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  1. @unearthedI'm not sure what your point is? Are you trying to say you are not an early adopter? Are you really still running Vectorworks 2012 as your signature states?
  2. OK, but it seems pretty simple to me. I cannot see any case where anyone would want a worksheet to display in 3D. Years ago, before push/pull, my thought was an object should be 2D until the user extrudes said object. Since push/pull I can see that would be a problem. I suggest adding a "Planer Object" checkbook to the OIP for all objects.
  3. Don't get me wrong, I am fine with this, but now I need to know how do I make my worksheet show face on in views other than TP and Top?
  4. OK, I will answer my own wish. It was added to Vectorworks 2022. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It makes so much more sense than the crazy if/then formula I was using. Here's what my if/then formula looked like: =IF((D3=WIDTH), MIN(HEIGHT, LENGTH), IF((D3=HEIGHT), MIN(WIDTH, LENGTH), MIN(WIDTH, HEIGHT))) Here's the Median formula that produces the same results but much cleaner: =MEDIAN(HEIGHT, LENGTH, WIDTH)
  5. @drelARCH Are you selecting the one worksheet and right clicking on it?
  6. You can right click to get the contextual Manu and it should appear there. It does on my setup.
  7. Both good ideas, but I can see there is no easy way, so export and do it in Numbers is what I will do. But I will try both suggestions to see how they work. Thanks. Pretty easy in Numbers. Only thing is should something change in my Vectorworks drawing, then I need to remember to update my Numbers file. That's why I would like to do it in Vectorworks. I look forward to worksheet improvments in future. Notice the alternating row colors. I have made a Vectorworks worksheet wish for this. It is really helpful for scanning across a line.
  8. Aside form exporting the worksheet to Excel, is there a way to make a shopping list of these items in my worksheet? I want to add a Bought column and a Still Needed column. I tried, but I can't mis the spreadsheet with the existing database, and the worksheet does not recognize the Qty. count in the database for use in a spreadsheet.
  9. Thanks @Boh and @michaelk. MK you are correct. And the second I read your answer I remembered I had asked this before. Here's two problems with this: First, I am old and I don't remember these things!. And for the real problem, Doing this is not at all intuitive. Somehow the user is supposed to know this? There should be a menu command to add rows under a database.
  10. Beautiful. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. I'm trying to make a 3D 1-5/8" screw using the Wood Screw 3D tool, but I get an error that says 1-5/8" is not a standard length and Vectorworks will not create that screw. I can work around this by making my 3D screw 1-1/2" and naming it 1-5/8". But it does seem strange that Vectorworks does not think this is a standard size screw since billions are used every day in the building and home construction world.
  12. @Tom W.That does work, and it is probably what Pat's been trying to tell me. I must not have been setting it up correctly. Anyway, I think my last setup using records is just as good as this using classes, so I'll stick with the records setup. Here's the results of the Classes setup:
  13. But I have resolved (I hope) the worksheet. Using a record is what works for me to select the bolt assembly components for the worksheet. Here's what it looks like:
  14. Class does not work because the symbols are nested and I cannot give the individual symbols different classes than their instances in the nested symbols. I have bolt, washer, and nut symbols, and I use those to make bolt assemblies which consist of a bolt, two washers, and a nut. In this drawing of mine, building the bolt assemblies as a symbol saves me a lot of time.
  15. OK, so it looks like this is working. I'm using a record to create the name of the object in column B.
  16. Tried that now. It still cannot see the symbols inside the nested symbol. I have other ideas to test.
  17. OK. I tried some of the other ways, and it still has problems due to the nested symbols. So far my Symbol criteria for each symbol is the best. Or I have to not nest the symbols. The worksheet counts the symbols correctly, but it duplicates the count with that last line.
  18. I agree. I will work on that. Color is a great suggestion too. This is how I set the criteria for my KV Brackets hardware worksheet. I used the "Steel" material as a definer, and it works. I can't attach Material to a symbol. But the other thing I could do is to make a simple Record that could be attached to all the nut and bolt parts. We are having our user group picnic this afternoon. I will discuss this with our group too.
  19. @halfcouplerI did what you suggested. It showed me those items were coming from my resource browser which still made no sense to me since there were not visible on my drawing. So I messed with the criteria a bit more and now it looks like this and it seems to be counting the visible items correctly.
  20. Glick. Need more help. Why are there another 34 objects counted but I can't see them as visible? How do I not count them?
  21. Got it working. Thanks Pat and Jesse. It was a matter of trial and error (for me) to get the criteria set. The 8 bolt assemblies are symbols now. The part count is correct.
  22. I've simplified my drawing to test this. So far so good. Now I will incorporate it into my drawing.
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