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  1. If you use the extract tool, you can get a polygon for the face of the building and then extrude that. You can add the groves and joints to it as well. I have found that with a few keyboard shortcuts it becomes very quick.
  2. make sure you have selected a class that has walls. Not the class of the wall component, the class of the overall wall. start with the name of the wall framing model then choose the layer Choose the class of the walls now click OK and it should work
  3. try selecting the two hardscapes, right click on one and choose Add Surface
  4. yes only by making sure they match/don't match the criteria Use tags, it is the easiest way....
  5. In December, my subscribers asked for a session on the many tools and techniques that work together to create and manage drawings in Vectorworks Architect 2020. These techniques are the “bread and butter” (basic skills needed) of creating and managing drawings in Vectorworks: saved views viewports multiple view panes controlling visibilities on drawings managing viewports and classes. The webinar is free and will last about one hour, including the Q&A session. Webinar presented by Novedge and Jonathan Pickup Book Now...
  6. I'm sorry Jim, I don't really understand why you trying to make the wall alignment so simple. In your example you have walls that could have several options a simple left or right just wouldn't work. I personally don't have a problem with the dialogue box the way that it is
  7. i tried this as well. i get <image> on the tag, but not the actual image.
  8. I'm with Bob on this one. The data Tag tool will read the information from the landscape areas on the design layer. The usual argument for not putting information on the annotation part of the viewport was that it was no longer connected to the design layer. This is no longer true with the data tag.
  9. At a recent online webinar, some of the users wanted to know more about layer and class filtering. I made this youtube movie to explain how i use layer and class filtering: https://youtu.be/6xCPL_I-qdg
  10. This movie might help https://youtu.be/7XlsOZGSA9I
  11. Hi Alan, this is the link indicator. This object can be used to create a link to a viewport. When the object is red, it is not linked. When the link is green, it is correctly linked to a viewport. You done need to get rid of it, it doesn't print.
  12. If you create detail viewports that way, you can’t link the detail callouts and references to the individual details.
  13. A few years ago I made this course to show a different way to learn Vectorworks. It used the idea of housing in India to learn how to use Vectorworks Architect. you can find the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjt2JD0muIE_JHp8ofJSrpzn-emuvTYHM
  14. I have posted all the movies from my 2017 Fundamentals online courses on YouTube. I created a playlist for this to make it easier to find them: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjt2JD0muIE96sU4vM1D_ecYwgXgcfWJy
  15. Yes, Jim, the Visibilities radio button. Lots of people don’t click on that option, but it has a lot of power. Of course, you need to have named your viewports correctly.
  16. when you create a symbol, you have the option to make it explode into a Plugin object automatically (as we as ensuring that the symbol is assigned to the correct class). If you don't do this when you create the symbols, you can do it later.
  17. got to agree with you on this. i'm starting to love this and when I go back to 2019 i really miss it.
  18. Notes Manager - thank you for this. it is very fast when updating the notes. Door and Window updates. I'm still playing with the automatic level of detail bit that looks useful.
  19. I havent tried that. The reason I wouldn't use this is that all the site modifiers would have to be in the site model layer, or at the correct Z level in other layers. My method keeps the site model information at the correct elevation in the site model layer and at the recorrect relative elevation in any other layer.


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