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  1. Jonathan Pickup

    Vectorworks interface introduction video

    My online course starts out with an intorduction to the Interface, which I update for every version.
  2. Jonathan Pickup

    Viewports and design layer order

    try the Revert Stacking Order button. select the viewport. go to the Object Info palette Click on the Layers... button
  3. Jonathan Pickup

    Workflow for creating wonky stairs?

    if you use walls, they are not site modifiers
  4. Jonathan Pickup

    Workflow for creating wonky stairs?

    if you have Vectorworks landmark, you can use the hardscape tool to create the treads. Each tread can be a site modifier. otherwise, create a pad for each tread. remember that pads cannot overlap or touch in plan.
  5. Jonathan Pickup

    Slab Object As a Site Modifier

    i would like the site modifier to follow the 3D parts of the slab. if the footing is added to the slab, then it would follow...
  6. I would like the slab object to have a built-in site modifier so that when I place a slab in a building, I can use it to modify the site model (like you can currently do with the Hardscape object). ideally, if you add 3D objects to the slab, they are also site modifiers.
  7. can you please reorganise the Floor... command dialog box so that it is more logical?
  8. Jonathan Pickup

    Sheet list - Auto-generated - HELP

    Jonathan, I get the same as you, all the revisions..
  9. Jonathan Pickup

    Wacom tablet?

    I use a Wacom bamboo with touch. Using two fingers on the tablet allows me to zoom in and out. I have the pen buttons set to click and right click and I can tap with the pen to click. To draw a wall, tap the tablet to start, move the pen and double tap to complete the wall. If I am making a movie, I will move the cursor to choose a tool. If I am not, I will use my left hand for hot keys. I use two screens. I have set up mapping so that the tablet only relates the smaller Vectorworks screen.
  10. Jonathan Pickup

    Wacom tablet?

    I know that no one really notices, but I use a Wacom tablet for creating all of my Macintosh movies. If you've seen any of the movies on my website, you tube, or course movies, all the ones from my Macintosh created using my Wacom tablet. I like using a lot. I have it set so that the Wacom tablet matches the screen that has Vectorworks on it. It's very easy to use, is very natural to hold the pen, and I don't get any tiredness from my hand or wrist.
  11. Jonathan Pickup

    drawing Walls in a row - unwanted joining

    Auto join walls is not based on location close to the start of your second wall. If you touch the first wall, Vectorworks will recognise that you want to join to that. So, in your situation you've touched the first wall then you move to draw the second wall, Vectorworks assumes you want to join the two together. I have auto join walls available on my quick preferences (top right corner of the toolbar). When I have trouble, I checked to make sure it's turned on or off depending on the situation.
  12. Jonathan Pickup

    drawing Walls in a row - unwanted joining

    This is a situation where you should turn off auto join walls
  13. Jonathan Pickup

    Is it possible to join these four walls?

    The solution to this prob lem is to create a small pillar and join the walls to that.
  14. Jonathan Pickup

    Brilliant VW keyboard shortcut

    shift + arrow nudges objects one pixel (so the distance depends on the zoom) Shift + command+arrow nudges a set dimension, which can be the snap grid or a dimension. (you can set one snap grid for design layers and another for sheet layers)
  15. Jonathan Pickup

    "Owned" doors and windows uneditable

    That looks like a custom door object. Have yuo asked the supplier of the file if the door is a standard door? at first, I thought the door might be a style, but I not recognize some of the parameters on the Object Info palette.


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