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  1. The reason for this is that AutoCAD cannot tell if layer A in drawing 1 is about the same thing as layer A in drawing 2, not to mention that layer colour could be different etc. for the same layer name. By default the existing layer overrules the imported layer, so in order to avoid things going hayware AutoCAD identifies the layers of xrefs with prefixes of the filename. This would also allow to turn a specific layer off in a single xref instead of all xrefs. However... when the layers are about the same thing then it is less desired to have this behaviour. This is why I suggested in the past to have VW's filenaming to be editable at the various levels where the hierarchical sublevels could all be renamed by just renaming the higher-up level. e.g. when I have class names ABC-1, ABC-2-2, ABC-2-3 then renaming ABC to XYZ would then rename the whole sequence for all the subclasses of ABC. Renaming the first occurence of 2 in ABC-2-... to 5 would then rename ABC-2-.... to ABC-5-...... without affecting ABC-1. If that would be implemented then it would be very easy to get rid of the AutoCAD xref naming prefixes of imported dwg xrefs by just removing/renaming the topmost prefix in hierarchical view.
  2. The probably better way to avoid lag is to have the working folder on your local machine within the dropbox folder. This will sync automatically to dropbox. On any other machine that you want to work on with the same files set up the local dropbox folder to sync with your dropbox account, or use the dropbox sharing function to share the working folder. That way each machine will have a synced local copy that you can use to work on and there should be much less lag. Of course syncing could cause some slowing down anyway but not as much as when you would be working on files located on the dropbox server folder. The only caveat with this is that you have to make sure the local folder on the machine you are using has been fully synced before you start working on the files. E.g. if you work on one machine and switch to another machine and start working on the files on that one while the sync has not fully completed you'll end up with a messy situation, which is why you should have Dropbox finish syncing first when you start on another machine, or manually force a sync if the time between switching is relatively short (e.g. a few minutes depending on the amount of data that has to be synced).
  3. As Jeff mentioned this is most likely a text scaling issue during import. Another possibility could be that the text has (almost) the same colour as the background and is therefore invisible. What are the the colours of the text objects? If they do show a colour that should be visible then it is most likely the scaling. Otherwise you may want to apply a different colour to the text objects to see if that makes a difference. AutoCAD uses the came colour white (colour nr. 7) for displaying text as white or black depending on the colour of the background, i.e. text will show as the reverse of the background. Sometimes the person making the dwg drawing uses a text colour that is almost black or white (colour 25x) to make the colour of the text to show up the same regardless of the background colour, e.g. if the text is above light(er) or dark(er) colours and doesn't want to be constrained by the background colour causing text to become less visible above certain colours when it changes from white to black or viceversa. Most of the time it should import properly into Vectorworks but occasionally it doesn't.
  4. A question, when printing the file are you printing to a printer with multiple trays for different paper sizes? If yes could it be that VW2021 somehow selects a tray that is holding A4 paper?
  5. If the settings are the same as in VW 2020 then it looks there might be a bug in Vectorworks 2021. I noticed that the viewport boundary of your test file is beyond the page boundary, does it still happen when the viewport boundary is aligned with the page boundary or smaller than the page boundary? I tend to avoid the viewport boundary being larger than the page boundary as it may cause some issues with other software when exchanging files and trying to set up pages in there. It is unlikely that it would cause the page to be printed at A4 instead of A3 though.
  6. Could it be that somehow the units changed when sending to Vision, e.g. instead of mm it became meters (so a distance of 500mm became 500m) or any other unit change with the same number value but different unit?
  7. In my opinion you should not look at today's minimum requirements but what could be expected for the next 3-5 years. 2GB VRAM may be sufficient for VW2021, but if you want to upgrade a to newer version of VW in 2 or 3 years it will most likely be below the minimum requirements. Something else to consider, if VW is the most demanding software you are using when it comes to hardware, then an i7 is not going to give significantly better performance than an i5 in your use scenario. My suggestion in that case would be to either stay with the current i5 and 12 GB of RAM and upgrade the video card to a 4GB VRAM if feasible, or if you want to get a new computer anyway (e.g. for being able to use Windows 11 which seems to require a more recent CPU like 8th or 9th gen Intel as minimum or for other software that requires a bit more processing power) then get an i5 and use the savings for getting a 4GB VRAM GPU card.
  8. Microsoft OneDrive and pCloud also support block level syncing like Dropbox and maybe Box is also doing this now but not sure about that.
