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  1. I'm sorry to say that's true. However, if you live in Australia or New Zealand (or you have an old copy of windoor) you can use windoor to create uneven numbers of leaves. You can even choose how many leaves are on each side.
  2. if I understand you correctly, you are wondering if you can adjust the column widths, format the cells for the fonts, and merge cells together. The answer is you can do all these. If you move your cursor between two columns headings your cursor will change to a double-headed arrow. Use this to altar the column widths. to format cells right click on the cell, choose Format Cells…, and then choose the formatting for the font and border. if you have a copy of the Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial Manual, you will find the last chapter has information on creating worksheets and formatting them.
  3. you might find some useful tips and tricks here:
  4. I post tips and tricks for Vectorworks when I think of them. You might find some of these useful:
  5. You might find these tips useful:
  6. I would say that the landscape area tool is ideal for this. Draw the plan shape, add the plants and turn on the 3D part.
  7. Alan, i thought you might have suggested a marionette solution. I would have suggested the extract option.
  8. i'm sure you are right Alan. its the start marker. look for the graphic settings walk line.
  9. i can't see how the class can control the hatch colour. I thought of having a duplicate hatch that you could assign using the classes. Its a bit of workaround but it would work.
  10. we should really have this now. it has been discussed before. the current situation is not consistent with recognized drawing conventions.
  11. i totally agree Chad.
  12. If you select all the doors, then go to the Object Info palette and click on settings. Use that dialog box to change the class of the ID
  13. I think stories and levels are very powerful. However, you do need to understand how stories and levels interact with walls, slabs, and symbols. Once you understand how they interact, then you can create your walls and slabs to work with the levels and design layers.
  14. a worksheet I would say is an empty worksheet. A report and a schedule are the same thing in my mind. so I would say that a worksheet is empty but a worksheet that has a database and it is a report or a schedule. I do not know away to hide the column but not delete it. however, you could create a copy of your report and delete the column from the copy.
  15. Start by using your plant definition in Vectorworks. Click on the button to Get Plant Data… ( this should take you to the VW plants database) Locate the plant that you want to copy the data from. Go to the Vectorworks menu and choose Use Currently Selected Record. (this will send the data from the database to the Vectorworks plant definition) When you return back to Vectorworks you will find that your plant definition has been updated with the information from the database.