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  1. Hi Larry, I had to go at this, and if you sit the classes on the components that you want to control (text, slope arrows etc) then the classes can be used to control the graphic style of these objects. If you set the class to control the text style, make sure you take the option to use at creation. I'm gonna make a YouTube movie so keep an eye on my channel.
  2. if you are using a viewport style, make sure the setting allow you to choose the view you want.
  3. If it was me, I would set the Vectorworks scaling to 50% and set pages horizontal and vertical to 1 page.
  4. I think Tom is right. there is something odd about the wall components, you can see the baseboard (skirting) following the roof shape and when you look carefully, it seems to be only the external component of the wall that is above the roof, you can see this in the start of the movie where the external component is too high.
  5. I use the Z-axis on the 3D model, if its a model. If i'm dealing with details,i set the details to the correct elevation on the detail layer and add the elevation benchmark on the detail (design layer). that way, I can move the details on the sheet layer without affecting the elevation benchmark.
  6. sure, but if you need to edit several viewports, why not use the Organization dialog box? you can open this dialog box by double clicking in the Navigation palette. I guess i don't understand why you need new way to do this when you have a way to do it...
  7. on the mac try command+. several times maybe CTRL+. on windows?
  8. on the Mac, command+. (several times) stops all my rendering and brought me back to the publish window.
  9. can't you do what you want already, changing the layers and classes on a single or several viewports at the same time? Am I misunderstanding something?
  10. When it comes to modeling, it depends on what you want the information for. For example, in Jeff’s case, you could schedule all the structural and framing objects to create a report for budgeting, ordering, or a cutting list. But if you don’t need that information, you don’t need to model it, you can use slabs. I use slabs with components on classes for the structural and framing (at preliminary design stage) so I can turn them off when I create the actual framing (at working drawing stage).
  11. I have had a look at this, and I noticed that the way is set up you have to input the sheet title in the title block Manager. When you wouldn't put the sheet title into the title block Manager then the sheet title will turn up in your title Block. The same as true for the sheet number, if you enter the sheet number through the title Block manager then the sheet number will tune up on your title Block
  12. You can make the unequal L shape buy using two cabinets and setting the blind left and blind right correctly. Some manufacturers build it this way anyway. It took me a while to get the blind right on the left cabinet and the blind left on the right cabinet so I could open the doors...
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