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  1. Jonathan Pickup

    Structural Member Tool

    to use a custom profile, create 2D symbol with the correct shape.
  2. Jonathan Pickup

    Layer scale without moving drawing position

    It looks to me as though you are using design layers for printing. This means that you have one design layer for your drawn information and one design layer and one design layer for your title block. When you scale the drawing layer, you're not scaling the title block layer. this is not an effective way to use Vectorworks. It is better to use design layers for drawing, and sheet layers for the printing (and title blocks).
  3. Jonathan Pickup

    Plant Labels

    labels on the drawing, or in a report?
  4. Jonathan Pickup

    Custom ID tags for windows and doors

    Last week, I added an article about the Data Tag tool to my knowledge base web site : https://archoncad.com/knowledge-base/data-tag/
  5. Jonathan Pickup

    Curtain Wall insert window- What am I doing wrong

    that should work. it works for me.
  6. Jonathan Pickup

    Wall insertion point control?

    Use the Core Component Control line mode.
  7. Jonathan Pickup

    Wall insertion point control?

    I don't think this has anything to do with stories. I think you can use the modes on the tool bar to sort that out:
  8. Jonathan Pickup

    Dash line show on the same place

    it would be nice if it was quicker. If I was an intermediate user, I might achieve this by creating a small script using the Tools > Custom Tool/Attribute command.
  9. Jonathan Pickup

    Custom ID tags for windows and doors

    Hi christiaan, I have started to add my tags to the annotation part of the viewport. I find that it can read all the information that I want and it is where I want for that viewport. it doesn't matter that it is not on the same layer as the door, any updates to the door automatically go to the Data Tag.
  10. Jonathan Pickup

    Dash line show on the same place

    I tend to connect the line style to a class. Then, when I assign the Object the correct class, it shows the correct line style. I find this a productive way to work.
  11. Jonathan Pickup

    "unfold" roof to obtain actual roof size and run

    you can use a worksheet to report the areas. there is a function that will calculate the areas of the roof along the slope. If you add a name to each roof face, you can sort the worksheet to give you the data for each roof face.
  12. Jonathan Pickup

    Data Tag tool

    I have just added an article to my knowledgebase on the Data Tag tool: https://archoncad.com/knowledge-base/data-tag/
  13. Jonathan Pickup

    Viewport Location

    Hi Terry, can you explain a bit more please? when you place a viewport, the location of the viewport is relative to the sheet layer, the center of the sheet layer is a 0,0.
  14. Jonathan Pickup

    Cloud Revision Tool Not working Correctly

    I have just tried this, and I get the same results with the hardscape tool.
  15. I like the idea of Dimension Styles if we could access them in the Resouces manager.
  16. Jonathan Pickup

    Data Tag Instances

    This is easy to do with a worksheet. is there a reason why you don't want to do that?
  17. Jonathan Pickup

    Data Tag Instances

    does this mean that you want the tag to count up all the instances in the layer, or do you want the tag to join to more than one object?
  18. Jonathan Pickup

    Dragging wall points

    if you are connecting walls, couldn't you use the Wall Join tool?
  19. Jonathan Pickup

    Extents above Cut Plane - Clean wall outline

    can you turn off the classes for the components? (assuming that the components are on separate classes to the overall wall?
  20. Jonathan Pickup

    Classes how to create subclasses?

    why dont you use Layer and Class mapping to convert all the classes into the order that you want. you can save the layer and class setting to reuse them
  21. Jonathan Pickup

    Can't Mirror a Hybrid Symbol?

    Yes, this is the expected behaviour. Hybrid symbols can only be rotated or mirrored in top plan. Removing the plan portion of the symbol should allow you mirror the object vertically.
  22. Jonathan Pickup

    Best way to create site model without VW Landscape?

    you don't need landmark to create a site model, the commands you need are in Architect, in the AEC menu. You can create a site model from 3D loci, stake objects, or 3D polygons.
  23. Jonathan Pickup

    Different component heights or layers?

    put them on the same layer and set them to the different heights. Having too many layers would get confusing.
  24. Jonathan Pickup

    PDF Manipulation?

    if it has been created as a vector-based pdf. If it a raster-based pdf, then no.
  25. Jonathan Pickup

    PDF Manipulation?

    i think it's reasonably easy. crop the PDF, clip a hole in it. I made a movie to show you


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