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  1. are you trying to have the components on one side different to the other side? maybe a sketch would help to see what you want.
  2. If you made your chart in Vectorworks, you could use some of the constraints to add links between activities. If you moved one, it would move the constrained one.
  3. i use master snaps on my wall styles to make it easy to snap to the framing of the wall (rather than the cladding)
  4. if you use the framing member tool, you can create a report of of all of them.
  5. sure you can add to pre-made schedules. you can right-click on a column header and choose Add Column. The real work is editing the database header to find the information you want.
  6. If you wanted the art work to be applied to the walls, like an exhibit, then making the works. Into image props would be a good way to do it.
  7. that's the custom stair tool.
  8. you would have to have a choice, otherwise its just unworkable.
  9. are you thinking of the Site Model Snapshot or are you thinking of some sort of screen shot?
  10. Chad, this is known here as back referencing. I know that we tend to read the drawings from the general to the specific, but many contractors read them back to front and want to know where the details come from. I wasn't a fan of back referencing until recently when I had to pick up a job from someone else and I realized how important they are. Since we can link a Section-Elevation callout or a Detail Maker callout to a viewport, why can't we link it back the other way. I an getting reports from local users that drawings without back referencing are being rejected for building consents. Alan, sorry, I wish I had a trick, other than manually putting the information in.
  11. I would go along with this.
  12. For setting up existing and proposed contour plans I use the site model snapshot option to create a snapshot of the existing site. This can be placed on a separate layer, or a separate class so you can create a clean existing site model and a clean proposed site model.
  13. You should also ask to be able to choose how many left and how many right doors.
  14. I'm sorry to say that's true. However, if you live in Australia or New Zealand (or you have an old copy of windoor) you can use windoor to create uneven numbers of leaves. You can even choose how many leaves are on each side.