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  1. The way that I would do it is to make metres your main units and millimetres your dual units or secondary units. Then you can set up two dimensions standards. The first dimension standard would use metres and the second dimension standard would be using millimetres. have a look at this movie from 7:30 onwards
  2. if you use the structural member instead of the column, you have a lot more control over the shape of the columns and there are several shapes to choose from
  3. When you import the PDF file, do you have options for importing the annotations or not importing them. The annotations are the comments that have been made. Please see the two attached images. Both are the same PDF file, one with the annotations included, and the other without.
  4. I think the standards are not editable. After creating your new standard, make sure you set that as the default in the tool bar. That way, you will just use your new standard. Don't forget to add it to your template as well.
  5. there are two ways that I sometimes use: 1. texture bed. If you just want the 3D colour of the drive, but you do not need the kerbs, use a texture bed. It will represent the drive in 3D, the texture will be connected to the class you assign it to. 2. Custom kerb road. You will need more than one custom kerb in this situation, but the custom kerb can change its width along the road. You need to use the Reshape tool to edit the custom kerb after placing it.
  6. there is a text file in the Vectorworks folder that has all the structural shapes: Vectorworks > Plug-ins > Common > Data > StructShape_WFlange-Inch.txt be careful editing this, but you can add your new sizes to the text file,
  7. You might need to do some more testing. No the colours change on when the file is exported from Vectorworks 2023 to 2022? do they change with a particular user? does everyone have the same colour palettes on their computers?
  8. It would be good to know what context you are trying to use it in. Some screen shots would help. You can only use the automatic working planes in a design layer and when you have a creation tool ( a tool that creates objects such as rectangle, line, etc) selected.
  9. Hi Pat, I hadn’t thought of that one, I was thinking if might be a class issue. S12R, I couple of screen shots of the issue would help me to understand the problem.
  10. do you want to post a file so we can look at it?
  11. There is a document preference to switch to black and white only, and you can chose to make the viewport black and white only (in the Object Info palette).
  12. I have a couple of playlists on YouTube that might help. The first is a beginners course for Vectorworks: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjt2JD0muIE96sU4vM1D_ecYwgXgcfWJy the second is an Architect course that goes though the creation of a two storey house. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjt2JD0muIE_JHp8ofJSrpzn-emuvTYHM
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