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  1. Bryan G.

    Golf Irrigation Componets

    You can easily add these yourself. I have added many items myself. Feel free to let me know if you would like to do a video chat and I can show you how this is done. bryan@greyleafdesign.
  2. Bryan G.

    Golf Irrigation Componets

    What components are you looking for?
  3. Bryan G.

    Terrain Model with pavement

    NikF, I would be interested in a more in-depth explanation of your issue. feel free to email me bryan@greyleafdesign.com with a file and I can look at it. DTM's can get quite complex but there are ways to get it to work quite well. Drop a line I can see what I can do to help you out.
  4. Just interested in understanding the need for realtime editing in VW. I have a Trimble Total Station, all data can be modified after the fact for layout (assuming i did something wrong in VW) on the data collector. As for measure I can do the same thing. I am also purchasing a new data collector that will allow me to send the DXF file from the field directly to the office from site. this gives the office a head start. also I would be able to receive data from the office in the field. I am purchasing this as right now we do not have the capabilities for remote transfer. As for realtime modification I guess I am curious why this is really needed. It may just be the limitation of the specific device? Again not trying to stir the pot just trying to clarify the need.
  5. As far as importing the data, as Art V suggested, txt could work, some data collectors export STL Files also. As for DXF you have to match the DXF units to What VW is so they work (ie. if the DXF is in feet, then VW needs to be in feet) As for export, pretty much what the data collector needs or will accept. DXF, TXT, STL Whatever. I send out from a worksheet and send as Tab Delimited TXT.
  6. Bryan G.

    Offset Irrigation Pipe

    Eric, Sorry dude I just noticed this question. This can be somewhat loaded as a question, but here is how I have handled it. When there are multiple pipes in same trench I modify the line type by color or most recently with a pipe quantity number on the pipe in that section to show the stacked number of pipes. I will use the (select/option key/ Drag) method. The pipe numbering is applied to only one pipe run to show the stacking. This is done to clean the graphics and describe the runs for a crowded plan. Hope this helps, again sorry for the delay.
  7. I agree with all, the fact that a DTM can be quite slow to process then when a mod needs to happen all work on cleaning the DTM is lost. I would like to see the ability to turn off the elev units and use "Reshape" to add them where I wish! this would place where I want them graphically and not randomly computer generated.
  8. Bryan G.

    Using the plant database

    Here, here! great material and he's always so nice! Seriously though online material and manuals you can't go wrong.
  9. The hedge tool or option will only add rows simplifying the design process. For different species in rows (i.e. two rows one of boxwood the other of hydrangea) you would still need to create two different rows.
  10. Bryan G.

    Vertical Callouts

    Yes, Yes, Yes! +1
  11. I have produced them with grading. I will have to look an image up to post. I use Pad site modifiers and "slice" them to create my desired topography. It would be nice to have a push pull for a flat slab to generate grade modifications though.
  12. Bryan G.

    Irrigation Layout

    Feel free to contact me offline and I can walk you through it. It looks to see like there may be a excessive amount of drip run for the zone. But I only see calls for the valve, so can't be sure what you have designed.
  13. Bryan G.

    review of landmark workshop on irrigation

    John, I just noticed this comment, What do you think of the Irrigation now?
  14. Eddie, There are many opptions you could use. Grid method and a laser or transit, zip level, hand held data collector(not always super accurate but they do make sub foot units) you could buy a total station or get a satellite survey unit to collect data. My firm uses a total with RTK survey unit and is not to bad of a learning curve. they are pricey but very easy and accurate you generally would not need the RTK. my next toy will be sat survey unit as they are very easy and fast on a site( less setup)
  15. Bryan G.

    review of landmark workshop on irrigation

    Bob, I think it should be good, after all Im the one giving it. There was a misprint on the calendar.


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