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Wanted: Profile Edge Tool

Bruce Kieffer


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Bruce a quicker way would be to:

- Switch to an isometric view and activate the Extract Tool.

- Choose the second mode of the tool (Extract Curve Mode)

- Set its preferences to Select Tangent Entities.

- Hilight the edge you want and click on the green checkmark.

- Ungroup the resulting Group object to get the individual nurbs curves and then Compose these to get a single nurbs curve.

- Use this as the path part of a circle Extrude Along Path object.

- Then subtract the EAP object from the original object to form the rout.

This method should take you just a couple of minutes.

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I agree whole heartedly with this wish! There are situations this would save loads of time!

Bruce, why not draw a polyline along the edge>create a profile for the cut-out>extrude along path and subtract solids? (took me about 5 mins)

You can even use the original extrude polyline as the polyline for the cut-out path, just snip it off a little.......


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I basically did what you all are suggesting. Maybe I'm exaggerating my time a bit, but I am old, and everything takes longer to do!

We all agree that a tool like this would be helpful. I was thinking it could be expanded further and called the "router tool." Select an edge and a profile and rout, and also create a 3D poly, position it on a 3D object, select the 3D poly, the 3D object, and a 2D profile, and rout away! Sure this is the same concept as extrude along path and then subtract objects, but it is much more intuitive.

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