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  1. Jonathan Pickup

    Energos - australia

    have you been in touch with your local distributor/reseller?
  2. Jonathan Pickup

    Downloading & Importing graphics

    You will need to expand the zip file. On windows, right click and choose Extract All... then import the images into Vectorworks by dragging and dropping them onto a Vectorworks drawing. Once you have them, crop them (right-click > Edit Crop) to remove the areas you don’t want. Then use them with your 2D plant graphics.
  3. I would wait for the i9 chips to appear in laptops. They aren’t far away
  4. Jonathan Pickup

    Complex Hardscape elevations

    If you have an elevation at each vertex, how does Vectorworks know where the fold line should be for the hardscape? I know it is more work to break the hardscape into parts, but that would create the folds that you need.
  5. Jonathan Pickup

    How do I get rid of Viewport crop green rectangles?

    It is a real shame that Vectorworks does not recognize that these green rectangles have already been created once and not create them again. Another option would be for Vectorworks to recognize that these green rectangles are of limited use and delete them at the end when you return to your viewpoint.
  6. Jonathan Pickup

    3D Shape question

    if you create one tile with the loft tool, you can fill in an area using Create Surface Array... http://learn.archoncad.com/2014/06/16649/vectorworks-tip-095-modelling-create-surface-array/
  7. Jonathan Pickup

    Importing multiple layers into new drawing

    you can. create a new layer click on the Choose.. button locate the source file. choose the layers you want tick the option to Import Layer Objects
  8. Jonathan Pickup

    Join a line with an arc

    one way that might work is to draw the lines you want in one go using the polygon tool (and ignore the arc corners at first). then use the reshape tool to change the required vertices to arcs with the correct radius
  9. Jonathan Pickup

    Custom Cabinet tool - 2D representation messed up

    Check your default attributes in the Attribute Palette. turn off the arrows
  10. Jonathan Pickup

    Pitched Roof

    The massing model in Vectorworks will create pitched roofs, you have to tick the Pitched Roof option.
  11. Jonathan Pickup

    Drawing I-Joists

    I use the Framing Member with a custom profile.
  12. windoor allows you to automatically re-number all the windows. I would like the standard window to be able to do that.
  13. Jonathan Pickup

    Helpp! How to make continuous roof?

    draw the rectangle for one roof, select it and use the Create Roof... command. Vectorworks will use the rectangle to create the roof. Repeat to get all the required roofs.
  14. Jonathan Pickup

    Road won't cut through site model fully

    As well as creating the pad, did you also create the grade limits? Does the site model model have any errors shown on the Object Info palette?
  15. Jonathan Pickup

    Site Model Crop | Error on Surface

    I see what you mean. if you remove the site model crop, the errors will go away. Jim W, can you answer this?