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  1. Jonathan Pickup

    Viewports and design layer order

    I didn't revert the order of the layers, but i was able to use the eyedropper tool to copy the layer order from one viewport to another. here are the options I used.
  2. Jonathan Pickup

    Why do my doors keep jumping out of the wall?

    the other thing I would look for is a wall that has no fill. that makes it hard to find the wall when you drag along the wall.
  3. Jonathan Pickup

    Massing model roof profile

    sure, Bob, you can do that. Be careful of the inserting point of the symbol, it determines the elevation of the symbol when you use send to surface.
  4. Jonathan Pickup

    Massing model roof profile

    Edit your Massing model preferences. The important settings are the: use Custom Roof from Profile Pitched roof. You need both. once you have created your massing model, right-click and choose Edit Profile. The profile is a roof object that you can edit like a standard roof. The buildings in the image are massing models, even the one with the curve on the roof
  5. Jonathan Pickup

    How does your office handle standard details in VW?

    did you read this manual? http://learn.archoncad.com/2018/07/31959/sst_1807-creating-and-managing-details/
  6. Jonathan Pickup

    Enable clip tool to clip walls

    that could be good, but it has its issues. people might use that to create openings in the wall, when they should really create an opening.
  7. Jonathan Pickup

    hybrid objects can only be rotated...

    if you remove the 2D part from the symbol you can rotate it freely.
  8. I think Boh is right with this.
  9. Jonathan Pickup

    Plant 2-D editing

    are all your classes turned on? class options set to Show/Snap/Modifiy others?
  10. Jonathan Pickup

    Section Elevation Marker 2019 vs 2018

    if you use the second mode it works as you want.
  11. I had forgotten that I had presented that webinar. For the changes to 2019, look at the Novedge webinar 300 https://youtu.be/L-whw7Z2_NU you can see an introduction to the changes for 2019 about the 1:02 mark
  12. Jonathan Pickup

    Worksheet calculating Spare Fixture counts

    Do you want to send me the file?
  13. Jonathan Pickup

    Worksheet calculating Spare Fixture counts

    try this: =INT(C3)+(IF((3)-INT(C3)>0, 1, 0))
  14. Jonathan Pickup

    Worksheet calculating Spare Fixture counts

    you only need to add one if the rounding does work. I use this IF statement =INT(D3/E3)+(IF((D3/E3)-INT(D3/E3)>0, 1, 0)) (this is from one of my other worjsheets and does not relate to your worksheet)


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