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  1. Yep, Export should always be a simple process and, i seem to recall, it once was . . . .
  2. yeah, i've never been too keen on the "Obligatory" Unified View in ANY form, but if, perhaps it was made available in a "Secondary Window Format" so it could be thrown on a second or third monitors as a backup possibility, then yes, it might be quite useful, but not as the standard. It's useful, but i wouldn't want to have to deal with it every day. That's what the "Number Keypad" is there for!!
  3. Thanx Kevin, nice to know I'm not the only one . . . .
  4. No doubt there is exactly what you are looking for, but you will find much easier if you offer details of your System Hardware/Software and the VW version as part of "Signature" as this makes the necessity to ask each time unnecessary. Not too familiar with the Architectural ins and out ups and downs, so you'll just have to be patient until one who is catches your drift . . . . .
  5. +another1! Definitely, the Tape should ALWAYS follow perfectly plumb lines unless dictated by the user, and in IMHO, only then creep "Into" the drawing if asked to.
  6. While i agree that managing, organising Classes is a problem, still, for far too long, please remember that there are 4 or 5 versions of VW, so any "Improvements" must be adaptable to the other iterations, practical and customisable. Having said that, probably anything would be a step in the right direction . . . . . .
  7. Fitsch, yes it needs some serious help. Just in case, perhaps you already know that better results can be obtained on Google etc. but that doesn't excuse the results found on the Forum. It's been this way for years.
  8. Andy i think this might be a Windows thing. i've had similar HickUps with my windows mobile, but it's never been a problem with my iPod. VW takes changes without a hitch, so far, on my Mac. Not saying it'll never be a problem, as the OSX is slowly becoming very much more "Windows Like", for compatibility issues i assume, but that's mostly "Under the Hood" stuff, so until it affects me more directly . . . . .
  9. Jim, your patience is limitless, Thanx for taking the trouble to explain and the forecast on improvements on their way. i had already noticed the improvement on core use, just wondered what other bits had had a "Wash and Brush up" since i hadn't heard recently. Saw the SSD's hit some time ago. Big improvement.
  10. Jim, on one thread there was mention of speed limits due to VW's restrictions on the maximum RAM it could make use of, being 2GB. Has this been resolved yet? Can we now make use of the RAM most of us have invested in? Wouldn't bucket loads of RAM help improve situations such as these Hidden Line Nudge related foibles?
  11. 1. i like the Fillet/Chamfer(2D&3D) tools as separate elements from the Reshape tool and find the current options available in the data bar quite useful. Mainly as the current limitations still haunting them(Fillet/Chamfer) i would prefer they didn't infect the Reshape Tool. But a better organisation and editing abilities of the Vertices in Reshape Tool would be very useful. 2. Maybe, as an Option. Not Blanket Change. 3. "NO!" i use it constantly. 4. i still find EAP only partly finished, like a beta tool(even after, what, 20 years) so absolutely anything that can improve it in any way whatsoever will be a step in the right direction. 5. Nice one . . . . 6. N/A 7. improve maybe, but why kill, even if it doesn't work? 8. OK 9. Probably . . . . 10. Most of these results can be obtained with current extrusion tools but a Nurbs distortion might help some and it's mad what you can get out of the Compression Spring Tool . . . . Some good suggestions Kaare
  12. Not sure i can agree totally with this one Bruce, particularly when i always see you as one of the most grounded, logical users on the forum. minus is always Left or Down and plus is always Up or Right. But i do understand that if some of the dialogues could be assisted by User Defined "Additions" like your Move command allowing us to Add Up/Down/Left/Right to the Standards would let us make some of the more confusing dialogues much more practical and understandable. Especially some of the newer ones. Andrew
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