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  1. When you edit the layout, you can select a text object, assign the dynamic text, and then in the dialogue box that follows you can choose from the seven options that are there and each option will give you the functions are available. But I don't know where to find all of these written down. I'm not sure this will help you Bruce, but I'm just created a YouTube movie to show where to find all the different functions. It's just a short YouTube movie so it doesn't cover things in detail.
  2. I had a go at this but I couldn't make it work. The wall refused to drop one end like it is supposed to. I tried copying the wall and site model into a brand-new file, pasting it right in the middle of the design area. The wall still refused to edit the way that I wanted. I also tried editing the wall style, tried it with an styled wall, nothing worked.
  3. There are two things I can think of, the first is an empty viewport, and the other one would be a referenced DXF file or something like that. When you reference a DXF file it creates a viewport type object. Can you select it?
  4. here are a couple of fences I made to try out the fence. the corrugated metal is common on older houses where I live. the small post on was a test for a client. I Think this is extremely powerful and flexible. As Jon says, if you want to make a complete panel, you can model it in 3-D and save it as a symbol. You can't see it in these views but I did create custom post profiles and custom rail profiles. here
  5. are you using a standard Vectorworks workspace? this is my workspace:
  6. I assume you have used the text tool, or double click on the text with the selection tool?
  7. Well that's weird. I opened up your file, checked the settings, then recreated from source data and when I exit, I see the contours. When I struggle with a site model, one of things I usually do to recreate from source data, and seems to get rid of some of my problems and it gives Vectorworks a chance to recreate everything from scratch. (using Vectorworks 2024)
  8. this is what I found too. Flip only changes it from inside to outside. If you change the second leaf to the correct width for the first leaf, then it works. So basically you swap the second leaf for the main leaf this might help:
  9. You need to check the settings to make sure you are capturing all of the contours that you need.
  10. I used to use a small Wacom tablet. it was good. I used to get annoyed finding the pen after typing, or else I’d have to hold onto the pen while typing... These days I prefer using my mouse, with the speed of the mouse turned down. this gives me the control that I need and it do not get a sore wrist after hours on the computer.
  11. I cannot change the border to no fill. You can assign a hatch, and you can make the hatch with no background fill, but you still get a solid colour on the border. I tried to use a class to control the border colour, that works, but you can't change the opacity, you end up with a solid colour.
  12. You might want to check the datum of the hardscape. I often set the datum to the underside of the top component so that it is above the site. I wonder if you have Cut Site Model option checked.
  13. Hi Tom, i see there this question was poseted in two places, i gave a different answer
  14. you can do this if you want, but it does take a little work. The data Tag id getting the area and using the current document units. If you create a custom area unit, you can tell it to use m2 and it will. The challenge is that the tag is reporting the area of the space using the document units, which is why i created a custom unit that uses m2.
  15. If you edit the camera in the viewport, you can fix it. Edit the viewport, choose the camera, when the camera is selected, go to the Object Info palette and activate the camera. Then exit the viewport. I think that’s how i fixed mine. This cam up in a recent webinar and i had to fix the camera each time i i duplicated the viewport and changed the camera. I covered this in my Architect monthly webinar and its on my web site for October 2023 (you have to be a member).
  16. viewport styles, very useful Railing tool, so cool and powerful Fence tool, it now snaps to the site model cabinet tool
  17. Here is where you need to make the change, from the Resource Manager.
  18. Another trick we used to do was to set the layer options to show/snap/modify, then select the objects you want, then modify on the menu bar and choose Group. This groups all the objects
  19. The ones that ask you to name the viewports are the ones that are thinking correctly and probably useing Vectorworks more fully. I name viewports so i can find them later and when I need to use back referencing, or using the Organization dialog box to control the classes.
  20. Can you please share a screenshot of your import settings, all of them (there are several).
  21. there is an extrude along path, you just need the 3D polygon or NURBS to set extrude along. Here is a movie that might help
  22. If you add the reference files as a reference to viewport, then you can move it and rotate it.
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