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  1. I think Boh is right with this.
  2. Jonathan Pickup

    Plant 2-D editing

    are all your classes turned on? class options set to Show/Snap/Modifiy others?
  3. Jonathan Pickup

    Section Elevation Marker 2019 vs 2018

    if you use the second mode it works as you want.
  4. Drag them by their number
  5. I had forgotten that I had presented that webinar. For the changes to 2019, look at the Novedge webinar 300 https://youtu.be/L-whw7Z2_NU you can see an introduction to the changes for 2019 about the 1:02 mark
  6. Jonathan Pickup

    Worksheet calculating Spare Fixture counts

    Do you want to send me the file?
  7. Jonathan Pickup

    Worksheet calculating Spare Fixture counts

    try this: =INT(C3)+(IF((3)-INT(C3)>0, 1, 0))
  8. Jonathan Pickup

    Worksheet calculating Spare Fixture counts

    you only need to add one if the rounding does work. I use this IF statement =INT(D3/E3)+(IF((D3/E3)-INT(D3/E3)>0, 1, 0)) (this is from one of my other worjsheets and does not relate to your worksheet)
  9. I am pleased to announce that I have completely updated and expanded these courses for 2019: Foundation Course BIM (Building Information Model) Foundation Course The purpose of this course is to teach you the basic concepts of Vectorworks. It is always tempting to try to avoid these basic concepts, but these are the ones that make you truly effective at Vectorworks. It is tempting to try and avoid this course and go to a more advanced one, but that is a mistake. This is the course you need if you really want to use Vectorworks effectively. It is important therefore to work through all the movies and exercises. You may not understand why you are learning a specific technique – but trust me – to use Vectorworks effectively you will need to learn that technique. I know that you want to make progress as soon as possible – I want that too! I have taught thousands of people to use Vectorworks effectively using the manual that this course is based upon. They have become very effective at using Vectorworks because they worked through all the exercises. Over 8 hours of video. Vectorworks Building Information Modeling (Architect) 2019 Many people talk about BIM these days, it is an important way to create drawings. This course is an introduction to using Building Information Modeling with Vectorworks Architect and it has been designed to teach you the concepts of BIM and how to use the Vectorworks Architect in the most productive way. It has all been brought together in a concise course. In this course, you will draw a simple two-story project that will teach you the basics of BIM. We will start with first principles and work through creating a Building Model that will allow us to create plans, sections, and elevations. We will progress through site modeling, solar studies, rendering 3D views, internal room elevations, and details. Over 11 hours of video.
  10. if I make a database report from scratch, I can use ='Space'.'EnergyArea' to give me the area of spaces.
  11. Jonathan Pickup

    Viewport Annotation Dimensions

    I dont think this has been a thing for a while. Set up two dimension standards, one for the primary dimensions and one for the secondary dimensions. this has been available for years.
  12. Jonathan Pickup

    favoured window schedule workflows

    totally agree. we have been asking for this for years...
  13. Jonathan Pickup

    Enhance break line tools

    yes, i like that
  14. Jonathan Pickup

    What is the Set Up Best Procedure for 2019

    this does not include symbols. my library is a separate thing
  15. Jonathan Pickup

    What is the Set Up Best Procedure for 2019

    every once in a while it is worth starting from scratch. I too have been starting a new template for 2019, trying to use the new class tags and filters, custom tool/attribute palettes, etc.


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