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  1. you should be able to have several section viewports in the same design layer. I would have a separate camera for each layer viewport. i did cover this technique in one of my Architect online user groups...
  2. Allan, that is great. does it work with all windows and doors? does it work with windoor?
  3. It's completely stable. Beacouse you are making a section viewport, the cut planes only change if you change the section viewport.
  4. Isn't this already available by using a worksheet?
  5. I say keep as much as you can in one file. If you have multiple people on a project, use Project Sharing. Use layers for structure the file and use classes to control visibility and graphic style.
  6. This would be useful.
  7. the objects that stay at zero, are they the same as the objects that move?
  8. You can use the utility menu at the bottom of the Attributes palette to do that.
  9. No, it has not been added to Vectorworks. It was an old command, originally created for Vectorworks version 9. This has been replaced somewhat by creating four elevation viewports, especially if you use the Create Multiple Viewports command. I might still have the command if you want it.
  10. This is possible, and there are a few steps. Use the clip cube to create the section viewport. place the section viewport on a design layer, set the view and make a viewport from that. I have created a gif to show the steps on my web site:
  11. deviation would depend on the accuracy you want. If you are willing to accept 100mm deviation , then use that,. If you want more accuracy, use 10mm
  12. If you used the surveyors 3D or 2D ploygons, make sure you use the Simplify Polygons... command from the Modify > Drafting Aids menu.
  13. yes, silly me
  14. oh, i just assumed that the user wouldn't have used $123.45
  15. Would you like to add your files so we can have a look at it?