  9. It is theoretically possible to exclude folders and the files in it from being put into the OneDrive cloud. The way to do this is to go to the OneDrive app Help and Settings menu, then Settings and then in the account tab select Choose folders in the box showing the OneDrive account (it is the lower of the two boxes) and then deselect the folders you don't want to show up in the OneDrive cloud. You would have to do that each and every time a backup subfolder is created by VW within your project folder to exclude that backup folder, and you would have to do that for each and every device syncing to the same OneDrive account as this setting is individual for each device. This is a bit cumbersome so for practical purposes, if it would be an option for you, Pat's workaround as described in his reply is probably the easier solution as it is a set once and forget operation.
  10. Actually, even though the text turns to unstyled it may still update after the style gets updated as I have found out. It depends on the kind of change that turns the text to unstyled. E.g. manually changing point size of the text will make it unstyled, but if you change the font of the style then the supposedly unstyled text may change its font accordingly anyway. Despite that, the text styles should definitely become more robust.
  11. Maybe if you would add a record to the areas that declares the type of space (e.g. living space, storage space, etc.) you could create an IF function that selects the ones where that record says it is a living space and then calculate the total of those areas (or any other area type depending on selection criteria)
  12. When in the publish dialog, click on the sheet layers you want to be rasterized and then click on options behind PDF below the list of sheets to be exported. You will then get the following dialog At the top there is an option to rasterize the PDF you want to publish, select it and you should get a rasterized sheet. If you do this for all PDF sheets you should have a fully rasterized PDF file.
  13. It depends a bit on the kind of Dropbox account, i.e. private/SMB or the business account, the latter may have options that iCloud may not have. Regarding 3rd party integrations you could think of CRM systems, Bluebeam integration (in case one is using Bluebeam, though with their move to a cloud based solution this may become of less use), project management software etc. Or if you would be using Adobe software for further editing 3D rendered images the integration with Adobe CC might be of some use. It's mostly about solving the hassle of manually copying files into/from Dropbox it seems so that you have easer access. Just to give an idea below is a link to a subset of integrations that might be used by some VW users. Though I think most would use it just for filesharing. https://www.dropbox.com/app-integrations#business-user/construction&business-user/project-management&business-user/workflow&business-user/productivity I'm mostly using it for file sharing because I'm usually the one sending out the review/final documents, or to collect files from multiple people in one place if needed by setting up an upload folder for a project so most integrations are of limited or no use to me. Though Bluebeam integration would be nice if I would still be using Bluebeam.
  14. It could be that Dropbox has better/more integration options with 3rd parties than iCloud. I'm using Google Drive, Dropbox (back to free version now), Box (free with 50GB storage as that came with a higher end mobile a few years ago), OneDrive and switched from the paid Dropbox to pCloud for better GDPR compliance than Dropbox. Dropbox and Box have far more integration options with 3rd party services/products than any of the others I am using. Google Drive being a decent 2nd to them. All have their advantages and disadvantages compared to the others so there is not really a best cloud storage provider, though some are generally better than a lot of alternatives out there. Depending on who I have to collaborate with I choose one the above, though pCloud is my default cloud storage now. As usual ymmv with things like this.
  15. If I were you I would first select the option that offers 4GB graphics memory as that will make VW operate nicer because an increasing number of graphics related things are getting processed by the GPU, so more graphics memory is generally better. I would choose more memory over a faster GPU with less memory, if having multiple 4GB options then you could also look at the higher up GPU model as that will make the Mac last a bit longer if the price is not that much higher. 4 or 6 cores is not going to make much of a difference when it comes to working with VW as it is mostly single core except for Renderworks which can use multiple cores. If rendering speed is not the highest priority then 4 cores will do as well as 6 cores most of the time though rendering will take some more time with 4 cores than with 6 cores. Given the close range of 3-3.4 GHz there is roughly a 10% difference in speed between the lowest and highest CPU speed, which in most cases will not be important for infrequent use. If you would be working on it 8 hours a day every (working) day then it will make a difference over the period of a year to get the highest CPU speed. Another option could be looking at a M1 Mac mini if it wouldn't be that much more than the options you are looking at right now, i.e. if you would have to get the £900 option for a 2 yr old iMac. MacWorld UK is showing pricing from £700 to £900 for the M1 Mac mini https://www.macworld.co.uk/feature/best-mac-mini-deals-3775901/ Which might be something to consider as well as you will get a more modern Mac that may outlast the Intel ones when it comes to future VW upgrades (i.e. Intel Macs might be supported for a limited number of years with newer versions of software).
