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  1. There are legacy commands I use occasionally: Cut 2D Section Cut 3D Section They can be found by going to TOOLS>WORKSPACE EDITOR>EDIT CURRENT WORKSPACE and adding the two menu commands to your View menu. With these commands you can cut sections that will reside on Design Layers where you can draft over them. Play with these a bit and see if either of these helps. bc
  2. bc


    Nice work BCD! Thank you! I will be taking this approach. NIce and simple. And nice try Peter, thanks for trying it out and offering your method. Way further than I got. bc
  3. See the attached shot of a door with sidelights. Notice the frame and muntins are seemingly multi-surfaced as if there are two surfaces fighting for recognition by the OpenGL render mode. How do I get rid of this? Thanks bc edit: I notice that if I turn off Include Muntins, they go away and I am left with just the sidelight frame. so apparently when muntins are applied VW also reapplies the frame and hence the conflict. Why would the frame be re-added? You are specifying muntins.
  4. I think I found the issue. Go to Settings in the OIP In the 3d Visualization dialog under the bottom 3D Detail Levels, uncheck all the ones that are adjacent to "Show leaf as solid".
  5. Wes, it seems to be posted above.
  6. bc

    Site Modelling

    Try going to Site Model Settings in the OIP. In the 3d Display dialog uncheck Show Skirt.
  7. FWIW, today one can fit to objects on the same layer.
  8. bc

    Cutting in roof

    Nice work Pat!
  9. Perhaps your rail and style widths need specifying. Go to Settings in the OIP and in the Leaf dialog, size the appropriate members.
  10. bc

    Window trim visibility

    Christiaan. That did it! Thanks a lot. Sheesh. You'd think it would be simpler than this.
  11. bc

    Window trim visibility

    Thanks Pat but no, the active class is None. I should add that in Plan it will disappear when classed off. In Top Plan, it remains visible. Maybe something to do with wireframe vs OpenGL? And yes the trim does disappear in 3D. And I can't class them off in viewports set to top plan
  12. So I have my window in wall with it's trim set to on and placed in a class via the settings dialog. I want it to show in elevation but not in plan. I can have it show or hide in elevation but turning the class to invisible has no effect in top plan. The trim still shows. How can I get the trim to disappear in top plan? thanks bc
  13. I just now opened it in 2019 and the condition persists. I subscribe to 2020 but haven't even installed it yet (unimpressive) so I am not able to see if it persists. I suspect it does. I wish it didn't.
  14. ArtV, the top shot shows Design Layer A with the bathroom in the center with the sink counter and walls etc solid in top plan view the bottom shot is a viewport of the Design Layer A on a different design layer. In that viewport, the Design Layer A visibility is set to grey. I don't want the counter top and walls to be wireframe.
  15. I wish there was the option to show greyed layers as transparent (status quo) or to show them as in top plan , where solid objects such as floors/walls etc appear solid. I believe the latter should be the default.
  16. Thanks, The layer that is greyed is a layer set to top plan. Nothing viewed in 3D. There are 3D objects but they should look like they otherwise do in top plan only greyed. Guess I'll wish list it.
  17. Why is it that my greyed layers show transparent? Walls, floors,extrudes do not look like they do in ungreyed regular plan view. They show as wireframe. I want that, when the layer is greyed, it looks like it usually does only greyed. Not transparent. Is there some setting I'm missing or do I need to wishlist this?
  18. THANKS A LOT ANDY. That should do it! Didn't think that they wouldn't be placed on their design layers.....
  19. THANKS ANDY, When I go there, open the Detail Marker file, there is nothing there. All layers and classes are visible and set to modify and I select all. And there is nothing at all in my User Detail Marker file. What might I be doing wrong? I'm on 2018 BTW, sorry.
  20. I suppose that I just can't get there from here.
  21. How do I change the line weight for the Detail Callout Marker? I know how to change the leader line but what about the marker object itself? They are printing way too lightly. Thanks bc
  22. Well if you are needing a stair object, you have a tough learning curve ahead of you. It can be infuriating. Archicad hits this one out of the park.
  23. Thanks everyone, I fixed it. I moved my Design Layer back down to 0 and then moved the DTM up 1300 ft. Then updated. Now the contour labels are correct. I appreciate all the help. Bradley
  24. That's what I thought. They don't change.


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