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  1. I tend to create my site model layer with the elevation at zero. This allows me to place my site information at the correct elevation relative to 0. I know it seems a hassle, but I find it easier to set the elevation of my building layer to the correct elevation and keep everything at correct elevations. That way, when you place your site modifiers and grade objects on your site model you can use the correct elevations. If you set with the elevation layer of your building to 0, then your site has to have elevations relative to this which could be positive or negative and will not relate to survey information. In this image you can see that the current site model is set to 0 and the floor levels have the correct elevation.
  2. I had loads of freezing and crashes, then I took out my external thunderbolt connection. now it's sweet.
  3. hi Tom, do you have a thunderbolt drive connected?
  4. in Vectorworks 2021, you can make the landscape area 3D, and depending on the settings you choose, you can make the landscape area excavate the site model.
  5. like the site model section tool... I used to create two sections, but it was a messy way to do it.
  6. if everything is working, plants automatically sit on the surface the site model and you do not need to send them to the surface, so I'm guessing that there is something not working. are the plants on the same layer as the site model? what are the site modifier settings for the site model?
  7. it might be a screen plane issue. on the Object Info palette, does the viewport have the show screen plane objects selected? it might be a class issue, but that would't be my first guess. for hedging, try using the other modes for placing the plants. There is a mode to place plants along a polyline based on the plant spacing.
  8. the extra-super-duper eyedropper (Ctrl +Alt) is called Create Similar Object and works with all objects. Just be careful that it also changes the active class. I have been caught out sometimes when I forget to change the class to the correct one.
  9. I'm happy with the name "slab" the slab is used to create floors and ceilings. if you change the name to Floor, you'll be using a floor object to make a ceiling. that would seem strange for single storey buildings.
  10. I wonder if you have a coplex folder structure or a long file name. Can you try saving to a different hard driver save to your desktop?
  11. I wouldn't mind so much if the Bottom Z was in the correct location on the dialog box. students find it very confusing that the Bottom Z is at the top of the floor in the dialog box I wish it was like this:
  12. can you post a copy of the site model?
  13. I have had a quick look at your source data. Your source data seems to be missing some areas of information. I also notice that your source data has a lot of vertices. One of the contour lines has 7777 vertices. This could easily be reduced. After simplifying the polygons I ended up with a site model: Used to Simplify Polys... command from the Modify > Drafting Aids menu
  14. you could try posting a copy of the Vectorworks file.
  15. what about just typing in the size you want? or turn on the snap to working plane?


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