  16. When installing Dropbox it should create a Dropbox folder on your computer. That is the folder that gets synced with Dropbox. When you open your Dropbox Preferences there should be a Sync tab where you can set/change the folder location. First turn off the smartsync which will put copies of your files on Dropbox only and remove them from your Mac to save disk space. You then have three options... 1. either set your working folder as the Dropbox folder, which I wouldn't do because it will get cluttered with other things in the Dropbox cloud that gets synced into it 2. put your project folder in the Dropbox folder while the project is active or needed accessible, it will then remain on both your computer and be synced with Dropbox when something changes. 3. keep your folders on your master Mac as is and copy your working folders to the Dropbox folder when needed if you only want to be able to access them for viewing from your other Macs. Option 2 is probably the more practical option if you also want to work on/edit the project files on your other Macs, then the updates will get synced to all Macs. Just don't work on the files in the Dropbox cloud, they could get corrupted if there is a glitch with your internet connection when (auto)saving the file or while working on it, plus that it can be very slow to work on if you don't have a very fast up/download with your internet connection.
  17. I guess you will have to include the gap size within your 3D object for now, e.g. add 5mm gap space to the bottom and left of your tile so that it works out and use @Tom W.'s solution for setting the starting point. It seems that the surface array needs some improvement to work in a bit more logical/less confusing way.
  18. I guess I'll have to give it another try. Yes the parameters are confusing, and probably incorrect in come cases given what is expected. E.g. fixed distance is not a fixed distance between the array items (e.g. item of 40x40 and a fixed distance for X and Y of 45 does not give a gap of 5 as you would get with a normal array) From the help: Fixed Distance X’/Y’ If Repetition Mode is set to Fixed Distance, enter the length of each array object along the X or Y axis. The number of array objects is adjusted as necessary to fit the base surface. Fixed distance sets the size of the array object???? Why??? I already created the array object at the desired size, fixed distance should be a distance of e.g. lower left corner point of the array object to the lower left corner point of next array object (or center point instead of corner point). Imho the way fixed distance is implemented is just incorrect and if one does not read the help first then you get something that is counterintuitive to the terminology that is commonly used.(as I just found out)
  19. This will get a bit tedious if you have different sized walls, then you need to calculate it for each and every wall. It would be better if the surface array would have a origin/start point option like e.g. we have for rectangles where we can set from which point the dimensions are set/changes (corner, edge midpoint, center). That would solve the problem. However, changing the values also seem to change the tile size, and using fixed distance does not show a gap anymore so there is something weird going on or I'm doing something wrong. (e.g. maybe the gap should already be within the 3D object to solve this, as I assumed that with fixed distance of tile size plus gap it should give a gap).
  20. I first used a fixed distance of tile plus gap, but that didn't solve the issue, then setting origin X/Y factors to 1 seemed to have it start from the lower left corner using a full tile size seemed to do the trick until I realized that the tile size and surface size happened to match nicely. After changing the surface area to a size that does not match the tiles nicely I still get trimmed tiles at all edges indicating the surface array is built up from the center and centered on the surface array. It looks like it always sets the array from the center. The strange thing is that when I adjust origin x/y factor of the offset x/y factor the fixed distance seems to change even when you set it back to the original value.
  21. There should be a difference in the OIP based on the pasted positions, but there isn't, so it looks like it is a bug somewhere. If I copy the file in a blank drawing without the layer in the original drawing and then copy/paste in place in that one it works as it should. When I go to the layers tab in the organization palette the layer elevation is not showing in the column. When I double click on the layer the properties show that the elevation is "0". I change it to 5, close the layer property and it shows 5 in the elevation column. Reopening the layer properties and setting the elevation back to "0" now shows "0" as elevation in the column and then I close the organization palette. Now the wall items shift to the position of the paste in place as you are getting. When I do another copy and paste in place of the new position it works as intended. My guess would be that it may have to do with the layer elevation not being registered properly somehow.
  22. If you want the new template to be the one that opens when starting Vectorworks, then you should overwrite the Default.sta template with your template file but keep it named Default.sta. Otherwise just give it the name you want and when you select File>new you should get a dialog asking if you want to create a blank document (=Default.sta template) or to use a document template. Select the document template you want to use, the next time you use File>new to start a new drawing it will remember the last used document template as long as it is set to "Use document template". That way you can use that template as your "default template" for new drawings while using File>new until you select another template.
  23. Rhino 8 also takes noticeably more time to import and display the point cloud than BricsCAD, approx. similar to VW. So for now I am assuming your VW/computer combination might be just slower than you were expecting with this file. How does it compare to other point clouds you have been importing?
  24. It does look a bit artistic 🙂 The file opens fine in BricsCAD (above). It also opens in Vectorworks (2021 SP4), see image below) but it takes a bit more time and used RAM memory goes up to 18GB, so if you are memory restricted that might be why it fails. After 97% the import progress bar disappears but VW remains open though a bit slow and only after a while there is a message that the import succeeded en then after some more while the image starts to appear slowly. What are your computer specs? That might give an indication of whether it might be your hardware or something else.
  25. As long as it is not going to be Celine Dion singing My Heart Will Always Go On (from the movie Titanic) we should be ok I guess. 😁
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