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  1. Menu Bar > window > palettes>...
  2. you could use a gradient with a radial or rectangular type and fade it to transparent.
  3. Sometimes, you find that the tool you want is not on the fundamentals tools, but you can add it manually. At the bottom of the tool palette is a Utility Menu, click on the menu and choose Customise... see if you can find the stair tools and add them to your palette.
  4. novedge, the online reseller of Vectorworks, are offering a free online Q&A. Bring your questions and they will try to answer them. Book here: https://novedge.com/blogs/webinars/pickup-vectorworks-q-a-with-jonathan-pickup-episode-3
  5. here is a movie explains how to set your tool defaults. Although the movie is 11 years old, the principle is still the same.
  6. hi. I think that some of this report can be created by to auto-fill in. classes are certainly one way to find the information. Another way to collect the information you want is to use a record format. this could be used to find information. i would have some areas that you fill in manually and some areas that auto-fill. For example, the buidling set-backs do not change on this project, so type those in. The building area though, you can find the area of a polygon, slab, roof, etc, and have that auto-fill. i have added several movies to my youtube channel about worksheets. If you search for worksheets on my channel you should find them. here is the first one:
  7. Do your door settings have Full Break with Caps, or Full Break Without Caps?
  8. is your wall a styled wall? you might want to check the settings on the wall components. On the Wall style dialog box, check the wall attributes.
  9. here is an image I posted on my web site some years ago (2010). I used this image to explain what tread depth was in Vectorworks.
  10. Why not use one file instead of a folder? When it comes time to upgrade, you only have to upgrade one file.
  11. One way do doing what you want is to add all your plants to a file, then add the file to your Resource Manager as a favorite. That way, you can store the plant symbol file anywhere you want.
  12. If you use the extract tool, you can get a polygon for the face of the building and then extrude that. You can add the groves and joints to it as well. I have found that with a few keyboard shortcuts it becomes very quick.
  13. make sure you have selected a class that has walls. Not the class of the wall component, the class of the overall wall. start with the name of the wall framing model then choose the layer Choose the class of the walls now click OK and it should work
  14. try selecting the two hardscapes, right click on one and choose Add Surface


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