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  1. Jonathan Pickup

    PDF Manipulation?

    if it has been created as a vector-based pdf. If it a raster-based pdf, then no.
  2. Jonathan Pickup

    PDF Manipulation?

    i think it's reasonably easy. crop the PDF, clip a hole in it. I made a movie to show you
  3. Jonathan Pickup


    this link should give you my hatch movies https://www.youtube.com/user/archoncad/search?query=hatch here are more hatches: https://www.culturedstone.com/resources/architect-resources/cad-resources don't forget to look in your Resource Manager for resources.
  4. Jonathan Pickup

    Extrude along path

    to start with, Vectorworks uses the center of the profile object. Create the EAP then edit the profile. Move the profile to the desired location.
  5. Jonathan Pickup

    Glass door texture is solid

    is the door solid or glazed?
  6. Jonathan Pickup

    nudge disabled

    Do you have other software running in the background. I seem to remember something like chrome interfering with nudge.
  7. You can scale a symbol with the Object Info palette or the selection tool
  8. This Is just one way to do it, there are others. You can start with the site model file. Create a new design layer. Instead of creating a blank design layer, copy a design layer from another file. This is the lower part of the dialog box. Ensure that you choose all the layers that make up the 3D model and that you choose the option at the bottom to import later options. Now adjust the plan location to suit the site and adjust the layer elevation of the site model to suit the building. Another way is to use a design layer viewport where you reference in the 3D model. That will make it easy to move and rotate the 3D model and change the elevation to suit the site.
  9. Jonathan Pickup

    Viewport Layer Stack Order

    it should be on the right. try restarting your Vectorworks if you don't see the numbers. You have to be able to see the numbers sometimes I have to make my navigation palette wider.
  10. Jonathan Pickup

    How to Move Walls.

    I thought of the move too, but I thought the original question was more about dragging a few walls together
  11. Jonathan Pickup

    How to Move Walls.

    I didn't mean to tell you off. Nudge usually movies one pixel at a time. this translated to different dimensions depending on the zoom. if you set your preferences, you can set up the nudge to be a specific amount, when used with the shift + ctrl +arrow keys
  12. Jonathan Pickup

    How to Move Walls.

    Unless you have set your preferences correctly, nudge is not an accurate way to move things
  13. Jonathan Pickup

    Roof Construction

    Like Mike says, create roof face objects for each roof plane.
  14. Jonathan Pickup

    Multiple copy items by reference point

    try the move by points tool
  15. I have been making movies to teach Vectorworks for many years. 12 years ago I started to write a regular monthly manual (with included movies). All of this has been on my web site (http://learn.archoncad.com). Last time I counted, there were over 2500 movies on the site. This has been good and bad. Good because there is so much there. Bad be cause it is not hard to find what you need. The solution is a new visual knowledgebase web site that just has the most up to date movies in a new easy to navigate system. The knowledge base web site has been well received by most of my customers, with some articles view over 300 times. They are finding the new website much easier to navigate, making it much easier to find the information they want. I am constantly working on the knowledge base website updating movies, fixing links, and making it better. If you do not find what you need or you find things that need improving, please get in touch with me.


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