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  1. Sorry to see the 3D fillet tool still has not been updated to be included in the history tree nor indeed updated to be more directly editable. I've been wish-listing this for many years....still next year maybe!
  2. If the object is a symbol or a group then the radius tool fails, and it's temperamental at best. I'm constantly drawing circles and arcs in the annotation space.....very dull
  3. Ah, wrong signature and it's still not working properly!
  4. Yes...WHY is this still an issue after so long of asking for it to be improved. Come on VW isn't it long over due for improvement.
  5. Is there a way to assign the flyover tool to the right mouse button on an Apple Magic Mouse? I have tried to do this through the workspace editor but can't find a way. Many thanks
  6. Inserting fasteners has always been difficult in VW. One tip - if you select the 'automatic' option in the drop down layer at the top of the screen and locate the cylindrical plane on the object that you want the fastener to drop into it can help....sometimes!!
  7. Let's face it the 3D Fillet/Chamfer tool needs to be brought into the 21st century, it is way out of date.
  8. I've tried everything but can't work this out. Anyone else having an issue with this?
  9. I have created a Viewport with custom render applied(mostly medium levels) the same as on the design layer. The Viewport renders very much more brightly than the design layer and when I play with the viewport lighting options nothing seems to alter. I have tried Layer lighting options, turning off the ambient light, using HDRi and not using HDRI, turning off the spotlights on the design layer etc, but the render in the Viewport stays unchanged even after updating. Final Quality suffers the same thing. Is this a bug or am I missing something.
  10. As dull as this is, and I know I've been asking for this since VW2009 so apologies for being boring, but I'd love to see the 3D Fillet/Chamfer Tool as part of the History of an object. It would save me so much time and note taking. Please anyone......!
  11. Understood, I'm keeping everything crossed!!
  12. Thanks Jim, Ive been asking since VW2009!! Regards Guy
  13. Is the 3d Fillet/Chamfer ever going to be include in the history of an object? If not, I'll just stop asking for it.
  14. As far as I am aware GeoMagic Design does export IGES format and I have found this to be a good format to use. (3rd down in the list) STEP files also work but can fail if there are a lot of sculpted/non-uniform curves. [/img]
  15. That works, thank you so much, it's been an annoyance for quite some time. Is there a list of preferences and their script numbers (1099 = Layer Plane) anywhere?
  16. Many Thanks Raymond, I'll give it a go
  17. Is there a way to set a keyboard shortcut to change between Layer and Screen planes?
  18. I know this is a bit late but..... 1. Before extracting the face make sure that 'Create Planar Objects' is on in the preferences for the extraction tool. 2. Put the extracted face onto a new layer and make sure it is in the Top/Plan view. (you may need to rotate the face so it lies on the Top/Plan plane. 3. Decompose the face. (Modify>Decompose). This will give you arcs as opposed to polylines. Once exported as DXF you should get arcs in AutoCad.
  19. P.S. the other grey box is the Page Boundary which can be turned off in the 'Page Setup' dialogue box under the File Menu (again near the bottom)
  20. It looks like you have turned on the 'Clip Cube' tool, which is used to 'see inside' your model by dragging the faces of the cube. You can toggle it on and off in the View Menu (near the bottom)
  21. I see that the worksheet user-friendliness & presentation in VW 2014 has come on leaps and bounds!
  22. Solidworks does indeed export perfectly stitched solids and i have had great success with the above method.....the same cannot be said for VW. Why is VW so 'idiosyncratic!' compared to other CAD software. Even the price comparable end of the market is better at this.
  23. Meshlab....marvellous bot of kit....free and cross-platform
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