn't actually move, but the display is incorrect. Zooming out remedies the situation. Previously the file worked fine. This occurs on at least two different pc setups. One user reported this after a windows update today. We've updated the graphics card drivers, restarted etc. but no help there. A sample file attached. PDF_Zoom_issue_sample.vwx
  6. The following works for 2018: In the header row in brackets, point to the header row that lists the component names, I think row 5 in your schedule. A sample file attached (2018). This thread might be helpful to you, too: wall_schedule_sample.vwx
  7. Great work, Taavi.
  8. Or, make the copy number a one-time feature? That is, it would make x number of copies only once, the revert to 1. It's very very rare to have to make 20 copies of something and then immediately again 20 copies. Maybe there could be a switch to keep the copy number "on" for the copying enthusiasts.
  9. Tech support confirmed they were able to replicate the problem, at least intermittently, and are working to find the reason for it.
  10. As to project sharing...we are in a Windows environment, and still do have issues with it. My ten cents is to wait until functionality has been confirmed by other users. If you need project sharing, that is.
  11. Maybe this is something you are after: First, have a look at worksheet functions and the wall component related stuff there (help file - worksheet functions). Look for keyword "comp" on the page. There are a lot of options - also for component thicknesses etc. To easily get an idea what's there and to get a sample formula for each of these functions, go to Tools - create report- select wall as basic criteria - add columns you are interested in. Thus a sample report is created. Basically you need "WallStyleName" and "ComponentName". This will give you the wall styles included in the drawing, and their first component. You'll need to add the rest of the columns for the rest of the wall components (as many as you have, at maximum). You probably also want to draw samples of the wall styles you want to include in the schedule, on a separate design layer in order to avoid including all wall objects. There are probably other ways to limit this as well. I've enclosed a screenshot, a sample file and a sample worksheet. As to the image function, right click the column and set the scale to eg. 1:20, if that is what you wish to present in. In the worksheet file menu/preferences, set the resolution to 300DPI at least. As to the sheet layer the worksheet is on, right click on the navigation palette and set the dpi to 300DPI at least. How to make the image black and white, I haven't figured out yet. Wishlist item? @Taavilooke - I can actually understand your component list (I'm in Finland) :-) Wall_schedule_sample.vwx Wall components.pdf
  12. I see you're in a Mac environment - further indication that this is not a hardware or an OS related issue, since we are in a Windows environment.
  13. Hi all, I'll post this as a separate thread since this has nothing to do with Mac-related graphics card issues discussed in another thread. We're encountering pretty maddening issues with screen updates in VW 2018. Please see the attached images. In a nutshell: 1) A door is moved to another location in a wall. 2) You can't see that the door has moved to the new location. It still appears in the original place. 3) If you do a mouseover on the new location, you can see the outline of the door. You can still see the door in the old location, as well. 4) When you zoom in/out a bit, the screen is updated properly and the old door disappears and the new one appears. We've encountered this problem with walls, too - sometimes when you draw a wall, it's not visible before you zoom in/out. I've tried every possible setting in the graphics options - no difference. Sometimes the issue goes away for a while and sometimes it appears again, which makes it even harder to track. We can replicate this on all different pc setups, so it's not likely to be a graphics card problem. We use cards from Quadros to GF 1050Ti's to laptop cards. No difference. We've tried to update all drivers on all machines. No help there either. From here on, we will adopt a policy of updating to a newer VW version only after the 5th service pack has been published. It's simply not possible to update before since the initial releases are, politely put, betas. For 2019, please fix doors, windows, stairs, overall quality and stability. I'll send you flowers and chocolate to HQ if you do that.
  14. Tech support confirmed they were able to replicate the problem. The engineering team has been notified.
  15. Here the same as well, and we are on PC's. Graphics performance is poor and there are a lot of issues like walls not showing at all, until one zooms in an out a bit. We've tried all performance settings to no avail. Same issue across different graphics cards, desktops and laptops. Something funny going on with the graphics perfomance in 2018.