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  1. Hi Alan, this is the link indicator. This object can be used to create a link to a viewport. When the object is red, it is not linked. When the link is green, it is correctly linked to a viewport. You done need to get rid of it, it doesn't print.
  2. If you create detail viewports that way, you can’t link the detail callouts and references to the individual details.
  3. A few years ago I made this course to show a different way to learn Vectorworks. It used the idea of housing in India to learn how to use Vectorworks Architect. you can find the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjt2JD0muIE_JHp8ofJSrpzn-emuvTYHM
  4. I have posted all the movies from my 2017 Fundamentals online courses on YouTube. I created a playlist for this to make it easier to find them: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjt2JD0muIE96sU4vM1D_ecYwgXgcfWJy
  5. Yes, Jim, the Visibilities radio button. Lots of people don’t click on that option, but it has a lot of power. Of course, you need to have named your viewports correctly.
  6. when you create a symbol, you have the option to make it explode into a Plugin object automatically (as we as ensuring that the symbol is assigned to the correct class). If you don't do this when you create the symbols, you can do it later.
  7. got to agree with you on this. i'm starting to love this and when I go back to 2019 i really miss it.
  8. Notes Manager - thank you for this. it is very fast when updating the notes. Door and Window updates. I'm still playing with the automatic level of detail bit that looks useful.
  9. I havent tried that. The reason I wouldn't use this is that all the site modifiers would have to be in the site model layer, or at the correct Z level in other layers. My method keeps the site model information at the correct elevation in the site model layer and at the recorrect relative elevation in any other layer.
  10. it might be a local issue, but when you look at a detail on a sheet layer, the back reference shows you the drawing that referenced the detail (the original source of the detail). We are getting requests from building authorities to show this.
  11. I prefer to set up my back up options so that it saves every 15 operations without confirm before save and save the 5 most recent backups. I know it creates a lot of backups, and I know that they are all in one place. when I get low in HD space, I clean out the folder (and there is only one folder to clean out).
  12. roof coverings that automatically have gutter, downpipes (downspouts) ridges, fasicas, and flashings wall coverings that create the cladding in 3D windoor (of course) improve the detail callout maker interface. back referencing for details. a 3D handrail/fence tool that works like a polygon in 3D
  13. I would import the classes and scripts, but set the rest up from scratch.
  14. Another old and useful trick
  15. I am really impressed with the Data visualization. For a beginner, it might not be easy to understand so I have added an article on my knowledgebase site to explain how to use and manage data visualization.
  16. maybe some training to guide your journey. It could really help to save you time (going down the wrong path)
  17. i use the same techniques as bgoff. set your building stories with your datum at Z=0, then set your site model layer to the negative eleveion required. When you are placing a site modifier in the site model layer, use the correct elevation, ie. ignore the fact that you have set a negative layer elevation. however, if you want to use the correct elevations, for example with the elevation benchmark tool, then it is best to set all the layers and stories to the correct elevations. I know you can get around this, but using the correct elevations for everything means less work with the elevation benchmark.
  18. I don't think this is new. it reads, Custom Scale 1: you add the amount so that it reads Custom Scale 1: 18
  19. Some users have changed the Selection tool hot key to esc. They can use that even when editing text.


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