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  1. are you using a Styled Hardscape? if so, try editing the style of the hardscape, or convert the hardscape to unstyled
  2. you need to edit this plant style in the Resource Manager or convert the plant to unstyled
  3. This movie might help, at the 9:21 mark https://youtu.be/DpRRe79rrdM and this one https://youtu.be/L_kdMBcxL1s and this one https://youtu.be/84ukOjJgPjI?t=913
  4. are your classes also set to show/modify others?
  5. Vectorworks will switch to a working plan if you use a 3D object. So, if you click on a 3D tool, you will get the change. If you work mainly in 2D, use the "0" key on the numeric keypad, or CTRL+5 (command+5) to change to Top/Plan
  6. Have you tried using Top/Plan, from the views menu, or key "0" on the numeric keypad
  7. if you have a 3D object at Z=0, then you could use the Align Plane tool to move the plane of the object to the plane on the ground.
  8. I have a YouTube movie that might help. it's an older movie, but the principles are the same
  9. I have not had this issue. Is it with a big file, or have you used a custom symbol?
  10. you could also try the Project Tool to project a shape, but this might create more of an extruded object depending on the option you choose.
  11. my understanding is that copy and pasting groups of viewports from one file to another was a technique that some of us used, but caused trouble in the file. I thought that this had been prevented in VW 2022. You used to be able to resize a viewport by grouping it and strecthing it. I couldn't do this in VW 2022 last time i tried.
  12. If you make a symbol from the plug-in doors, you can add the text to record. If you use a symbol, you can add the record inside the symbol so that as you place the symbols drawing, it automatically adds the record. Michael’s idea should still be used, you will find the data tags much more flexible.
  13. In this movie, I show you how to draw a quick building using Vectorworks walls, slab, foundations, roof, and roof framing. The techniques I use on this simple building can easily be used on a more complex building.
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